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“One very good condition fully functioning Kawai K1 synth. I personally don’t have too much experience with the sounds this synth makes because I used it primarily as a MIDI controller. It a nice keyboard with big wide pitch and mod wheels. There is a joystick control too, but I think this is just for the internal sounds. You’ll have to check the manual to see if this can be mapped to MIDI CC if that’s what you want to do.

But best of all is that this keyboard is Velocity and After-touch sensitive. That’s why I got it to use as a controller. It’s a great cheap way to get an after-touch controller without having to shell out for a full featured controller.

The synth is in fully working order. No manual or power supply. But the manual is easy found on the internet and it works fine with any universal power supply.” Link

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ki11 “item has some cosmetic wear mark/ discoloration /stain around couple buttons ” Link

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k1 “Item is untested. Has a crack on right side, key is damaged, corner is missing. May work fine, may need repairs. Good at least for parts etc. Check out the pictures for a better look at what you are bidding on or purchasing.”

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k1m “Up for sale is a used Kawai K1m syntheseier with power supply, manual and original box. Original box is worn from storage and has writing on it as well as tears. Synthesizer is in excellent shape, was tested and works great. Comes with Power Supply only, no MIDI cables are included. From a smoke-free home. Picture is of actual item for sale.” Link

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kai “This listing is for a Kawai K1M Digital Synthesizer Module. Vintage, used, see pictures. It has no power supply, so it has not been tested. While it may be functional, you should consider this unit to be sold for parts as it has not been tested for functionality.” Link

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k1ii “Vintage Kawai K1ii digital synthesizer keyboard with ac adaptor.” Link

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k1 ii “Vintage Kawai K1 II Digital Synthesizer Keyboard K1II

Great condition! Cosmetically pristine, currently untested because there is no power adapter. Will update listing when tested.” Link

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k-1Kawai K1

I replaced the battery last year.
I’ve loaded up all the sound bands. I still have the files. I’m sure you can find and download them as well but I can send them to you. A few screws are missing from the bottom but none of them are machine screws that go into the chassis. It stays together well and shouldn’t be an issue. If I remember correctly the plastic screw acceptor is broken on at least one of them that go around the frame. Again, it stays on fine and is stable.

Other than that it’s in fine shape for a 30 year old synth. A fun synth, it just doesn’t get much action these days.

This synth sounds and functions properly. There are no noisy oscillators or other problems. All the keys work well. All the buttons and controls respond and function as intended.

This unit comes with moderate wear and tear. This unit is not in mint physical condition. But there are no major dings or scratches.
No Returns. ” Link

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k1 “It has some visible wear… The Black Key on the far right is broken and if you hit that key the tone is unending so I cannot properly test it… The other keys appear to work… Please see the photos enlarged on a full sized monitor for physical condition.” Link

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k1 “Here’s a KAWAI K1 digital synthesizer. Keyboard and all sounds function well but 2 “E” keys sometimes sound and sometimes don’t, and the next to the highest “C” note doesn’t sound at all. 12v power supply not included.” Link

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kawai ki 11 ” Up for sale is an excellent condition vintage Kawai synth keyboard! Everything works and ready for It to go. Thanks for looking!” Link

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kawai k1 “Unit has minor cosmetic flaws as pictured. There is a bit of sticker residue as seen in the fourth photo. There are some scuffs on the bottom surface of the unit which are not visible during normal play (see eighth photo). Two of the keys are slightly chipped at the very bottom edge (see ninth and tenth photos), which does not affect operation and is only visible from a low angle. Overall a very unique and useful vintage synth!” Link

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k1r” Used in excellent condition, works great, includes AC power adapter. Thanks.” Link

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“Kawai K1 Synthesizer. All keys work fine as do the outputs, pitch and modulation, and hold pedal output. This synth does not have the factory sounds on it but has some pretty cool ones. The Kawai website has a sound archive that you can download the factory sounds from and midi back into the synth.
This keyboard comes with a soft case and and adapter thats not the original but works fine. Great hard working synth, I have 3 of them, thats one I am selling one, don’t use it. Volume bar is a little staticy when sliding it but most likely because it hasn’t been played in a while. Was getting better just by using it.” Link

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“This Kawai K1M is a cool sounding little tabletop synth. Everything works great. Check the pics of the unit for condition. Does not include ac adapter (it’s a standard size adapter, I just don’t have on to include.) ” Link

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“Kawai K1r Rack synth. Works fine, has rack rash and power supply.” Link

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“Kawai K1 Digital Synthesiser Keyboard.

This synthesiser is in excellent condition and in perfect working order. The synthesiser has had no abuse and has been used in studio only.” Link

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“This is a little used 1980’s vintage Synth, complete with mains power supply, and appears to be in full working order.” Link

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” Not sure this works, has been refurbished.” Link

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” Kawai K1R Digital Systhesizer Module in very good physical condition, works as should with many great sounds. Includes power cord, good luck bidding.” Link

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“Hi there, up for grabs is a Kawai K1, in a flightcase and with manual. Now the issue is with the keyboard, about an octave and a half, the sound seems to be all messed up, play the other 3 and a half octaves, no problem, works lovely. Assume it’s a wiring issue, which could be sorted, if not, would still make a sound module, so starting the bidding low.” Link

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” Kawai K1 II vintage analog synth for parts/as is. Keyboard powers on but does not make any noise except for some random noise. A few keys in the lower octave are loose.” Link

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” A vintage Kawai K1r rack mount sound module in great condition. With the built in 64 single patches and 32 MULTI patches already stored in its internal memory bank you get some amazing sounds to start with. I’m also including ANOTHER 96 patches on a SOURCE Studio Sound Vol. 2 sound card by IGS Co. An awesome addition to your studio!!

Also comes with original manual, Wave list and original power adapter.” Link

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“Keyboard is used but in good condition.
Works as should, and no keys are broken.
Face plate has some sticky residue.
Back piece has some scratch marks, nothing is effected.” Link

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“I’ve had this module for many years, it still astonishes with some of its sounds. The string pad is wonderful.” Link

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Classic 1980s digital synthesizer.

These are great for industrial sounds, ambient and techno music. Very easy to create new sounds and the joystick almost makes the synth like a vector synthesizer.

Unit has been powered up and tested.

Comes with adapter (not original but works perfect and tested with the synth)” Link

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“kawai k1m is working. comes with power cord. people tend to circuit bend these. its also a cheaper way to get roland d50 sounds.” Link

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“Kawai K 1. Plugged it in and it sounds great but one white key and one black key stick so it’s being sold as is. Includes power supply. Well used but powers fine. ” Link

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” The K1m is a great-sounding little synthesizer that can fill many roles even in a modern studio. From haunting pads, to ’80s FM style bass, to “DigitalNativeDance-style” combis, the K1m delivers those types of sounds. Has some visible wear. Works great! ” Link

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“Here is a lovely old kawai k1m synth module. If you arent familiar with it, you create sounds by layering up to 4 pcm samples and/or digital waveforms. The presets are fairly 80’s but if you work up your own patches you can get some very cool sounds out of this guy. It also has the joystick which is fun. All buttons and screen work, programming is not too difficult, just download the manual online. ” Link

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“This is item is used, (Original Owner) and has always been in a studio rack in a non-smoking environment. Works excellently and is a great vintage piece of gear to own as well as being a collectors item.. Below is a description of the Kawai K1-M. A variant of the popular K1 in a space-saving desktop form. The K1’s were offered as a low-cost option for musicians to get the (back then) must-have Roland D-50 and Korg M1 sounds — The starting portion of a sound was sampled (very short, low-fi samples), and the remaining “bulk” of the waveform was supplied by standard digital waves. This was the new way of designing synthesizers in the late ’80s and early ’90s. The K1m is a great-sounding little synthesizer that can fill many roles even in a modern studio. From haunting pads, to ’80s FM style bass, to “DigitalNativeDance-style” combis, the K1m delivers those types of sounds. ” Link

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“Up for bid: Vintage Kawai K1 Digital 61Key Synthesizer. Great working condition. A few scratches and chips as shown in photos. No manual included. Comes with adapter as show in photo. Great vintage sounds. No card included. Overall nice synth.” Link