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used it many remixes

This unit does comes with an adapter and rack ears” Link

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k4 “You’re bidding no this broken Kawai K4 keyboard. It’s being sold as is for parts or repair because it has some issues. It powers on but won’t set past 1st voice. The volume knob has a mind of it’s own, as in the volume randomly fluctuates. ” Link

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kai “This listing is for a Kawai K1M Digital Synthesizer Module. Vintage, used, see pictures. It has no power supply, so it has not been tested. While it may be functional, you should consider this unit to be sold for parts as it has not been tested for functionality.” Link

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k4r “Original owner used only in home studio. Light scratches on top from being in rack. Comes with all original manuals. Has external power supply.
I am including the original memory card the unit came with instead of selling separate thus price reflects this.” Link

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sx240” Awesome analog polyphonic synth. Works great! Sounds Great! Handsome as hell too. There are some blemishes (see detail pics) but nothing major. Everything works as it should BUT when pressing the alphabetical bank buttons and the numeric patch buttons, sometimes it takes a certain type of finger-press(circular ). All of them do work. It wasn’t a big issue so i never got around to installing new button contacts but i do have a full set of them that were ordered directly from Kawai. I’m including them (A-F and 1-8 see pics). also, as you can see in the pictures, there is a fader cap missing.” Link

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k1ii “Vintage Kawai K1ii digital synthesizer keyboard with ac adaptor.” Link

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k3m “Kawai K3 M Synthesizer Very Clean Rare Rack Unit, great shape, tested and purchased from org owner!” Link

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k4r “mit Gebrauchsspuren aber technisch
voll funktionsfähig” Link

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k3 “Vintage working K3 synthesizer. It does not have a built in speaker, you need a speaker and lead or headphones.
The scissor in the picture is pointing to the stuck key. This item is very heavy, please check shipping before bidding.” Link

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k5w “My working used synthesizer for sale. With my 2nd kid just coming last week, there is no time to play/work with the unit. Works fine. Comes with a power cable and a speaker cord. ” Link

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k5000s “Up for sale is a Kawai K5000S additive synth in good working condition. I’m the original owner and mainly use it as a MIDI controller — selling as i don’t really use the synthesis functionality and want something a bit smaller. I’m a guitar player, and this thing is largely wasted on me! Only issues I’m aware of are:

• The backlight is very dim, as seen in the pic. (Note that the display is clearly visible in a lit room.)

• The “G” key near the middle of the keyboard is a bit touchy. (You can still coax the full range of velocity sensitivity out of it, but it requires a bit less pressure to get it there compared to the other keys.)

I don’t have a way to test the floppy drive but assume it to be in good working condition.

Aesthetically is has some light scratches and a sizable gouge in the upper right corner. Were it not for that, it’s a pretty clean example. ” Link

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k4r “KAWAI K4r Rack mount Synthesizer. Minor scratches, very clean. Been kept and used in my studio rack for years. Awesome sounding synth!” Link

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sx240 “Everything is working as it should and sounding beautiful! Lovely to split / layer the board with a sequenced bass line or sequenced pads or leads and then play along with that live.

Easy lay-out. A dream to create very lush Elka Synthex like soundscapes and patches. Nice also to Clock this with a drum machine. I use an Oberheim DX and a Korg KR-55. I have also clocked and synced it with an EMU Emax 1 ( arpeggiator ) which was insanely cool!” Link

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k3m “KAWAI K3M rack mount synthesizer module powers on AS IS. this unit powers on and settings are changeable. That is a far as we could test it. Metal cabinet has scratching and light wear.” Link

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sx-240 “Back when things were built to last!” Link

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kawai-k4r “KAWAI K4r Rack mount Synthesizer with DC 16 RAM card. Minor scratches, very clean. Been kept and used in my studio rack for years. Awesome sounding synth!” Link

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k4r “KAWAI K4r Rack mount Synthesizer with DC 16 RAM card. Minor scratches, very clean. Been kept and used in my studio rack for years. Awesome sounding synth!” Link

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k5000w “A K5000s synthesizer in good working order. It’s been sitting in recording studios for the past 15 years..” Link

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k3 “Great waveform 80s rival to Yamaha DX7. Missing high G. Works great.” Link

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sx210 “I found this rare and excellent condition Vintage Kawai SX-210 Polysonic Synthesizer\analog keyboard at a local estate sale. This keyboard has been tested and works and sounds great! Very low start price on this professional full size analog keyboard. These were produced in the early 1980s by Kasai and are exceedingly hard to find. True analog sound from this vintage full sized Kawai soundboard. This was found at the estate of a local musician and has been very well cared for. This 61 key poly sonic synthesizer shows a little wear to the woodgrain sides as shown in pictures but is otherwise clean a works perfectly, producing clean a clear true analog sound. See all pictures. All original keys buttons and dials. Previous owner stated that he has never had any issues with this keyboard and was the original owner. These keyboard are very rare and very desirable to musicians as they are no longer produced This keyboard weighs about 28 pounds and I am extimating the shipping weight to be 30-31 lbs. All functions tested and working as designed and intended. No excessive slack or play in modulation wheel or pitch/bend bar. The only wear noticed upon inspection is a slight canting of the 32nd and 58th keys. Might be an easy fix at a music shop but keys work fine, they just hit the keys next to them (left and right respectively. No other issues but some cosmetic wear as to be expected for a 35 year old vintage price. All original down to the cord. This full sized keyboard measures 34 3/4″ inches long and is 6″ tall with knobs. Case measured 15 3/4″ deep from back to front. Very clean example that was well cared for and properly stored by the previous owner.” Link

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k4 “Kawai K4 synthesiser rack in very good, clean condition.

Power supply and manual included. ” Link

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k5m “Used as-is. No returns no refunds no exchanges. Estate sale. Working but old. Dim display no backlight and buttons need attention or patience to use. Dont think its been used in years. Sounds are killer. Original manual.” Link

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k3m “Description: . comes as seen. please see all pictures. vintgage 80s Synth module” Link

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k5 “Kawai K5 Synthesizer *Very Rare Collectors Multi-Dimensional Additive Synth* (K5000 Legacy) As used by JMJarre

Kawai K5 Synthesizer Keyboard 100% functional from 1987! – very nice NEW collectors condition! Comes with AC power cord.

240v rated synth. Clear LCD – no pixels missing – very bright!” Link

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k3 “1986 Kawaii K3 Digital Wave Memory Synthesizer

In excellent working condition. Some fading near the mod wheel, some spots on the keys, none affect the play. VIEW THE PICTURES” Link

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k3 “Hard to find synth from the mid 1980′s. kept in a smoke free environment. In perfect working order. There are some small scratches in the plastic membrane over the buttons but it doesn’t affect the operation. No dents or scratches in the metal. Tons of great retro sounds.” Link

Kawai, SX-210 @ 05 April 2016, Comments Off

Kawai SX-210 “Rare analog poly synth manufactured in 1983. No midi because this keyboard came out right before midi was available. Great sounding DCOs, very versatile synth with sub oscillator, poly 8, poly 4, or mono. All functions work EXCEPT some of the preset buttons.

Some issues:
I repaired the rotary controller which now works perfectly.
Some preset buttons don’t work or make an odd noise when pushed.
Output is noisy, but usually not noticeable when notes are played.
I will gladly provide audio demos upon request.” Link

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k1 ii “Vintage Kawai K1 II Digital Synthesizer Keyboard K1II

Great condition! Cosmetically pristine, currently untested because there is no power adapter. Will update listing when tested.” Link

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kawai sx-210 “Up for sale is a very rare 6-voice Kawai SX-210 Analog Synthesizer. Functionally and Cosmetically perfect!! Internal battery was replaced years ago and has been regularly maintained. No battery leakage has ever occurred. These don’t come up for sale often, let alone in this type of condition. These keep getting rarer and rarer, because people neglect to fix the battery. As far as editing sounds on the SX210 Ive always found it much easier then on the SX240. Hit a button, then change its parameter with the main data knob. Very fun to program and also has it’s own very unique sound. Awesome for analog strings, pads, and even organs and basses. Truly an underrated classic. ” Link

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k4r “You are bidding on this KAWAI 16BIT DIGITAL SYNTHESIZER MODULE K4r. It is in very nice condition. I powered it up and it works great. The power cord is not original but it works and it will go with the item.” Link

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k5000s “This auction is for Kawai K5000S Classic Additive Keyboard/Synthesizer. The unit was tested to the best of our ability and it works very nicely. All keys are clean and overall appearance of the synthesizer. Stored in a smoke free and pet free environment. Please see the pictures.” Link

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k-1Kawai K1

I replaced the battery last year.
I’ve loaded up all the sound bands. I still have the files. I’m sure you can find and download them as well but I can send them to you. A few screws are missing from the bottom but none of them are machine screws that go into the chassis. It stays together well and shouldn’t be an issue. If I remember correctly the plastic screw acceptor is broken on at least one of them that go around the frame. Again, it stays on fine and is stable.

Other than that it’s in fine shape for a 30 year old synth. A fun synth, it just doesn’t get much action these days.

This synth sounds and functions properly. There are no noisy oscillators or other problems. All the keys work well. All the buttons and controls respond and function as intended.

This unit comes with moderate wear and tear. This unit is not in mint physical condition. But there are no major dings or scratches.
No Returns. ” Link

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kawai k4f” Very nice shape. Works perfect. Screen is nice and bright. Includes power adapter.” Link