Jen, Syntaur @ 13 November 2012, Comments Off on Jen Syntar

“It is a Minimoog rip-off for guitarists!

It has the basic signal-layout of the old Moog. Instead of a keyboard there is an input socket on the front for connecting to a custom set of glue-on guitar pickups (no joke). 


It is a simple but quite powerful mono-synth. Two VCOs capable of tri, saw and pulse/square waves. VCO2 is tuned relative to VCO1 for some fat detuning or those classic 5ths and 7ths. Sound is fed though a lowpass VCF (24dB/oct) before reaching the VCA. VCA and VCF have independent envelopes of the atypical ADS variety (no release). There is also an LFO and Glide control.” Link