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hohner “I PURCHASED this model in 1982. It has very little use. It was serviced years ago before storing.


I have had it in Controlled Temperature Storage. The String Quality for its time was one of the best Germany produced. ” Link

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hohner bass 3 ” bought this vintage Hohner Bass 3 keyboard off eBay a few years ago. It was sold “untested”, and sure enough when I got it and found a correct power supply, it didn’t work at all.

I took it to a local amp repair shop for repair, and when I got it back and tested it, I found that although it now produced sound, the sound was frequently cutting out or emitting a loud ‘overloading circuit’ sound, some keys worked better/worse than others- basically a mess.

So it should be considered for parts/not working- hopefully someone with some expertise can take another look at it and get it fully functional.

Auction includes Hohner Bass 3 keyboard only, no power supply (I had found a suitable power supply but lost it).” Link

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Hohner Bass 3 “Unit is untested, does not come with power supply, but is complete and ready to be sent to your tech.All keys move freely and unit should be restoreable. Being sold as is with no returns allowed.” Link

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hohner “Unit is untested, does not come with power supply, but is complete and ready to be sent to your tech.All keys move freely and unit should be restoreable. Being sold as is with no returns allowed.” Link

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“This is in perfect working order and was recently serviced by Custom Vintage Keyboards in Los Angeles. Comes with power supply.

If you’re looking at this, then you’re probably familiar with it. There are only 3 sounds, but when you run them through FX pedals or plugins, it sounds really rad. It’s super compact and comes in it’s own case.

THESE ARE RARE! Took me awhile to come across one that actually worked perfectly.” Link

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“This Auction is for a very rare Hohner Bass 2 Synthesizer . One of the first Bass Sythies ever made. Fat analogue Sound , sounds best with a tube preamp – you will get this crasy fuzzy Bass Synti Sound of the 70 ties.” Link

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“Hard to find vintage Hohner Bass 2 keyboard. This thing is a good 50 years old or more and it still works just fine! I used a 9v 200ma Sharp adapter and it fired right up (not included).” Link

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“If you’re looking into this you probably know about this synth. It’s a 2-1/2 octave monophonic bass synthesizer from the 1970′s. 3 voice selections (guitar, string, tuba) and volume and pitch adjustment knobs. Produces fat bass tone, deep, round and warm. Comes with lid for carrying briefcase style. Has original power cord. Fit’s nicely on top of organs, wurly’s etc or screws into a music stand. All keys work, good signal, clean quarter inch pot. Made in Germany. ” Link

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” You probably know more about this than I do. Appears to be in good condition. I don’t have the power source to see if it works or not. So I will have to sell it as is.” Link

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“for sale. hohner bass 3 mono analog synth. power cable not original. all keys sound.” Link

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“selling my Hohner Bass 3 analog bass synthesizer
These were made in the mid 70s.


3 sound/tone choices: guitar, string, tuba, and 2 pots for volume and note length (sustain), one of the pots also has a “pull up” option which adds another octave up to the sound. The “console” has a tiny little tuning adjuster (works with a little screwdriver).

The synth is Monophonic (can only play one note at a time)
and without legato, meaning that the next note has a full attack only if the previous key is released. If you do try to play legato than its creates a diminuendo effect (fade out…)

Since I bought it from USA a couple of years ago, it comes with both US and EU power adapter. If you want to use it in the UK then you just need a transformer or a new adapter.

the instrument is built into a solid travel case (as seen on the pictures) and under the bottom there is a hole witch you can adapt with a cymbal stand or something similar.
no keys for the case unfortunately.” Link

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This is a lovely little analogue beauty: a preset-only bass mono synth, with three basic patches plus control over the envelope decay, so you can dial in short-and-punchy or long-and-growly. The sounds are deep, vintage and full of character: “Guitar” has a good solid “thunk” at the start of the tone, useful for punching through a mix or a band practice; “Strings” is effectively the same tone as “Guitar” but without the initial “thunk”; while Tuba (stupid, stupid name… but cool sound) is a growly square-wave-style bass with more overtones and hence a stronger presence.

This Bass 3 is in excellent condition: very nearly mint cosmetically. In the second shot you can see some depressions in the soft-touch covering of the case, but these are just from where it was sitting on another piece of equipment and are already fading away. The keybed plays really well and everything is in good order with one small, slightly weird exception: the A# in the middle octave exhibits some odd pitch-wobble when the Bass 3 is first turned on. It seems to go away after it’s been powered up for a while, though. It may be that a squirt of Servisol or a similar contact cleaner would help, or it may just be an old component.

The unit can be stand-mounted (which looks REALLY cool on stage) via a mic-style bushing on the underside, and it all packs up into a neat little suitcase for travelling. Note that the plug is a European-style one (Hohner being German) but that the unit runs on UK mains perfectly happily via a plug adaptor – it doesn’t need a transformer or anything like that, and if you’re based in the UK you could perfectly well cut the Euro-plug off and wire a UK on one.

All in all a great chance to own a really warm, characterful analogue bass synth with drop-dead good looks at a knock-down price!” Link

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“UNTESTED, do not have power supply. Vintage synthesizer with 3 settings (guitar bass and tuba. Comes in suitcase carry case. Some scratches and signs of wear on case. Synth in good cosmetic condition. Made in Germany.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“Sie bieten hier auf eine absolute Rarität im Vintage-Synth-Bereich: Einen Hohner Bass 3 Bass-Synthesizer

Auch wenn man es nicht vermutet, aber dieser Geselle ist auf zahllosen Produktionen zu hören: Genesis, Pink Floyd, ELP etc.

Wenn auch nicht üppig ausgestattet, bietet er doch einen einzigartigen analogen Sound.

Das Instrument befindet sich in ausgezeichnetem optischen und technischen Zustand und wird im Originalkoffer geliefert.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“It did always work perfectly, but at the moment it is not working. I think that something is wrong with the coil, because if you put a screwdriver in there it is sometimes working. Can’t be a lot wrong, but it is not working at the moment, so it is sold as is.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“***RARE*** Hohner Bass 3 Keyboard, recently serviced and tuned up (I will furnish receipts upon request).

The Hohner Bass 3 is an Analog Bass Synthesizer with three “voices,” Guitar, String, and Tuba. Sounds thick and warm, perfect for Krautrock-inspired sounds, or Ray Manzarek-style jamming; was also used recently by producer Danger Mouse. Black with white keys, clean and great condition. Comes with its own briefcase. Sounds incredible through a little fuzz or delay.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“Verkaufe hier ein Hohner String Performer, ein sogenanntes Sting Ensemble Keyboard. Äusserlich macht es einen wirklich guten Eindruck, sehr kompackt mit Klappdeckel und Griff. Steht mir jedoch schon längere Zeit im Weg und ich habe überhaupt keine Verwendung.

Leider konnte ich nie dieses Keyboard spielen oder testen da es einen 18-V-Anschluss besitzt und ich keinen passenden Anschluss besitze. (über das 18V-Notebooknetzteil war leider auch kein Leben einzuhauchen, ist aber sicher nicht das Richtige)

Vielleicht bin ich zu unversiert oder irgendwas ist defekt?! Laut damaligen Vorbesitzer sollte es aber funktionieren, aber er hatte auch kein Netzteil mehr finden können.

Auf jeden Fall ein interessantes Teil, etwas für einen Bastler oder zumindest als Teileträger. Möglicherweise ist auch alles in Ordnung, ich möchte aber keine Garantie übernehmen.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“This auction is for one vintage analog HOHNER BASS 3 Synthesizer. This is an estate find. We purchased a universal power cord with polarity reversal to power it up and plugged it into an amplifier to test it. All of the keys, dials and knobs are present and functional. This thing sounds super cool. You can adjust the pitch manually while playing in 3 different modes. ” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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” My friend and I found this Hohner Bass 3 among other items in the back room of our old band room while we were cleaning it out. We played with each of these items and most of them worked. This synth worked great when we hooked it up to an amp except for one key. The low Eb sounds like a sharp E or something. It’s definitely not playing an Eb. It may be fixable, but I don’t know for certain. The rest of it plays great. It’s really fun if you have an amp with different effects to play around with. The cord to connect it to the amp is not included. Also, one of the latches on the outside of the case sticks, but it will still close securely.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“This is just a real cool piece.I saw this at an Antique store and had to get it.I have no idea what it is,but I thought it was cool. The only thing is.I do not know how it works and I do not have an Adapter to check it out to see if it works” Link

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“Hohner Bass 3 up for grabs. I’ve had this since 1995. I have never seen another like this one. I will be including the 12 volt power supply with the synth. ” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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I bought the synth as-is as a project, but due to family priorities, downsizing things can not finish all these types of projects,
perfect for a tinkerer, NIME (New Instruments in Musical Expression), hacker, musician, electronic music/vintage synth enthusiast, modder, circuit bender etc. As-is, for parts/custom project, while I recall initially have gotten sounds out of the device during testing.
Likely might need recapping (new capacitors, which is not expensive). Person with electronics/plastics skills to fix the case could possibly fix the device into perfect condition, and sell for way more, upto 400-800 usd in perfect working condition/collectable. Or, can be made into a very custom funky mod/circuitbent unique device no one has.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“Hohner Rhythm 80 Drum Machine

Eine echt interessante Drum Machine der 70er!

Extrem fetter analoger Vintage-Sound. Alle Funktionen sind geprüft, alles funktioniert. Hier in der seltenen Ausführung im Koffer!!
Der Originaldeckel des Case ist dabei, was man auch nicht immer so vorfindet. ” Link