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ra9 “I bought this from Perfect Circuit wanting to pair it with my 303 and wound up using 3-4 times because I bought an Avalon. It has it’s own distinct flavor to be sure, but I personally prefer more edge to the liquidy filter of the RA-9. It’s dead mint, not a single tick mark on it. It’s literally a brand new unit along with power supply.” Link

Grendel, Grendel Drone Commander @ 27 December 2016, Comments Off

dc “This is original in Ammo Case! No longer in production, only 750 made in the world!

In Excellent condition, every knob is smooth and output sounds great.

Slight scratches on Ammo Case, but no big deal.

Connects with a 9V power supply or battery. It’s portable!

Enjoy!!” Link

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grendel “Powerful little synth. Have my eyes on some eurorack modules so it seems that it’s time to pass this on to someone who could get more use out of it. Never gigged out, used in a smoke free studio.” Link

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“Perfect condition!!” Link

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“I ordered this custom unit from the creator and loved it, but now I don’t need it. It’s in great condition and never left the studio. Shipping only in US.” Link