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esq1 ” This Keyboard is in pristine condition – 100% functional – and cosmetically wonderful for its age.
Showroom condition!
Would make a nice addition to someone’s collection. ” Link

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esq1 “This is an old ensoniq esq1 synth.it turns on and seems to operate as it should.pitch and mod wheels and all buttons and keys work.does have a low battery warning when you turn it on at first but works as it should.may need new internal battery.Comes with a rigged hard case.”

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esq1 “This is an old ensoniq esq1 synth.it turns on and seems to operate as it should.pitch and mod wheels and all buttons and keys work.does have a low battery warning when you turn it on at first but works as it should.may need new internal battery.Comes with a rigged hard case.” Link

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esq1 “Esq1 in great condition with cartridges.son moved on to the
Guitar” Link

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esq1 “Ensoniq ESQ-1 hybrid digital analog synthesizer metal flight case 3.5 OS 220 volt

220 volt, so needs converter (from eBay). Or plug it into dryer outlet. No problem.
All keys fully functional.
Excellent condition (2 cigarette burns on left side…not my work…does not smell at all of smoke)
Battery low warning…see pic
Original Ensoniq aluminum flight case. Pretty costly for a case like that.
Steinberg ESQRAM-1. See comment below.
Complete with original manuals.

The RAM lights up when inserted, but I cannot get the sounds out of it. It has a missing tab on one of the connections, but this was never an issue in the past.

All the banks of internal sounds work fine. I bought this in 1986 (with the burns), but haven’t used it for about 15 years now, just sat in its case.” Link

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esq1 “I am selling a esq 1 digital wave synthesizer in working condition some minor wear on finish .on the face there is a white mark.maybe from a sticker .see photos thanks for.lookong.” Link

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esq1 “Up for sale is my Ensoniq ESQ-1. I got it earlier this year but, unfortunately, it takes up too much space in my small bedroom studio.
I now have in my possession the ESQ-M which is the rack mount version of the ESQ-1. So I must now find a new home for this one. The synth is
in great cosmetic condition. It does have a few scuffs and scratches here and there as can be seen in the pictures. But it’s still in pretty good looking
shape. It’s in 100% functional condition. It does not have the factory presets in it. It has some other random preset bank loaded. It also comes with
the Voice Crystal 1 cartridge.

Included in the auction is the following:

ESQ-1 Synth
Power cord.
Voice Crystal 1 Cartridge
Original Manual

Synth is 100% functional. All sliders and buttons work as they should. No problems with battery.” Link

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esq1 ” Vintage Ensoniq ESQ 1 Synthesizer Keyboard AS IS for PARTS or REPAIR. Original Owner said it does not work. otherwise untested and sold as is. Comes in its original cardboard box.” Link

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esq1 “Ensoniq ESQ1 Digital Wave Synthesizer – used. Very good condition (see pictures). Does not come with packaging or instruction manual.” Link

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esq1 “Selling for a friend. At power-on get message “Warning – Battery Voltage Low.” Version 3.5. Metal case. Comes with power cord, foot switch, and Kases soft case. Everything seems to work. No cartridge – just 40 original patches. Excellent condition – no dents or scratches to speak of. ”

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esq1 “Ensoniq ESQ-1 Plastic – Wavetable Synth w/ Analog Curtis Chip Filters
100% Functioning – SUPER CLEAN Running OS 3.15
3.15 Hidden Waves EPROM and Memory Cartridge not included but available in another auction.
New Battery, Recently Serviced and Ready to Rock!” Link

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esq1 “Up for sale is a 80′s Ensoniq ESQ 1 Digital Wave 61 Key Synthesizer Keyboard With Ensoniq Sequencer Expandable Cartridge SQX 10. This comes as shown with some scratches, scuffs still in great condition and all functions have been tested and are in good working order. Shipping $ 50.00″ Link

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esq-1 “Ensoniq ESQ-1 vintage hybrid digital analog synthesizer


Item was tested and worked. It turns on, LCD works, but about 8 of the keys did not work.

In fair cosmetic condition. Broken LCD glass but still works. Some blemishes and scratches. One cracked key. (see photos)

No power adapted included. ” Link

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esq-1 “Everything works on this metal case ESQ-1. It’s running version the 2.00 OS. (no hidden waves)

Typical blemishes and old oxidized screws. Top panel tabs seem to be intact.

Sounds awesome! Cold digital waves warmed by analog filters.” Link

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ensoniqesq1 “I’m selling my ensoniq esq-1. It’s in excellent working condition. The only issue is it needs a new lithium battery installed which I will throw in with the ensoniq purchase. The battery does NOT effect any function of the synth other then its ability to save new patches the user makes. ” Link

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esq1 “It’s is good condition. Pretty clean for the age.
Comes with a ram/voice cartridge.

Add more patches not sure which one it is got it with the synth.” Link

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esq1 “Metal Chassis Version
Unit Powers On
Display goes dark right after. Possible LCD Board issues.
Missing various screws around chassis.
Keybed is complete minus key on the end of the high octave. All keys look to be in go usable order
Case is in good shape with no dents and scratches here and there.
Everything else seems to be there. Please see photos.” Link

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esq1 “Used Ensoniq ESQ-1 Synthesizer. Everything is in working order. A few pixels on screen are dead but still very easy to navigate the options. All keys are working and audio outs as well. Great synth to add to your collection.” Link

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esq1 ” Works perfectly besides the keys with x marks added Rhodes piano as well really great instrument just in need of space for other things ” Link

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esq1 “Tested to power on

For Parts or Not Working

Includes Keyboard only” Link

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Ensoniq ESQ1 ” Vintage Ensoniq ESQ1 8-Voice Polyphonic Digital Synthesizer

This synthesizer plays great.
All of the keys function and have full velocity sensitivity.
The synth engine is stable and sounds great.
The cosmetic condition is good, with some minor scuffing and scratches in the finish.
Please see the photos for full details.
8 voices: 3 oscillators per voice
Digital Wavetable synthesis w/ common waves (saw, square) and multi-samples (piano, bass)
3 LFO’s, 3 Envelope Generators
Resonant Analog Low Pass Filters
Output VCA
61 velocity sensitive keys w/ aftertouch
Midi in & out (I haven’t used so don’t know if it works)
value added – extra 3 sound carts included (see photo)
original manual included
A/C power cord included” Link

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esq-1“This unit needs someone who knows these machines to look at it. I’ve included pictures of the Control Voltages and the Filter Tuning screens to better evaluate what the issues are. I’ve done the Internal Battery Mod to it. I don’t have the time to get her fully up to perfect shape so it’s time to pass her along to someone who does.” Link

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esq1“Regrettably having to sell my ESQ-1 with data cartridge. Perfect working order, keybed in great shape and all jacks/connections working. Normal scuffs and wear that would be expected for a synth of this age. I have no idea how many times this synth may have changed owners or if it had been gigged, etc but can say that it has never left my smoke free studio and had been well cared for while in my possession.” Link

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ensoniqesq1 “ESQ 1 with sound cartridge. Works as it should. Cosmetically very clean with only minor scuffs. No issues. ” Link

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esq1 “This Ensoniq ESQ-1 is in excellent 100% full function condition. However, please note, the internal battery is low and will need replacing. The software version on this synth is 2.30. Cosmetically, it has some wear and the keys are a bit yellowed but it is overall good. Includes Ensoniq FSW-1 footswitch, Ensoniq CVP-1 pedal, ESQ VOICE-80 Vol. 1 cartridge and power cable.” Link

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esq1” Up for sale is a 1-owner, Ensoniq ESQ-1, purchased by the seller in 1987, from ProFound Sound located in Andover, Kansas. The keyboard has seen limited touring and has always been kept with a high degree of TLC. The unit needs a new battery, which I bought (see photos) with the intention of restoring this last year. Alas, I simply don’t have the time to devote any longer and am finally parting with it.

The unit does power up, does go to the software page (V. 3.0) and then turns to the battery error code. All the keys work mechanically. It’s seen very limited use the last 15 years (being replaced by other keyboards during that time).

Accessories included: power cord; replacement battery (and instructions); Korg damper pedal; Ensoniq track pedal. All the accessories have been tested and work fine. ” Link

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seq1 “One chipped key” Link

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esq1 “All keys, buttons and knobs work. Synth and sequencer function. Display has four characters that do not work properly but this does not interfere with functionality. Sustain pedal included but does NOT work.” Link

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esq1 “This keyboard was the heart of my original MIDI rig from 1987 until I bought my first stand=alone hardware sequencer, an Akai ASQ-10. It still works perfectly, has never been on the road or used even for a moment in a smoky bar. There are a couple of shiny scuff marks on the top panel that you can see in the detailed photos. The battery that keeps the OS ROM powered for boot up was replaced on 11/1/15 for the first time so it should be good for another 28 years!

I’m including 2 Voice Crystal 80 Voice ROM Cartridges (#2 & #3), three rewritable 80 voice RAM Cartridges, IEC Power Cord, the original manual, some copied patch diagrams, addendum on how to do a factory reset (not in the manual) and a cool book on enhanced use written by a musician/composer, not a hardware engineer. There are no pedals, MIDI cables or audio cables included.” Link

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esq“Ensoniq esq synthesizer, the right side of the button panel is sunken in, but the buttons are still accessible and usable just fine! ” Link

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esq1 “Up for auction is an Ensoniq ESQ-1 synthesizer. It has issues. After being on for an hour or sometimes longer the sound will begin to lower in volume and distort. Parameters that are highlighted to be edited will change on their own as well. Sounds can still be saved. The battery holder was changed to hold coin batteries and it has a battery in it that is less than a year old. This is the model encased in metal. When this thing is working it sounds fantastic. Nice gritty and lush 80′s sounds.” Link

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esq1 “Read This Auction Carefully!!

Ensoniq ESQ-1 61-Key digital Wave Synthesizer

Comes with a standard AC Cord

There Is Some Wear & Tear, Scratches & Scuffs. Take A Look At All The Photos

Used, Tested, Works Great, No Return

()” Link

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esdsq1 “Ensoniq ESQ-1 61-Key digital Wave Synthesizer

Comes with a standard AC Cord

There Is Some Wear & Tear, Scratches & Scuffs. Take A Look At All The Photos” Link

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esq1” This vintage synth is in great condition. Latest software, chips and battery installed. Comes with 2 patch cartridges, soft carrying case and the original manual.” Link