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esqm “Ensoniq
Digital Wave Synthesizer
as is, not tested, NO returns!
it may have something wrong with it, I do not know
turns on and appears to work, but I have only plugged it in
and am not aware of how these operate –
when you first turn it on the display
says something about a battery being low
it appears to respond to pressing of buttons in display
have not checked volume
seems to have 120 settings for different instruments and sounds
again, this is as is
I have no reason to believe it does not work
but it has not been fully tested
as you see in photo it also says “replace edit prg”
it has marks and residue on the top from
its electrical cord being taped to the top” Link

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esqm“This item has or may have cosmetic blemishes on its exterior such as scrapes, dents, and other marks. The condition of the interior is unknown as this item has not been disassembled. Unsure of whether or not all of the functions and /or lights are in working condition. Other parts or pieces belonging to this item may be loose, bent, broken, missing, or damaged. We do not know the history of any of our items. Please see photos for details of this item. Please note; we do not ship on weekends or holidays!” Link

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esqm “This eBay listing is for a used Ensoniq ESQ M Digital Wave Synthesizer module that I’m selling as-is and untested as I have no clue on how this item works – sorry!! There is a slot on the front panel for a cartridge with nothing inside. It does power up and I get a light on the front but nothing on the display.” Link

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“in grate condition, works grate. I am going to miss this piece of gear. grate for so many things.” Link

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“Comes with user manila and a pair of crude but functional rack ears.” Link

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“This item is used, but it works great!

A few scratches but it doesn’t affect its working capability.

Item you see is the one you will get! ” Link

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“Here is an Ensoniq ESQ-M rack synthesizer. Most definitely used (scratches/paint chips etc etc).
I have decided to sell it with the following bonus bits and pieces….
An original Ensoniq Output Expander (with required cable), An original Ensoniq PROM cartridge and volumes 1,2 and 3 ESQ Voice-80 cartridges.
What is show in the pix is what this auction includes. This thing has a sonic edge to it that is unique.” Link

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“Ensoniq ESQ-M

In great shape, looks great, sounds great – all analog filters tuned


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“I am selling a used Ensoniq ESQ-M rackmount synthesizermodule. This 1980s-era MIDI wavetable synth is fully operational and is in verygood physical condition—it has only been used in the original owner’s homestudio (it does has some very minor scratches on its rack ears, and along itstop front edge from equipment above it being installed and removed from my rack).Given its age, the battery that preserves the unit’s internal memory should bereplaced, even though—at this time—it is not giving a “low battery” warning” Link

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” This is a vintage ESQ-M Ensoniq Digital Wave Synthesizer module that I am offering for sale. The battery was just replaced. I had it checked out and works perfectly. I purchased this new in 1988 and it has been in my smoke free studio since then that time. It has software version 1.2.0 which is the latest available. It has barely invisible wear with a few light scratches on the top and bottom from rack use.” Link

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“ensoniq esq m for sale, just the top one in the picture (not both- see separate auction for the bottom synth). everything works great” Link

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” Vintage synth module, circa-1987. Good working condition, just had it hooked up and it sounds good. Some scratches, especially on the top from racking, but good shape overall. Rack-mount version of the ESQ1. Very nice module. Will include power cord and PDF file of manual.” Link

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“Ich versteigere hier mein gebrauchtes ESQM Soundmodul von ENSONIQ.
19 Zoll Rack Version des ENSONIQ ESQ1 Synthesizers

Im Angebot enthalten
19 Zoll Rack Einbauwinkel (Eigenbau)
Netzadapter für 110 Volt (Gerät ist eine USA 110 Volt Version, funktioniert aber mit dem Adapter problemlos bei 220 Volt)

Das Gerät war bei mir jahrelang im Einsatz und funktioniert ohne Einschränkung. Wegen Neukauf eines neueren Keyboards benötige ich das Modul nicht mehr und versteigere es jetzt schweren Herzens, damit es nicht ungenutzt in einem Schrank verschwindet.
Sicherlich findet sich ein Käufer, der die alten analogen ESQ1-Sounds zu schätzen weiss.

Rechtlicher Hinweis:
Der Artikel wird gebraucht von Privat verkauft. Mit der Abgabe eines Gebotes erklären Sie sich ausdrücklich damit einverstanden, auf die Ihnen gesetzlich zustehende Garantie bzw. Gewährleistungspflicht bei Gebrauchtwaren zu verzichten. Bieten Sie nicht, wenn Sie mit diesen Regeln nicht einverstanden sind.” Link

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This Ensoniq ESQm rackmount synthesizer is in good condition, with just the usual rack rash. Included are the 6 cartridges I’ve collected over the years and a power cable. You probably already know about the analog filters, and its crazy modulation possibilities.It will need its battery changed, but the memory still holds data. This synth sounds amazing, and needs a good home. ” Link

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Classic 1980s digital synthesizer. with ultra warm analog filter.

These are great for industrial sounds, ambient and techno music.

Fat Moog style basses, leads Roland style sweeps.

The Ensoniq has the same filter chip Curtis found in the classic Sequential Circuits Prophet 5.

With 3 LFO’s per patch you can make some very complex sounds.

Unit has been powered up and tested.

I have owned this for the last 4 years and I am not the original owner however my studio is smoke/dust free and the synth never leaves the studio.

Comes with power cable.” Link

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“Ensoniq ESQ-M rack mount synthesizer. The rack version of the Ensoniq ESQ-1. Comes with 2 storage cartridges and a pdf manual. Unit is in good working order with slight cosmetic wear from being in and out of racks. It has been used in a high school music room for the last 20 years so is smoke free and club free and in great working order. A very clean unit with excellent sounds for the musician wanting the fat analog sounds from a digital machine. ” Link

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” I got this equipment in a storage auction of a room owned by Michael Lewis, who played with Quicksilver Messenger Service, Seeds Of Time, and several other 60’s and 70’s bands. I have no way of testing it out completely, so it is being sold AS IS, No Return.

The screen lights up on this when it is plugged in, it looks good, and has no missing knobs or buttons, and includes program cartridge.” Link

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“This unit is in great cosmetic and working condition with only a few very minor surface scuffs due to mormal use and has been tested! It comes with the power cord, manual not included but is very easily found online. ” Link

Ensoniq, ESQ-m @ 18 September 2012, Comments Off on Ensoniq ESQ-m

“This ESQ-M sounds great and has been in my possession for over 15 years. I have recently moved my home studio to a smaller room and need to downsize my studio. I hooked it up and did a quick test and all buttons and sliders work great. The Moog patch is still my favorite patch on this unit. Th e unit shows wear and scratches but nothing that hinders the sound or use of this unit. I think it looks and sounds great for a vintage pice of hardware. ” Link

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” Ensoniq ESQ-M Digital Wave Rack Mount Synthesizer Module. Works fine, sounds great! Includes power cord, Original Owner’s Manual and Voice Crystal 2 with additional interesting sounds.

I am the original owner and this module has been mildly used in a clean smoke-free environment. I have hardly used it in the last 10 years but recently fired it up and it works great. It was fun to cruise through a bunch of the sounds. I can’t remember if the battery was ever replaced but I dug through the menus and the battery currently is at 22% and it stores just fine. ROM version is 1.10. ” Link

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” Ensoniq ESQ-M Digital Wave Rack Mount Synthesizer Module. Works, and sounds great! Includes power cord.” Link

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“Midi Synthesizer Module
Original Owner Includes Factory Box and Manual
back-up battery is low but still works” Link

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“This Ensoniq ESQ-M is in perfect working condition and sounds amazing. Physically, it has scuffs and scrapes mostly from being pulled from racks, but the faceplate looks pretty good. The rack ears are a bit worn with rack rash. Also included is a memory cartridge. The winning bidder will also receive a power cable.” Link

Ensoniq, ESQ-m @ 10 July 2012, Comments Off on Ensoniq ESQ-M Project Machine

“Ensoniq ESQ-M Digital Wave Synthesizer Module w/cartridge. Unit powers on with good display. Comes with ESQ Voice-80 vol. 5 cartridge. The buttons and the data slider worked to change parameters on the display. However, since I am not an expert on this item and am unable to fully test, it is being sold asi-is FOR PARTS OR REPAIR. ” Link

Ensoniq, ESQ-m @ 26 June 2012, Comments Off on Ensoniq ESQ-M

“Phat SSM Filter. Super sweet analog synth. No virtual anything, this is the real deal. Hate to part with it but if you are looking for

real analog, you wont be disapointed. Includes Cesium Sound voice cartridge and manual.

Unit is %100 functional perfect and excellent cosmetic. Give it a good home.” Link

Ensoniq, ESQ-m @ 22 May 2012, Comments Off on Ensoniq ESQ-M

“Very Unique and popular. Rack mount version of the ESQ-1 Keyboard.

There is a free VSTi called SQ8L which makes editing this very easy.

Killer unique sounds for days, months, etc…

Comes with 2 PROM storage cartridge and manual .
It’s in perfect working order , but it does need a new battery.
It can be installed at any service center at little cost, but I’m not useing this synth any more.
serial # ESQ-10051-C” Link

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“You are bidding on: 1x Ensoniq ESQ-M Rack mount synthesizer with 1 voice Crystal(Crystal X) /with power cable.

This unit has been in storage for a few years now, but fully functioned before I stored, but I have no way of testing it to verify.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

Ensoniq, ESQ-m @ 27 March 2012, Comments Off on Ensoniq ESQ-m

“Ensoniq ESQ-m rackmount synth with Voice Crystal 1 cartridge for patch storage
comes with power cord and manual

Outstanding synth…in my mind, I consider it sorta the flagship C64 with a K2000-esque OS.
I had it in a trio with a Sidstation and a Droid. It can be very lofi digital if you want or it can go totally
M83 warm, fuzzy and smooth. The OS is a breeze and very fun to program…very expressive and it
has input for CV pedal that can be used as a modulator or as volume. Easy to setup for multitimbral
use as well so it can really fill out your rig in a nice way if you surround it with some analogs.

It has a place in my heart, but in the end I’m using it for my piano sounds and I recently got an
MKS20 so she has become a bit redundant on the music I’m going for.

It is powered up everyday so it’s healthy. Battery is good. Works perfectly and is built like a tank.
Pretty darn good cosmetically. Just the rack screw holes are pretty gouged…I imagine the previous
owner went crazy with the Mikita back in the day.

I’m the second owner and I got this piece in the early Nineties. It’s always been taken care of and in
my studio no gigs or stage wear and tear.

Maybe in a few years the battery will go, but that is about all I can see that will keep this great
workhorse from making cool sounds going into the future.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

Ensoniq, ESQ-m @ 31 January 2012, Comments Off on Ensoniq ESQ-M

“Good used working condition. Has minor rack rash on the rack ears, and some very minor surface imperfections on the casing. I would give it an extremely conservative 8.5/10 on cosmetics. Includes “E2″ PROM storage cartridge and power cord. Display works great. Fully tested. Guaranteed to arrive in working order.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“This ensoniq ESQ-m is in very good condition, fully operational and functions as intended. Other than the rack rash, there’s nothing to note. Everything works and sounds as it should. Item is used and has minor scratches. It comes with a storage cartridge and a manual that has some wear.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“Today I am auctioning off my Ensoniq ESQ-M Rackmount Synth. It sounds and works great; if you’re unfamiliar with the ESQ, it’s kind of this crazy chameleon from the mid-late 80’s that can replicate analog synths from the 70’s and 80’s, as wells as digital stuff like the PPG and sampler-esque sounds. It really has that mid-80’s Depeche Mode kind of tone. It’s very deep and sounds great. It has analog filters and amplifiers so it also has raw power to back up all that depth of synthesis.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“Vintage Ensoniq ESQ-m Digital Wave Synth Module Comes with a RARE Cesium Sound Card Woodwinds / Brass” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.