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vfxsd “In great condition, also perfect working order. Great sounding synthesizer from the late 80. It’s has similar synthesis like a ppg wave and Waldorf microwave using wavetable synthesis. It has tons of wavetables and a good amount of modulation sources. It has dual digital filters and also theee eleven stage envelopes to shape your sounds. It also come with built in effects like reverb, delays, chorus, and flanger. Overall it’s a great sounding synth and you can really shape your own sounds. This synth comes with the power cable.” Link

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fcx “Original Ensoniq VFX. Worked great for the past 5 years. Turned it on last week and got the famous keyboard calibration error. The following day the screen went dim. Overall it’s in decent condition considering its 31 years old. ” Link

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vfx “You are bidding on an Ensoniq VFX keyboard and accompanying accessories (described below).

As the title states, this is a vintage keyboard and is used.
It’s in working condition once it starts up but does give an error on start up regarding the battery needing replaced. The batteries cost about $15 to purchase and can be replaced by you or a repair shop.

The keyboard comes with power cord, a pedal, the original user’s manual and the cartridges listed in the pictures (7 cartridges total).” Link

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vfxsd “Here is an Ensoniq VFX SD Vintage Synthesizer Synth Keyboard AS-IS For parts/repair. It worked for awhile and then an error message came on the screen “press any key-re-initialize.” I pressed all the buttons nothing happened and now nothing shows on the screen. You turn it on the floppy light comes on, nothing else. Please look at all twelve pictures to get an idea.

It is complete and in pretty decent shape. All the keys are fine, no yellowing, and work up and down fine. Some scratches and a few stains. There is one floppy included, along with the power cord. ” Link

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vfx “This is another one of Ensoniq’s classic synthesizer workstations that includes a powerful wavetable synthesizer and a fully-equipped 24-track sequencer. The VFX is one of only a few keyboards to feature true polyphonic aftertouch, and this feature can be used to control the internal effects as well as the synthesizer engine. I absolutely love this keyboard, I wish I didn’t have to sell it.”

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vfd “Here’s a vintage Ensoniq VFX SD synth,thats in great working condition.Couple of scratches nothing to bad,No accessories onlt power cord.This is for local pickup only,Thanks from looking.”

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vfxsd “Works great. Keybed is in excellent condition which usually an issue with these and casing has obvious wear as shown in the photos but looks much better in front of you, photos make it looks worse than it really is, awesome legendary Vintage synth at a good price.” Link

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fvx “This is another one of Ensoniq’s classic synthesizer workstations that includes a powerful wavetable synthesizer and a fully-equipped 24-track sequencer. The VFX is one of only a few keyboards to feature true polyphonic aftertouch, and this feature can be used to control the internal effects as well as the synthesizer engine. I absolutely love this keyboard for composing as well as for live performance and I’ve used one on stage for many years. I am only selling this one because I have two others that work equally well. The original disk drive was replaced just last month with a brand new drive.” Link

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vfx-sd “Travel back in time with this vintage synthesizer. Made by Ensoniq in Malvern, Pennsylvania in 1991, it’s an Ensoniq VFX-SD. It’s in pretty good cosmetic condition, but is a repair project. Though some of the light come on when it’s powered on, no sound comes out. I lifted the hood and it does not seem to have been parted out. The guy I bought it from did not know what was the matter with it. Link

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vfx-sd ” Unit powers on but fails calibration. Retrying continues to fail and ignore proceeds, but there is a continuous sporadic output of notes. I believe the highest G, G# and A are the ones being triggered. No further testing performed.

Synthesizer sold AS IS, for parts or repair only.

Cosmetically, this unit is in good condition. It has some scraps, scratches, faded paint, etc., but the most noticeable flaw is a crack on the bottom center and some scratching of a school on the bottom. A few screws are also missing.” Link

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vfx “Everything works no keys are bad or sticky
Every button works and it comes with a ac adapter
No dead pixels everything works good ” Link

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fxdsd “Used with some normal wear for its age, but in good :working: condition. Scratches on case, Ensoniq logo is partly rubbed off. Display, keyboard, and all jacks and controls function normally.” Link

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vfxsd“This ENSONIQ powers on and shows info on the screen(as you can see in the pictures). I plugged it to the Marshall amp that you see on the photos and NOTHING. Then I turned it off

and on again and this synthesizer had sound(it worked),(so I do not know what is wrong with it) and that’s why it is selling as ‘For parts or not working’ AS-IS with NO PARTIAL REFUNDS,” Link

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vfx sd ” Original owner home studio use. Battery will need replacing. All internal sounds and Rom Card sounds have been tested and sound great ! Comes with 1 ROM Card and power cable only.” Link

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vfx “This is a VERY clean, 100% working VFX from a pet free/smoke free home. Included in this auction are: the VFX Synth, Original Owners Manual, Sustain pedal, Power cord, VPC-100 Data cartridge. Recently serviced and had NEW internal battery installed. It’s worth noting that this is one of the very few synths ever manufactured with POLYPHONIC aftertouch (as opposed to just channel based aftertouch like most other synths that support aftertouch) allowing you to add modulation to each single note when playing chords – a real expressive joy to play! The VFX stands out as a pretty advanced and versatile synth for it’s vintage and really holds its own with unique complex sounds.” Link

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usedfdxsd ” Instrument purchased from original owner only very recently – selling due to lack of space (have just purchased another synth that I wish to keep;the VFX SD has to go).

Have not had the time to test all the functions of the instrument, but the unit is, as far as I can tell, functioning fine, including the disc drive (am not absolutely sure if the ‘Patch Select’ performance buttons above the wheels are working).

This VFX SD is in good cosmetic condition… Has some small scratches here and there but is overall very clean, front panel itself is close to pristine.

It is worth mentioning that the previous owner has had the bottom and top C keys of the keyboard partly cut into at the base of the keys, for reasons which remain unclear (done during servicing??).
(See the two images provided of these two ‘modified’ keys).
The affected keys function fine, and there is no difference in action, feel or functionality between the two slightly ‘modified’ keys and the rest.” Link

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vfx “Unit powers on and shows info on screen. Unable to test to full functional extent. Selling as is. Buyer accepts risk of any unknown defects. Auction includes Ensoniq VFX SD synthesizer, VPC 105 sound cartridge, and power cable.” Link

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vfx sd “New battery and connection fix applied, so unit boots with no issues. All keys produce sound and able to select sounds from all sources with no problem. Unable to test to full functional extent and therefore selling as is. Buyer accepts risk of any unknown defects. Auction includes Ensoniq VFX SD synthesizer, VPC 105 sound cartridge, power cable and pictured road case.” Link

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vfxsd “Vintage Ensoniq VFX SD Music Production Synthesizer. It has been tested and it sounds great. It is in good physical shape with the usual scratches and marks from moving and storing. All the keys work, display works and it comes with the power cord and the cassette shown. Please see all the pics. ” Link

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vfx“Classic digital transwave synthesizer. Good condition, includes a rare program cassette. Standard 3-prong power cord included.” Link

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vfx” Vfx excellent condition but may need new battery. sold as is.” Link

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vfx-ds“Used: Tested and working. Includes power cord, sound card, but no foot pedal. There are scratches, and some other cosmetic wear. There is also a cigarette burn on one of the keys.” Link

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vfx-sd“This VFX-sd is in excellent condition mechanically with everything working just as it should. It comes with everything pictured which includes the Musicians manual on CD in PDF format, the newest OS Version 2.10 and the power cord. You’ll only need the OS disk if you should loose your factory sounds due to a dead battery but this one has a brand new battery installed. The keyboard has normal wear for it’s age with just a few minor scratches and some color fading on the front panel. Every button and slider that I know how to test works just as it should.” Link

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vfx sd” You are bidding on a Ensoniq VFX-SD Wavetable Synthesizer/Sequencer. It is in very good condition. Works and sounds great. Has a few scratches and worn off lettering (as anything of this age would). A couple of weird spots of what look to be silver spray-paint down in the pitch/mod wheel area – very odd, doesn’t affect operation any though.

I’ve owned this synth for the better part of a year – bought it used from Guitar Center, who updated the OS and cleaned up the keyboard action right before I bought it. It doesn’t suffer from the “clackiness” that so many Ensoniq models did over the years, and the aftertouch works BEAUTIFULLY. Very nice sounds in this thing and lots of editing/effects capabilities.

A couple of notes – I never used the Sequencer and Floppy Disk features on the unit, so I can’t speak for them. (I don’t even own a floppy disk in my house at this point, so I can’t even test that :/). I got most of my patches for the unit from Sysex files online (will be glad to e-mail those to you if you’d like them). I don’t see why these features wouldn’t work just fine, but just figured I’d note that that.

I’m basically getting rid of it because I don’t find myself using it that much for the types of projects I’ve been doing as of late. I’d love to see it go to a good owner and enjoy some good use.

Included are the VFX-SD synth and the accompanying power cord.” Link

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vfxsd” I got this keyboard a few months ago for my daughter to practice and is now sitting in my music room. It is in good working condition and also looks very good. It comes with the AC cable. ” Link

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vfx” This synthesizer used this to play clubs in Virginia Beach. He custom built a wood case lined with foam rubber to protect the unit. I’ve played it and it sounds great.” Link

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vfx” This classic keyboard is in good working and cosmetic condition and comes with the original manuals and Ensoniq materials as pictured. I am unable to test the floppy disk drive. I am the sole owner. It has been closet kept for many years.” Link

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“Ensoniq VFX-SD keyboard/synthesizer; features a built-in pattern sequencer, sound effects, full MIDI controls, 4 audio outputs, lots of classic synth sounds from the late 1980′s and this unit is in very good condition, works great, sounds awesome, has only been used in my home studio,” Link

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“Missing power cord. What you see is what you get. Great for parts. Was part of Flocks of Seagulls band equipment” Link

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“this is an old model ensoniq synthesizer i’ve trade from friend and have no used for it..it looks a little beat up but still sounds fantasy..” Link

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“Condition: This keyboard looks great, it has some scratches and wear, more heavily on the frame. The keys look good, and everything works. There is NO power cable included. But all electronics have been tested and are in working condition. Everything pictured is included.” Link

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” This keyboard is one of my favs, I just have far too many keyboards and need to clean up. Everything is in working order.” Link

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“Ich verkaufen meinen Ensoniq VFX Synthesizer-Klassiker, den ich aus Platz- und Zeitmangel nicht mehr nutze. Das Gerät war erst kürzlich bei einem Service-Techniker, der die interne Batterie ausgetauscht und das Gerät geprüft hat. Es handelt sich um die letzte Hardware-Version der VFX-Modelle und ist in gutem Zustand. Schon das Keyboard mit polyphonem Aftertouch ist als MIDI-Spender/Masterkeyboard etwas Besonderes und die Investition wert. Andere Keyboards bieten gar kein Aftertouch oder nur die billigere Variante, die nicht auf einzelnen Noten, sondern gleich auf den ganzen Kanal wirkt. Aber auch die Sounds sind zeitlos und trotz ihres Alters eindrucksvoll.” Link