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“Really good condition, everything works on it. Comes with gig bag.” Link

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“Ensoniq SQ80

Uncanny sweet condition!

Pictured cartridge not included. However, it’s sounds and many others are all included on floppy disks.

Brand new battery installed days ago!

Fully functional. Disk drive works like a charm.

Enormous 3rd party library!

Also comes with a powerful editor & librarian.”

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q80 “Here we have the lovely ENSONIQ-SQ80 Digital Wave Synth from 1987!!!

It has wavetables for oscillators, and CEM analog filters.

Good condition. Everything works.
The disk drive works.
The cartridge slot works.

The DATA SLIDER does not, however….BUT the increment/decrement buttons make up for that, and the synth is just as easy to edit with the buttons.” Link

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sq80 “Ensoniq SQ80

Stunning condition!

Last one in our vault! Keyboard virtually un-played for 28 years!

Includes cartridge contents on floppy disks!

CARTRIDGE NOT INCLUDED! Shown for illustrative purposes only.

Fully functional. New battery to last for years to come! Disk drive works like a charm.

Also including ultra-high quality pdf version of manual on CD!” Link

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SQ80 “This SQ80 is in great shape. No major scratches or marks. Very clean! Everything functions great including floppy drive, aftertouch, buttons, sliders, etc. It has a new battery recently installed. Along with the keyboard I am including a commercial floppy of sound presets, a printed copy of the manual and a power cord.” Link

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sq80 “Unit has a few blemishes here and there but is in nice condition for a keyboard of this age. The ram data card pictured is in a separate auction. Needs a battery change but is still retaining its presets. There is no point in asking me to post this so if you can’t collect please don’t buy it, thanks.” Link

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sq80“Greetings from Treasure Monster!

My number one goal is 100% satisfaction, 100% of the time. Please check my eBay seller rating!

This keyboard powers on and the display says “warning low battery” then continues to the home screen. Other than that I can’t get it to do anything. The floppy disc drive is loose. The keyboard is also missing screws in different parts of the casing. It’s in fair cosmetic condition, needs a good cleaning. Since this is being sold as broken for parts or repair I cannot guarantee it will still power on once it reaches the buyer.” Link

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used sq80“Ensoniq keyboard / synthesizer. SQ80. I don’t know much about it. It powers up. I don’t have an amp to listen to it. The slider switch.. data entry switch… the black and white slider switch is bent a little but it does slide normal. I’m not a musician so I’m not qualified to assess the condition.” Link

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sq80 “This listing is for a vintage Ensoniq SQ80 Synthesizer. It powers up and works (I tried it with headphones), as well as the effects. It is not as sensitive as modern keyboard, it doesn’t do fast runs down the keys very wel but that is normal. I believe it has a limit of an 8 note polyphony. I have not tried using the Voice/Data disk or the MIDI connection (2 MIDI cables included). The pedal works as well. It seems that everything works correctly.” Link

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sq-80 “In great condition! Tested and works! not the original foot pedal and there is a small plastic piece on the end the is broken (see photos) but does not effect the key board in any way.” Link

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sq-“Ensoniq SQ80 Synthesizer Not Working for Parts or Repair. Does not power up , fuses checked, battery was replaced , No other testing beyond that. I dont know what part of this is the problem. All parts are there including metal shield. Will ship in original calzone style case (foam deteriorated so it has been mostly removed) ” Link

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eq80 “This item is in very good condition, though it does have scratches and some wear which the photos should reveal. All keys, buttons and sliders are in great working condition. The 3.5″ floppy disk drive works and reads all of the sequences and sound bank files from my older disks which are from an earlier SQ-80 I owned in the late 80s, and writes to disk fine as well. Also included is a non-descript program cartridge that appears to contain 64 additional sounds

Includes a gig bag which is considerably larger than the SQ-80 but useful nonetheless. Power cord is also included. No pedals or footswitches are included. ” Link

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sq80” Ensoniq SQ-80 Digital Synthesizer – Mint Condition

Other than the occasional tiny nick, this unit is in incredible condition. Its been well taken care of in a studio only. When you get it you will see that it has not been moved or abused at all. Mint.
Everything Works (Outputs, Sustain Pedal, Display, Power, MIDI)
Disk drive appears to work, but im not sure. I can not connfirm that the drive works or not. I tried to format an old diskette i have (20 years old). The drive lights up and makes noises, spins the disk for a couple of minutes and it tells me the diskette is faulty so it cant format it. There’s lots online for this old classic.

Comes with the following:
1. Ensoniq SQ-80 Synthesizer
2. Power Chord

The only issue is the very common: “Battery Voltage is Low” It can be replaced relatively easily. Im just too busy. Cheers.” Link

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sq80” 1988 Cross Wave Synth…old but still works…would be a great addition to a studio. Has a three and a quater disk drive to save songs on memory has signs it may have been repaired in the past however it works just fine,no problems ” Link

Ensoniq, SQ80 @ 06 January 2015, Comments Off on Ensoniq SQ80

sq80“Vintage Ensoniq SQ80 Synthesizer
Used. Cosmetic condition is great. Seems to work great.
Tested for power and normal function.
Comes with a cartridge and power cord.” Link

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sq80” Vintage Ensoniq SQ80 Cross Wave Synthesizer. Great sounds.

In Good Shape. A few scuffs and scratches on the sides. Writing on back side.

Keys and everything functions properly. Great sounding keyboard. Includes AC Cord.” Link

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sq80 “hat’s included:

power cord
hard case

Not Included:

Anything not shown in photos

Condition (Depicted in photos):

Good Condition
Previously Owned
Has light scuffs
May have previous owner stickers” Link

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sq80“Used but in good condition, fully working with OS 1.8

Sale Includes:

Ensoniq SQ80
Flight Case (Slightly worn through wear and tear)
Promotional Page
Miscellaneous information pages” Link

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sq80” Keyboard is in excellent condition. Comes with AC Adapter, 1 program cartridge and the original box and manual. Only thing is that the floppy drive is missing the door. ” Link

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sq80“I’m offering for sale my Ensoniq SQ-80 Crosswave Synthesizer – original synth from the 1980s. I have personally owned this synth for about 30 years.

If you’re into vintage analogue synths, including great ‘mini moog’ and really fat bass sounds, then you’ll love the SQ-80.

And if you’ve never heard one before, there are plenty of demos on youtube that you can check out!

This synth comes with factory sounds only, but I believe there are several sources where you can download new sounds for it.

As you can see from photos, many of the transfers/logo etc., have worn away. There is also some sticky residue and remaining Velcro strips attached to the top left hand corner of the synth – as a result of attaching a piano module to it, for gigs.


In addition to the purchase of the SQ-80, the successful bidder will receive the following ABSOLUTELY FREE OF CHARGE:

(i) Euro mains lead

(ii) Case (needs new handle though!)

(iii) Original SQ-80 Manual.” Link

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” ENSONIQ SQ80 synthesizer synth crosswave analog USA made, Good working condition, all oscillators work, no background noises I tested it all, except the diskette but Im sure it will work wrote some patterns in the sequencer and memory kept them well, all buttons and sliders function as they should, all keys respond as they should. comes whit a cartridge, and cable, screen indicates battery low, when turned on, so battery needs to be replaced soon. some scratches in the top pictured. overall good condition and a great classic synth.” Link

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“You are bidding on the

Ensoniq SQ-80 Cross Wave Synthesizer

OS 1.80

In beautiful cosmetic and 100% functional condition including disk drive.

Battery recently replaced.

(see pics)

All keys are even and smooth to the touch, no chips or cracks, and each trigger sound when depressed. Display is bright and fully functional, no missing digits. All sliders and switches function as they should. No chips, dents, or damage on chassis. Barely a scratch on the top panel. Graphics and silkscreen like new. ” Link

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“Up for sale is 1 Ensoniq SQ-80 Crosswave Synthesizer. MAN IT SOUNDS AWESOME! All of the keys have been refurbished by a former Ensoniq employee and are in perfect working order (very rare and not an easy job). This synth is known for having “sticky” unpleasant keys but that is no longer and issue..it plays just like a dream….a wonderful 80’s dream. I am also including a ROM card that boosts this bad boy with an extra 1280 sounds! This entire synth is in working order and has never ever had any battery problems or issues. The power-chord is included. I do not accept returns and i will only ship to the continental United States. Thanks so very, very much for checking out this auction… I hope you win!” Link

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“Good clean used condition with fantastic flight case!!!

Everything works just as it should, in all of its 80’s glory.

Screen printed logo has been partially lifted off, but everything else is just fine and intact.
Flight case is original from 80’s and is used but not abused. Really a gem of a find.”

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“The synth is in great condition for its age. It has hardly been used, and comes with a power cord. There is no cartridge, and there is a replaceable fader missing.” Link

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“Ensoniq SQ80

Last one in our studio.

Stunning condition!

Comes with library of sounds, spare floppy disks, and hidden waveforms chips.

Fully functional. New battery! Disk drive works like a charm.” Link

Ensoniq, SQ80 @ 14 January 2014, Comments Off on Ensoniq SQ80

“Ensoniq SQ-80 keyboard. Excellent condition. Got this from the original owner one month ago. Replaced the battery and bought a sound collection from SoundEngine (included). Everything works fine. Did some SYSEX dumping and transferring. Sounds great. Any questions, drop me a line.” Link

Ensoniq, SQ80 @ 14 January 2014, Comments Off on Ensoniq SQ80

“Hi! Selling my vintage Ensoniq SQ80. I am the original owner, since 1988! This has served me well over the years. I recently unearthed this from the attic. There were a few issues, which I’ve remediated:

1- I replaced the battery
2- I replaced the “Display PCB”, which was causing some of the buttons to not function. (Funny that I had to get this from Germany, when I leave a couple miles from the former Ensoniq headquarters where this thing was built!)” Link

Ensoniq, SQ80 @ 31 December 2013, Comments Off on Ensoniq SQ80

“Very cool vintage synth from the 80s. Works great! The sounds and programming possibilities are amazing!

Given its age, it is not in perfect cosmetic condition. Some minor scuffs and some of the lettering has come off. Missing the cap on the volume control (see pics). Free shipping, continental US only. Feel free to ask questions. ” Link

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” ENSONIQ SQ-80. As you can see by pictures it power s up. I do not know how to hook it up to hear it.this unit came from an estate. Buy it as is.everything else workef well.comes with a case” Link

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“Just as title states I’m getting rid of this classic vintage synth, SQ-80. Works like a charm. My only reason for selling is im looking to upgrade. But i love this keyboard, almost don’t want to get rid of.” Link

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“We test this unit and it does play but it does need some work. The unit does power on and it does play and have a great sound, however sometimes it will freeze and needs a reboot. Also the battery voltage is low. The volume knob is broken so it will need a replacement.” Link

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“You are viewing an auction for the Ensoniq SQ80 Polyphonic Synthesizer. It is a digital/analog hybrid, meaning it has digital oscillators and analog amps and filters. It also has the very rare feature known as polyphonic aftertouch for premium expression. Also included is the Voice Crystal 3 card for expanded presets.” Link