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“Good used condition, with some scuffs and scratches. No evident structural damage. Unit seems to be in good working condition, but not every function was fully tested. The power cable is not included. Some of the keys are dirty and would benefit from a thorough cleaning upon receipt. ” Link

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sd1 “Ensoniq SD-1 32 Voice

See photos for condition.

Works great.

32 voice version. Expanded sequencer memory. Polyphonic aftertouch!!!

Includes power cord and Factory Owner’s Manual. Floppy disc drive works great.” Link

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ds1 “Everything works great! Some real good sounds and editing capabilities, plus an onboard sequencer. There’s a little paint wear, but overall pretty good shape.” Link

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“This is a gently used Ensoniq SD-1 32 voice keyboard synthesizer. It has traveled very little and has always been with the original owner in a non-smoking home. Everything works on it. All the keys work flawlessly. It includes both a switch foot pedal and a CV pedal. Also included is one sound bank cartridge that plugs into the keyboard. This SD-1 also has an installed memory expansion, expanding the memory from 25,000 to 75,000 events (notes and other sequenced events)
This item includes an OS disk (Version 4.10) and a small stack of 3.5″ floppy disks containing programs (sounds).
The stand in the photo can be included if you want it. Though this will increase shipping costs.” Link

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“Works and sounds 100% great! There are some cosmetic scraps and scuffs, but they do not affect its performance. ” Link

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“This auction is for a vintage Ensoniq SD1 digital synthesizer. This instrument has been serviced and is ready to go for whatever project it is needed for. ” Link

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“Amazing early 1990s Ensoniq synthesizer.

This was the end of the VFX line of transwave synthesizer.

The SD-1 has more waveforms that the VFX-SD + the mega Piano.

Capable of rich complex evolving synthesizer pads etc. Layer 6 waveforms to create complex sounds not unlike the Korg Wavestation only THIS machine is a breeze to program.

Unit has been powered up and tested. No broken keys, buttons or missing sliders.

Floppy drive has been tested and fully functional even for somethings this old a testament to a well built synthesizer.” Link

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“I bought this ensoniq sd-1 32 voi keyboard for my children. but they prefer a simpler one. I have to sell it to for what its worth. It comes with

anvil case and a newer version software. It works fine goes thru all calibration. I am selling as-is.” Link

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“Selling this Ensoniq SD 1 Synthesizer. Has 1 disc, 61 keys and case. Unit and case are in excellent condition and sounds beautiful.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“This in an Ensoniq synthesizer, it needs some TLC, seems to work still however part of the display when it is turned on doesn’t show up. It may need a new fuse, it has been played alot. The words along the top and backside of the player are starting to fade off. Comes with 2.0 OS disk. I have also included a microphone as well as 3 instrument cables and a radio shack video distributing amplifier. May be good for parts or with a little tinkering it could perform wonderfully. ” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“You are looking at a……….. USED ENSONIQ SD-1 VINTAGE SYNTHESIZER SEQUENCER KEYBOARD FOR PARTS OR REPAIR. Keyboard shows heavy wear mainly on the paint as shown on pictures. It does power up but shows on display: ” KEYBOARD CALIBRATION ERROR RECALIBRATE IGNORE” No other further test selling as is condition for parts or repair NO RETURN!” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“Vintage ENSONIQ SD-1Synthesizer ….. Does NOT have power cord, I have no way of knowing if it works or if there are pieces missing. It is in good cosmetic condition for it’s age (1991), it could use a little cleaning.
Comes with case (not sure if it’s the correct case) but the case shown, is included.
Has small, red paint spot on one of the keys (shown in picture).” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“This Ensoniq has some great sounds… very similar to PPG and Waldorf… and of course Ensoniq’s own Fizmo. Long evolving pads and textures…

It also has an excellent (and very easy to use) 24 Track sequencer.

The condition of this particular example is overall excellent,
for a 20 year old keyboard synth.

Please see the photos.

In broad daylight, there are some cosmetic marks.. a few scuffs here and there, some scratches and a couple of ‘touched-in’ marks – but nothing serious. Bear in mind it’s a 20 year old synth, and it will obviously have some wear and tear. In a typical dim lit studio you be hard pressed to notice..” Link