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“Selling my First edition original Grey E-MU Sp1200 Drum Machine.

Come with original service manual.” Link

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“For sale is an Emu SP1200 drum machine. It’s in excellent cosmetic condition, with only some minor scratches on side and bottom. This is a reissue version so the power supply doesn’t get hot like the grey original versions. Has the classic model 7030 filter chips. The screen is bright and easy to read.

It’s fully functional except the sampler section is not working. When I try to sample, the input shows up as overload and the pad I sample to only plays back as a click. I can hear the what I want to sample through the sample-input but it doesn’t end up on the sampled pad. I’ve priced it lower accordingly. This might be a simple easy fix, reissues in as clean cosmetic shape as this typically sell for $3500 – $4000, so you could get yourself a nice deal here.

All the buttons and pads trigger perfectly, they were cleaned before listing.
Internal electronics look very clean, no rust or grime or funky smells.

Includes 10 sample disks with sounds & OS 1.2.
Even without the sample section you can still make some beats using the included sound disks.”

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“Original grey model classic vintage drum machine in very good condition and large sound library. Everyone already knows all about why this beast is still at the top of its class and nothing can duplicate it’s unique sound no matter how hard the software plugins engineers have failed time after time again. Included are 85 disks custom sound library with soul samples from vinyl and drum chops and breaks and individual kicks and snares and hi hats samples from vinyl records all ready and setup . Also 16 Kid Nepro drum sounds disks. Lots of loops and unique samples with that classic boom bap tempo ….Also the sp1200 instructional CD and a printed copy of the owners manual and the service manual. Also included is a 12ft monster 8 output cable and the power cord. All buttons and sliders and knobs and display check good and the floppy drive is very smooth and quiet and loads fine…It also comes with the stand shown in the photos. Don’t miss out !!!” Link

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1200 “All buttons work. Pads are responsive and springy, no double triggers. New tact switches (small black buttons) replaced using Cardas silver quad eutectic solder (the good stuff). The floppy drive works great and the screen is bright. All outputs work properly as well as the sample input. Faders are straight and smooth. Bottom right corner by the disk drive is partially slightly melted, see pics. All disks tested and working.” Link

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sp_1200 “Emu SP1200 Drum Machine OG Grey Shell. In GOOD working condition in non smoking studio. I’m the original owner of this E-MU Sp1200. Everything is original I have original owners Manuel. Sp1200 has been inspected and Serviced at forat electronics is Studio city. If you know about that place. No upgrade has been done. I’m not in any rush to sell. So NO LOW BALLERS thanks”

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1200 “The classic tool of hip hop and house music. Used on so many classic tracks. This unit is in well cared for condition and I am a seller with a great 10 plus year history of selling high end music gear on eBay. you will be happy with it. ” Link

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emusp2 “For sale here is an Emu Sp1200 with an amazing custom paint job by Bruce Forat. Includes over $2000 in upgrades & bonus items. It’s been recently serviced & has ALL the possible upgrades worth having, making this machine a breeze to use. It’s fully functional and in amazing shape. All the buttons and pads trigger perfectly, pots are scratch free and the outputs are clean without hiss. Cosmetically its excellent shape, with a little wear on the sides but the front looks perfect. The screen is so incredibly bright that it’s hard to even show it properly in the pictures, but it looks awesome in person. Check out the pictures below for more details to make sure you like it.

It has $1600 in service/upgrades done by Bruce Forat:
– sampling input mod (crucial for hearing your sample quality while sampling) ($200 upgrade)
– output boost mod ($300 upgrade)
– disk drive upgrade (works super smooth with both HD & DD disks) ($200 upgrade)
– awesome custom Red paint job ($700)
– upgraded ultra bright custom blue backlight (super easy to read from multiple angles sitting in front or above, unlike the original screens) ($200 upgrade)
– power cable ” Link

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sp1200 “Mint condition. I am the original owner. I babied this machine and never let anybody else touch it. It’s the Re-issue SP1200. It was always kept in my private recording studio. Everything works perfectly. It comes with a power cord, a disc that includes the OS and samples. ” Link

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sp-1200 “E-Mu SP 1200 Sampler/Drum Machine:

This vintage machine is in good working condition. All sliders and knobs working with a clear screen. Includes power cord, OS floppy disk and some additional sample disks with classic kits to get you started. ”

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emu-sp-1200 “This is my E-MU SP1200 that I purchased from DJ homicide in 2003. I have had it in my smoke free mixing and mastering studio since then. Unfortunately, I have to part ways with it to buy a mastering EQ. The unit is in 100% perfect working condition and sounds amazing. All of the filters, knobs and buttons are in working order and the unit works wonderfully. The only issue is that Homicide is written on the back. There are a few scratches / blemishes on the sides, but nothing drastic.

I am selling the Unit with (132) SP1200 OS discs with drums and samples from classic rap sounds to vocal chops, 808s, everything. Some of it is my stuff, some is from Homicide’s and the rest is from others DJs/producers I purchased them from. There are a LOT of gems in there. Over 1000 resampled sounds. The unit also comes with the original manual as well. The manual is a little beaten up, but it is really nice to read.” Link

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1200 “ORIGINAL E-mu SP 1200 GREY CUSTOM PAINTED BLACK WITH CUSTOM PAINTED SILVER KNOBS AND SLIDERS WITH UPGRADES. Immaculate working and physical condition. Includes manual and upgraded blue LED display. ” Link

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sp 1200 “Completely restored and fully functional Emu SP1200.

Sent off for refurb by Allen at Synthspa, a guy who really knows his stuff.

Perfect working condition. Allen cleaned and retrimmed all buttons and sliders so no double triggers on this one.

He also went through the internals and replaced any and all caps and opamps etc in need of replacing.

Won’t see a better unit than this and in great cosmetic condition also.
The corrosion you see on the jacks is ONLY on the washers as Allen cleaned and replaced all inputs jacks.

Comes with start up disk and power cable.” Link

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sp-1200 “Listing a vintage 7030 by E-mu that was passed on to me and I have no use for it. Item is missing the Fuse and the fuse holder. I believe this to be a 2nd generation unit. The unit will not power on without the fuse at the moment and will need to be replaced. I was informed the unit was in perfect working order until the fuse was lost. Please take a moment to view the images and you can see this unit was hot abused or nor does it show excessive wear. This is being listed as is, I believe the fuse and the fuse holder is all it needs to function. The unit will come with one disk and power chord. ” Link

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used sp1200 “For sale is my Emu Sp1200 Drum Machine reissue version from ’95. This Sp1200 is in excellent shape. Everything plays perfectly. It just serviced it before sale including cleaning all the buttons, pads, knobs and sliders so everything is super clean and triggering smoothly. It’s fully functional and ready to make beats in your studio. Disk drive works great. Backlight is super bright and easy to read. Cosmetically it’s in super nice shape with only some minor wear, so check out the pictures below to make sure you like it.

The reissue versions are a bit rarer and tend to go for higher price. They are desirable because they have auto-switching worldwide power (you don’t have to worry about transformers or changing fuses, it will automatically work worldwide without you having to do anything). They also don’t heat up like the OG versions, so you don’t have to worry about heating or power supply failure or any issues that the OG ones had due to getting too hot. Additionally, considering they came out years later, they’ll have been around less and will generally have less wear and tear than the the 80s units. This reissue still has the classic filter chips just like the original.

Includes Power cable, 20 sound disks and 10 New old Stock blank disks for saving your own samples to.

Sound disks are samples direct from original drum machines including
Roland TR808
Roland TR909 (3 disks)
Roland TR606
Roland TR727
MFB Tanzbar (2 disks)
Jomox Xbase 888 & 999
Vermona DRM1 mk2 (2 disks)
SP12 (2 disks)
Roland R8 w/ variety of cards like Electronic, Jazz Brush (5 disks)
Acidlab Miami

Disks come loaded with OS 1.2. The hardest thing about using the SP1200 is creating a killer sound library. With all the sound disks included you can get straight to beat making.” Link

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sp_1200 “This Auction is for a used E-mu SP1200 Sampler/Sequencer

This is a functional unit with minor wear and tear.

What’s Wrong with it:

– The display screen has some small wear in the middle that doesn’t affect what you can see. Its just some scuffing it looks like.

– Drum pad #1 and drum pad #5 are broken. #1 you can still use by tapping the wires together that are in the button itself. (Just the top is broken off) #5 is actually missing. In the service manual it gives a part number SW301. They are approximately $7. ” Link

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sp-1200 “Vintage EMU SP-1200 Drum machine, sampler / sequencer in original Mint Condition. Used only a few times when it was bought brand new back in the late 80’s. Never repaired and is 100 % perfectly working. It comes with the Original User Manual, Original gray power cable and a bunch of diskettes with drum samples (basically everything you see in the pictures). It also includes the original plastic diskette used to protect the floppy disk internally.” Link

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1200 “For sale here is an Emu Sp1200 with an amazing custom paint job by Bruce Forat. I’ve owned quite a few custom Forats and I will say this one is my favorite, incredibly amazing job the silver sparkle and lettering and graphics, even down to the custom silver knobs and sliders, it’s really an amazing dope look. So classic.
It also has servicing / upgrades making this machine a breeze to use. It’s fully functional and in amazing shape. All the buttons and pads trigger perfectly, pots are scratch free and the outputs are clean without hiss. Cosmetically its near minty shape, the paint job is near perfect, looks really fantastic. The screen is so incredibly bright that it’s hard to even show it properly in the pictures, but it looks awesome in person. Check out the pictures below for more details.

It has the following service/upgrades done in the past year by Bruce Forat:
– pads refurbished
– sliders refurbished
– all inputs outputs cleaned
– disk drive checked
– custom silver gloss paint job with silver knobs and sliders
– upgraded ultra bright custom blue backlight ” Link

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Emu SP-1200 “Hi, i’m selling my Emu SP-1200. It pains me to sell it but i need the money. In excellent condition.

Only used in my smoke free, air conditioned studio. Comes with power cable
and one sound floppy sound disk.” Link

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sp-1200“This SP1200 vintage drum machine was taken from Wu-Tang Management’s studio in Staten Island. The unit was used to produce some of the Wu-Tang Clan and affiliates music. The unit has been in a clean safe storage facility and is in excellent condition. With purchase you will also receive a thank you letter from one of the Wu-Tang Clan executives” Link

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SP 1200 “Emu SP1200. Black Reissue. Model 7030. Super minty fresh. This sampler has seen very little use and has been carefully stored in a clean environment. LCD is bright and original (which means this unit has very low hours of actual use). Pads are CLEAN. Pots are TIGHT and SMOOTH. Comes with a few OS disks, original manual and cables.

If you’ve been waiting patiently for a nice one, here you go. This is no doubt one of the cleanest you’ll see this year.” Link

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1200 ” Not sure about this thing.. no idea what it does. It works! But not sure what it does. I was given this by a friend. He said it was cool. If you feel that way.. then it’s yours. Missing one knob on the slider #8 ” Link

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sp1200” Almost mint 1986 EMU SP-1200(has one button that needs to be replaced but the button still works and there are some minor scuffs)….I produced music and took good care of it for 5 years…(I bought it from a church that had it in storage) now im ready to sell it…..it comes with the SP1200 book and thumbdrive also the boot up disk” Link

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sp 1200in great condition

can be picked in virginia or i send it anywhere too
if shipment is needed, its for free

floppy disk and midi cable included” Link

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1200” has a new led read out window . No scratches .In perfect working conditions. Comes with 20 discs of factory and homemade sounds .Instruction manual and ac cord.” Link

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sp1200” All functions (sliders, buttons, pots) in good working condition relative to being 20 years old. Very clean except for a few minor scratches as shown in photos. The jacks on the back have a slight amount of corrosion but can easily be cleaned up or replaced. As far as I can tell this is the one with the SSM2044 filter chips. Comes with OS disk 1.2 and 9 other sampling libraries from well known drum machines. Manual available online.” Link

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sp1200 “Original SP1200 refurbished by drum machine guru Bruce Forat in Los Angeles. (See Receipt)
This machine comes with custom built anvil type case and is in great condition. I am the original owner. I am including including a collection of sounds I have acquired. Price does not include shipping.” Link

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used sp1200“Emu sp1200 100% functioning!
Cosmetically 10/10.” Link

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sp-1200 “E-mu SP1200, black version with fat slider knobs. Immaculate working condition. All buttons, sliders, pots and switches recently serviced to ensure full functionality. Included with listing is a 10 disk BeatBox Pros drum kit library on new floppy disks, a soft travel case with velour lining and custom black dust cover. Listing includes: E-mu SP1200 Power Cable Digital Owners Manual 10 Disk BeatBox Pros Drum Kit Library on New Floppy Disks Soft Travel Case Custom Black Dust Cover ” Link

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sp1200 “Great shape ” Link

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emu sp1200” Emu Sp1200 Vintage Sampling Drum Machine
One owner, all original parts, Mint condition…
True survivor of a vintage age….
This was and is one of the most Iconic samplers of the Hip Hop
era. Comes with power cord, Road Case, and operator owners manual.
Item will ship packed in its own road case. Full insurance will be applied.
Thanks for Looking…..” Link

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sp1200” This is a vintage unit, its #65 of 125 made in 1998, It’s a Final Edition Model used very little and in immaculate condition,
a must have for any music maker and studio production.” Link

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sp-1200“For sale is the Emu Sp1200 Drum Machine (with power cord) owned by Hip Hop producer GENSU DEAN. He has worked with HipHop legends such as Large Professor, Brand Nubians, David Banner, Count Bass D and many more (check out links below). This is the exact unit he used to produce multiple timeless classic with. This unit is in GREAT condition and 100% working order. Used in a smoke-free pet-free studio. Included in this auction the winning bidder will receive one sealed copy of GENSU DEAN’s recent production release “The Problem”, a promo 45 and a special 10″ remix project, all on vinyl and AUTOGRAPHED by GENSU DEAN !!! ” Link

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sp1200” Fully functional SP1200 O.S. disk included. Backlight is out but screen is viewable. The number pad can be a little touchy but all the numbers work. Sometimes you need to hit a number more than once for it to register. Nothing contact cleaner can’t fix. The outputs are a little dirty but they just need to be cleaned and they all function fine. This is an old sampler so some wear is to be expected. Still a beast of a machine and a must-have for someone looking for the 90s hip-hop sound. Sold AS-IS. No returns.” Link

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sp1200” E-mu systems sp1200 in near new shape. It is a reissue. Has 8 outs boost mod by forat, new LCD, new faders, all new buttons pads and tacts,hd floppy,And brilliant Bruce forat custom paint job.which if you don’t really like, just but a new face for 100$ and switch it out. There are over 3000$ in upgrades. With manual, small disk library, and power cable. ” Link