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drumulator “Up for sale is my EMU Drumulator. The unit is fully functioning and serviced less than a year ago. It will come with the original manual. I am the second owner of this drumulator and it has never left the town I live in. All sounds work, although I think the kick sounds a little weak sounding, but then again I’m not sure if that’s just the way a drumulator sounds.” Link

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drumulatro “Up for sale is my EMU Drumulator. The unit is fully functioning and serviced less than a year ago. It will come with the original box and manual. I am the second owner of this drumulator and it has never left the town I live in. All sounds work, although I think the kick sounds a little weak sounding, but then again I’m not sure if that’s just the way a drumulator sounds.” Link

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drumulator “1983 E-MU Drumulator
works great! just finished a record so selling this drum machine
has a few sticky keys, just need to clean
didnt bother me as it works great
all outs work great
sounds maybe better / different than the oberheim dx” Link

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emu-drumulator “EMU Drumulator for sale. Factory midi, that actually works very well. All knobs, buttons, sliders works as intended. Machine was serviced to complete working order 2 years ago. ” Link

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drumulator ” For sale is a e-mu Systems Inc. Drumulator 7000 in excellent used condition.” Link

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drumulatro “Here is an E-MU Drumulator in used, but working condition.

The soundset is the original factory soundset, not the DIGI-DRUMs EPROMS.

It has some issues:

Negative issues-

-Instrument button 4 does not work. Probably an easy fix.

-When you turn it on the display says “Bad”, but if you press the pattern (“Segment”) button, it goes into pattern mode and works.

-The buttons are old, so some need to be pressed on the edge (rather than the middle) to respond.

-It does not have MIDI.

-The slider is bent, but it does work.

Positive issues-

-It does hold patterns in memory after power down/power up.

-The “Mix” output works.

-Individual outputs work and the auction includes ten RCA-to-1/4″ adapters as pictured.
-Comes with owner’s manual.” Link

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drumulator ” For sale is one EMU Systems Drumulator in Good working condition. The unit has been tested and is fully functional. No international Shipping or Shipping services.” Link

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drum ” From a musicians estate…E-mu Drumulator…vintage cool.” Link

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drumulator “This Drumulator is in Fantastic shape. Comes with original manual and factory midi which is quite rare. Also come with a new features supplement. Fully functional and in great cosmetic condition.

A lot of the drumulators out there in auction land usually need some fixing or trouble shooting. Not this one. It’s in excellent working condition. All the buttons work and so do the preset banks. As soon as you get it, you can start using all the features on this machine.

I had Bruce Forat (he developed the Linn Drum in the 80′s an countless mods for famous artists) service this when I got it. Get that amazing emu sound like the SP-12, snd SL-1200 on a budget. Also similar to other rom based drum machines of the 80s such as the Linn drum and TR-707. Used by artists like: Big Black (Steve Albini), Depeche Mode, New Order, Howard Jones and countless hip-hop acts. You know a great deal when you see one, so you can get this now. And only you know what you’re looking for in a drum machine. ” Link

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drumlator “This is the E-mu drumulator, with some extras. The machine itself is fully functional. Cosmetically, A little rough in the front as i tried to show in the picture. There is masking tape residue from years past along with the chips in the paint. along with this machine is a midi interface which i never installed and a Jl cooper 3 kit expansion with 2 Digidrum kits including the sought after Rock Drum kit, I want to be clear that I was unable to get the 3 kit to work. When I tried to instal it,the Drumulator malfunctioned, Removed the 3 kit, the Drumulator worked fine. I make absolutely no guarantee about this board and only include it as something to play with.” Link

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drumulator“E-MU Drumulator
Electronic Percussion/Drum Machine

Works great! All keys function as they should, and no knobs are damaged.
Comes with the original manual by Craig Anderton

Version 3.0 Firmware and Midi Update Installed

Classic 12 bit drum sounds used by many of the 1980′s top artists. I am the second owner of this Drumulator and I used it in my home studio.

The Drumulator features 12 digitally recorded drum sounds that can be used in up to 36 individual rhythm patterns (segments). Segments can be combined to create up to 8 different songs. Battery tested and measures 2.9V. Unit has been tested and works great!

Drumulator is in the original box and the original manual is included. This unit will be well packed and shipped after payment is made.” Link

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drumulator“E-MU Drumulator
Electronic Percussion/Drum Machine

Works great! All keys function as they should, and no knobs are damaged.
Comes with the original manual by Craig Anderton” Link

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drumular” This is in lovely condition-fully working switches/faders. All working. sold as is no refunds. ” Link

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“EMU Drumulator with MIDI and Rare 4 x Voice Bank Expansion

A classic digital drum machine upgraded with MIDI In capability and a switchable voice expansion board that includes 36 additional voice samples (in 3 extra banks front panel switching).
This includes the famous ‘Digi’ drum set, Fairlight kit and a bank of resampled classic kicks and snares.

The unit itself is in excellent working condition and comes with the original manual.
There is dent on the underside of the left corner.” Link

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“working emu drumulator with midi and 1/4 inch line out. ive also put ziff sockets in this so all you have to do is push the little lever to take the rom out now it makes it way easier. also included in the auction are 7 sets of roms taken from samples of the linndrum lm-1, dxm, 808, 909,linn 9000, and a simmons. each rom set is a complete set from each of those vintage drum machines. you just open the lid and pop them off the ziff sockets and stick a different one in there. theres a switch on the side that someone had added that i disconnected to put in the ziff sockets. I am missing one original rom that had the drumulator crash cymbal on it. every other set is complete. i cant seem to find a little nut that holds one of the four rubber feet on the bottom, i have the rubber foot and the screw just not the nut, but ill look for it more. ” Link

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“You are bidding on a vintage electronic drum machine. This auction is for a Drumulator model 7000. Comes in great condition with some minor surface wear throughout. Please note, this unit powers on, but has not been fully tested. This item is sold as-is. Made by E-mu Systems Inc. This would make a great addition to any collection.” Link

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“e-mu drumulator drum machine with midi.

unit powers on, but was unable to test. Sold as is. ” Link

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” I bought this As-is with the intention of doing an easy fix in order to use this one. I bought another drumulator and have no use for this one anymore.
This machine reproduces every sound but the ride cymbal from the trigger buttons. The sequencer is not currently functional
When I bought this there was a 3rd party memory expansion board installed which disabled all the internal sounds. I removed the expansion {notice the hole on the side of photo 2} and was able to use the buttons to trigger sounds. After putting the primary ram eproms back in place of the expansion it played back old patterns. after a poof reset there are no more patterns and the machine will not go into record. This could be because the record button is slightly recessed from too much pushing or something else.
The power supply hums and can be heard in the audio at low volumes.
I will include the upgrade board in case it’s of any use
This may not be a serious repair for someone skilled but I am not and would rather make music than play with circuit boards.” Link

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” Here is a Drumulator. Excellent condition. Recently serviced with new battery installed. This one has MIDI too. ” Link

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“Tested to power with some functionality. Sequencer plays. “Drum Play” buttons work. Metronome plays when you start the sequencer, and it’s volume knob works. Changing the sounds assigned to the, “Drum Play” buttons work, as does cycling between Drums and Percussion sound banks. The slider works to control the volume of sounds, and the accent volume, but I couldn’t get it to work with the tempo. The, “Cassette” button works. That’s about as far as I could get.” Link

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“I do not want to part with this one. This model (not this unit) was my introduction to electronic music. It was old then, now it’s a classic. Punchy gritty sounds, multi-outs, sync to tape or adjustable pulse clock. Four Drum pad inputs. This thing is in the best condition. One great feature of this unit is that MIDI has been added to it. I’ve made some great tracks and it’s time for new gear. Hope this one finds a good studio to be in. Peace” Link

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” Up for auction is a rare vintage Emu systems Drumulator from the early 80′s in excellent cosmetic and functional condition. These analog drum machines were super expensive back in the day. Built very ruggedly in steel casing, these workhorse drum machines sound great and not too hard to program. Don’t miss out on this vintage electronic piece! No reserve, good luck bidding!” Link

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” Nice vintage drum machine, highly sought after.
Metal chassis is sturdy and in good condition.
All buttons, knobs and switches are in good shape and function well.
All inputs function as the should.
Circuit boards are in good shape.
This is a great collectors piece, or for general use as a drum machine.
Has those nice, gritty 8-bit sounds.” Link

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“Offered in clean condition for parts/repair/refurbishing etc.
Powers up with some tweaking needed. Minor signs of use. Pictures
tell the story on this beauty.” Link

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“Get the sound of New Wave with this classic. Depeche Mode tunes come to mind with the push of a button.

EMU Drumulator drum machine model 7000, serial number 870 from the 1980s. Great shape with all knobs, buttons, meters, and case in original condition. The two volume knobs don’t have tops. Some minor scratches and dings. I tested all the buttons and sounds. Selling ‘as is’ with no returns. ” Link

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“Very good condition.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“Hey Guys, Up for your consideration is the EMU Drumulator (no midi). This particular unit is in very good shape and is fully functioning as I have tested it out myself. Besides coming with all of the original stock sounds I will also include a set of digidrums All Percussion sound chips (see pics). No manual is included but is available online.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“The extremely rare E-MU Pad Programmer consists of four independent trigger sensors with appropriate circuitry, with a common housing and power supply. The power supply is a simple three terminal regulator +5V supply. The input voltage is between 8 and 25 VDC and the current requirements are small enough (around 40 mA when an LED is firing, less quiescently) that heat sinking is not required. The plug in wall unit supplies nominally 10V DC, which is filtered and regulated. The sensor is a piezo-electric crystal mounted in a housing designed to transmit pressure from a vertical strike by a drumstick, and attenuate vibrations conducted by the housing. This assembly is glued together and tested at the factory. Service on these assemblies will generally be by replacement, as repairs are difficult to accomplish and will frequently be unreliable. The sensor produces a substantial voltage spike (10 to 100+ volts), which is loaded by a parallel capacitor and resistor, and rectified by a full wave bridge. The resulting positive voltage is attenuated and applied to one terminal of a comparator. The other terminal of the comparator is adjusted for the desired sensitivity threshold. The trim range is set to stay within the common mode range of the comparator. Positive feedback around the comparator is provided to minimize marginal switching. The comparator output triggers a one-shot which will both swallow any comparator oscillation or multiple triggering, and provide sufficient pulse width for the LED amplifier and for the output trigger pulse. Both of these signals are buffered from the one-shot output.

Probably the most rare and sought after vintage E-MU piece out there, and the most hard to track down besides the E-MU modulator system. The EMU Drumulator Pad Programmer allows you to program the Drumulator (or other drum machines with standard CMOS 5V trigger inputs) in real time with ordinary drumsticks. I was able to trigger my Forat F-16 drum brain with no problems and have a blast, in addition to the Drumulator, so it’s very versatile. You can also trigger an analog modular with this unit. If you’re an E-MU collector this is not a unit you can pass up. It could be years before you find another one. There weren’t too many of these units ever made, and if you can find one it is probably very beat up and not working. This unit is in very good condition. Also the original magazine ad for the Drumulator Pad Programmer is included. This unit was purchased from “Roger Dodger Music”, a Minneapolis based keyboard/synthesizer dealer. This may be the only time to snag the E-MU Pad Programmer, as they never come up for sale. ” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“Good condition, good performance. Originally spent $525 for purchase.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“Drumulator E-mu Systems drum machine , This vintage drum machine is in perfect working condition ” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“OK shape, got a few scratches, with a.c. cord, stickers are for our internal coding system, easily removed. ” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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zum Verkauf steht ein Emu Drumulator mit Midi In.
Eine kult Drummachine aus den 80ern in einem wirklich sehr guten Zustand – so sicherlich schwer zu finden.

- Optisch: sieht aus wie Neu – für sein Alter entsprechend sehr gut! Kaum ein Kratzer zu finden. Alle Teile Original.
- Technisch: Funktioniert einwandfrei.

- Pads haben einen guten Anschlag
- Alle Taster lassen sich problemlos bedienen.
- Midi funktioniert einwandfrei.

- 220 V Version
- inkl. Original Manual
- inkl. Midi Umbau Nachweis und Bedienungsanleitung für Midi” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“I am the second owner of this machine and I bought it in 1984. I used it in a home studio setting for about 8 years and then put it away, where it’s sat unused for the last two decades.This item includes its original manual and will ship in its original packaging. In excellent condition, everything works as it should and cosmetically it looks great. All the original buttons and pots are present and even the metal casing underneath is clean. I tested it and the only flaw I can find is that the mono “Mix out” jack cuts in and out when the phone plug into it is jiggled. If it’s used in an environment where it’s not subject to vibration or movement, that shouldn’t be an issue. Alternatively, you can use the individual outputs for each drum sound to bypass the “Mix out” which will also allow you to do your stereo panning the way you want.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“Guaranteed to be in excellent fully functional condition with complete original manual. Bag is also excellent but foam inside needs to be replaced as it’s crumbling and leaving residue on drum machine which has to be cleaned off whenever it’s taken out of the case. In the early 1980′s this was the first great drum machine system available for under $1000. ” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.