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“Hello I am selling my Beloved Sp-1200 been stored and barley used. When not in use was store in a covered container. all buttons work and are not sticky. I will include the Manual( the cover has been separated from the rest of the book) and power cord.” Link

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“Selling my First edition original Grey E-MU Sp1200 Drum Machine.

Come with original service manual.” Link

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“For sale is an Emu SP1200 drum machine. It’s in excellent cosmetic condition, with only some minor scratches on side and bottom. This is a reissue version so the power supply doesn’t get hot like the grey original versions. Has the classic model 7030 filter chips. The screen is bright and easy to read.

It’s fully functional except the sampler section is not working. When I try to sample, the input shows up as overload and the pad I sample to only plays back as a click. I can hear the what I want to sample through the sample-input but it doesn’t end up on the sampled pad. I’ve priced it lower accordingly. This might be a simple easy fix, reissues in as clean cosmetic shape as this typically sell for $3500 – $4000, so you could get yourself a nice deal here.

All the buttons and pads trigger perfectly, they were cleaned before listing.
Internal electronics look very clean, no rust or grime or funky smells.

Includes 10 sample disks with sounds & OS 1.2.
Even without the sample section you can still make some beats using the included sound disks.”

Emu, SP-1200 @ 16 May 2017, Comments Off on Emu SP 1200

“Original grey model classic vintage drum machine in very good condition and large sound library. Everyone already knows all about why this beast is still at the top of its class and nothing can duplicate it’s unique sound no matter how hard the software plugins engineers have failed time after time again. Included are 85 disks custom sound library with soul samples from vinyl and drum chops and breaks and individual kicks and snares and hi hats samples from vinyl records all ready and setup . Also 16 Kid Nepro drum sounds disks. Lots of loops and unique samples with that classic boom bap tempo ….Also the sp1200 instructional CD and a printed copy of the owners manual and the service manual. Also included is a 12ft monster 8 output cable and the power cord. All buttons and sliders and knobs and display check good and the floppy drive is very smooth and quiet and loads fine…It also comes with the stand shown in the photos. Don’t miss out !!!” Link

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“Up For Auction is a ,

with SCSI Port and
7x HD Diskettes of sounds

This has been in my studio since day one in a rack,

The unit powers up, and it works fine, I have tested it, and it all works.

This is a great sounding Sampler Module I’m sure you know.

I am Including 7 x disks of sounds, the Unit comes with SCSI port .” Link

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1200 “All buttons work. Pads are responsive and springy, no double triggers. New tact switches (small black buttons) replaced using Cardas silver quad eutectic solder (the good stuff). The floppy drive works great and the screen is bright. All outputs work properly as well as the sample input. Faders are straight and smooth. Bottom right corner by the disk drive is partially slightly melted, see pics. All disks tested and working.” Link

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sp12 “This SP-12 is sold AS IS. IT IS NOT WORKING.

I got this from a friend a while back, it has never worked.

It makes some strange noises, but some of the LCD info appears to show up.

Somebody with the appropriate technical knowledge would have a chance at restoring it. I have no experience with these at all and have no idea how it works.” Link

Emax, Emu @ 07 March 2017, Comments Off on Emu Emax SE

se “This unit has been taken care of with love and affection, and it truly shows in the condition. The screen is still bright and strong, the disk drive is still robust and responsive. All buttons and sliders work flawlessly and there are no rack rash, major scratches, dings or dents. To find a unit this old still in such good condition is truly a rarity. Unit comes with owners manual, and a 11 disk sound library with various instruments, fx, strings, pads, drones, and more. ”

Emu, SP-12 @ 31 January 2017, Comments Off on Emu SP-12 Turbo

use ems “Submitted for your approval is the E-mu systems SP-12 Sampling Percussion unit. If you know me, you know I love these. I found this one bummy and busted. I took it to Forat and after many repairs. He:

Repaired boot problem.
Replaced broken output 4 jack.
Replaced incorrect fuse with a proper one.
Replaced battery.
Completely refurbished all pads and replaced broken or missing parts.
Completely refurbished all Function buttons.
Sliders are jumpy and very sticky, installed 8 brand new sliders.
A/D converter offset is totally wrong, ran diagnostics and calibrated offsets.
Tightened transformer.
Cleaned master volume, click and sample input pots.

This unit is a sparkling 30 year guaranteed worker. Cosmetically it has some issues. There is a black case instead of the normal grey, it looks like someone bought an sp1200 and then modded the sp12 panels over it. The screen has a cover on it, which is not the same as I being on other units. This unit works great though, sliders and buttons are immaculate, this is the turbo model with os 2.4 (See demo). It has 5 seconds sample time. The screen is brighter than ones I’ve had in the past, but I don’t think it was replaced. This unit is a trooper, it looks like it was serviced at rogue music years ago and for being older than me it’s still working just as well. Like always I get something I really want to keep and use in my studio and then rent comes due and I’m short so…”

Emu, SP-1200 @ 17 January 2017, Comments Off on Emu SP1200

sp_1200 “Emu SP1200 Drum Machine OG Grey Shell. In GOOD working condition in non smoking studio. I’m the original owner of this E-MU Sp1200. Everything is original I have original owners Manuel. Sp1200 has been inspected and Serviced at forat electronics is Studio city. If you know about that place. No upgrade has been done. I’m not in any rush to sell. So NO LOW BALLERS thanks”

Emu, SP-1200 @ 03 January 2017, Comments Off on Emu SP 1200

1200 “The classic tool of hip hop and house music. Used on so many classic tracks. This unit is in well cared for condition and I am a seller with a great 10 plus year history of selling high end music gear on eBay. you will be happy with it. ” Link

Emu, SP-12 @ 03 January 2017, Comments Off on Emu SP-12 Turbo

sp12 ” This is the cleanest SP12 Turbo I’ve ever encountered.

Immaculate condition, fully functional and serviced.
Turbo option installed.
New backlight,
(See photo – The display is bright and clear, but capturing a photo of it was very difficult)
All buttons and pads recently serviced,
New face plate
All new sliders
All knobs and slider caps are present.

Includes :
– Sound library on 5 1/4 floppy, approximately 50 disks, with backups for most
– Disk case for library
– Approximately 500 brand new, never used blank 5 1/4 inch disks
– 1 Commodore 1541 MK2 disk drive plus power supply and manual.
– Approximately 50 disk sleeves.” Link

Emu, SP-12 @ 27 December 2016, Comments Off on Emu SP12 Turbo

emsp “Pro studio kept,this is that classic 12 bit grit. The feel on these machines is incredible

Works perfectly, has typical blemishes from its 30 years of service and is missing one of the sliders which can be found here on ebay

Will include floppy drive and 2 boxes of discs ”

Drumulator, Emu @ 20 December 2016, Comments Off on Emu Drumulator

drumulator “Up for sale is my EMU Drumulator. The unit is fully functioning and serviced less than a year ago. It will come with the original manual. I am the second owner of this drumulator and it has never left the town I live in. All sounds work, although I think the kick sounds a little weak sounding, but then again I’m not sure if that’s just the way a drumulator sounds.” Link

Emu, SP-1200 @ 13 December 2016, Comments Off on Custom Emu SP-1200

emusp2 “For sale here is an Emu Sp1200 with an amazing custom paint job by Bruce Forat. Includes over $2000 in upgrades & bonus items. It’s been recently serviced & has ALL the possible upgrades worth having, making this machine a breeze to use. It’s fully functional and in amazing shape. All the buttons and pads trigger perfectly, pots are scratch free and the outputs are clean without hiss. Cosmetically its excellent shape, with a little wear on the sides but the front looks perfect. The screen is so incredibly bright that it’s hard to even show it properly in the pictures, but it looks awesome in person. Check out the pictures below for more details to make sure you like it.

It has $1600 in service/upgrades done by Bruce Forat:
– sampling input mod (crucial for hearing your sample quality while sampling) ($200 upgrade)
– output boost mod ($300 upgrade)
– disk drive upgrade (works super smooth with both HD & DD disks) ($200 upgrade)
– awesome custom Red paint job ($700)
– upgraded ultra bright custom blue backlight (super easy to read from multiple angles sitting in front or above, unlike the original screens) ($200 upgrade)
– power cable ” Link

Emu, SP-1200 @ 06 December 2016, Comments Off on Emu SP1200

sp1200 “Mint condition. I am the original owner. I babied this machine and never let anybody else touch it. It’s the Re-issue SP1200. It was always kept in my private recording studio. Everything works perfectly. It comes with a power cord, a disc that includes the OS and samples. ” Link

Emu, Emulator III @ 06 December 2016, Comments Off on Emu Emulator III

e3 “Legendary EMU Emulator III. Tested and 100% working. 4MB Ram and 40GB HD. Excellent cosmetic condition. E iii CD Rom library loaded onto the HD.

The unit has been thoroughly tested by a Moog technician and all functions work properly and a full diagnostics was run.

On board factory dual voltage selector.” Link

Drumulator, Emu @ 29 November 2016, Comments Off on Emu Drumulator

drumulatro “Up for sale is my EMU Drumulator. The unit is fully functioning and serviced less than a year ago. It will come with the original box and manual. I am the second owner of this drumulator and it has never left the town I live in. All sounds work, although I think the kick sounds a little weak sounding, but then again I’m not sure if that’s just the way a drumulator sounds.” Link

Emu, SP-12 @ 22 November 2016, Comments Off on Emu SP-12 Turbo

sp12 “New OLED LCD, New Battery. Display Contrast MOD was installed for variable brightness level of the LCD. Unit was professionally cleaned and calibrated as well.

Only minor aesthetic point that needs to be addressed is that the last slider on the crash is slightly different from every other slider.

The price is reflective of the cost of the unit, the hardware upgrades and technician service fees. ” Link

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12 “For sale is a used E-Mu Systems SP-12 Turbo Sampleing Drum Machine. This unit is in good condition, with average play wear. A power cable is included.” Link

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sp12trueor “Emu SP12 Turbo sampling drum computer, in excellent condition, includes foam carrying case.” Link

Emu, SP-12 @ 08 November 2016, Comments Off on Emu SP-12 Turbo

sp-12 “Brand: E-MU
Conditon: Used Good !!
This works normally.

Original box, instructions are not included.” Link

Emu, SP-1200 @ 18 October 2016, Comments Off on Emu SP-1200

sp-1200 “E-Mu SP 1200 Sampler/Drum Machine:

This vintage machine is in good working condition. All sliders and knobs working with a clear screen. Includes power cord, OS floppy disk and some additional sample disks with classic kits to get you started. ”

Emu, SP-1200 @ 11 October 2016, Comments Off on Emu SP-1200

emu-sp-1200 “This is my E-MU SP1200 that I purchased from DJ homicide in 2003. I have had it in my smoke free mixing and mastering studio since then. Unfortunately, I have to part ways with it to buy a mastering EQ. The unit is in 100% perfect working condition and sounds amazing. All of the filters, knobs and buttons are in working order and the unit works wonderfully. The only issue is that Homicide is written on the back. There are a few scratches / blemishes on the sides, but nothing drastic.

I am selling the Unit with (132) SP1200 OS discs with drums and samples from classic rap sounds to vocal chops, 808s, everything. Some of it is my stuff, some is from Homicide’s and the rest is from others DJs/producers I purchased them from. There are a LOT of gems in there. Over 1000 resampled sounds. The unit also comes with the original manual as well. The manual is a little beaten up, but it is really nice to read.” Link

Drumulator, Emu @ 04 October 2016, Comments Off on Emu Drumulator

drumulator “1983 E-MU Drumulator
works great! just finished a record so selling this drum machine
has a few sticky keys, just need to clean
didnt bother me as it works great
all outs work great
sounds maybe better / different than the oberheim dx” Link

Emu, Emulator II @ 04 October 2016, Comments Off on Emu Emulator II

emu-ii “For sale is this fantastic Emulator II classic 8-bit sampler, upgraded to an inbuilt HxC drive in addition to the 5-inch floppy. It comes complete with a full library of hundreds of disks in HxC format (the entire Emulator factory library plus both volumes of the stunning OMI Universe of Sounds collection, plus some oddities).


The Emulator is for many people THE defining keyboard of the 80s. It made its way onto countless chart hits and helped to nail the sound of a generation. The combination of 8-bit samples and clever, companding 12-bit convertors gave it a weight and authority that still seats the sounds instantly in a mix. For strings and orchestral sounds there’s a definite larger-than-life quality, while synths and basses benefit from the sheer heft of the machine’s low-end. It’s a dream to play and listen to 🙂

This unit has been overhauled and repaired and is in generally excellent working order. It’s been upgraded with the hugely useful HxC mod, in a proper 5.25” housing (rather than a clunky stuck-on-the-front-panel job like some I’ve seen on eBay recently!) which holds hundreds of disk images on an SD card. The EII comes with a huge library of hundreds of sounds (actually, I think it’s well over a thousand), all of which load up sweetly without the risk of damaged or erased disks. This is a treasure trove of classic patches which have graced an awful lot of hits – you can play “spot the Top Ten song” with many of them.


Operationally the EII is in perfect working order with one small caveat: some of the pushbuttons sometimes need a couple of presses to get them to trigger. The most affected is the Sample button, which clearly got a lot of use back in the day; sometimes I have to press it two or three times to get it to engage. Most of the day-to-day buttons, like the numerical keypad and the Disk button – both of which you use regularly to load patches – are fine though, so it’s only if you’re doing your own sampling that you’re likely to notice this; and then it’s a minor annoyance rather than a serious fault. I’ve done plenty of sampling with the keyboard and it’s never really been an issue. The sliders, the backlight, the pots etc are all fine (and have indeed been cleaned and serviced – see “Service History” below).

Sampling, incidentally, works brilliantly and sounds fantastic. You can of course use the EII as a library machine, but if you roll your sleeves up the sampling is (a) really easy to do, (b) brilliant sounding and (c) really good fun. Just stick a mic in the back and you’re good to go!

All eight voice cards are working perfectly, the 5.25” floppy drive is clean and functions (so you can access any files on actual floppies and easily transfer them to the HxC drive for archiving and future-proofing), the output is clean; basically everything is great 🙂


The EII is in generally good condition, but not pristine. There are some chips, marks and dings which you can see in the photos. These are all minor. The EII chassis is steel but the housing is powder-coated plastic, which makes respraying it pretty much impossible; but if the marks bother you, you could mix a paint to match using something like Humbrol modelling enamels and touch them in by hand. (I meant to do this myself but never got round to it.) The collar nut for the mix output is missing (but could easily be replaced and doesn’t affect functionality).

The important printed panel is clean and scuff-free (see pics), all slider caps and button caps are present and correct.

The “Save Ferris” sticker is vinyl and can be easily removed (though why would you want to?!)


The EII was bought from America in July 2014 (though it’ll run fine on UK voltage; it’s switchable). On arrival it was overhauled and serviced by Ben Rossborough of Cyberwave EMS, who checked pots and sliders, replaced one voice board that was misbehaving, and replaced the highest and lowest keys on the keyboard, both of which were damaged (these keys are notoriously damage-prone in EIIs because they stick up above the level of the protective ends of the keyboard). So the EII is now restored to full and correct operation. Since then it’s been in a smoke-free home environment and has been very carefully maintained.” Link

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emaxse “This unit has been taken care of with love and affection, and it truly shows in the condition. The screen is still bright and strong, the disk drive is still robust and responsive. All buttons and sliders work flawlessly and there are no rack rash, major scratches, dings or dents. Unit comes with power cable, owners manual, and a 15 disk sound library with various instruments, fx, strings, pads, drones, and more. To utilize the SE capabilities, you are going to need an SE disk, which can be easily found on ebay. I’ve never needed it, personally because as a synthesizer, it is a little dated and obsolete. Will ship only to the continental 48 states. All sales final. ” Link

Emu, SP-12 @ 27 September 2016, Comments Off on Emu SP-12 Turbo

emu-sp-12 “Selling a classic EMU SP-12 Turbo

If your looking at this chances are you know the history. The SP 12 and 1200 shaped the sound of early hiphop and house and it’s sounds are still sought after and relevant in the modern age.

This unit is in very good condition given it’s age with only minor wear. Most noticeable is the small chip in paint on the front right corner (pictured above), but is otherwise fully functional and has recently been serviced and had the power supply recapped.

Includes the power cable” Link

Emu, SP-1200 @ 20 September 2016, Comments Off on Emu SP 1200

1200 “ORIGINAL E-mu SP 1200 GREY CUSTOM PAINTED BLACK WITH CUSTOM PAINTED SILVER KNOBS AND SLIDERS WITH UPGRADES. Immaculate working and physical condition. Includes manual and upgraded blue LED display. ” Link

Drumulator, Emu @ 13 September 2016, Comments Off on Emu Drumulator

emu-drumulator “EMU Drumulator for sale. Factory midi, that actually works very well. All knobs, buttons, sliders works as intended. Machine was serviced to complete working order 2 years ago. ” Link

Emu, SP-12 @ 13 September 2016, Comments Off on Emu SP-12 Turbo

sp-12 “For sale is an Emu Sp12 Turbo edition with 5 seconds sampling time. This SP12 is in super nice condition overall. It does have a few wear so be sure to check out the detailed pictures below to make sure you like it. The backlight is out but this is quite normal for an SP12 of this age, you can still read the screen fine in a well lit room. I just serviced all the buttons/pads so they are triggering smoothly. Everything is 100% fully functional. This also has upgraded modded filter by-pass outputs so that you can access both filtered outputs and non-filtered outputs. The SP12 sounds awesome! It’s the best way to get the SP1200 same 12-bit sound quality at half the price, with 5 second sampling time and cool 80s style built in drums sounds. Includes original manual and power cable. Don’t miss out!” Link

Emu, SP-1200 @ 06 September 2016, Comments Off on Emu SP 1200

sp 1200 “Completely restored and fully functional Emu SP1200.

Sent off for refurb by Allen at Synthspa, a guy who really knows his stuff.

Perfect working condition. Allen cleaned and retrimmed all buttons and sliders so no double triggers on this one.

He also went through the internals and replaced any and all caps and opamps etc in need of replacing.

Won’t see a better unit than this and in great cosmetic condition also.
The corrosion you see on the jacks is ONLY on the washers as Allen cleaned and replaced all inputs jacks.

Comes with start up disk and power cable.” Link

Emu, SP-12 @ 06 September 2016, Comments Off on E-mu SP-12 Turbo

sp12turbo “I’m conflicted on selling this to be honest, but after much thought I’ve decided it’s time.

Custom screen, recapped, calibrated, every single button disassembled and cleaned (Every button works in one button press! SP heads know how rare that is to find!), every drum pad works perfect and was serviced.

I’m asking all the money for this one because it’s real clean and completely serviced.

Sounds amazing. Oh, and all faders work without jumping! No noise on outputs, volume knob, etc. No BS!” Link

Emu, SP-12 @ 16 August 2016, Comments Off on Emu SP-12

emusp12 “This is one of the most legendary tools for HipHops sound back in the early days. The way samples sound when put through this machine is the BEST, especially when you tune it down, the crunch sounds great. Ive had this for a few years myself and I am only looking to sell it because I need the extra money to move out into a new place, and I dont have enough room for all my equiptment. Tuff times. There is a chip in the front right (see pictures) and also a bit o the same to the front left, but just cracks. The 3rd button on the left for the sampled sounds is a little jammed but still works for if you sequence your beats, a little harder to work with live. I havnt used this in about 6 months but I belive its the 2nd slider that is a little out of tune just from how old the machine is, but it still works you justhave to play with it. Other than those two minor issues this is in perfect working condition, and the MOST FUN sampler to record and sequence with for my beats. Ive made around 100 beats with this and hope to one day buy another one. Congrats to whoever gets this, you will have so much fun!” Link

Emu, SP-12 @ 09 August 2016, Comments Off on Emu SP-12 Turbo

used emusp12 ” Emu Sp12 Turbo for sale. Its fully functional, all knobs, buttons and sliders work. Its in decent cosmetic condition, with some wear on the outer casing. Power cord is included.

Two of the four small standing pegs that fit the bottom of the sp12 are missing.

Will be packaged very securely for shipping.” Link