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“I offer here for sale a very rare vintage analog modular synthesizer:
EMS Synthi-E incl. very rare original EMS Keyboard.
This incredible analog device from non-smoking studio is in good technical and cosmetical condition, please – See pictures.
We include AC power adapter 220 volts ( probably it is not original adapter and we can not guarantee that it is completely suitable for this device, but at least the synthesizer worked ok) ”

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ems “Here’s the rare chance you’ve been waiting for!

Legendary EMS Synthi A.
It’s 100% fully functional and in excellent shape.
Cosmetically it does show a some wear, mainly some of the lettering in the font panel graphics are worn out, but overall very nice shape with minimal signs of dings or scratches. Check out the pictures to make sure you like it. No funky odd smells or overly bad rusting, this one has been well kept over the years. I believe this unit is a MkII due to the presto patch in the patch pin section. Supposedly MkII’s are more reliable due to better power supplies.
The EMS Synthi A is one of the most classic legendary mono synths, and it really is worth every penny, it has such unique huge analog sound and can get a range of tones like no other synth. A must have for any serious collector or musician’s studio. This is a great chance to own a legendary synth. Don’t miss out!”

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emssynthia “Here’s the rare chance you’ve been waiting for!

Legendary EMS Synthi A.
It’s 100% fully functional and in excellent shape.
Cosmetically it does show a some wear, mainly some of the lettering in the font panel graphics are worn out, but overall very nice shape with minimal signs of dings or scratches. Check out the pictures to make sure you like it. No funky odd smells or overly bad rusting, this one has been well kept over the years. I believe this unit is a MkII due to the presto patch in the patch pin section. Supposedly MkII’s are more reliable due to better power supplies.
The EMS Synthi A is one of the most classic legendary mono synths, and it really is worth every penny, it has such unique huge analog sound and can get a range of tones like no other synth. A must have for any serious collector or musician’s studio. This is a great chance to own a legendary synth. Don’t miss out!” Link

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ems “This is a vintage EMS Synthi A, classic modular synthesizer. Excellent condition with normal wear. All functions are working fine & the sounds are fantastic !

Here are some details:

Serial # 46xx, dates from the early-mid 70’s, (I believe).

Original Spartanite case has perfect working latches, all rubber feet, excellent logo, & normal scratches.

Normal cosmetic wear, some of the graphics are worn on face of the synth, please see photo’s.

Knobs & pots are all working fine. The joystick works fine but has a bit of friction on the extreme right side as compared to the left side.

Speakers work fine.

Includes ten (10) White Pins, seven (7) Red Pins, & four (4) Yellow Pins.

Includes power cable with European connector & adapter for use in USA.

Includes cable with Cinch Jones connector & three (3) 3.5 mm plugs labelled CV, GATE, & AUX. (I’ve never used this cable, may be for keyboard connection)” Link

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synthi ” For spares or repair, missing circuit board.” Link

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dk2 “Used. Some wear and tear. Please view photos. Thanks.” Link

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synthi a “Classic British synth from the early 1970’s.

In great working condition. Serial number : 4197

No silly offers. Serious purchasers only please

The EMS Synthi A (Putney Synthesiser) is a modular synthesizer made by Electronic Music Studios (London) Ltd. It uses pins rather than patchcords to route signals and voltages. This is the same synthesizer engine as the EMS VCS3 and Synthi AKS. It sounds like nothing else and is THE sound effects machine of choice by nearly everyone who owns one. This synth has serious character and is perfect for creating deep organic sounds. You can hear it all over recordings by groups like Pink Floyd, Hawkwind, Brian Eno, Vince Clarke, Tangerine Dream, Jean-Michel Jarre, Klaus Schulze, Sonic Boom, Yes, Alan Wilder, Sonic Boom and many other very influential musicians from the 70s to today.” Link

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ynthi “** Please see pictures and read description before bidding.

EMS Synthi – RARE – Makes the sounds that Pink Floyd used on Dark Side of the Moon

Rare opportunity to own one of the coolest unique analog pieces around.

* This unit is being sold “AS IS” There are NO RETURNS and there is NO WARRANTY.

* See pictures – This is exactly what you will received.

This unit is vintage and very old. Please see pictures for cosmetics. ie. wear, scratches, dings, etc.

The AC connection on the front was converted to the modern style.

Briefcase included. See signs of wear ie. scratches, dings, cracks. One latch is working, but has an issue working as it should.

Shipping size and weight will vary from Shipping details. A flat cost of $200 will be added to ship the Synthi safely to you.

The unit was just recently serviced for your convenience.

This Synthi is one of the cleanest that I’ve seen to date. I haven’t seen many around lately, so get it while you can. The are on the RARE list from what I can tell.

I am non-technical and don’t know how to use this item plus not a musician. Please look online for technical answers.” Link

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synthi“This unit has been tested and it works fine

I put warranty stickers(Pictures#10 and 11). Please view photos. Thanks.” Link

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synthi “Here is an awesome find! EMS Synthi A in excellent condition. Fully serviced and ready to go. Please see HiRes pictures for complete details. ” Link

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synthi“EMS SYNTHI AKS. Recently serviced by Phil Ciccerro at CMS Discrete Synths. Had over $1400 work done. I did all the work he recommended. see Invoice) I am also including the briefcase. Its larger than the original, with plenty of customizable space for ext speakers, sub, patch bay, accessories, etc

I only changed my last name on the invoice. Phil can tell you he did the work, Alan from Miami will be sufficient.

The speakers are not installed, but the power amp for the speakers come through the custom 1/4′ output jacks. I have tried them with various speakers. They drive pretty loudly.

There is one pot that spins, and probably needs replacement, (its a common pot. I need to skeak with Phil, because there are a few small issues, like the pot, and the Right input (for prossesing external signals like Todd rundregren used for guitar etc, doesn’t seem to get the hi Z signal. It could be made really nice, with some silk screen refurb on the panel. I also have the keyboard on a separate listing. The last time I checked on another Synthi (Squids Aks) it worked, so im confident it works fine. I don’t have the jack to try it. Also its been weirdly modified with a see through window. This Synthi could be made “DELUXE” in a bigger briefcase with some nice patched or installed in the case speakers, maybe a small external Sub, and patch points for speakers, inputs, an effects insert, or send, maybe a bigger reverb tank, so much could be done to make it super cool. We have always talked about making a “DELUXE” AKS. This is a good opportunity for that. Also the Samsonite, Samite briefcase come up on occasion, for around $800, so please figure whatever you may pay for a complete synthi, I would minus about $2000, for the case, a new pot, and some touch up. ” Link

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Fully Functional
It is the Blue KS style not the wooden DK style
Temporaraly mounted on a stiff foam backing to its protect structure
This Synthi A KS (keyboard sequencer) KS Keyboard is from my other 2 listings for a Synthi AKS Synth, and the Synthi AKS Case Parts

Digital 256 event KS (Keyboard Sequencer) sequencer from the Spartanite lid.

Capacitance sensitive (touch sensitive) Buchla like keyboard

keyboard works
Transpose. start stop buttons, and tempo wheel working
Worn silk screening paint
Non-original plexiglass circuits cover,
Edges and corners have some cracking
Some metal bracket above middle A installed.” Link

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ems synthi aks“For Sale a compleet and rare England EMS Synthi AKS synthesizer , with touch sensitive and no longer availiable keyboard , this unit comes out of a studio invironment and is superclean ! It’s in full working condition and cosmetics also in very nice condition , not mint but very good !! all patchpins are presented , also keyboard and power connector included. found serial number on bottom 421 .” Link

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I don’t know what to say to really ‘hype’ the auction.

I ordered the Synthi and VCS3 in the 1990’s having never really seen or used them. EMS Robin Wood called me and asked if I was still interested 13 years later when they were ready in 2013. I gave them a shot – they are built well and sound very good – they are just not what I will use at this time. They are basicly brand new.

Please see photos for list of FACTORY MODS.” Link

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” A Classic collectable British analog synth in VGC. Built for industrial use (used by the UK navy to ward off whales etc !) these have become very sought after.

Serial number 4197

Comes with Patch sheets, Pins, Power lead and documentation.” Link

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“This is a 100% original Synthi A with a TKS keyboard/sequencer. They both JUST ARRIVED from the headquarters of EMS at Truro, Cornwall and were thoroughly refurbished and been taken care of, by Robin Wood HIM-self!!” Link

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“EMS keyboard + sequencer Synthi KS serial number 4998KS. This is the famous keyboard that is usually used with the Synthi A portable synthesizers. The full systems is well known as Synthi AKS. Otherwise it can be used too with the VCS3 synthesizers as it uses the same connector.
The unit is in excellent working condition. The cosmetic is very good for the age, but it’s not in mint condition as it’s very vintage item. You can see in the photos the scratches and marks of the unit.” Link

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“THIS IS AN ORIGINAL EMS SYNTHI E from the seventies not a reproduction one. its in very good condition and very rare to find. i am in europe and will ship worldwide at buyers expense” Link

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“Very good condition 100% functional
EMS synthi with extras

3 prestopatch guitar, keyboard, battleship.

Metal stand ( don’t know if original )

The mod for lfo sync ( to be installed )

Manual + patch sheets for preset

1 original patch sheet

2 power chord

Little suitcase to fit the extra” Link

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“Original EMS Synthi A synthesizer

new & in perfect condition

If you’re looking at this auction you probably know the uniqueness of this legendary instrument.

This is one of the last 40 EMS Synthi’s ever to be produced. I’ve spent more than a decade on the waiting list for it.

New orders are no longer being accepted as the Spartanite briefcases essential to the Synthi design are no longer available.

In other words, according to the manufacturer, this unit is among the last handful of Synthi’s ever.

This instrument was meticulously hand-built and precision-calibrated earlier this year by Robin Wood of EMS himself.

It’s in absolutely perfect operational and cosmetic condition. It’s also the only truly new Synthi I’ve ever seen on eBay.

I placed my order for this Synthi with EMS in the UK in 2001. It was finally delivered in early 2012. A few years after placing my order I got impatient and had the chance to buy an older Synthi A, so at the moment I actually have two units. The two are almost identical but the older one has more sentimental value to me, having owned & played it for almost 10 years. After long deliberation I’ve decided to sell this new one.

In terms of design, compared to the 70’s units, the only differences I’ve spotted are a squarish attack button instead of a round one (the new design is an improvement over the older one, which was much harder to push down), and the fact that the label on the briefcase now reads “EMS Cornwall” instead of “EMS London” (the company moved). The operating voltage is still switchable between 110v and 220v via a switch inside the briefcase.

In terms of sound, comparing this to my 1970’s Synthi I hear no differences in sound character or response; it has all the unique sonic character that Synthi’s are legendary for, while at the same time being perfectly calibrated and sounding exactly as its designer intended. I’ve had the chance to try out several Synthi’s over the past 15 years, and this sounds exactly like the older units, but without the inevitable scratchiness of used instruments.

This is a Synthi A, not an AKS. That means it comes without a keyboard in the lid of the briefcase; those were only available in the 70’s.

It can of course be controlled by an external CV keyboard, or by MIDI with a suitable MIDI-to-CV converter.

This is a “MkII” Synthi A, with a matte aluminium front panel, and output rows on the pin matrix. ” Link

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“For Sale a EMS Synthi AKS (rehberg) synthesizer , it’s in very good condition and full working condition , no cracking pods and patch pannel works fine , pins are OK , well i only have it for 2 months , i trade it for some other equipment but it isn’t the sound i’m use to , it’s not musical enough , it’s compleet cased with keyboard + cable , a handfull of patchpins , also MIDI included , its a external BOX and cables to connect at the EMS , also a CV-GATE connection with 1volts/oct , not 1,2 volts like EMS uses. I also have the original manual , the midi box is with german discription on , the vc-gate option is english , ” Link

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“This Synthi A is from the first owner.
Machine is in good cosmetic and working order,
because this was not used for about 30 years some pots with little noise.” Link

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“In very good condition.
And working 100%.
Patch cords and 100-240V AC adapter included. ” Link

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“This is a rare EMS Synthi A.
It was previously owned by Boz Burrell (Bad Comapny / King Crimson /etc.) and formed part of his collection of sythesisers that he used to hire out for studio use. The unit has been built into a sturdy wooden case to make it more sturdy than the original plastic briefcase, althought the lower part of teh plastic case is, I think, still attached. The wooden case itself is a bit scuffed as you can see but it does protect the unit well.

It was modified by EMS themselves with some of the standard mods that they did for several of their customers (see pictures).

It is in full working order. Boz gave it to me in 1990 when I was working for him as a sound engineer. I was helping to clear some of the older instruments he had and expressed an interest in this so he said I could have it. A few of teh capacitors have been replaced as has one of the power transistors which has been fitted with a heatsink.

I have used it myself in a couple of theatre productions in Germany and then we used it onstage for a while with my own band, That Legendary Wooden Lion.” Link

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“‘m selling an original EMS Synthi A vintage analogue synthesizer.

Essentially the same instrument as the legendary EMS VCS3, and sometimes known as the ‘Portabella’, the Synthi A is a self-contained, analogue modular synthesizer system, literally built into its own (genuine!) Spartanite attache briefcase! This is a very rare original working example of one of the most revered, fantastic, and ultra portable synthesizers ever made.

Firstly, there’s a little bit of background information on this which might possibly help me in my quest to sell it: this particular Synthi A was originally a end of tour gift to Mike Hall, Erasure’s keyboard roadie, in 1992 – he is still the current owner, and I am now selling this on his behalf, sold as seen.

I’m sure that most people looking at this listing know all too well what a wondrous thing it is that I’m selling here, and perhaps are aware of how incredibly rare it is to find a genuine, working example of a Synthi A these days. There’s absolutely tons of info around on this machine, which is easy enough to come across on the web via a well placed Google search or two, so there’s no point in me lazily copying/pasting or just replicating any of that.” Link

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“Here is the chance you’ve been waiting for! For sale is an incredible rare EMS Synthi A with DK1 keyboard, the classic vintage analog synth as used by Brian Eno, Pink Floyd and many more. This Synthi is in great cosmetic condition and fully functional. A few scruffs/sticker residue on the outside case, but the inside looks near mint and very clean. Serviced 5 years ago by the original manufacturers in the UK and barely used since. It’s been very well taken care of. Includes the DK1 cricklewood keyboard which adds a whole range of possibilities and control. Also comes with the lid and complete with all the pins plus 9 extra pins, keyboard and power cable. Runs off 220-240v but step up transformer is included to use in 110v countries. Sounds incredible, I have owned many vintage synths and this one is the coolest and most unique. Amazing EMS sound you need to hear to believe, can get very raw, and with the patchpin interface it gets you to come up with sounds you’d never get otherwise. See pictures below for more details.” Link

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“Super nice, no damage at all. Everything works (OSC 1 freq pot is scratchy). I’ve never sprayed the pots out, just used it a lot when I first got it. It hasn’t been used in a while now so it needs to find a new home. Included but not pictured: all three presto patches (in mint condition), power cable and sequencer cable (both original), original user manual, and original book of sounds. ” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“FOR SALE: Vintage Original EMS Synthi AKS synthesizer in NEAR MINT condition. Many years ago back east I purchased a EMS Synthi AKS synthesizer in ruff condition. Price was right and I had limited funds. I drove several hours from my home in New York City to pick it up. The guy selling it was an older hippy who with his brother ran an odd studio. During our discussion and my inspection the brothers mentioned they purchased two of these new back around 1972-3. What happened to the other I asked? One brother said, “we never unpacked that one”. “Holy shit” I said, “where is it”?. They pulled out and showed me a mint un-used vintage original new old stock Synthi. My heart pounded. Sadly they stated it was 100% not for sale. For the next five years twice a year I would call them hopeful they would finally sell and one day lucky for me one day they agreed. For many years I kept this Synthi in its original box and never put a hand on it. Then I purchased my First Buchla system. I did not need money however since I owned a nice Buchla I decided to sell the Synthi. I felt it should have a new owner and I sold it to a friend. Months later I regretted selling and eventually purchased it back. Unfortunately while it was with my friend the box was discarded (it was nasty anyway) and unfortunately some very very very light marks appeared on the Spartanite case while in his hands. However while with my friend it was basically unused and no marks were made on the unit itself. A year ago I carefully packed the unit and sent it to EMS London for a careful inspection. At that time the unit was up to factory spec and fully functioning. The unit is currently in working order and has been basically untouched and un-used. This is as close to New Old Stock as you get. ” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“For auction is an EMS AKS Synthi, including power cable, keyboard/sequencer cable & original manual, the Synthi Educational Handbook.

One function of this synthesizer does not work correctly, the auto looping portion of the envelope shaper, otherwise known as the “off” pot.
It has been this way since I purchased the synth about 5 years ago. I am pretty familiar with this function as I also own the Analogue Systems clone of that portion.
I have never had it repaired as I have not found anyone in the Bay Area to work on it and never felt the need to send it off somewhere to be worked on.
At the suggestion of others I have cleaned the contacts of the circuit boards, made sure everything is seated correctly, etc. All to no avail.
The other situation is that I have never been able to get the keyboard/sequencer to do anything.
I do not think this is uncommon.

I have decided to put this up for auction as is, as I feel confident that anyone who is seriously interested in it will surmise, as I have, that the problem with the envelope should be something as simple as a bad capacitor. It is just beyond my limited capacity to diagnose or repair.

Putting all of that aside, the synth is functioning 100% otherwise.
All functions work as normal, including every other control on the envelope shaper.
Prior to posting this auction, I have tested all the inputs & outputs, all patch pin points, the joystick, the manual trigger button, etc.
All patch pins are present.
As can be see seen in the photos, the physical condition is excellent, both inside & outside.
There is slight bit of oxidation(?) on the metal parts of the Spartan case, as can be seen in the photo.
There is no trace of that anywhere else on the synth.

I can send hi res versions of these photos upon request. There are more photos of the inside & the circuit boards.
Please remember that these photos were taken in direct sunlight. I should have at least dusted it off.
The synth is quite beautiful in person.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“great restoration project for any keyboard wizard out there. I have spoken with EMS who will service this model they gave me a 6-8 weeks turnaround window which would be an ideal route for anyone with the desire to have this up and running again. the keyboard is there ..but power cord is gone …only the lower part of brief case is present . unit powers up gauges respond but functions are not present . all three oscillators are worn and reverb pot needs replacement all matrix patch pins are missing..but EMS sells those as well. there is some service available in the US but the buyer should explore those options to find what is comfortable for them. I received general quote of around 600-800 dollars to fix issues described(from a US based repair person ) . just know there is somebody waiting to get their hands on this ultra rare synth ..which when it was fully functioning blows your mind..hours of flowing energy to sculpt..GOOD LUCK BIDDING!!!! the seller is listing this as is no returns, for parts or restoration only .hate to let this go but enjoy guitar work more right now THANKS” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“Here for auction is a very RARE and complete EMS (Electronic Music Studios LTD) SYNTHI AKS portable synthesizer.

Unit has been lightly tested, powers on and makes “several noises”.
All switches, knobs and buttons are in tact.

Made in London England.

The SYNTHI has been used by: Pink Floyd, The Who, Ringo Starr, King Crimson, Yes, and thousands of others!

Solo or backing instrument.
Avant Garde Music Synthesizer.
Sound Modifier for mics, guitars, organs etc.
Sound effects generator.

Being sold AS Is in working condition, with no returns, or warranty offered or implied, due to it’s age.

For Live or Studio use, programming is simply and quickly done with a pin panel which allows any electronic combinations and avoids the clutter of patchcords.
Touch keyboard is electronic, with no mechanical parts to wear out. The 1st of it’s kind.
This unit is being sold for the original owner, a close friend of mine, without an ebay account.
This unit features a revolutionary circuit with remembers up to 256 notes and can be played back at any pitch or speed- known as a digital sequencer.
Can also be used with guitar or organ, or amazing and unique effects.

The all original unit comes in the strong briefcase weighing in at 25 pounds. Includes one Prestopatch plug, keyboard lead and power cord.
No owners manual, but will include the promo printed material pictured.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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i used to have a DK-2 and RANDOM VOLTAGE GEN. (check feedback)



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“This is a vintage EMS SYNTHI AKS in excellent condition. Excellent working condition & beautiful cosmetic condition, no issues, less than normal wear. A few light scratches on case, all latches & handle are perfect. I rarely used the sequencer & do not have the patch book. By experimentation I was able to play a sequence & also played it as a keyboard. Speakers, joystick, & meter are perfect. This synth sounds fantastic ! I’ve owned it for 11 years & have performed or recorded with: Alien Planetscapes, Analog Synthesizer Ensemble, Cyndee Lee Rule, Doug Walker, Ethereal, Esprit 220, Hal McGee, Dave Fuglewicz, & Scattered Planets. The synth was always been treated with special care & has never been serviced or had any issues. The Synthi A & KS Sequencer keyboard have matching serial numbers which I believe date from the mid-1970’s. I’m including a the original power cable, sequencer cable, extra pins & an extra rare vernier oscillator knob which was purchased from EMS. ” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“Up for the auction is the rarest synthesizer in the world and the ultimate trippy acid machine on the planet !! Used by anyone from cranky rock star to mad scientist ever lived in the world,from Kraftwerk,Klaus Schulze,Brian Eno,Tangerine Dream,Pink Floyd,Jean Michel Jarre,Coil(RIP,Pete!)to Conrad Schnitzler,K.Stockhausen,Delia Derbyshire,BBC Radiophonic Workshop and David Vorhaus(you guys know him?)…..and countless other i’m just too lazy to listed or mentioned,they all swear by it’s the ONLY ONE of the most creative tools ever exist on the planet!! There just too many info,stories,urban legend on the net if you like to read or check out just go ahead,i’m not gonna bore you about that…some informative some interesting some scholarly some technical(or too technical for you to read!!??) or some just well…..BS……!!
Yup,from anyone into progressive rock,noise rock,industrial rock,industrial noise,abstract noise,noise art,spacey noise or just noisy noise or anyone into electronic,experimental art,underground art,avant garde,or musique concrete(if you know what THAT is),this is THE dream machine and this is the REAL THING !!” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“This is your chance to own a true piece of electronic music history. Here for your consideration is a 100% operational EMS Synthi AKS synthesizer, a true vintage original from the early 1970s. It was bought about 5 years ago from a couple who had stored it in a closet for around 30 years. Literally like finding a low-mileage T-Bird in a little old lady from Pasadena’s garage! Everything works: no scratchy pots (except for a slightly scratchy reverb level knob) and no iffy sequencer problems. Just plug it in, make a patch and you’re ready to travel the spaceways. Comes with an instruction book, all the original patch pins, connector cable for the keyboard, and of course the power cord. This synthesizer has so much history, I almost feel foolish trying to explain it. Created in England by Peter Zinovieff, Tristram Cary and David Cockrell, this unit (of which only about 750 were ever made), or its counter top brother, the VCS3, has been featured on albums by Pink Floyd, Hawkwind, Brian Eno, Alvin Curran, Thomas Lehn, White Noise, Tim Blake, King Crimson, and Jean Michel Jarre. The list goes on and on. This has been described by many as being LSD in a box. It’s really all that and more. As mentioned, I have had zero issues with it in the entire time I’ve owned it, but because of its age I’m selling it as is. The photos don’t do it justice, it’s a beautiful machine that I think you’ll be proud to own as I have for these past 5 years.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.