Electrocomp 400, EML @ 18 December 2012, Comments Off

“This is a weird 1/2-400 sequencer, you can run it either in a 16×3 configuration or with 48 separate stages. Unfortunately we no longer have an EML 400 to test it so we are selling it as is. Also unfortunately we no longer have a multi-pin cable to hook it up to the 400. The multi-pin connector is somewhat degraded so it probably should be replaced anyway. As you can see from the pic the interior is in excellent shape, as is the wood cabinet. My surmise is this either was a one-off project done by EML or somebody very skillfully sawed a full 400 in half, whichever one the workmanship is impeccable. ” Link

Electrocomp 400, EML @ 11 December 2012, Comments Off

“Electrocomp EML 400 / 401 Very Rare Analogue Synth And 32 Step Analog Sequencer

This is a really old and rare analogue synth. ” Link

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“Electrocomp EML 101 synthesizer with 400-401 expander module also electrocomp synthesizer 200-300. in great original condition with all patch cords. cases are in great shape with original latches and handles. Very rare complete set bought new in the 70′s and have only been used in a studio since then I am original owner. ” Link