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elektron sidstation “Selling my SidStation
. Great cosmetic and working condition. Included is a compatible Radio Shack adapter. ” Link

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machinedrum“Elektron Machinedrum SPS-1 MKII drum synth and sequencer. Very clean, original owner. Everything works perfectly. Sale includes power supply, printed manual, and original box.” Link

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sfc” This Elektron Monomachine SFX60+ MkII is in excellent condition. It has only been used a few times and was kept covered either by the PL-2 protective lid or under a custom vinyl cover. It has never left my small smoke-free home studio.

All original boxes, cables, manuals, etc are included.

Bonus: I’m also including a PL-2 lid, rack ears, and a single tier desktop stand!” Link

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sidstation “Elektron Sidstation mos 6581 with original box manual. The power supply is after market. But matches the elektron specs. And has never given me any issues. It’s the way I purchased it. I’m also throwing in a midi cable as well! This unit performs in 110% no issues.. It’s looked after and only used in my home smoke free studio environment. This unit was tested b4 posting and video’ed in working order.

2nd with this unit comes the original arturia beat step 1 with all of its proper cabling. Unit also work in 110% no issues. ” Link

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monomachine“Up for sale here is s the Mighty Elektron Monomachine Sfx60+ MKII

This unit in in brand new condition, I bought it about a year ago and have barely touched it. It is an amazing sound design tool and sequencer! I just haven’t been home to use it the past year..

Fine tuning the studio and unfortunately the Mono must go..

Great chance to get a mint Monomachine at a good price.

Comes in original box with original power supply and manual.” Link

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sfx60 “Up for sale is a mint elektron monomachine sfx 60+ mk2 . A couple small scratches nothing major. ” Link

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sfx 60 “Like new! Strong Swedish Synthesis & drum machine. Terrific shape & great punchy sounds along with powerful programmable FX sequencer! A must have for any studio!” Link

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mkii” This is a used Monomachine MKII without a +drive. its in good condition with signs of regular use. no major warts, it looks well taken care of. 8/10 or so. Includes original box, manual, and power supply.” Link

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sfx-60 “Beautiful shape! Makes a strong addition to any studio. Be it a midi sequencer, controller, FX Unit for DJ’s and hundreds of patches, must have sounds from the 80′s, 90′s & 2000′s! Plus full synthesis, drum & FX programming at your finger tips! ” Link

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sps1“Elektron Machinedrum SPS-1 Mk2

(Not the UW version)

Very clean Elektron Machinedrum has been kept in a smoke free studio. Most of its life has been in a box since I’ve had the UW version. Functions like a brand-new machine, it does have some rack rash(see pics)but other than that it’s in great condition. comes with original box, manual and power supply. ” Link

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machinedrum “Up for grabs is a used Elektron Machinedrum in 100% functional and fantastic cosmetic condition.

I am the second owner and have used this machine very sparingly in my smoke free home studio. The machine is 100% functional and all knobs/buttons etc. work as they should. I have never come close to utilizing this machine to its full potential and over the past year or so, find that I am not using it at all. I am not a collector, just a songwriter and have recently come to terms with my process/workflow and thus, have been slowly & rationally downsizing my workspace. I feel that it’s a shame to have such a wonderful device boxed up not being used regularly and enthusiastically. My loss is your gain.

Included with the device itself are the original box, power cable, manual, turbo midi (w/manual), and TWO sets of endcaps (w/ one set of screws). One set of endcaps is an orange acrylic desktop set made by ProModular. The other set is the standard 19″ Elektron rackmount kit.” Link

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monomachine “Just opened ONCE, tried and packed back, new!!!!!” Link

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sps-1 “Elektron Machinedrum SPS-1 MKII. Great condition, like-new with original power cable included. No box or manual.” Link

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idstation “The Elektron SidStation is a musical synthesizer sound module, built around the MOS Technology SID mixed-mode synthesizer chip originally used in the Commodore 64 home computer. It was produced by the Swedish synthesizer company Elektron, and was introduced in 1999. As the SID chip had not been manufactured for years, Elektron allegedly bought up nearly all the remaining stock.” Link

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sfx “Used , minor cosmetic damage, see photos, perfect working order. With box and Manual” Link

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sps-1” This is a great drum machine and creative tool with a powerful sequencer and very punchy sound. I no longer compose electronic music so I am selling it. Original packaging, manual, power cord and TM-1 unit are included.” Link

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Elektron Monomachine SFX 6 “Elektron

“Monomachine SFX-6″ Desktop Synthesizer

Zustand: neuwertig

Die Monomachine wird mit Handbuch im Originalkarton geliefert.

Bitte nur ernst gemeinte Gebote! KEINE Gebote aus Spaß abgeben!” Link

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monomachine “I am selling a used Elektron Monomachine Tabletop Synthesizer Sequencer, in excellent working order.

There are a few nicks near the edges of the module, from normal wear and tear, as the unit is built of very solid metal construction.

Cosmetically however it is in excellent condition, as it is in functionality. Everything works as intended,

and overall this unit’s condition is excellent, very very clean. It packs a powerful punch in function and capability,

as it can be used as a synth and a sequencer, as well as drum machine / drum synthesizer for those with

drum synthesis knowledge. Its an extremely versatile machine, loads of synthesis options and wavetables.

Im selling because I need two new pieces of gear and need to make room in my studio and pocket book.” Link

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sps-1” Used, perfect working condition Elektron Machinedrum SPS-1 MKII. I bought this unit a few months ago used on ebay. Every knob/button/slider is working like new. Comes with original power supply + a generic 3′ midi cable. ” Link

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monomachine “Elektron Monomachine SFX-60+ MKII Synthesizer/Sequencer w/warranty, box, manual, power supply. Like new condition, no issues. Still has just under 2 years left on the Elektron transferable warranty. ” Link

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sfc60“Here’ s a well known piece for the contemporary artist, in flawless condition!

Very well taken care of, and everything works as it should.

Comes with original power adapter, original manual and original retail box.” Link

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machinedrum“I’m including the original box and power supply. The unit is very clean with practically no nicks or scratches. I can’t find the original manual, but I have a .pdf copy that I would be happy to email to the winning bidder.

*One thing to note*
The classic/extended mode LEDs don’t currently work. In practice, I found this to be absolutely not a big deal as it’s really easy to tell what mode you’re using. Are your p-locks working? Great, you’re in extended mode. I’m sure if you’re even relatively handy with a soldering iron this would be a really easy fix.” Link

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sid_station “Elektron Sid station 6581 mos with original box manual power supply. Power supply is after market tho matches the original. This unit only has been used and cared for in my home smoke free studio environment.. The persons I purchased this unit off of.. Did the same. Everything on this unit is clean and works 110% no issues..

I’ve never seen one this clean on here..

All in’s and out’s work 110% led is in perfect condition.. Please ask any ?’s you may have please do your research on this item.. Plenty of you tube video demos. To show you what this unit can do.. This is based of the original Commodore 64 computer chip sounds.. ” Link

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monomachine“One of the knobs is broken. Rest of machine works great!” Link

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sfx60“It breaks my heart to sell this wonderful synthesizer. I’ve owned it with great care for the last 3 years and must unfortunately part with it. Its in perfect working order. Comes with the power supply, certificate from the factory, and original packaging.” Link

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machinedrum“Amazing Sequencer/drum machine/drum synth. 16 LFOs! with real time recording. ” Link

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mono_machine” I am selling a used Elektron Monomachine Tabletop Synth Sequencer in excellent working order. I got it recently in a trade and it’s a cool little unit, but ultimately not something I need.

I’m am selling it as is with the module and ac adapter, but no manual.” Link

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analog 4“amazing quad mono/poly synth. Latest OS. Overbridge is on the horizon too! comes with Usb, Power, Box and Unit. small Paint chips but no damage. loaded with all sound sets from elektron.” Link

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sps-1” Elektron Machine Drum SPS-1 UW drum machine, in great condition, comes with box and power supply.” Link

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monomachine ” Fully functional unit with very light use. Comes with plastic dust cover, user manual, rack ears and power supply.” Link

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mono-machine “Works perfect. Includes user’s manual and power supply. Flawless look, no scratches. ” Link

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monomachine “This machine sounds very good, i have to sell it for personal needs but i really love this synth, it’s working perfect and i don’t really use it that much so it has very few signs of use.” Link

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machinedrum” Gently used at home, unit is in excellent condition, includes unit, TM-1, power supply manual, original box. Non +drive version.” Link

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sps1“Selling my used Elektron Machinedrum MKii in very good to excellent condition. Kept in a clean, non-smoking home studio.” Link