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“Elektron Machinedrum MK 2 with + drive and TM1 interface. Also includes box, power supply and manual.

Excellent condition.” Link

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“Up for grabs My Elektron Monomachine.
All working in good clean order, just 8 months old with manual and psu.
Incredible machine with more functions than I can list, check out elektron website for spec, 6 mono synths tracks plus 6 tracks to sequence hardware etc load samples etc etc.” Link

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“Up for auction is an Elektron Machinedrum SPS-1 UW+Drive MKII including the TM-1 Turbo MIDI interface with 2 HOSA MIDI cables, and USB cable.

The unit is super minty, and barely ever got used in the studio (never gigged or went outdoors). It works work 100%.” Link

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“Up for auction here is one super rare SidStation Ninja Edition, in great condition. It is currently loaded with the “original” Ninja soundbank, that is to say, I’ve wiped all my patches and put the factory Ninja patches back on it.

If you’re here, you probably know all about the SidStation. Here are the features that differentiate the Ninja edition:

Black enclosure
Blue LEDs
Ninja soundbank
Only 50 made, which makes it the rarest production edition

As you may know / expect, THESE HARDLY EVER COME UP FOR SALE! I’ve only seen one other on ebay in the last few years.

This will come packaged in its original box, with stickers(!!!) and a universal PSU. I’ll include the manual if I can locate it, but worry not, it is of course available online from Elektron.

[Somewhere I have a poster or two that came with it - if I can dig them out in time, I will include them in the sale, but please be aware that the posters are not in mint condition.]

Update: I found a couple of posters! They’re both showing their age a bit, but I’ll include them anyway. Photos added.


SidStation Ninja Edition
original stickers
original box
2 original posters
Universal PSU” Link

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“Up for auction is a used Elektron Monomachine. This item is in really good shape cosmetically. Super powerful sequencer/digital synthesizer…Just not my cup of tea. Includes manual (you’re going to need it), power supply and original box/packaging.” Link

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“Verkaufe meine gute alte Monomachine mit Drive+ Upgrade. Das Gerät wurde nur im Nichtraucherstudio eingesetzt und weist sehr wenig Gebrauchsspuren auf. Technisch und optisch ist es top in Schuss.

Die Monomachine ist ein digitaler Synthesizer mit verschiedenen Synthesearten und 6-Spur Stepsequencer. Legendär ist die Geheimwaffe der Elektron Geräte “Parameter Locks”. Einfach mal googeln. Aber wer hier mitbietet weiß sowieso wo drauf (-;” Link

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“Elektron Monomachine SFX60 MKI

Including original box and rack ears.
Brand new power supply.
Was just looked over by the Elektron service office here in Los Angeles and was given a clean bill of health.

Good cosmetic condition. Perfect working condition. ” Link

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“Included in this package are the Machinedrum UW MKII, Monomachine MKII and Octatrack from Elektron.
All machines are in like-new condition with no issues whatsoever.
I’m also including the TM-1 MIDI interface for speedy sample transfers to the machinedrum.
As a bonus, I’m throwing in a Pelican 1550 case which holds two of the machines snugly as well as their power supplies and the TM-1.
All necessary cables (1/4″-1/4″ x6, MIDI x2 and USB x2) are also included so you can get started right away with no trips to your local music shop required.
All machines will arrive with the latest OSes installed and factory reset and wiped clean of my work.” Link

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“Elektron Machinedrum SFX60 MKII. Works perfectly and is in excellent cosmetic condition. Includes AC power supply. Manufactured in May 2008.” Link

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“For sale is a lightly used Elektron Monomachine SFX60 mkII in great condition. I am the original owner of this unit and have only used it in my smoke free home studio. Everything works fine and it only shows a few signs of use. The plastic screen protector is still on it as seen in the pictures. This is not the “+” version which has the extended storage space. It has been updated to the latest OS and reset to the factory settings. Includes the owner’s manual, rack ears, and external power supply.” Link

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“Elektron Machinedrum MKII with TM-1 MIDI interface and original box/manuals. This is the model with the user sampling capability (UW… 12 bit). The unit is in excellent condition and has very little use. THE MACHINEDRUM SOUNDS AMAZING. I collect drum machines and this is a modern masterpiece. But, the time has come for me to start selling off some of my collection. If you want tech specs, just Google it. There are thousands of artists and producers using this beast.. ” Link

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“I purchased this awesome drum machine in 2008 brand new from Analog Haven. It’s been kept in a clean smoke free studio and gigged 5 times at most. Always transported in a hard case. Comes with original box, manual, power and TM-1 device. Note: This does not include a +drive but honestly you dont need one. It has plenty of space for your sequences.” Link

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“Elektron Machinedrum UW mkII in great condition, stayed in my smoke free studio. Comes in original box with PSU, manual and a handy tip guide that I printed out.” Link

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“Used item with no defects, missing parts and works as intended.” Link

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“This is a mkII Machinedrum with the UW user sample option. It comes complete with the TM-1 turbo MIDI interface, the original power cord, and the original owner’s manual. As you can see, the unit is in lightly used condition. There are no scratches or any other damage to the unit. It has some slight dust on certain areas of its surface. The unit is in perfect working order.” Link

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” Up for auction here is my elektron monomachine mk 1 which is in very good cosmetic condition and comes in its box with uk power supply and manual. However ! I have to put this on as for parts and not working ! Because of the following faults. The higher ( top ) white edit button does not work any more ( you have to navigate through just using the lower button which takes a bit longer. And the track 5 button does not respond when you hold the function key as it should , you can only trigger it in mute mode ! These are the only problems I can find on the unit. But I have not delved deep into the box to check every single function. I’ve tried to be as honest and describe this as best as i can. So no returns on this one ! It’s sold as not working ! I can still use it and of course it’s an elektron so it sounds fantastic ! But someone with electronic experience could maybe sort this out. So I’ve decided to let it go. And yes , I’m gutted ! Maybe get a bargain here. Happy bidding folks ! ” Link

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“ElektronMaschinedrum SP1 in gutem Zustand,Technisch alles OK außer einer Kleinigkeit die mich aber nie gestört hat, abund zu muss man zweimal einschalten damit sie Hochfährt, wie gesagt kommt selten vor und ist erst seit dem letzten Update so. Verkaufe sie nur weil ich mir die Elektron Maschinedrum SPS1 UW Mk2 zugelegt habe. Eins noch, der Kontrast des Displays ist noch wie am ersten Tag, kommt bloß auf den Fotos nicht so gut, liegt an der Kamera.” Link

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“Elektron Monomachine synth/sequencer in great condition. I got this previously used but there’s nothing obviously wrong cosmetically, some dust and tiny scratches but nothing that stands out. Functionally it’s fine, no knob problems, etc. Includes the box, manual, and power adaptor.” Link

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“Low hours, has been in box. Was saving as a collector’s item, so is in excellent condition.
This is the MK2, and includes the +Drive.
Note: this unit has been signed on the bottom by several of the elektron crew. Buyer can remove with rubbing alcohol if desired or keep for posterity/collectibility. Not going to post photo of signatures as that may be considered private info (someone’s hand signature).

Throwing in extra Elektron stickers, and a MonoMachine Pin Button.

This unit has less than 10 hours of being powered on. Hoping she finds her way into a great studio and is well loved and played lovingly!” Link

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“Like New Condition, Mint, Original Box and Packaging” Link

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“This is a great instrument! I’ve enjoyed using it, but it is time for me to sell it. Also includes power supply. Works fine, good condition.” Link

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” Good condition analog four. Still has about 2.5 years of warranty. Wish I could keep it but I can’t. Will ship with insurance. ” Link

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“Immaculate condition!

I have kept this wonderful machine in fantastic condition. This is a regretful sale, as this synth is so incredibly inspiring. Forced sale as I need the money.

It is in like new condition. No scuffs, scratches etc, basically like it just came out of the box. It comes with original power supply.

I’m sure I don’t have to go into details with what this synth actually is, as you will already know what your looking at!

I do not have the original box or manual and keep in mind this is not the +Drive model. However, on that note, unless you are seriously planning on developing massively complex live sets with this beast, the +Drive is not exactly paramount. It still had a lot of space and I’m sure you’ve already read up on it that even without the +Drive your not missing out on much, especially if this is going to be for your studio workflow.” Link

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“This is a mkII Machinedrum with the UW user sample option. It comes complete with the TM-1 turbo MIDI interface and the original power cord. As you can see, the unit is in lightly used condition. There are no scratches or any other damage to the unit. It has some slight dust on certain areas of its surface. The unit is in perfect working order. ” Link

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” Verkaufe schweren Herzens, wegen Zeitmangel, die auf 500 Stück limitierte Elektron Monomachine SFX6,
die Monomachine ist in Top Zustand und voll funktionsfähig! (kann bei Selbstabholung gern getestet werden!)

Die Monomachine wurde nur zu Hause in einer Nichtraucherwohnung betrieben!

Versand inkl. Originalverpackung und Handbuch (Englisch)!
+ 1x Midi-Kabel und 2x 6,3mm Klinke/Klinke-Stereo-Kabel” Link

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“Elektron’s Classic Monomachine MKII. Best used to create Techno of the Detroit aesthetic or digital landscapes. An incredibly powerful instrument which rewards time and experimentation with sounds and patterns you’ll likely want to keep in your arsenal for years. Will ship with original power adapter but without manual (this can be downloaded free from the elektron site). Newest Operating System already installed.” Link

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“Selling my Elektron Monomachine SFX-60 MK1 synthesizer.

It operates, looks and sounds great 100%, no major cosmetic issues. It is loaded with latest factory patch set. OS upgraded to latest version 1.32B. Comes with power cord, manual, and original box (not pictured). ” Link

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“This Elektron Monomachine SFX-6 has never left my smoke free home studio, and I am the original owner. This unit is among the first 100 made back in September 2003. This is a rare unit as only 500 of the full keyboard synthesizer were manufactured.” Link

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“New in box Electron Machine Drum SPS-1UW Mark II Synthetic Percussion Synthesizer. Includes all original contents including manual and power supply.” Link

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“elektron monomachine sfx 60 + mk2 Mint condition. Still under warranty till march 17 2015. Still has plastic cover on screen it peeled up a lil bit on the corners but has never been taken off. will send papers with it. Need money and have to sell. Great synth ! priced to sell” Link

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” Bought this 2 weeks ago off ebay, amazing machine. I’ve now upgraded to an Octatrack, which is more ideal for my purposes.

I’d love to keep it, but sadly it’s got to go. Plus i’ve bought an Elektron Analog Four too, so funds need replenishing.” Link

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“This is a used Elektron Monomachine SFX60 for sale. I bought this sucker used off of ebay 5 months ago and probably haven’t spent more than ten hours with it. This little sucker is really dope and powerful and I hate to see it go, but I need the bucks for tour. I factory reset the whole thing and updated the software and it works perfectly. No sticky nobs or scratchy pots to speak of either. This is a really cool little groove box, it has six part polyphony w/six individual outputs as well as another six midi channels to sequence on. Cool for making little house jams or tweaky little beats or whateverrrrrrr.” Link

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” This auction is for an Elektron Analog Four analog synthesizer. It has seen minimal use and has been kept in my smoke-free home. It shows absolutely no wear whatsoever other than a few extremely small chips in the paint that are more or less not even noticeable. The paint on this unit is pretty sensitive.” Link

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“Up for bid is a fully functional Elektron MonoMachine MKII with + Drive.

The power adapter and manual are included in this auction.

There is some light scratch marks on the black faceplate. See pics for details.” Link

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“Limited run Elektron Monomachine SFX 6.
Keyboard has three octaves starting and ending on C. There is a light above each key which is triggered when played manually or by the inbuilt sequencer.
Otherwide identical to SFX 60 MkI.
Lovely sounds and great inbuilt effects.
It is in very good condition as it has had minimal use.” Link