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“Wasp Delux in good working order with flight case and power pack.
A good rare collectors British working synthesiser.
The Wasp Delux was released in 1979 with all the features of the origional plus a standard 3 octave keyboard, oscillator mixer, external audio input, built in speaker and battery operation.
Around 80 deluxes were made before the demise of EDP.” Link

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“This synthesiser was given to us by previous owners of our house 15 years ago and has been lying unused in our basement ever since, until we recently realised it is a sought after vintage synth. We found a power plug for it and plugged it in, to our amazement, it worked.

We have just had it fully serviced by Kent at KSR Restorations.

The case is in very good condition. The black control panel has a tiny scratch, under the word “VCA Env.” and a barely visible dent to the left of the Wasp logo and is missing a battery cap at the side. (Not sure it works with batteries nor indeed that anybody would want it to!)” Link

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SYNTHESIZER like new, there are minor pit on wood, but nevertheless – REALY MINT CONDITION, NEVER PLAYED SYNTH!!!All parts and electronics are in immaculate NEVER USED condition – In this state, we find it. However, I’m SOLD – AS IS. NO REFUNDS and no return.


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“Very rare British analog synthesiser in fantastic condition. Circa 1981. Owned since 1990.

Has all the features of the original Wasp plus a standard 3-octave keyboard, wood panels, an oscillator mixer, external audio-input, a larger built-in speaker and battery operation.

Allegedly only 80 made – This is serial number 40.

Comes with PSU, WASP to KADI lead and service diagram. ” Link

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” For sale is a rare EDP Wasp Deluxe in fantastic condition. Apart from the minor chip marks on the corners of the unit and the 1 missing rotary knob (Which I’m sure can be sourced somewhere…), the item is in fantastic cosmetic condition and assumed fully functional. This item has been kept in storage for the past 20 something years with realitively very little use (hence the condition). The synth can be run via batteries or via AC adaptor (Which is NOT included). ” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“I purchased this synthesizer completely broken a few weeks ago in a very bad state, the circuit was non functioning and there had been heavy modification to the panels on the case. As you can see from the photos the back panel has been removed and the connector section cut out and attached to the front of the synth also holes drilled around the wasp logo. There was little I could do about this so the panel was left and the holes in the case and panel remain, the upside is I managed to completely overhaul the circuit repairing all its issues and cleaning all the knobs and switches.
So as you can see this cosmetically is not a collectors piece! but it would be ideal for someone who wants that wasp sound as the circuit is in perfect working order … maybe it would be good for someone who wants to use a wasp on stage guilt free! (the guilt of damaging a perfect case.)

Because of the unpredictable nature of vintage synths I offer this wasp with a years support of free repairs (this excludes when caused by accidental damage or mishandling)

This wasp does not come with a power supply, I can offer this for £10 extra (I will have to make it up) alternatively I can replace the power connector with a standard guitar pedal style socket.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“Wasp synthesisers by EDP are rare, but this is a ‘DeLuxe’ with a 3 octave full size keyboard (not the standard ‘touch’ pad). This is ultra rare.
In very good condition. Front plate is very good. 1 rotary knob is missing its yellow top (pic 4). Back plate has some light scratching (pic 5). Wood panels are all in good condition.
It was repaired about 15 years ago.
Still works as well as I ever remember – great for teaching synthesiser theory and has a sound of its own.
the circuits inside are accessible for repairs and modification if required.
This is a very special instrument and a piece of history.
Works on battery (6 x size C) or mains converter (not provided – I have one but it is a bit noisy)” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.