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trilogy“Most of the time, this doesn’t make a noise. When it does, previously played notes continue to sound for a long time before fading away, but only when the normal envelopes are active. The joystick has a crack in it and isn’t properly held in place. The envelope on the string section doesn’t work and the glide doesn’t work. I took a CEM3310 chip out that I suspected was faulty. I broke a leg off when doing it. It didn’t seem to work any less when taken out so I put it back. When there is sound, the LFO, oscillators, filter, organ and string oscillators and envelope all seem to be working properly, but can’t really be heard properly over the ghosts of previous notes.” Link

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” This is an auction for a 1982 Crumar Trilogy analogue synthesiser with a 49 note keyboard in very good condition and it comes with a hard case, a soft case and the original manual. It is a fabulous sounding instrument and you can play every note you depress because it is fully polyphonic/paraphonic. It has three sections: Synth, Organ, Strings. You can play all sections together at the same time to create rich multilayered sounds, or you can choose any combinatio of the three, or just one section by itself. You can control the volume for each section separately and it has a joystick that combines pitch bend from left to right and VCF/VCA up and down. There are a number of input and output sockets for controlling and listening to your performance (see below and photograph for details).

The wooden cheeks are in very good condition and the paint/metal has hardly a mark. The original rubber tops on the sliders are present as well as the original joystick. The hard case is very strong and is made by Hardigg, suppliers of military containers. It is fitted with high density foam covered in felt and the keyboard fits perfectly inside. The Trilogy needs such a robust case as it weighs 20kg. The case was manufactured for the rough and tumble of international travel and for stacking, so it should survive harsh gigging with ease (I think it is even waterproof!).” Link

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“The Trilogy needs restoration. The inside is complete but missing the CEM and SSM Chips. The outside shows some wear, 2 knobs are missing, there is some rust on one side, and the wooden veneer has started to come apart. It turns on and some parts like the organ section are working. It is sold as is for parts or repair. Please give it a good home.” Link

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“This machine is not working. It does come on and will make some sound but is not functioning correctly. It is missing a few knobs and a slider tip cover. There is a chip out of the left end cheek. These things have been pictured. I have no time currently to work on this machine and I desperately need space to work on other equipment. So…there is no reserve and the starting bid is low. If you have an old Trilogy or Stratus this might contain some parts you need. There are also CEM chips inside that may be of use as well however, I’m not sure of their functionality. CEM’s that are used in this machine are 3310, 3320, 3380. How many? I can’t say off hand but there’s a good number. Like I said though, I can’t say how many CEM’s are good!” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“This monster analog polyphonic is a truly unique and mega powerful paraphonic analogue synth, string ensemble and organ.

It is in good condition for its age and has recently been properly re-furbished- all circuitry has been meticulously cleaned and red led lights have been replaced with new ones. The piano keys have been re-sprung, so it plays like new.

It sounds great! ” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“For Sale. Crumar Trilogy.
Not in the best condition but works.
There are a few issues however:
The top b flat key and mechanism are missing.
The key action is not the best.
A fair bit of rusting on the face.
Damage to the wooden ends.
Some caps have been replaced on the organ sliders.

This synth is best known for it’s string sound which is similar to the ARP Solina.
The synth section is not the greatest but quite fun nonetheless. It has seven presets (which can be manually edited if you are prepared to lift the lid!) and one user patch.
It is 100% analog, the resonance on the VCF can seriously damage your speakers if you are not careful.
The synth section is useable but could do with a half decent effects unit to add a bit of depth.
It could do with a good service really but as I say it does work and is perfectly useable in a studio set up.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“Up for bid is the Crumar Trilogy Poly synthesizer / String / Organ analog synthesizer. Good working condition. All front panel knobs, sliders, presets, keys, controls works. Descent, fair cosmetic shape. The two wood side panels has a cracked/split on the back side (see pix). Shows minor marks/scratches/scuffs/small dings. Comes with the power cord & vinyl case bag (snug fit-not perfect but works ok for what it is). This this is big & heavy.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“VERO ANALOGICO-SUONO GRASSO ……. POLIFONICO..condizioni estetiche decenti–hanno purtroppo verniciato con nero la scritta trilogy ma con un pò di pazienza credo sia recuperabile–una leggera bruciatura di sigaretta vicino al joystick (come si vede in foto)–tutto funziona a dovere a parte 2 difetti : i tasti FA E SI di tutta la tastiera hanno un volume leggermente superiore agli altri e cè da sostituire il poteziomentro dell’inviluppo (release) per il resto è un piacere sentirlo…preferirei la consegna a mano visto il peso e l’ingombro” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“Listed is a vintage synthesizer—a Crumar Trilogy. Made in Italy in the 1980’s. It works. Also included is a reference manual that I downloaded off of the internet. It is in good condition altho’ there was some duct tape put on it at one time and then removed leaving residue as seen in the photos. I have not tried to remove it. There are a couple of scratches but nothing major. Also the screws are missing on the plug-on bracket(as shown).” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.