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stratis “Here’s the first of two (yes two!) Crumar Stratus Polysynths that are being sold as spares or repairs units. The unit had been working apparently and then after a period of no use no longer functioned. It has had it’s CEM chips removed from the voice cards I’m afraid, though these do not contain the oscillators. This is a divider oscillator synth and so shares the waveform generation with the organ section. Check out any of the online demos of these if you need to know more of what these machines are about.
The wooden endcheeks are showing signs of considerable wear and some of the graphics are a bit thin on a few functions.
Would suit someone looking for a keybed, some donor parts or a project maybe” Link

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crumar stratus “This synth is pretty rare, they don’t come up for sale often. It is also one if the most unique sounding budget synths of the ’80s.. And it has no patch memory! It is in excellent condition for a keyboard more than 30 years old, everything seems to be working great. Due to the age it is sold as-is.” Link

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crumar stratus “Up for auction is a Vintage Analog Polyphonic Synthesizer Crumar Stratus Rare. All the voices and keys work on this synthesizer, and there are no scratchy pots. There is a tiny burn mark on one of the keys(high b), and there are some scuffs and scratches on the wood. This synthesizer is being sold “as is”. ” Link

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stratus” This synthesiser is a rarity. There can only be a handful left. It has a classic CEM chip sound from the old analogue synths of the eighties. It is 6 note polyphonic with an adorable multi trigger oscillator glide as well as the usual analogue polysynth features. It also has an octave modulation facility which I have not seen any place else.
It has a built in organ feature with separate outs for it and the polysynth section. As well as other sockets such as release etc…
It is just out the the workshop where it had a service and all its keys were balanced. It is sounding huge!
There are various bumps on the corners (see pics) and end panels but, in general very good condition for a polyphonic synthesiser of this age. The Stratus name on the front has been taken off but is still on the rear.
It comes with repair scematic, lead and whilst the original bag has seen it’s day it is included for authenticity sake. ” Link

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“Crumar Stratus synthesiser in absolutely mint condition. Comes with manual, all necessary leads/wires & original carry case. It has been tried and tested and is in full working order. Quite a rare synthesiser as it was only produced between 1982-1985.” Link

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“Zu dem Gerät ist folgendes zu sagen:

Ich habe den Synth vor x Jahren von einem alten Musiker bekommen. Ich habe das Gerät jedoch so gut wie nie genutzt und stand eher als optische Beigabe bei mir rum. Dem Gerät konnte ich auch nie so richtig brauchbare Klänge entlocken. Der Sound erinnert mich immer an einen Flipperautomat. Bitte nur bieten, wenn man das Gerät und dessen Sound kennt oder ein wirklich noch seltenes Liebhaberstück ersteigen möchte. Der Sound ist wirklich sehr speziell. Nicht das sich hinterher Enttäuschung breit macht, weil man den klassischen Analogsound sucht.

Ich habe das Gerät soweit nochmal geprüft. Alle Regler , Schieber, Knöpfe und Tastatur funktionieren und reagieren mit Soundveränderungen. Ich habe zwar einige Potis nochmal mit Kontaktspray gereinigt, jedoch würde es nicht schaden, ihn nochmal aufzuschrauben und an den leicht zugänglichen Potis nochmal zu impfen.

Was ich jedoch nicht prüfen konnte, waren die Pedal Control und Interface Buchsen. Ich habe die auch nie benutzt und kann deshalb auch deren Funktion nicht garantieren. Sie sollten aber funktionieren. An den Holzseitenteilen sind ein paar Kratzer zu finden.Die Oberläche ist ohne Kratzer. Geliefert wird mit Kaltgerätesteckerkabel und ein paar orginalen Soundfolien zum Auflegen auf die Oberfläche, damit man sich Sounds markieren kann. Seriennummer des Gerätes ist P1/00287

Technische Details, Spezifikationen sowie Testberichte und Klangbeispiele findet man im Netz.” Link

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“For Auction is a Very Rare Stratus Synthesizer/Organ,In working condition the 5th key from the left was dead (not working) all the other keys work good.It does have some wear & tear i took pictures if you have any questions feel free to ask.I did find some info on the stratus and this is what i found. I have owned this for 12 years it works but could use a tune up…. ” Link

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“For auction is my Crumar Stratus polysynth. I bought it five years ago to use in a band but it has primarily sat in my music room unused. Unlike many Stratus synths occasionally popping up on eBay this one is working, However, it’s not in perfect working condition. Some notes sound quieter than others. It probably needs some capacitors replaced or trimpots on the filter/VCA board dialed in to work at 100%. There are also a few cosmetic issues. Both wooden (particleboard) end cheeks are chipped. The paint and lettering are scratched in a few places, but all functions are still readable. There is one aftermarket pot for the filter cutoff and it’s knob is missing. I tried to capture this in the photos above. Due to these issues, I have to sell this as is.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“Vintage stratus crumar sts Rare Vintage Analog Synthesizer good condition powers on and all keys test fine the upper left corner sliders will need cleaning or replacing they work but cut in and out when moved.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“ACCESSORIES/EXTRAS- Comes with leather case/bag (pleases note that the case shows some wear and has a broken zipper.)


PHYSICAL CONDITION- Excellent. The keyboard has been kept up well and looks great!

WORKING CONDITION- Does not power up. Certainly has to be any easy fix though. Sold as is.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“Crumar Stratus Synthesizer For Repair or Parts.

The unit does not power up anymore. No power cord. Please see pics below for cosmetic condition.

Selling AS-IS for Parts or Repair.

Also includes a carrying bag that is in fair condition.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“This auction is for my Crumar Stratus analogue polysynth. I have owned this synth for over 20 years and is still as far as I can tell, in perfect working order. It comes with the origonal Crumar soft flight case.

This is the Trilogy’s rarer little brother. It is an extremely versatile and powerful 49 key 2 oscillator 6 note polyphonic analog synth that uses CEM chips, the same type inside the most sought-after vintage analog polysynths, so there’s a very similar sound.

The only damage is a scrape on the corner of the laminate as the photo shows but this is a very heavy synth and has been dragged around to gigs and studios in its lifetime!” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“This particular Item was given to me many years ago by a good friend of mine. I have in the past heard it working around his house, prior to him giving me this item, but he had not had it set up for around 5 years when he gave it to me, and it was stored in a cupboard.

What I can tell you about the Stratus is that it’s quite heavy, I know this very well because the day my good friend gave me this keyboard, I carried it a good quarter of a mile from his house to mine. At the time despite being physically knackered by carrying it, I was excited and eager to get it plugged in and have a tinkle on it, as at that time the only keyboard I pocessed was a Casio CT640 which was very much a plastic toy in comparison to this beast.

Sadly upon plugging it in, all I heard out of it was a sizzling noise from the circuitry to which I switched it off, and stuck it in my own cupboard, and it’s been there for about 10 years or so. I only rediscovered it recently upon having a good clear out, and tidying up the cupboards around the house. I can also remember my Mrs saying to me at the time I brought it home “no wonder he gave it to you, it’s nothing but a pile of junk” Well that’s women for you lol…” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“Rare original 1980’s Crumar Stratus analogue keyboard, in very good condition complete with case and instructions. I have owned this keyboard since about 1987 and it has never been gigged, home use only and just few scratches on the wood surround. I would recommend a service and function test to any buyer as it has been unused for about 20 years, but it’s been dry stored and due to space it’s now time to sell on. Anyone who knows this type of instrument will recognise the amazing range of sounds it can produce from the various function buttons and controls, and in a time before digital it gives a genuine 80’s sound reproduction. ” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“CONDITION: USED — A few very minor chips in wood casing hardly noticable.

OPERATIONAL PROBLEMS: A) One key does not sound. B) The metal end-cap of a used fuse is stuck in the fuse chamber. This does not prevent unit from operating – a new fuse can be inserted & held in place but not by the screw-in fuse holder. It will take minor repair to fix this problem. All other functions are working fine.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.