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bitone “This bid is for a Crumar BIT One Synthesizer/keyboard in good working condition.

Comes with a hard case, lead and copy of manual.

There is a small chip on the underside of the last key on the right of keyboard ,but this does not affect the playing or feel of the synth .I Have taken a picture of this also.

The hard case is well worn but still functional, it has protected this synth well over the years.

it was used in a band when bought as new back in the day, by my friends son who used it and after a few years the band split and this synth was put into storage where it stayed until a few years ago when it was found and given to me to play with, which i have briefly but i am not really a synth player but do play piano, i havent got time to learn how to play this properly so i want it to goto someone who can better appreciate and get the best out of it cos its got a great sound and there probably arent many left in the world anymore.” Link

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crumar “This Crumar Orchestrator is in excellent condition and has been very well taken care of. It is fully functioning, and all keys, sliders, and buttons work. It also comes with the rare and highly coveted filter cutoff pedal, and the cover/lid that protects the top of the instrument. There are some minor knicks and scratches here and there (see pics) but overall it is in great condition for its age.” Link

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dbe “This is the Crumar Unique DBE synthesizer from Italy. It has the most 3 dimensional fat sounds I’ve heard in a synth short of an OBXa. When I got it 2 voices were out. I’ve recapped the power supply, replaced the memory battery and replaced all the filter ics. Now all the voices are working but one is less expressive as the others. I suspect the one of the filter chip holders might need to be cleaned but I haven’t investigated it any further accept that it’s more noticeable when playing some voices than others. I think it is quite useable in the shape I am sending it, however, this is being sold as is, for parts or repair, to be clear.” Link

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crumar-orchestrator “This Crumar Orchestrator is in excellent condition and has been very well taken care of. It is fully functioning, and all keys, sliders, and buttons work. It also comes with the rare and highly coveted filter cutoff pedal, and the cover/lid that protects the top of the instrument. There are some minor knicks and scratches here and there (see pics) but overall it is in great condition for its age.” Link

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stratis “Here’s the first of two (yes two!) Crumar Stratus Polysynths that are being sold as spares or repairs units. The unit had been working apparently and then after a period of no use no longer functioned. It has had it’s CEM chips removed from the voice cards I’m afraid, though these do not contain the oscillators. This is a divider oscillator synth and so shares the waveform generation with the organ section. Check out any of the online demos of these if you need to know more of what these machines are about.
The wooden endcheeks are showing signs of considerable wear and some of the graphics are a bit thin on a few functions.
Would suit someone looking for a keybed, some donor parts or a project maybe” Link

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bit_one “Im not going to go thru the specs. The Crumar Bit One is a bit of a rarity and oddity. So, if you are still reading – you know what it is. There are none currently on eBay in the UK.

Its capable of some weird and wonderful sounds when programmed. Thunderous basses and wonderous effects abound. It is fairly unique in that certain parameters (not just amplitude and filter) can be affected by key velocity. The presence of a second LFO is also interesting.

It is in very good shape considering its age. I have had it a relatively short while but am looking to buy an Alesis Ion or Korg Z1 with the proceeds. I would consider a direct swap for said synths.

It has a few minor issues:

1. A couple of keys only play when hit hard or wriggled. Obviously a contact issue and I have confirmed this by using an external MIDI keyboard.

2. There is some very light scratching to the fascia on the right hand side.

3. Three of the keys look to have either burns or melting. Again – they are fully playable – its a cosmetic thing.

Everything else is working fine – LEDs bright, sliders clean and audio output good. Both pitch and mod wheels are working. Note to buyer – you MUST use both upper and lower outputs on the rear. The weird architecture means that the 6 voices are shared across the two outputs.

I shall be sorry to see it go, regret it in 5 years time and be looking for one on ebay again. Such is the life of a synth head.” Link

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bit_one “Some keys responding only with hard press. Minor scratches to fascia. 3 keys with glue on them.” Link

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lm2 “Original Linn Drum
Great Piece
Great Shape
We tested all the features that we were able for sort out
and all worked fine
We could find nothing wrong with this Linn Drum
However we do not claim to be experts and as with all equipment of this vintage, selling as is
Though we will warranty against DOA” Link

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crumar t1“All parts intact, new power cord provided. Powers on (lights up), but we were unable to convince the synth to cooperate – no sound forthcoming. Repairs needed: may be modest, may be extensive, we simply don’t know. The case is scratched on the bottom and the handle is broken. Too heavy to ship, sold for pick-up in NYC. ” Link

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bitone“With regret, I’m selling my vintage Italian 80s polysynth…Crumar Bit One.

This synth works great…EXCEPT FOR ONE THING…I am having difficulties getting it to retain the patches I create. I want to tell you about this up front so that I accurately describe this instrument. Here’s the story…

I bought this synth a few years ago from Switched on Austin (specialty analog synth shop in TX). They had refurbished it. I used this synth to record my last two albums without any issue at all. Now, I’m working on my final album and It is losing all of my patches if it stays powered off for a few hours. If I create a patch, save it, power off, then back on a bit later…it’s still there. But if it remains off for the majority of a day…the patch is gone. It reverts back to the default random noises.

I thought it was a simple dead battery. So I replaced it. It worked great for about a week. Kept my patches. Beautiful! Now now…it’s back to misbehaving. Losing patches after a few hours of powering down. I know that’s a long explanation…but there ya go. I think it’s something more than just a bad battery. I included photos of the insides so you can see that everything is in great condition, including the battery holder and board.

The tape save / load function works fine. So if you didn’t want to fuss with the battery, you could save all your patches that way. It’s maybe not the most convenient thing in the world, but it’d get the job done. ” Link

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crumar bit one “Crumar Bit One Synthesizer with no known issues. Plays great. A couple minor scuffs on the side panels, consistent with the synth’s age. If you are looking at this you probably already know as much about this synth as I do. Presets sound great (totally 80′s) and programming is made easy by the diagram on top.” Link

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crumar stratus “This synth is pretty rare, they don’t come up for sale often. It is also one if the most unique sounding budget synths of the ’80s.. And it has no patch memory! It is in excellent condition for a keyboard more than 30 years old, everything seems to be working great. Due to the age it is sold as-is.” Link

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ds1 “Up for auction is a Crumar DS1 synth. IT’s visually rough, the leather handle is torn and the case has some dings plus the air vent on the bottom has a broken piece. I ran through the controls and all but two are clearly working well. I don’t know what the delay does and there’s a keyboard control I don’t know what it does so those two controls may or may not be working. Sound is clear and clean all keys working” Link

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crumar multiman
Really nice condition.
All keys and buttons and sliders works.” Link

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crumar stratus “Up for auction is a Vintage Analog Polyphonic Synthesizer Crumar Stratus Rare. All the voices and keys work on this synthesizer, and there are no scratchy pots. There is a tiny burn mark on one of the keys(high b), and there are some scuffs and scratches on the wood. This synthesizer is being sold “as is”. ” Link

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crumar performer” For auction used vintage CRUMAR Performer Analog Synthesizer in very good working order. Made in Italy 1981. You can see an original warranty paper work. The synthesizer is in excellent working order and fully functional. All cords included. Original leatherette soft case. Two pots have a broken knobs(please see pictures) but works fine.” Link

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crumar bit 99 “An 1980′s classic Synth.
61 key, MIDI,6 voice, touch sensitive, after touch, split/layered keyboard etc when such things were new.
All the benefits of a classic analogue, but with MIDI.

Never gigged – used at (pet free and smoke free) home and in studio.
Not a mark on it – mint.

Newly serviced this month, including new internal battery.
Original factory sounds restored.
Comes with Owners Manual and original cassette voice data tape.
In original box.” Link

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crumarbitone “This bid is for a Crumar BIT One Synthesizer/keyboard in good condition.

Comes with a hard case, lead and copy of manual.

There is a small chip on the underside of the key on the right but this does not affect the playing or feel. Have taken a picture of this also.

The hard case is well worn but still functional, it has protected this synth well over the years.” Link

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performer “You know what it is, glorious analog string machine! Cosmetically it’s in amazing condition you will not find another one in this nice of condition. But it only functions for about two minutes when first turned on. Seems to function normally and then it dies off so some part in there needs to be changed. I have a video of it if anyone cares to see exactly how it goes down. Probably an easy fix for somebody that knows what they’re doing.” Link

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ds-2“Vintage Crumar DS-2 Synthesizer SN A9 0005

I have had this synthesizer in my studio storage for years. It powers on and works as best as I know how to use it. I shot a quick video of myself demonstrating that it does function. I do not know how to properly use this, but to my knowledge it is in working condition I have a YouTube video of me demonstrating functionality that I can send if needed. ” Link

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stratus” This synthesiser is a rarity. There can only be a handful left. It has a classic CEM chip sound from the old analogue synths of the eighties. It is 6 note polyphonic with an adorable multi trigger oscillator glide as well as the usual analogue polysynth features. It also has an octave modulation facility which I have not seen any place else.
It has a built in organ feature with separate outs for it and the polysynth section. As well as other sockets such as release etc…
It is just out the the workshop where it had a service and all its keys were balanced. It is sounding huge!
There are various bumps on the corners (see pics) and end panels but, in general very good condition for a polyphonic synthesiser of this age. The Stratus name on the front has been taken off but is still on the rear.
It comes with repair scematic, lead and whilst the original bag has seen it’s day it is included for authenticity sake. ” Link

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bitoone“Up for Auction is a Crumar Bit One synth. The sound of the synth is somewhat in the range of the Juno 106 and was out around the same time. There is a write up you will find on this synth at the vintagesynth site.

This one is cosmetically clean, however it has some issues that will need to be addressed by a tech:

The synth powers on fine but the audio output is somewhat low and noisy, specifically via the phones jack.
The internal battery has long since died and will need to be replaced. As a result the patches are all scrambled.
The panel buttons seem somewhat sticky to respond when selecting patches and editing.
I found when attempting to edit patches that they keyboard will simply freeze after a few minutes. I would imagine this is a power supply issue and can probably be fixed pretty easily.
Unfortunately the keys have yellowed somewhat, which is probably can only be fixed by replacing them.

As you can see from one of the photos even the underside of this keyboard is relatively free of scratches and there are no dents of any kind, which is pretty amazing for a synth that is 30 years old.” Link

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bitone “Rare Crumar Bit One Poly Synth Ser#BS/00540

Powered up no problem and the keys all function ( to the best of my Knowledge) Needs clean-up
Mod & Pitch bend work , the noise & detune work, as far as programming ,Who knows?
These are selling in perfect condition on Ebay for $500-$750 we’ll start @ $324.99 to give you room for reloading the factory presets And clean-up
minor surface wear (see pics), comes with a replacement standard 3 prong power cable
All level keys, no stuck or broken keys ” Link

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bitone ” Expect a few cosmetic blemishes and a couple dings in the case. One key has been repaired and there is a chip in another. This item has a new battery and has had the factory patches reloaded.

History:This item was acting buggy and had the classic scrambled patches from a dead battery. I replaced several capacitors and an opamp in the tape interface and was able to get the patches to reload correctly after replacing the battery. The jacks have also been replaced for reliability.

This keyboard plays in-tune and sounds really nice. The de-tune lever is pitch centered and works well. Due to the lack of any available service documentation for this instrument, that is the extent of the calibration that was preformed. This instrument is similar to an esq-1 but it has a different timber and thicker sound in my opinion. Great sounding keyboard. ” Link

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trilogy“Most of the time, this doesn’t make a noise. When it does, previously played notes continue to sound for a long time before fading away, but only when the normal envelopes are active. The joystick has a crack in it and isn’t properly held in place. The envelope on the string section doesn’t work and the glide doesn’t work. I took a CEM3310 chip out that I suspected was faulty. I broke a leg off when doing it. It didn’t seem to work any less when taken out so I put it back. When there is sound, the LFO, oscillators, filter, organ and string oscillators and envelope all seem to be working properly, but can’t really be heard properly over the ghosts of previous notes.” Link

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performer“VINTAGE CRUMAR sound design for the creative musician.
This is the instrument used by legendary Duran,Duran.

Husband bought it brand new in the 80s. He had it in storage for a long time but I talked him out of selling it. You can refurbish it or use as parts. One of the keys need to be fixed. Don’t know if it works. Great for collectors.

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crumarPowered up no problem , but will not make any sound
Keys are all level and function properly with good action up and down the keyboard Nothing is missing or broken

The top is here with one broken latch on top the front latches are broken (like they are on any crumar I have ever seen) and the right corner is broken (see pics)
Great parts or restoration Keyboard -Synth
No power cable is included, we used our test cable to fire it up, it is a standard 3 prong chord, you buy one right on Ebay” Link

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crumar “ALL AS IS FOR PARTS OR REPAIR. Powers on and hums, thats it. In need of full restoration. Bid accordingly. Cosmetically very good. Includes original CRUMAR vinyl zippered gig bag!” Link

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bit one “Crumar Bit One, defekt

6-stimmiger analoger Synthesizer

mit 2 Oszillatoren und LFOs pro Stimme,
Double Mode / Unisonso Mode
Midi In / Out / Thru” Link

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crumar bitone” Up for sale is a Crumar Bit One analog synthesizers from the eighties. This hard to find synthesizer is in excellent working condition near perfect physical condition . There is a very small ding on the side and a small scrape across the top. Synthesizer has a brand new battery and original presets have been loaded. All options work. ” Link

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crumar orchestrator “This an auction for a Crumar Orchestrator.

Keyboard is in overall good condition and it sounds good.

It has been in storage for awhile. It would need to be looked at and cleaned. Not an expert so I do not know what other things may need to be checked out. ” Link

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crumar ” Here I have a Crumar Performer, but this one produces NO sound. It does power on (as can be seen in the photos). Cosmetically, the case, wood, and keys are in good condition. However, quite a few sliders are broken. The master volume is missing a cap. This item is sold AS-IS. No power cord included.” Link

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crumar perfromer” this Crumar is beat up some but its still works need a fuse and a new plug in cord..My computer plug works for it..So it easy to get one of those..Its been years but I have heard it working..but lost the fuse cap and fuse.should be easy to find..20 watt… model PRF” Link

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crumar bit one” This Synth is in full working order and in good condition for the age, it does have some signs of age (see photos). It comes with a carry case and a copy of the instructions” Link

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perfromer“Crumar Performer Synth von ca 1979. Duran Duran benutzte u.a. diesen Synth. Gerät verkaufe ich als defekt. Beim Testen konnte ich nur an der “Signal”-Buchse ein Signal hören. Main und Brass gingen nicht. Das Gehäuse hat Roststellen aber die Platinen innen sind alle erhalten.” Link