Casio, VZ-10M @ 14 March 2017, “No Comments”

vz-10m “Up for auction is a Casio VZ-10M Professional Digital Synthesizer with Casio RC-100 ROM Card & Operation Manual. Unit is in good, working condition – shows some minor dust. Works 100% guaranteed. Power cord is included.” Link

Casio, VZ-10M @ 21 February 2017, Comments Off

vz10m “Up for auction is a Casio VZ-10M Professional Digital Synthesizer that is in nice shape. The buttons and controls feel solid and responsive. The display is nice and clear. Below is a video to show the unit powered up and the buttons functioning. I do not have the proper cabling and equipment to show it fully functioning so please take that into consideration before you bid as this sale is FINAL and AS IS. ” Link

Casio, VZ-10M @ 22 November 2016, Comments Off

vz10m “The legendary Casio VZ10m. Luscious sounds.

These are getting very hard to find.

This unit has been racked and well taken care of. It has a few minor scratches, but nothing that affects its performance. Works fine, plays fine.

Includes power cable.” Link

Casio, VZ-10M @ 27 September 2016, Comments Off

vz10m “Very nice, works perfectly, front face very clean. Comes with power cord and a midi cord.” Link

Casio, VZ-10M @ 09 August 2016, Comments Off

vz10m “Very clean, minor scratches on too. Backlight dim, but screen is readable.” Link

Casio, VZ-10M @ 24 May 2016, Comments Off

vz10m “Works great. This is a rack mount synth module that has typical rack rash, especially on top and bottom where it has slid in and out of rack. All internal sounds and functions are perfect. Rare Rom card included – card works perfectly. Has minor damage on outside where it was bumped on end you hold while inserting.” Link

Casio, VZ-10M @ 05 April 2016, Comments Off

vz-10m “This synthesizer is in very good condition. Nice vintage Casio VZ-10M rack mount professional digital synthesizer. Tested and works perfectly. Nice bright blue backlit LCD display. Nice clean chassis. Power Cord included. Comes with a CD containing a PDF file of a scan of the user manual. ” Link

Casio, VZ-10M @ 29 March 2016, Comments Off

vz10m “This is a used unit, but in good condition. Includes the VZ-10M unit and Power cord. Case does have scratches – see pics. Unit powers on and boots up as expected – it was my daughter’s and I have no idea how to operate or test further.” Link

Casio, VZ-10M @ 16 February 2016, Comments Off

vz10m “A few scratches and scuffs.” Link

Casio, VZ-10M @ 09 February 2016, Comments Off

casio VZ-10M “Up for sale is a casio VZ-10M rack mount synth! This is in very nice shape, a very few light scratches on it! This comes with the original card as well! Turns on and powers up just fine!” Link

Casio, VZ-10M @ 05 January 2016, Comments Off

vz10m“Casio VZ-10M that I just never end up using in my music. Made way for a different synth in the rack. ” Link

Casio, VZ-10M @ 17 November 2015, Comments Off

cz-10m “Very good working condition.

Does not include the molex power cable or any other items.” Link

Casio, VZ-10M @ 13 October 2015, Comments Off

vz-10m “For sale is a vintage Casio VZ10M rack mount digital synth that I acquired a number of years ago. I didn’t (and still don’t) have a MIDI keyboard so never got around to putting it to use. Lent it to a friend, who used it quite a bit, and recently got it back… so it’s now time to get it into the hands of someone else who will actually make music with it. Comes with the RC-100 ROM card, loaded with preset sounds, handy if you don’t want to get too deep into programming. Comes with AC cable as well. Cosmetically decent shape except for the top cover, which has some wear and scratches.I have no keyboard to test it with so sold As-Is…” Link

Casio, VZ-10M @ 11 November 2014, Comments Off

vz-1m” Casio VZ-10M Rack Mount. Comes with the Casio VZ Rom Card RC-100. Power cable not included. Just shown to prove that product works” Link

Casio, VZ-10M @ 05 August 2014, Comments Off

” You are bidding on a Casio VZ10M rack synthesizer. FREE SHIPPING! Comes with power cable.” Link

Casio, VZ-10M @ 06 November 2012, Comments Off

“Very good cosmetic and working order. Comes with AC cord and RC-100 ROM card and Operation Manual. ” Link

Casio, VZ-10M @ 07 August 2012, Comments Off

“CASIO VZ-10M rack synthesizer with sounds in the internal memory. NOTE: The ROM card you see in the pics IS NOT INCLUDED in this auction. This synthesizer is 100% fully functional and in excellent condition. The blue backlit display is in nice condition and the front control panels is very clean. The whole synthesizer is quite clean. A small ding in one of the rack ears which has been touched up. Many say this is the best synthesizer that CASIO ever made. The VZ-10M sounds big, fat and smooth for a digital synth but still has a clearly digital edge to it. This sale is As Is, No Warranty and No Returns. ” Link

Casio, VZ-10M @ 13 March 2012, Comments Off

“includes a VZ data card plus CD w/ 100′s of sounds via sysex files” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

Casio, VZ-10M @ 23 August 2011, Comments Off

“Casio VZ10M VZ-10M

Unit pulled from studio and now storage.
Have not tested it so will be as is” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

Casio, VZ-10M @ 07 June 2011, Comments Off

“Dont be fooled by the name – this Casio is a very professional synthesizer. It is based on the technology inside the Yamaha DX7 but offers more options. This MIDI synthesizer is 16 note polyphonic, with 8 part multitimbral capability. Single sounds (normal mode) are made up of up to 8 modules (think FM operator). Pairs of modules make up “lines”. You can either mix them, ring modulate them or phase distort them. (Phase distortion is a variation of FM synthesis used in the Yamaha DX, TG and FS1r series). You can also phase distort lines with other lines. The envelopes (pitch and amplitude) are 8 stage, each with a rate and level. In operation memory mode, you can create sounds with up to 4 patches on a single channel and set up layers and splits with lots of control over each of the layers. Think about it… this means that in Operation mode you can have up to 32 oscillators per note, and you can detune them. The results can be amazing, especially considering the low cost of this item. FEW SYNTHS OFFER THE SONIC CAPABILITY OF THIS SYNTH! This is a really great synthesizer – you can make extremely fat and complicated sounds with it. Its preset sounds are nice but if you spend some time to get to know it and you know how to program, you can make it sound incredible. There is a large screen, an entry fader and many buttons so editing sounds is very easy. Ideal for a wide variety of styles, like techno, R&B, synthpop, house, etc. If you are into sound synthesis, there is nothing like this synth – its sure to make 1 lucky bidder happy! This synthesizer is in great shape it has only been used in smoke free studio. Comes with original box, owners manual a ROM CARD and power cord” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.