Casio, VZ-1 @ 28 March 2017, “No Comments”

vz1 “Excellent Condition VZ-1 with soft/hard carrying case. Case is really old, and is in fair condition but will do the job and will protect keyboard during shipment as well.”

Casio, VZ-1 @ 24 January 2017, Comments Off

VZ1 “The good news: It sounds great. Screen, buttons, knobs all fine. Everything electronic functions as it should.

HOWEVER: There are cracks in the plastic on two corners as you can see in the photos. Nothing structural, because everything but the corners is heavy metal. A little JB-Weld would easily take care of the this minor cosmetic issue.

A bigger problem are several stuck/unresponsive keys in the last octave. Specifically, keys 54, 55, 57, 59 and 60 are either stiff or don’t spring back.” Link

Casio, VZ-1 @ 15 November 2016, Comments Off

vz1 “I sold off the rest of my VZ Collection, so the three I’m selling now are my last and BEST.

Very little used and always kept in its hard case. It has some minor superficial scratches here and there, but cosmetically and functionally it is in EXCELLENT Condition.

Besides the HARD CASE (in VERY GOOD Condition), the MANUAL and the RC-100 ROM Card are also INCLUDED” Link