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sk-1 “Great condition, no power adapter,works great.” Link

Casio, SK-1 @ 03 January 2017, Comments Off on Casio SK-1

sk1 “Missing the battery cover. Only thing I couldn’t get to work is the mic for sampling, but you can sample with the line in port though. (I don’t know if I was doing it right or if it was broken)But everything else is good and works. All input and output work. Comes with official Casio AC adapter.”

Casio, SK-1 @ 04 October 2016, Comments Off on Casio SK-1

sk1 “Casio SK-1 in very good shape cosmetically. The sample function works 1 out of every 2 times – I’m not sure why, but I don’t have the electrical background to fix it!” Link

Casio, SK-1 @ 07 June 2016, Comments Off on Casio SK-1

sk1 “Thank you for viewing my item. If for any reason you win this item and are not completely satisfied, contact me immediately. There is no reason to involve eBay as I am very easy to deal with and pride myself on great customer service. In addition, positive feedback and high Detailed Seller Ratings are VERY important to me. If you feel you cannot leave me positive feedback and/or 5 star seller ratings in all four categories, please contact and allow me the opportunity to earn them. Regards.” Link

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sk1 “Casio SK-1 for parts and no-name mini keyboard for parts.” Link

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sk1 “rare sampler synth in excellent condition, very clean;” Link

Casio, SK-1 @ 22 March 2016, Comments Off on Casio SK-1

sk-1 “Casio Sk-1 Sampling Keyboard. Works great and is very fun to play. Does not include power supply and battery cover is missing but will still hold AA batteries well. ” Link

Casio, Circuit Bent, SK-1 @ 08 March 2016, Comments Off on Circuit Bent Casio SK-1

sk1 ” Circuit-bent Casio SK-1 built by

Keyboard functions normally if all switches are off.

Create incredibly strange sounds and beats.

Separate LFO circuit animates the sounds and sampled sounds for modulation.

An opto cell allows for theremin type of pitch work and total chaos in other patches.

It has an LED with ON/OFF switch that pulses and adds a modulating envelope glitch.

In addition, it has 9 bend switches that add strange modulations, algorithmic brain wave oscillations, insect emulations, whacked out drum beats, chaotic bass, syncopated rhythms, flanging, echoing, looping, the effects go on and on for incredible combinations only limited by your imagination.

A control knob on the front that allows you to dial out the drums.

It also comes with an ATARI joystick port and joystick that renders INCREDIBLE effects in each direction the joystick is moved as well as the button.

Also, there’s a pitch control knob with switch that allows you to choose between the original clock or a precission oscillator . This pitch knob greatly effects pitch several octaves.

There is a soft reset button and a balanced 1/4″ output jack.

Also included is a removable RCA patchbay module that plugs into the Atari jack when the joystick isn’t plugged in.

The onboard speaker is intact so you can use it on the go or anywhere you’d rather not drag your amplifier, a huge convenience factor.

*****I’m also throwing in a free optical theremin (shown mounted in beer can)*****” Link

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sk-1” For sale is Casio SK-1 sampler/synthesizer. If you are browsing this auction then you know what a great little keyboard this is. This unit has a small broken plastic tine which makes one key stick up, due to being pushed up by it’s spring – the fix is not difficult, with a little model glue and scrap of plastic. Otherwise the unit is in very good condition for its age, and functions perfectly. This was my “backup” unit since I played the SK-1 as my main keyboard in one of my bands – my “main”unit has never failed, so I’m letting the backup go to someone who will enjoy playing it! Ask any questions you wish – comes with a photocopy of the manual; runs on batteries or a generic wall wart PS (neither included).” Link

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sk1“Here is a Casio SK1. Works and sounds great, awesome for circuit bending! ” Link

Casio, SK-1 @ 25 August 2015, Comments Off on Casio SK-1

sk1“Casio SK-1 Sampler with external Highly Liquid, Midi Mod. Allows for sequencing and external control.

The Mod has been made externally as to preserve all native function of the SK-1. Internal speaker is fully functional, unlike with other mods that require its being removed to create space for the mod itself. ” Link

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casio sk-1 “You are bidding on beautiful CASIO SK-1 sampling keyboard (Made in Japan)

About 18″ by 6″

Runs on AA batteries or AC/DC adapter (not included)



Casio, SK-1 @ 21 July 2015, Comments Off on Casio SK-1

casio sk1“Used and in good condition. All keys work and the sound is clear. Every key has been tested. This item was sold once and returned. The buyer stated that the sampling was “finicky”. I have tested all functions that I know how to test and they all work. I do not know how to test the sampling but if any interested party explains how to test the sampling I would be happy to do so. Sold AS-IS in working condition. Comes with carrying case. Please see photos for more details” Link

Casio, SK-1 @ 02 June 2015, Comments Off on Casio SK-1

sk-1“Vintage Casio Sk-1 Keyboard Sampling Synthesizer Analog Sampler

Works perfect, with very minor signs of use. Complete with battery cover.

Includes power supply.” Link

Casio, SK-1 @ 12 May 2015, Comments Off on Casio SK-1

sk-1 ” unit works with batteries,,,I never tried 6v.adapter cause I never had one.

sold as is and sold for parts because of missing key & battery cover….” Link

Casio, SK-1 @ 14 April 2015, Comments Off on Casio SK-1

casio sk-1“This Casio SK-1 Sampling Keyboard is only slightly used and is in it’s original box.

I hardly ever used this after I bought it years ago. NO AC ADAPTER” Link

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az1” This Vintage Casio Keytar is one of the most stylish and fun midi guitars ever made!

This vintage piece is well loved, but still ready to rock for years to come. ” Link

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This is the synth that changed things for Casio. The built-in sampler is a lot of fun and can record and play back any audible sound via a built-in microphone.
The onboard sounds are great and extremely usable in the studio, too. It also has a drum machine. If you’re looking to circuit-bend it, it hasn’t been modified and is ready to go.

This synth is in perfect working order. There are some various dings on the keyboard but the usual wear you’d expect from a synth made in the 80’s.
The adapter is not included and the battery cover underneath is missing. Not a problem with 5 AA batteries and some tape.” Link

Casio, SK-1 @ 17 February 2015, Comments Off on Casio SK-1

casiosk1 ” Works perfectly ! Batteries not included. No corrosion in battery chamber. No A/C adapter. Does not come with original box. Great condition!” Link

Casio, SK-1 @ 13 January 2015, Comments Off on Casio SK-1 Project Machine

sk1 “***PLEASE READ BEFORE BUYING…Vintage Casio SK-1 SK1 Sampling keyboard with battery cover

The screws holding the case are not available and inside the circuit boards need to be screw down .. the screws for this are on the speaker inside.

As far as I can remember the unit does not switch off even when switched off with batteries or plugged into the mains.. and because of this .. it won’t play.

It is in very good condition otherwise and would be useful for spares or even repair.” Link

Casio, SK-1 @ 06 January 2015, Comments Off on Casio SK-1

Up for auction here is a casio SK1 sampling keyboard from the 80s, a cool little thing with glorious 8-bit sampling thats wonderfully lo-fi (youtube has some great videos of this little thing) it’s surprisingly analogue sounding and combined with the synthesis option can get some really usable and quite lush sounds for something so basic! fully working with box and instructions though the box has definitely seen better days, it will be securely packaged for transit.” Link

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sk1” Here is a Vintage SK-1 in fully working condition with no power source ” Link

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sk1” Great condition…Original Manual….Tested and everything works great….Awesome and fun” Link

Casio, SK-1 @ 25 November 2014, Comments Off on Casio SK-1

casio sk-1“This is a very clean unit. It includes the battery door and clean compartment. The keys are white and not yellowing. The labeling is all perfect with no wear around any of the buttons. All keys work and spring back as they should. No cracks, or scratches. ” Link

Casio, SK-1 @ 11 November 2014, Comments Off on Casio SK-1

Up for auction is a used Casio SK-1 sampling synthesizer. It is in good condition with some scratches as expected. It works fine and I just cleaned the volume and selector switch. Includes all of the switch covers and battery cover.” Link

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sk-1” On offer is a genuine and elusive 1980’s Casio SK-1 mini Sampling Keyboard in working condition. Made in Japan

Either for a collector of 1980’s early Keyboards or for those wanting to get a unit suitable for the famous Sampling Synthesizer Keyboard Synth Bent Modifications.

Requires a readily available 7.5Vdc Negative tip 2.1mm AC Adaptor (not included)” Link

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casio sk1“up for auction is a CASIO SK-1 SK1 VINTAGE ELECTRONIC SAMPLING KEYBOARD SYNTHESIZER. keyboard is in good condition. a few scuffs on bottom and battery door is missing. synth has been fully tested of all its features and is in 100% working condition! would be great for circuit bending.” Link

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casio sk-1“Hello and welcome. You are looking at a Casio SK-1 Sampling Keyboard. This item is used but is in very good cosmetic condition, and it comes with the Casio AC Adaptor model AD-1U.” Link

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“I have for sale a Casio sk-1 sampling keyboard. It works great. Can be used in circuit bend project.” Link

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“Works, including sampling. Power adaptor included. One of the black keys is loose, but still works fine. Same model as used by many rock groups; for example, in sound track to the movie “Once”.” Link

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“Vintage Casio SK-1 SK1 Organ Synthesizer Keyboard Sampling Recorder. Clean original. Works perfectly. Clean battery compartment.” Link

Casio, SK-1 @ 10 June 2014, Comments Off on Casio SK-1

“Casio, SK1, Vintage 8-Bit Keyboard

Verkaufe Kult 8-Bit Keyboard aus den 80er Jahren. Das SK 1 läuft, hat einige Gebrauchtspuren, macht aber ansonsten was es soll! Es ist sogar auf einem offiziellen Album der Band „Subterfuge“ (Fabulous friends, Supermodern Records, Track 13) zu hören!



eine schwarze Taste wackelt ziemlich, ist aber noch voll bespielbar

leider ist die Klappe für das Batteriefach weg (siehe Foto), Batterien einfach rein und ein Streifen Tesa drauf, so hat es bei uns auch immer funktioniert.

Also bietet ihr hier auf ein echtes Original, dass eben auch schon einige lustige Zeiten erlebt hat.” Link

Casio, Circuit Bent, SK-1 @ 03 June 2014, Comments Off on Circuit Bent Casio SK-1

“This is circuit bent Casio Sk-1. This unit has 4 simple bends. All of the default sounds are still intact.
To enhace the sound of this keyboard, just connect some pedal effects i use to connect a delay and a reverb the posibilities are endless.” Link

Casio, SK-1 @ 22 April 2014, Comments Off on Casio SK-1

“Great condition. Works perfectly.
The keys are a little dirty. But fully functional in every way. Sounds great. ” Link

Casio, Circuit Bent, SK-1 @ 18 March 2014, Comments Off on Lot of Circuit Bent Casio SK-1 Synths

“Casio SK-1 Circuit-Bent Synths

In good condition, not used for many years now due to a modular system.
If your into this your know what there are and capable of, grab yourself a bargain..” Link