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“Casio CZ-1000

Won’t power up

Some discoloration of plastic (see pics)” Link

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“Used (Refer to pictures of the actual item)
• Vintage 1985 Digital Synthesizer
• Runs off 6 x D-Cells or included 110V Original Power Supply
• Has strap connections for shoulder strap
• Includes working Casio RAM Cartridge RA-3 (Ram Cartridge alone sells for over $100)
• Includes original Manual and Sound Data Book
• Internal memory works
• All functions work EXCEPT the light above the digital pushbuttons do not work (Buttons work, but LED above the buttons do not)
• Digital Display is accessed by function buttons then cursor and values are increments by arrow function under the Digital Display
• Working, but sold as-is because of LEDs” Link

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“I’m selling my Casio CZ1000 as I don’t need it anymore. It works fine, but doesn’t come with the adaptor.” Link

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“Casio CZ-1000
Phase-Distortion Synthesizer

Works great!

Recently serviced — a DAC adjustment was performed to make the CZ sound as clean & noise-free as possible, and it now now sounds better than ever! I slightly regret selling it. I’ve owned it for 15 years or so, and never played with the “Tone Mix” (the CZ is duo-phonic in Solo mode), and it’s pretty cool.

There is a moderate amount of wear & tear — a bit of peeling around the front panel sticker, some scratches, and some slight discoloration/stains. Most notably, the #3 membrane button on the front panel has worn through and has a small hole in it — but it works fine. All the buttons work OK, perhaps a few a bit sticky, but they all work. The LCD works fine with no missing lines.

Overall this CZ is slightly beat-up, it’s a cheaply-made plastic synth that’s taken some abuse. But it works well, and it’s surprisingly powerful and cool sounding, with a very plastic-y & punchy sound! And although it only holds 16 user patches, you can save/load patches over MIDI (tip — to save a patch, you must send the CZ a send request via sysex).

Includes the original manual for the CZ-101 (essentially the same as the CZ-1000), as well as the original Casio CZ Sound Book with lots of patches to dial in. Also includes an AC adaptor power supply, which isn’t the original — it’s an equivalent adaptor with a connector spliced on so that it fits the CZ, but it works.” Link

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“Casio CZ-1000 Synthesizer.

I tested this using batteries since I do not have the power cord. The unit powered on and played through headphones just as it should. The display is clear and works perfectly. I tried all the buttons and they seem to all work as they should.

Cosmetically, it does have a few scratches and imperfections consistent with it’s age (see close-up pictures).

I found a manual online and printed it out for you and it will come with it.” Link

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“Casio CZ-1000 Synthesizer- Original owner. Programmable sought after vintage model. Never played outside the home. Good cosmetic condition though not perfect- does have signs of wear for its age. Always worked fine but haven’t played it in years. Don’t have the original adapter but have Radio Shack one. Went to turn it on and it doesn’t work. This may be an easy fix or maybe used for parts. ” Link

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cz1000 ” 29 keys, casio cz-1000 keyboard used no cords” Link

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cz10000 “Good 100% fully working Casio CZ-1000 Digital Synthesizer. Classic synth for everybody from beginners to professionals. Very easy to use and to program

Doesn’t come with power supply but any 9V will work” Link

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cz1000 “Rare Casio CZ-1000 synth

Ideal for spares or repair

One broken key (replacement keys selling for 4.95 on here)

No power on light

No power supply with unit but is standard 9v DC

Allegedly was the bomb in its day

Not pristine condition expect marks and scratches” Link

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casio-cz1000 “Casio CZ1000 synth and flight case

Fully working and good condition. ” Link

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used-cz1k “Casio CZ-1000, one of the hidden gems from the eighties. Uses Phase Modulation technology. I’m replacing this one with the same model, because I don’t have time to deal with the power issue, it keeps cutting power, with a clacking kind of noise. Only bid please if you believe you can fix it or want for other parts, Everything else works great. Ac input is fine, Volume side a bit noisy. But I love these synths and uses them relentlessly in Music Production, making money, sound after than any virtual synth.” Link

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cs1000 “Synth in good condition. Has miscellaneous scratches dents etc ( please see pics ) I tested basic functions , buttons and they work. Sound is retro classic and cool. No AC adapter, works with batteries. ” Link

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casio_cz-1000 “for sale is a casio cz-1000. fully functional but there are some cosmetic issues. two keys were broken during a move, although the keys still function if pressed high on the key. the membrane over the buttons on the far right is torn but all the buttons still operate properly. will include a power supply and a book about how to program it.” Link

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cz-1000 “Used casio cz1000 no battery cover no ac adapter works great ” Link

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cz1000 “Casio CZ-1000 with RAM cartridge. Works fine and comes with power supply.” Link

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cz1k “Casio CZ-1000

Phase Distortion Synthesizer


This unit is being sold for parts/in not working condition. It is in excellent cosmetically condition. You will get exactly what is pictured.All sales are final. No returns. ” Link

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cz1000 “Please look at photos
This does not come with power plug
Only tested with battery
This has surface scratches
on the right side the plastic top is lifted
See photos close as there are part of description ” Link

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cz-1000 “This unit is being sold for parts/in not working condition. The unit powers up, but does not function properly. The main output jack doesn’t work and has a loud hum. The headphone output works but sometimes the connection is dirty/loose. The sounds and presets are there, but many of them sound distorted. The LCD screen has a dead line in the middle, but you can still read what it says. The Value Up/Load button works but you have to press it really hard. The Master Tune buttons don’t seem to work. The LED light above DCA 1 Env doesn’t light, but the button works. All of the keys work. It’s missing the battery cover, and there is corrosion there. The overlay is coming unstuck in places and has some pockets of air in places. Someone could get some interesting sounds out of it as is, but that depends on taste, as it’s certainly not working properly. Cosmetically, it’s worn and a little beat up looking, please see all the pictures for more details. Power adapter not included.” Link

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cz1000 “Casio CZ-1000 in acceptable condition with power adapter. I am not the original owner of this synth. Powers on with no issues and has been tested to play through the line out. Cosmetics are acceptable (scuffs and dings and wear from age and use) a little dusty and has some sticker residue on the keys. Could use a good cleaning. All keys and buttons show their functions (keys play great, no sticking) come up on the display. Power stays on just fine, sounds are great.” Link

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cz1000 “Vintage casio cz-1000 this was tested with a power cord which works good, key 3 doesnt work, shown in my pictures, and the save key its stuck, but besides that , everything else works, this keyboard was dusty so if you invest the time to clean it really well , it will work even better, if you try to use batteries, does not work 100% iam guessing cause of dirt that it used to have,” Link

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casio cz1000 “I’m saying goodbye to this digital synthesizer. I don’t play it enough, and don’t feel like bringing it with me on an upcoming move. It’s a weird guy. It’s capable of a lot, from bass to pads to weird gurgly alien noises. There’s an iPad app that makes it a bit easier to program.

5 of the keys are no longer responsive, but it might just need a cleaning. I’ve been using a midi keyboard to get around the issue.

No power adapter, but it takes the usual 9v.” Link

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casio cz-1000” Casio CZ-1000 synthesizer! A classic from the 1980s; improved sound and control over the wildly-popular CZ-101. This one works well, comes with an non-original power supply, but no battery cover. ” Link

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cz1k “I used this back when i was in bands in the 80s so yeah its for sale now” Link

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cz1000 “You are looking at a used Casio CZ-1000 49 Key 8-Voice Keyboard Synthesizer W/Power Supply

The Casio CZ-1000 was the second programmable Casio synthesizer after the CZ-101, and is the full key size version of that synthesizer. All other characteristics are similar.

It uses the phase distortion synthesis related to all other Casio CZ synthesizers models. It was also one of the first low cost multi-timbral synthesizers with normal-sized keyboard.” Link

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cz1000” Used Casio CZ-1000 synthesizer in great condition. Keys, buttons, pitch bend, volume slide, and power adapter all work great. Cartridge port, battery housing, and all other ports are very clean without rust or acid corrosion. Some superficial scratches around the frame (see pictures).” Link

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cz1k “Condition: Tested, Working, shows some cosmetic wear
Good luck bidding.” Link

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cz1000 “In good shape minor scratches . With this keyboard you can design your own sounds from scratch. Case if you want $25.00 extra..” Link

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Used, has some Minor surface blemishes,

but still in a Great working shape.

Everything Tested and Works Perfect !

Sounds Amazing !

Used only in home studio.
Missing the power cord. It will run on batteries or you can purchase the power cord on line.
Comes with the original box and dust cover.

Real Vintage !” Link

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cz1k“Nice entry package to the world of Phase Distortion…

Perfectly working Casio CZ-1000. Adding a RA-3 Cartridge with 16 additional more analogish presets. Plenty life left in the battery of the RAM card.
The second and third picture show that the cartridge works – the number of the respective preset shown on the display corresponds to the number of the lit up membrane button.

Included is a non-OEM power supply. The original Casio AD-5 was lost during a move. Its a 9V 850mA, tip negative. Mine only sports 800 mA but it works fine. I’ve seen CZ-1000 paired with 800mA’s

Noticeable cosmetic drawbacks are a chip under one of the white keys (pic 6), mildly peeling membrane button overlay on the right corner (pic 5). Not shown are a few scratches on the bottom plate.
The battery compartment is clean and works well if loaded with six D’s. I used that way quite often.

The manual folder is a collection of helpful files found online. There are plenty of them. You can also find sysex files to load to the internal memory (which is currently empty).

I strongly recommend the book “An Insider’s Guide to Casio CZ Synthesizers” by Andrew Schlesinger which, for some reason, can be found in pdf format when looked for on the web.” Link

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cz1k“Casio CZ-1000 digital vintage synthesizer. Just serviced, tested and fully cleaned inside and out. Minor signs of use but functionally great. Includes aftermarket power supply.” Link

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cz1l” This is a pretty cool synth if you are a really into creating your own sounds from scratch. That said, you better be willing to put in the effort with a machine like this or it’s probably not worth your time. Those that are seeking this item usually know what they are getting into. I do not have the original power supply for this item, though I have a roland power supply that is comparable that you can have with the keyboard. It also comes with a gig bag. It’s in pretty good shape cosmetically, especially for a 30 year old instrument.” Link

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cz1000“Casio CZ1000 for sale.
Perfect working order but does not come with a power supply, any multi adapter will do the trick though.” Link

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cz1000” Not working, and one black key damaged” Link