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” Powers on, but only makes one sound no matter what key is pressed.

Portamento slider shaft is broken.” Link

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“CONDITION UNKNOWN. This is very clean inside however in untested as there in no cord or anyone here capable of testing it. SOLD: AS IS. ” Link

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“This is the rare original version of the arp soloist. It was around at the time of the early 2600’s and shares a couple of its modules, the VCO (either 4027 or 4017) and the 4012 VCF. It sounds really unique due to its means of generating sounds, a single oscillator going through a series of resonators, then into the filter.

The bad news is the aftertouch on it does not work. The last couple of these I’ve seen on ebay had the same problem, this is because of the conductive foam deteriorating. There might be a supply of foam out there but it might take some hunting down. There are also a couple keys that stick down, would involve taking a closer look at the keybed and maybe straightening the action on those keys. Other than that the keyboard is fully functional, all the sounds work and all the keys play, two of the slider caps have broken off but you can still move them.

Aside from the couple issues its a collectable synth, the basic tone is fat (better than my dgx) and the filter sounds juicy. These are pretty cool looking and the case is a unique construction, it uses an aluminum frame that the circuit boards bolt to, Its very lightweight. ” Link

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“Selling this super rare Arp Soloist model 2700 synthesizer in fully functional condition!
This Synthesizer has been produced by Arp in the early seventies in between the Arp 2500 and first 2600 and is believed to be the first ever preset synthesizer!
It has a rare original unmodified 4027 VCO module (predecessor to the 4027-1) and a original unmodified 4012 transistor ladder filter same as in the Arp 2600.
The VCO in this Soloist could in theory be tracked full scale by CV (after a easy modification) opposed to the later Pro Soloist that has a scaled down VCO module.
This Soloist has a aftertouch mod by Saint Eric (specially developed for this unit) and i believe it is the only Soloist in the world with functional aftertouch!
I believe this Soloist to be fully hand build by Arp and probably by Alan Pearlman and his first team. It is a remarkable piece of Arp history.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“This super rare ARP Soloist dates back to the dawn of synthesis. This is the forerunner of the more familiar Pro Soloist, which came out in 1973 or ’74.

The Soloist has the revered Moog 4012 ladder filter. As opposed to the Minimoog or Odyssey, it has a large number of presets, mimicking various Brass, Woodwind, etc. instruments. There are different filter networks in there that lead to sounds that you can’t just dial up in a Minimoog. It doesn’t have the earth is exploding hugeness of a Minimoog, but a lot of VERY high quality analog sounds. One of the main things about using the ARP Soloist/Pro Soloist type of synths is dynamically wiggling the filter control (“Brilliance”) while you’re playing a line. There is also Portamento, a very warm Vibrato, and totally trippy 70s effects like the famous ARP “Wow”.

These synths originally had “touch control”. That featured a few fairly lame aftertouch induced effects. Those features don’t typically work anymore on these older beasties, but a couple of them do turn on and off in non touch sensitive fashion (such as the all important Wow). Some of the presets have different controls such as the Brilliance, Wow, and Vibrato defeated and not available for dynamic performance control.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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soloist “Very clean Arp soloist synthesizer.

A guitar playing buddy of mine bought this more than 20 years ago

io use in his studio. As he is a guitar player he didn’t used it himself and forgot

that he even had it. In reworking his studio last month he came upon

an unknown case and found the ARP. He had forgotten that he had ever owned it.

As he is now flatpicking bluegrass he didn’t need the ARP.

Before this sale I took it to my old time keyboard repairman. He hadn’t worked on one in several years

but knew all of its needs. He disassembled it, cleaned all of the key contacts, lubed and fine tuned

and it is ready to play again. Sold with its original case and schematic. Guaranteed not to be DOA.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay. solist2soolist3

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“I bought this synth off of eBay in the Summer of 2008. If you’ve watched these, you may remember the auction. This synth came from the estate of Karl Hardman, star and producer of the classic horror film Night of The Living Dead. You can look him up on Wikipedia. I think the story is he put together a recording studio with the money he made from the movie, of which this 1971 ARP Soloist was a part. Cool story.

Unfortunately, though I’ve loved owning it, the tough economy forces me to try to sell it. My winning price at auction last year was like $1475, so I’ll probably take quite a bath on it, but so be it. Your gain. You can see the actual synth in action on youtube at Please note: that is the actual synth you are bidding on, shot last summer by the previous owner before he sold it to me. I can’t make & upload a video without paying someone. I have the previous owner’s permission to reference his video clearly stating this caveat. Please do not contact him, as what’s the point (there is a certain amount of trust you need to buy something in a remote auction anyway!).

OK, all that said, here are a few attractive points about this particular unit. As you can see, its a 9 or 9.5 out of 10 cosmetically. Biggest flaw is two sliders shaft extension knocked off as is common on ARPs – can still move the sliders and don’t need a fingernail or small tool to do so. Everything works just as you see in the video. The touch sensitivity, as is common on these, mostly doesn’t work anymore. You can bring in some of the effects such as Wow, Vibrato, Repeat on a non touch sensitive basis. This is being sold as-is due to vintage nature. However, one nice thing is most any repairs it ever needs should be possible I think? By that I mean it’s not loaded with obsolete parts like Curtis ICs and stuff.
About the ARP Soloist in general, these are desirable due to their age and rarity. I’ve heard these described as prototypes for the later Pro Soloist rather than true production models, don’t know how accurate that characterization is. One thing for sure though is they have the fabled 4012 ladder filter, the Moog copy.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“Selling 2 vintage classic synthesisers from Arp.These are both model 2701 Pro-Soloist made between 1972-1977,as used by Gary Numan and Tony Banks .The synths are part working and require work to return to full working order.Starting with the one on the right in the main picture , only 13 presets work on the lower section,the non working ones are,Sax,Fuzz Guitar 2, no presets work at the top section,all but 2 keys play,The after touch does not seem to respond exept the Growl part.The octave section works.The volume slider moves ok but the others are very tight, i bought new sliders at the weekend so they can be replaced,the chassis is good with exellent graphics ,there is a little bending at the far right of the control panel where the end cheeks screw on.The 2nd to last white key on the right is cracked, i will supply another as a spare at no further cost.The 2nd one ,the one on the left was hard wired just before Christmas at the service centre where they were in storage,most of the presets worked and the after touch section worked as well,this one is missing one end wooden cheek ,i have had some made in plywood which need finishing off, there is no underneath fibreboard cover, this can be bought for peanuts at a DIY store a whole board a door size can be bought for under two pounds.The sliders are free running but will require lubrication or replacement,all keys ok, this one has had a new power transformer fitted to UK voltage,the plug is a USA one,so DO NOT plug in a step down transformer to power on, the plug needs to be replaced first to a UK one.there is a little chassis bend at the cable point at back of synth.I have tried to describe as best as possible so you know what you are buying.I prefer cash on collection if possible, i will deliver/meet if distance is within limits,the payment i will leave with you.I can post out but i will be only be able to do so at weekends so it could be up to 2 weeks before i can arrange this as i dont get home weekdays until after 6pm so weekdays are out.Any questions please ask,if they go for a good price i will deliver for free subject to distance.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“Vintage ARP Pro Soloist synthesizer in fairly good condition, one owner, never used professionally.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“All original and very nice ARP Pro Soloist synthesizer. Overall very nice physical condition; it will not turn on though.
When last used, some 20 to 25 years ago, all stops and controls worked well. I’m guessing the problem to be the switch,
or power transformer etc…. but I really don’t know. So, take it as is, either on speculation to restore, or for parts or the shell.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“This auction is for an extremely rare ARP Soloist monophonic synthesizer. The ARP Soloist is the predecessor to the renowned ARP Pro Soloist and is a single-oscillator preset synth like the Moog Satellite. As the name would imply, the ARP Soloist was meant to be used by organists and pianists to supplement their playing with solos featuring traditional instrument sounds like horns, strings, woodwinds, and synthesizer-style sounds. The Soloist has a pressure-sensitive keyboard that can be used to control filter and volume. This Soloist is in good cosmetic condition, and all of the front-panel switches are intact and move smoothly. The four sliders on the top left control panel have had their posts snapped off and are missing their slider caps, but the sliders themselves move freely. Replacements are easily available on eBay for around ten dollars each. The Soloist is also missing the plexiglass music stand. The synthesizer powers on just fine and you can hear a power bump in the amp when you turn it on, no sound comes out of the instrument and for that reason it is being sold as a restorable and collectable vintage synth. ” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.