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arpsolina “In the early 1990s we went to an auction of a music store that closed. We bought this Eminent Solina String Ensemble, which seems to be new, although perhaps used as a demo. The only reason I say this is that the foot pedal is a bit dusty and the front part of the music stand (which keeps the music from sliding off) had become loose on the left side. We glued it back in place, but where it had rested on the top for all these years, it left a residue, which I am afraid to try to clean off. Please see the pictures.

The rest of the keyboard is in wonderful shape, the warranty has never been filled out, the instructions are included, and the glass music stand has never been removed from the carrying case.

It is set for USA voltage, 115V. Model STRING-ENS. The series is blank. No. 227044. Manufactured by Eminent Electronics, Bodegraven, Holland.

We have never removed it from the case until now. We have tested it, and it works perfectly as far as we can tell. All keys and buttons work. The carrying case is in excellent, although not absolutely perfect, condition.”

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solina ” Sie bieten in dieser Auktion auf einen ARP Solina String Synthesizer, einem der größten Vintage Synthesizer-Raritäten.

Der Solina befindet sich optisch in einem sehr guten Zustand. Die Technik funktioniert komplett, allerdings sind die Fader schwergängig und einige Taster sollten von der Mechanik nachjustiert werden.

Infos zu Sound, etc. sind reichlich im Netz zu finden.

Dabei ist auch ein Volumepedal.

Nur an Selbstabholer.

Viel Spaß beim bieten!”


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solina “Works well. I have owned this for over 20 years and it recorded perfectly. See video!
Previous owner repainted the black surfaces
Several keys have melt marks that may have been from a hot object. This doesn’t affect performance. See pics.
Two corners are dinged, see pics.” Link

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solina ” ARP Solina String Ensemble SE-IV Vintage Keyboard. Mint Condition. Everything works perfectly. Kept well cared for in a smoke free environment. I’m moving out of the country soon so I’m selling my gear.” Link

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arp oslina“Sie bieten auf einen Solina String Ensemble String Synthesizer. Legendäres Keyboard mit sehr charakteristischem Synthie-Streicherklang, zu hören auf frühen David Bowie Platten, Air usw.

Dies hier ist eine der ersten Versionen aus Mitte der 70er Jahre, die im Gegensatz zu späteren Versionen einen volleren, runderen Klang besitzt. Technisch einwandfrei, das Netzteil und die Chorus-Sektionen wurden neulich erst überholt (neue Kondensatoren usw.).

Inklusive original Glasplatte für Noten, Volumenpedal und Koffer.” Link

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arpsolina“Angeboten ist hier die sehr rare Synthesizer Version des berühmten Arp String Ensembles.
Technisch ist alles ok, leider hat das Seitenteil einen “Kratzer” und auch das rechte Bedienpanel sitzt nicht fest (siehe Bild, hab ich so gekauft …). Klingt natürlich super, es gibt jede Menge Zubehör (siehe auch Bild) verkaufe ihn nur, weil ich Platz brauche. Original-Handbuch anbei.
Nur Selbstabholung in Berlin da sehr schwer und fragil!” Link

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arp solina “SOLINA STRING ENSEMBLE / ARP Solina String Ensemble
Ein Stück Musikgeschichte gebaut zwischen 1974 und 1981 in einem sehr guten Zustand.
Lediglich die linke Geäuseseite zeigt einige Gebrauchsspuren.
Das Keyboard war nie auf Tour. Kam aus dem Studio direkt auf den Dachboden und war dort gut verpackt.

Ich habe mit einem Kopfhörer testen können. Alle Tasten funktionieren, alle Sounds und Regler funktionieren ebenfalls einwandfrei.

Gute String Ensembles sind wirklich rar geworden und ich würde mal vermuten, das die Preise für so gut erhaltene Geräte sicher noch steigen werden. ” Link

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“1976 Model.I have had since 1985Just been serviced and plays beautifully.Cosmetically in good order apart from the 2 end sectionsi stored this in a flight case for many years and the end brackets picked up stains from the Case Foam…I am sure these could be removed and worked on Should you wish too.This is otherwise a Fine example of this Famous Sound…I have not gigged too often so it is in good shape considering it is 40 years or so old…i have always serviced it well as it has done a few studio sessions…i am moving home and it has to go as i cannot freight too much of my Arsenal…Sadly i might add…but i know there is an Enthusiast out there who can get Mileage from this Legendary Beast.Needless to say it has no flight case so i would prefer a PICK UP Only as it is Quite Heavy!and would cost a fortune to ship…Mind you if you insist I will Ship…but reluctantly…..Good Luck….Its a Fine piece of kit!!” Link

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“Fully working and in professionally built cabinet. Labels on control panel are faded.” Link

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“for your consideration: an authentic 70’s arp solina se-iv string ensemble multi-orchestral machine with a custom yellow anvil road case.

this instrument is in 06/10; good, working condition and has been professionally tested. all internal electronics are in fully-functioning condition. the original manual is included as well as unopened spare parts in an envelope (see photos).

this item is on consignment from a backline rental company and has (very old) branded stickers on the sides and back panel. the cosmetic damaged has been labeled with letters in the photos. items are represented to the best of our ability— please read the entire description, view all photos and ask any questions prior to bidding.

A: on the back left corner the chipped edge was repaired with wood filler.

B: on the power cord there is a very minor chip that has been repaired with similar-colored electrical tape to prevent further damage or injury.

C: on the front main control panel some of the original black paint is chipping off (this could be repaired or refinished but as all of the original text is still visible i will leave it to the buyer to decide what to do).

D: on the modulation button panel some of the paint is chipping off as well.

E: on several spots the wood finish is discolored or stained.

the included road case is custom made for this instrument and is in acceptable condition. the latches, handles, wheels and panels are all in good condition but the interior is missing all of the foam (the instrument will be padded and secured for safe shipping).”

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“Hi. Here we have the classic string pad sound of the 70s. When I hear this thing, I think to myself “I know that sound, I’ve heard it on a million records”. Nice. This particular one has a couple of issues. One is the cracked key (see pics) which is taped and is actually sturdy and won’t cause you a problem. The major problem is that all the Db notes are out on this keyboard. I assume that this uses a separate circuit for each note, then divides down to generate the octaves. That ALL the Db notes are out tells me that there’s a problem. But all the other notes work fine, and the unit is in dusty but excellent shape. I would think that it’s going to be a simple fix. Otherwise, everything else works great with the exception of the power light which doesn’t work. This is a very cool instrument and a bona fide classic sound. ” Link

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“This keyboard sounds amazing. It has a really wonderful chorus effect that is very unique. The chorus and the synth are all pure analog. Everything is working well – although the tip on one of the keys is cracked off (as you can see in the pictures). The key still plays perfectly fine. The finish is a bit worn on the sides and back, but overall it looks good.” Link

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“You are bidding on an ARP (Solina) string ensemble from the 1970’s. This instrument was used by many notable artists in the 70’s such as Elton John, the Doobie Brothers, the Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, just to name a few. Instrument works fine and has been in storage the past 10 years.” Link

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“Arp String Ensemble in perfect working order-

This has been gone thru our shop and verified all aspects are fully functional-

There is no string machine like the Arp String Ensemble- It is “thee” String Machine to have-

No issues or worries purchasing from Vintage Vibe-

This has not been worked on by us- We are merely selling it and verifying that it is 100 % working.”

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” Cool old Arp string synth. Great classic sound with a personality to its own. The vibe of the instrument is super cool. The sounds are quirky but you’ve heard them on old recordings. The looks is totally 70’s. I love the “classy” cursive font, red buttons and faux wood paneling!
The unit works great. It is all original except for 3 missing slider knobs. ” Link

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“This is a Rare Arp Solina SE-IV String Ensemble vintage analog synthesizer keyboard in good condition. This is an awesome vintage synth with tons of features and is in good shape. Does have quite a bit of cosmetic wear from years of use as you can see in the pics. This is an amazing unit and works perfect. Tons and tons of killer sounds, analog vintagey goodness. Shipping will be $65 within the continental US and local pickup with cash is always cool. Please check my other auctions for more great gear. Please take a good look at the pictures as they are of the actual item for sale. Buyer is responsible for checking the pictures for the condition of the item.” Link

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“This is a beautiful vintage synth. All keys, slides, and buttons work perfectly. This Arp (eminent) Solina is an incredible sounding analog synthesizer. Very heavy unit. Will be packed securely and fully insured. Feel free to ask any questions.” Link

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“Up for sale is my long beloved ARP String Ensemble. I’ve had so many amazing experiences with this well cared for unit, but it’s time to thin the herd. This unit is in tip-top working condition. It also shows well. All keys and presets work fine. No missing buttons, cracked keys, or lose knobs. It’s hard to come across this unit in this condition.” Link

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“Good condition,all functions operable.” Link

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“This is a VINTAGE SOLINA ARP STRING ENSEMBLE SE-IV SYNTHESIZER in original condition.All keys are fully functional, good action. Electronics are in working order and function as they should. Condition and performance that it was maintained quite well by professional only, as well as played. Unit is clean and physically in very good condition. There are a few blemishes. Overall in excellent shape, with the exception of some minor wear, near the sliders. It’s the paint behind the slider, from over the years of people sliding it back and forth and having their fingers rubbing against that area. This ARP Solina String Ensemble SE-IV has been always stored inside a blue case, which will also be included with purchase.Buyer is responsible for cost of shipping . ” Link

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“Hello, Up for bid is my arp string ensemble(SE-IV). Everything works 100% with the exception of the highest A. The actuating coil has slipped out of place, it’s not currently triggering. If you’re handy, you can fix it. If not, you’ll have to take it to a tech. Other than that, all voices,crescendo,volume,bass,etc. work properly. Two of the red sliders were recently replaced with identical ones from vintage vibe. ” Link

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“Go Arp String Ensemble on Google you will see the picture:
This has a few scratches on the wood and the high F key was repair.” Link

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“The famed 1970’s Arp String Ensemble Solina. As played by Artist, Herbie Hancock, The Ohio Player, Bernie Worrell with Parliment/Funkadelic, Keith Emerson and many more great recordings. This String Ensemble works well for it age. Only one keys is not working. I’ve shown photo’s of it’s cosmetic detail. It’s a bit worn cosmetically but works great. The Arp String Ensemble Solina is sold as is because of it’s age.” Link

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“Hi folks. this auction is for a brilliant Solina String Synthesizer. Made in Holland, this was the predecessor to all the Arp string synth gear. Arp bought out the Solina brand and starting manufacturing it themselves. Sort of like the mellotron / harry chamberlin story, but perhaps less evil! In any case, this thing is really really really awesome. I love it and I wouldn’t be letting it go if I didn’t need the money. cosmetically, it’s not impeccable, but has no offensive aesthetic blemishes. functionally, it’s beautiful.” Link

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“This is in great overall condition. All buttons, faders and keys function correctly and it sounds superb. The condition of the wooden casing is obviously worn, but in line with its age. I think this is classed as the Mk 2 version – still the sought after mono outputs, but also trigger and gate outputs. Please feel free to ask any questions or request high res photos.” Link

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“insgesamt guter Zustand. folgende Mängel sind mir aufgefallen:
cis/des die erste schwarze von links ist bei den oberen sounds viola usw. auf dauersustain, also klingt immer mit sustain. bei den bassounds arbeitet sie normal.
schalter für violin sound hat einen wackelkontakt, also sound kommt nur wenn man ihn etwas hin und her bewegt.
ein kleine verfärbung auf einer taste von vermutlich abgelegter zigarette.
eine taste in der mitte hängt etwas tiefer weil dort das kabel drumgewickelt war als das teil in der ecke stand, funktioniert aber einwandfrei.” Link

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“In good physical shape with a few light scratches here and there.
Item powers up and sounds perfectly. All buttons and functions work.
Low G key is partially broken off as pictured, but still works and sounds well struck.
Low A key has been broken and glued back together, but still works and sounds when played.
Highest C key is very sticky and almost frozen. It still sounds when you press it all the way down, but needs some work.
Includes Anvil Style Case for easy shipping. ” Link

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“Item is in great condition and does light up when plugged in, however, that is the only way I have of testing it. It does look like someone made legs and brackets for it, they do not look factory.” Link

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“Vintage 70’s ARP SOLINA STRING ENSEMBLE Analog Synthesizer w/ Case VIDEO!

Description: What a lovely analog classic!
Here is a 70’s Solina String Ensemble made by Eminent of Holland for ARP
This is the String Synthesizer you hear on EVERYTHING from the 1970’s.
Comes fully functional with custom fitted anvil case.
There is one good visible nick in the wood on the front left side of the board. (see photo)
There is a small not so visible nick on the bottom of the right corner side piece as well.
There is also cushion from the padding inside the case residue on the back of the ARP. (see photo)
This should be able to be removed, I just didn’t want to take the chance of irritating the finish.
Some small scratches, bumps and wear to the edges from use. It was obviously gigged in the past.
It has some wear to the modulation logo. (see photo)
Sounds warm, dreamy, creamy and delicious! Just the way a Solina should!” Link

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“Series 76
No. 01311202
Manufactured by B.V. Eminent, Bodegraven, Holland

Das legendäre String-Ensemble mit dem amtlichen Sound!

Kenner wissen, worum es geht. Die anderen schauen sich bei und um.

Das hier angebotene Instrument steht versandfertig bereit. Beim Einpacken war es in gutem Zustand. In zweieinhalb Jahrzehnten hat es seinen Platz im Zimmer nur einmal verlassen zum Reparaturversuch der Bass-Register, leider erfolglos. Die beiden Register (Contrabass/Cello) waren sowieso nur monophon, und nur auf der linken Hand.

Alle anderen Register sind voll polyphon spielbar.” Link

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“Zum Verkauf steht hier ein Solina String Ensemble von Eminent. Es stammt aus der letzten Generation und ist daher Stereo, welches dem Chorus deutlich mehr „Volumen“ verleiht. Das Instrument war bei mir wie auch beim Vorbesitzer nur im Studio im Einsatz. Es ist vor einiger Zeit von einem renommierten Vintage-Spezialisten überholt worden und befindet sich optisch und technisch in einem super Zustand (Sammlerstück!).

Zusätzlich ist von dem Vintage-Spezilalisten ein externer Eingang eingebaut worden, wobei nicht in den originalen Signalweg eingegriffen wurde (die Modifikation lässt sich jederzeit mit wenig Aufwand wieder rückbauen). Somit ist es möglich, den berühmten Chorus für externe Audioquellen (Synthesizer, Gitarre usw.) zu verwenden. Der Solina String Ensemble wird dabei einfach wie ein Effektgerät in den mono Signalweg eingeschliffen und gibt dann ein Stereosignal mit Chorus zurück. Ich kann versichern, dass es ziemlich gut klingt, wenn z.B. Streicher aus einem digitalen oder VA-Synthi mit dem analogen Chorus versehen werden und das Signal anschließend wieder mit dem Original zusammenmischt wird (plötzlich haben die Streicher die Wärme und Tiefe, die man nur von analogen Synthis her kennt). Allerdings muss hierfür – bei ausgeschaltetem eigenem Klang – eine Taste heruntergedrückt werden, um die Hüllkurve auszulösen (habe ich mit einem kleinen Gewicht gemacht, wie einst JMJ ;-)). Darüber hinaus kann auch der eigene Klang mit dem der externen Audioquelle zusammengemischt werden, welches ebenfalls ganz neue Klangmöglichkeiten eröffnet.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“The Solina String Ensemble is a multi-orchestral machine with violin, viola, trumpet, horn, cello and contrabass. Crescendo and sustain controls replace attack and decay (which sound more orchestral but are the same thing). This synth really makes a great string sound and has gate and trigger outs from the polyphonic keyboard.
This keyboard comes completely encased in wood panels with a clean and discrete layout. It’s old and often thought of as THE String Machine of the late 1970’s, and has been used by everyone: Air, The Eagles, Elton John, Pink Floyd, The Cure, Joy Division, OMD, Josh Wink, Kraftwerk, Stevie Wonder, STYX, Tangerine Dream, Keane, Japan, and New Order.
This particular unit is marked as Series 12, Number 0088031.
This item is in very good, near mint and working condition. The only flaw is the 21st key is slightly raised but it doesn’t affect play.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“Da die Funktion nicht eindeutig geprüft werden kann und von uns keiner Ahnung von dem Gerät hat, wird dieses Instrument als defektes Bastlergerät verkauft!
Das String Ensemble wurde eingeschaltet und die rote Lampe leuchtet. Weitere Prüfungen können leider nicht vorgenommen werden. Die Beurteilung erfolgt rein optisch.
Das Gehäuse ist nicht mehr auffindbar. Eine Keyboardtaste wurde mal notdürftig repariert (siehe Bild). Zwei rote Kappen fehlen. Zwei Regler sind abgebrochen, lassen sich aber mit Fingernagel oder spitzen Gegenstand gut bewegen.
Im Netz finden sich viele Videos und Informationen zu diesem String Ensemble.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“Vintage 1970s ARP / Eminent Solina String Ensemble Synthesizer.

Description from The Solina String Ensemble is often thought of as THE String Machine of the late 1970’s disco era. It’s a multi-orchestral machine with violin, viola, trumpet, horn, cello and contrabass. Instead of attack and decay there are crescendo and sustain controls (which sound more orchestral but are the same thing).

These were made in Holland by Eminent & badged with an ARP logo for the US.

This example has cosmetic issues (markings & chunks in case – see pics for details), but is fully functional and sounds great.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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” Up for bid is my arp string ensemble(SE-IV). Everything works 100% with the exception of the highest A. The actuator has slipped out of place, it’s not currently triggering. Other than that, all voices,crescendo,volume,bass,etc. work properly. Two of the red sliders were recently replaced with identical ones from vintage vibe. ” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.