ARP, Pro DGX @ 07 June 2017, Comments Off on ARP Pro DGX

” Arp pro dgx , fully restored , all tantalum capacitors replaced , power supply upgraded , key bushings replaced , TOUCH sensor fully working ” Link

ARP, Pro DGX @ 26 April 2017, Comments Off on ARP Pro DGX

“ARP Pro DGX Synthesizer. Item is in working condition, but after this item leaves our premesis, we cannot be responsible for its functionality or condition. Item is sold as is with no returns Buyer pays shipping costs.” Link

ARP, Pro DGX @ 04 May 2016, Comments Off on ARP Pro-DGX

dgx ” Biete hier meinen ARP Pro DGX an .

Sehr guter Zustand , technisch und optisch .

Wird mit Case geliefert

Privatverkauf unter Ausschluss von Garantie, Gewähr und Rücknahme. ” Link

ARP, Pro DGX @ 24 February 2016, Comments Off on ARP Pro/DGX

1977 ARP PRO/DGX Soloist Analog Synthesizer Early Model
Arp pro dgx pro soloist 2733
SERiAL # 359 super rare

Power supply just fixed,
Checked over by technician
Work needed:
2,Key contacts / buss bar and j wires tarnished, hasnt been cleaned in years. Will clean up nice, and come back like new. Good thing is the contacts and bar are not worn or crooked from novice cleaning, its nice and pristen. It the typically poor connectivity that ocurs when not using, or cleaned
3,Touch sensor needs replacing
Decided to save the $ on the repair tech and give the option for the buyer to clean, and keep the price lower

This seems to be the rarest, along with the white first soloist.” Link

ARP, Pro DGX @ 11 November 2015, Comments Off on ARP Pro/DGX Project Machine

dgx “Arp 2720 S/N 2720 – 0180A for parts. Power indicator comes on but no other leds and no output.” Link

ARP, Pro DGX @ 24 June 2015, Comments Off on ARP Pro/DGX

pro-dgx“We recently acquired the contents of a music store that has been closed for decades. We’re early in the process of separating the trash from the treasure and this is a treasure for sure!
This is an ARP PRO/DGX (Soloist/DGX) Model 2720. This synth has a low serial number of 2720 0385 and uses the more desirable 4034 filter. It’s in pretty good overall condition, but it does need some work. It was stored in a dusty warehouse so it could use a thorough cleaning. It is missing: two slider knobs (sliders still work), one of the tilt screw feet from the bottom, some of the screws inside that hold the wooden sides on, and the sheet music rest back. We cleaned the key contacts and all of the notes sound. When I first powered it up all of the touch sensor features worked, but now I can only get the pitch and volume to work consistently. Some keys seem to trigger the aftertouch easier than others. I’m only capable of doing very rudimentary repairs, so I can’t troubleshoot the cause. Portamento works great. Repeat works, but doesn’t seem to work on all of the voices. Octave Transpose works, but the switch should be cleaned. The other issue that I noticed is, when you first power it on, all of the voices can be selected, but, after playing around with it for a little while, the first half of the voice buttons select sounds from the second half. (Meaning the “Bassoon” button will select “French Horn” instead)” Link

ARP, Pro DGX @ 04 March 2015, Comments Off on ARP Pro DGX

arp pro dgx” Cosmetics very good, 8/9 of 10? All silkscreen good, end caps no scratches, gouges. No dents, scratches (a few pin point spots, mostly across the top). The top paint looks a bit faded in bright light. The holes on top where the music stand went have some wear around them (lost the stand). All switches, sliders, knobs and LEDs work. Tested multiple combinations of the aftertouch effects (including all at once) and they work. Portamento, repeat, octave, brilliance, touch sensitivity, vibrato speed ok. Not much variation in volume when you adjust the slider, not active until upper third of slider range, but I keep my volume levels on max. Did not test portamento switch or the high output.

Key wires/aftertouch assembly needs cleaning/adjustment, some notes don’t trigger always right away (C1,Eb1,E,C2,D2,Eb2,A3,C4 – these I noticed most, others every now and then) Sometimes they will not trigger, needs a second press, sometimes a double trigger. Sometimes playing legato will have a slight pitch wobble.Preset doesn’t seem to matter, though some appear better than others (those that have a longer release time). I’m thinking a professional cleaning will fix those glitches. All presets sound. When you turn on the unit it takes a few seconds before the power light turns on – I’ve noticed this on other ARPs (I sold a Little Brother a couple of months ago that did the same thing, and I have an AXXE that works the same way). Vintage gear sold as is.” Link

ARP, Pro DGX @ 31 December 2014, Comments Off on ARP Pro DGX

pro dgx” I am selling my Arp pro-dgx , this is an old synth and it may not work perfectly and properly , this synth needs an adaptor for convert 220 volt to 110 volt for use in the U.S.” Link

ARP, Pro DGX @ 03 September 2014, Comments Off on ARP Pro DGX

prodge ” ARP PRO DGX SYNTHESIZER GUTE ZUSTANDE keine garantie und ruckgabe” Link

ARP, Pro DGX @ 06 August 2014, Comments Off on ARP Pro DGX

“Offering this used ARP Pro/DGX synthesizer. A classic keyboard that shows cosmetic wear (see pictures) and needs to be cleaned and fixed, hence the low starting price. I would love restore this incredible instrument to its playable potential, but I don’t have the time or space. Please let me know if you have any questions or comments. I would love to help and put this synth in a good home.” Link

ARP, Pro DGX @ 21 May 2014, Comments Off on ARP Pro DGX

Zum Angebot steht hier ein sehr schönes Sammlerstück. Der Zustand ist technisch ok (inkl. Aftertouch-Fuktionen) und am Gehäuse geringe Gebrauchsspuren. Die Fotos sollten das gut dokumentieren.

Das Gerät ist für 220 Volt Betriebsspannung ausgelegt und kann daher direkt am Stromnetz betrieben werden.

Es handelt sich hier um ein rund 30 Jahre altes Gerät, was für sein Alter in einem hervorragendem Zustand ist. Die Kratzer auf der Rückseite sind der größte optische Mangel, aber fallen in der Regel kaum auf, das das Gerät ja von vorne gespielt wird.

Soundtechnisch entfaltet das Gerät seine Stärke beim Spiel, da es durch die Aftertouch-Funktion eine sehr vielseitige Dynamik entwickelt.

Das Gerät wird sehr sorgfältig verpackt, weil besonders die überstehenden Tasten geschützt werden müssen.” Link

ARP, Pro DGX @ 21 May 2014, Comments Off on ARP Pro DGX

“I am selling my Arp pro-dgx , this is an old synth and it may not work perfectly and properly , this synth needs an adaptor for convert 220 volt to 110 volt for use in the U.S.
I bought and kept this synth 15 years ago as an Antique not for use ,but if you want to buy for using it you must do complete service ” Link

ARP, Pro DGX @ 02 April 2014, Comments Off on ARP Pro DGX

“Hello! Thanks for checking out my link, this is a arp dgx pro. Very rare keyboard. It’s 100% analog and from late 1970s. This keyboard works, everything on it works it just is in old condition. It’s missing screws on the top front by the keyboard, which isn’t a problem unless you flip it upside down, it opens up on a long hinge on the back. It’s take like 3-5 small stews to just screw in not a problem. One to two keys is a little flimsy, what I mean is, you sometimes gotta push down harder and wiggle it, but sometimes you don’t. There are four sliders on the right, two are missing the original knobs, but you can still use them, the octave slider has broken off but but you can still switch it with like a tool. All sounds work but sometimes you gotta push down harder or hit it like 6 time and it goes. All touch features work, and the output also work. ”

ARP, Pro DGX @ 05 March 2014, Comments Off on ARP Pro DGX

“Great Condition

All presets works and sound good

Switched and sliders could use a cleaning but function fine

One key is chipped

Touch Sensitivity option is weak sounding” Link

ARP, Pro DGX @ 25 December 2013, Comments Off on ARP Pro/DGX

“This instrument was owned by one of its designers – Alan R Pearlman. Vintage, all original parts, in excellent condition.” Link

ARP, Pro DGX, Pro Soloist @ 23 October 2013, Comments Off on Arp Pro DGX

“ARP A R P 2720 Pro Soloist DGX Digital Synthesizer, available in our Niles Il (Chicago area) store for testing and pickup only. NO SHIPPING. This unit has about half of the sounds functioning, some of the rest produce “ghost tones” and some do not. Controls/Faders do work. Includes a non-original period and sturdy hard shell case. Sold as is due to our lack of space and time, with over 100 amplifiers awaiting service we have no time or bench/storage space to devote to this. Maybe an easy fix, maybe not, sold as is. Again, local pickup only.” Link

ARP, Pro DGX @ 18 September 2013, Comments Off on ARP Pro DGX

“1977 ARP PRO-DGX synthesizer. We do not have a chord to plug in the synthesizer and see if it work; so it is being sold AS-IS. The screws have been removed and are missing from the ‘service lid’. It does not appear to have any damage on the inside of the boards or missing any of the wires. The fuse appears to still be good. Missing parts include: the ‘Flute’ button, the ‘PORTAMENTO Speed’ Slider, and the ‘Vibrato / Repeat Speed’ Knob.” Link

ARP, Pro DGX @ 29 May 2013, Comments Off on ARP Pro DGX

“This particular unit has been tested and is in working condition, aside from a few keys’ aftertouch function that are less sensitive to playing.” Link

ARP, Pro DGX @ 20 March 2013, Comments Off on ARP Pro DGX

“Gebrauchter ARP Vintage Synthesizer


im Guten Zustand

wird im Flyth Cases geliefert

Wer hat Spaß an diesem ersten
Preset Synthi
Echt geiles Teil ” Link

ARP, Pro DGX @ 23 January 2013, Comments Off on ARP PRO / DGX




Only the power light comes on, none of the other lights come on. No sound from any of the keys and none of the other buttons respond. Has scratch and scuff marks and one hole on the bottom board. Selling as not working or for parts only.” Link

ARP, Pro DGX @ 12 December 2012, Comments Off on ARP Pro / DGX

“This unit fires up, but only about half of the sounds play, and which ones seems to “change” as you mess with it. The “Portamento” switch is broken, and it is missing 3 out of 4 slider knobs. I’m not sure that the “Brilliance” slider is working, but the after-touch seems to work except for the highest two keys. I only noticed 4 keys with “dirty contacts” but the rest work fine. The power cord is taped up where it enters the unit. A good “fixer-upper”, or for parts to fix another DGX.” Link

ARP, Pro DGX @ 10 October 2012, Comments Off on ARP Pro DGX Project Machine

” Biete einen sehr seltenen Analog-Synthi ARP PRO-DGX (dies ist der Nachfolger des ARP-ProSoloist, mit dem die Synthi-Sounds der alten Genesis-Platten gespielt wurden und diesem sehr ähnlich).

Leider befindet sich das Gerät in einem eher bedauernswerten Zustand. Einige Tasten fehlen bzw. wurden gegen nicht originale ausgetauscht. Er gibt zwar einige Töne von sich, normal spielbar ist er aber so nicht. Daher biete ich ihn hier ausdrücklich als nicht funktionsfähig an!

Daher bitte nur bieten, wenn Sie Liebhaber alter Synthesizer sind und dieses Gerät restaurieren möchten !!

Es handelt sich um eine Privatauktion, keine Gewährleistung oder Rücknahme möglich. Bieten Sie nur wenn Sie hiermit einverstanden sind.” Link

ARP, Pro DGX @ 19 September 2012, Comments Off on ARP Pro DGX

” Arp ProSoloist DGX in very good condition. Excellent functionality. Cosmetically-overall very good but does have a few scratches (which prior owner tried to touch up on back “ARP” logo ,see photo) .If you don’t know much about the ProSoloist , check out Vintage Synth Explorer on line or check out the YouTube vids. This model was used by a variety of keyboardists like Tony Banks who used this as his sole synth from 1974 through 1978. It produced all the synthesizer sounds on five Genesis albums before Banks switched over to the ARP 2600 and Quadra. This 37 key monophonic synth has 30 presets which can be modulated with six different effects like pitchbend, wow,brilliance, growl, vibrato, & volume through aftertouch.Great ARP filter. Also has octave transposer and portamento control and speed for vibrato.This ARP was professionally serviced and modified by New England Analog with the following:

all capacitors were replaced
the sliders were replaced with new smooth sliders capped with colored LEDs for live night time performance( See New England Analog website and gallery photo of this mod)
a new 1/4″ output jack was created in addition to the existing jack to improve sound quality.
a new pressure sensitive rail kit was added by NEA for aftertouch( check out this mod on eBay search under Arp synthesizer if you want NEA to modify any of your ARPs). The original aftertouch PS pads wear out within a few years according to Phil Dodd from ARP. This new rail and pad uses materials that were not available back in 1976 so the aftertouch on this Arp is wonderfully responsive and will last a lifetime. Much more so than the original design. ” Link

ARP, Pro DGX @ 29 August 2012, Comments Off on ARP Pro DGX

” Vintage Analog Monosynth ARP Pro/DGX with Aftertouch. Made in Lexington, Massachusetts. As used by Gary Numan on Telekon. The first two preset buttons are a little sticky and the brilliance slider could do with a clean. Other than that, and a few small marks here and there on the paintwork, this synth is in great condition for its age. It was last serviced in 2003, so it could probably do with a service (if you are looking at this ad you will know how regularly vintage analog gear needs to be serviced). The instrument comes with a high quality, fur-lined soft case by Protection Racket of Cornwall. The Pro/DGX sounds phenomenal. I’ll really miss this instrument, but needs must. Nothing else sounds like an Arp. If you have always wanted to get hold of authentic Arp sounds but have baulked at the price of an Odyssey, here is your chance to pick up a real bargain.” Link

ARP, Pro DGX @ 25 July 2012, Comments Off on ARP Pro/DGX

“i got this in a trade years ago.
it powered up and functioned normally except half of the keys didnt work.
i never got around to working on it or having it repaired it just sort of sat and got dusty.
missing one of the slider knobs.
one of the keys is broken but the synth made some really cool sounds.
i am relisting it with no reserve starting at 99 cents because i plugged it in today and it didnt seem to be working properly.
it did make sound but not the way i remember. something might have gotten corroded from sitting or maybe i didnt spend enough time fiddling with the controls.
powers up, makes noise.” Link

ARP, Pro DGX @ 18 July 2012, Comments Off on ARP Pro/DGX Project Machine

“i got this in a trade years ago.
it powered up and functioned normally except half of the keys didnt work.
i never got around to working on it or having it repaired it just sort of sat and got dusty.
missing one of the slider knobs.
one of the keys is broken but the synth makes some really cool sounds.

i have always thought this would be an easy fix but i never did it so i dont know for sure.
sold as-is” Link

ARP, Pro DGX @ 06 June 2012, Comments Off on ARP Pro DGX

“Everything looks and works great. All pressure-sensitive aftertouch effects work great. All lights, switches and sliders work.” Link

ARP, Pro DGX @ 06 June 2012, Comments Off on ARP Pro DGX

“This is an arp dgx keyboard, the second last version of the soloists. just before they went to the super heavy ones. These have an aluminum case so they are still very light.

It sounds really great, the perfect companion to an electric piano. Just flip the buttons and get instantly useable lead sounds. This one has probably had very little use in its life its extremely clean, I’ve had no problems with it at all. The keys on this dgx are perfect, very consistent, fast action. Aftertouch works. All the switches work, all the sounds work perfectly. Not much to say about about this keyboard, its awesome.

It comes with a decent road case, not a flight case but definitely good enough for gigging. It will add to the shipping cost, I might be able to ship without it as well. ” Link

ARP, Pro DGX @ 23 May 2012, Comments Off on ARP Pro/DGX

“Here’s the ARP Pro/DGX preset synth from the late 1970’s. The overall condition is fairly good although it has seen better days. It was serviced back in 2003 and appears to be in working order.
I am selling this keyboard to save space. I have never gigged with it. It also comes with a gig bag as well.” Link

ARP, Pro DGX @ 08 February 2012, Comments Off on ARP Pro DGX

“ich biete hier ein monophone Analog Synthesizer von Marke ARP (Pro-DGX PRO-SOLOIST) im sehr guten, originalen Zustand an.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

ARP, Pro DGX @ 21 December 2011, Comments Off on ARP Pro DGX

“Der Synthesizer ist komplett fachlich geprüft und gewartet worden. Alle Funktionen arbeiten einwandfrei. Den optischen Zustand würde ich in Anbetracht seines Alters als sehr gut bezeichnen. Es sind lediglich ein paar Kratzer vorhanden (siehe Bilder). ” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

ARP, Pro DGX @ 03 August 2011, Comments Off on ARP Pro DGX

“This is the early version of the PRO-DGX. This is the one that has the same filter as the Pro-Soloist but is easier to changes patches due to the updated design. This is the keyboard which Tony Banks of Genesis made famous.

It has been serviced and repaired. This took place in June 2010. Someone in the past had modified the power transfomer and I had that modification reversed and a new power supply installed. It was given a clean bill of health.

Physical condition I would call a 7.5/10. There is what appears to be some type of tape residue on the top and one key has some type of marking on it.

The keyboard action is still excellent. I cannot verify whether the bushings were ever replaced.

The one deficiency which has recently arisen is that the touch sensor for pitch bend requires alot of pressure to actually bend pitch. So please be aware that this specific function IS NOT working and would require repair. The touch sensor for wow, growl, brilliance, volume and vibrato work. The portamento works great. The repeat function works great. I will post a video soon!

Also included is a custom road case!” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

ARP, Pro DGX @ 06 July 2011, Comments Off on Arp Pro DGX

“Every function of this ground breaking synth works, including the original Arp portamento footswitch. A brand new motherboard was installed in the 80’s by the Chicago Musical Instrument tech dept., that’s why the control knobs and voice buttons are red. She has been completely gone over by my tech and is 100% functional. The first series Pro Soloists had a key/pitch drift problem and that’s why they were replaced/upgraded with the Pro DGX. This is a one owner instrument and that would be me. She responds to every keystroke and all pitch, after touch etc. functions are 100%. Killer tone. The Pro/DGX is a thirty preset monophonic analog synth. The Pro/DGX has electronic switching (touch buttons) between its preset sounds whereas the older Pro-Soloist had circuit-based switching (rocker switches). It has 30 preset sounds to choose from, including Flute, Bassoon, Brass, Fuzz Guitar etc. Other features included pitch, portamento, vibrato, growl and wow effects. The keyboard has 37 keys with aftertouch sensitivity for volume, brilliance, vibrato, wow, growl, and even bend effects (all at once if you desire!). A few basic filter, envelope and LFO controls allow some tweaking of the preset sounds, however there is no memory to store your settings. I’m putting a FAIR ‘BIN’ price on this one. Look it up on the net to see all of the classic groups that have and ARE using this keyboard and then check the other prices and come back and get this one. You’ll be glad you did. One owner. Studio use only.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

ARP, Pro DGX @ 08 June 2011, Comments Off on ARP Pro/DGX

“This Arp is is in great condition. The keys are level, sliders are smooth, the aftertouch and presets all work. Add delay and you’re in heaven. (spec lifted from VSE) Specifications Polyphony – Monophonic Oscillators – 1 VCO LFO – Yes Filter – Yes with 1 slider “Brilliance” VCA – Yes Keyboard – 37 keys with aftertouch routable to volume, brilliance, vibrato, wow, and bend. Arpeg/Seq – None Control – None Date Produced – 1977-1980 ” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

ARP, Pro DGX @ 13 April 2011, Comments Off on ARP Pro DGX

“I am selling my Arp Pro/DGX. Its been a long time since I have heard the Pro Soloist in a while but I am pretty sure this DGX has the good filter from the Soloist in it. See the video, to see for yourself. The Pro/DGX works great. Everything works on it and it looks fantastic. Actually, the LED light for one of the sounds doesnt light up but the sound still works. ” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.