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usedmom “Arp Omni 2 Model 2473 for parts / repair (with Anvil case)

This is a non-working Arp Omni Mark 2! It is complete as far as parts, keys, components, etc. are concerned, and is only missing the pot slider caps.

This unit doesn’t play a note! It is purely a “fixer upper” or useful for parts. It does power on, and all lighted switches turn off and on… but the most it does right now is produce the infamous electrical clicking noise (through the “SYNTH,” “STRINGS,” and “BASS” outputs) when keys are pressed, followed by a faint click noise when those keys are released. Physically, it is in decent shape for its age, with the expected scratches and dings here and there from transport; the control panel, sliders, buttons, and keys are all good; no keys are chipped, and they are fairly even across except for two or three [See pictures.].

The blue balloon tantalum key capacitors were all replaced several years ago with electrolytics. The power supply tantalum and electrolytic capacitors were replaced with new electrolytics as well. The phaser circuit board and other electronics are all present.

If you have a good tech—or a fair amount of free time of your own—this could be a worthwhile project. (My studio unit is identical to this one, and it is one I bought non-working for cheap and fixed up.)

Arp Omnis are great synths: they offer a nice set of analog string sounds, a basic synth with simple, changeable parameters, and a bass section as well. All of these can be combined, too. Plus, there are two on-board effects: a phaser and a “wave enhancement” feature, too, which does _____ that makes things sound real cool…. Finally, the Omni is polyphonic through divide down circuitry (except for the bass section when it is activated; I think that is low note priority monophonic if I recall correctly).

The Anvil case is missing the original foam (which I removed because it had decayed into uselessness), but the Arp will be wrapped in a new foam mattress cover/pad… which will have the same cushioning result.” Link

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omni2 “Up for auction is an ARP Omni II synthesizer in excellent condition cosmetically and functionally. ” Link

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omni2 “Up for auction is an ARP Omni II synthesizer in excellent condition cosmetically and functionally.” Link

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omni2 ” This is a used, working ARP Omni-2 in good condition. I purchased this from its original owner several years ago. When I purchased the keyboard, it was not working, so I paid a technician to recap and fix the unit. It is now working, and is a great vintage keyboard for the recording studio, particularly for the fake string sounds and the surprisingly versatile synth feature. I love this keyboard, but I’m also downsizing my studio and this is one of the keyboards that I’ve decided that will go.

Because this is a 40 year old instrument, this keyboard has a few quirks. Here are the quirks that I’m aware of. (Note that there could be additional quirks that I am not aware of, as I have never used some of the jacks on the back, like the Synthesizer Interface jacks.) I mention these quirks to describe the condition of the instrument as accurately as possible:

If you press down the lowest C key on the keyboard, the connection sounds intermittent…until the keyboard has been on for about an hour or so. I suspect there’s a capacitor somewhere in the path of this key that is causing this problem, but I don’t know enough about electronics to fix it myself. Suffice to say, if you leave the keyboard on for about an hour, this problem tends to disappear and the key plays fine. Or you can just choose to ignore the lowest key on the keyboard, as I have for the past several years.
The lowest Eb key has a mechanical “clickety clack” sound when you release the key. This does not affect the sound coming out of the synth. It’s purely a mechanical quirk in the keyboard mechanism itself that sounds like one of those old noisy IBM PC computer keyboards. None of the other keys demonstrate that mechanical clickety clack sound upon releasing a key.
The signal to noise ratio is much better if you use the individual Strings/Synth/Bass audio outputs instead of the main output. In fact, I recommend not using the main output at all.

Besides fixing and recapping the instrument, the technician also replaced the slider end pieces (not the slider pots themselves), as many of the end pieces had become brittle and broke off. Some of the original slider end pieces are included in a plastic bag. All of the sliders work, though they have a slightly sticky feel. From what I’ve read, that is possibly how they’ve always been, even when the keyboard was new. There are some cosmetic scratches on the case. All of the buttons and their associated LEDs work. A power cable is included.

Also included are extra electronic parts for the keyboard. I believe some of these are new parts, and some of these are old parts that were originally in the keyboard. If you’re a technician or if you have to give this keyboard to a technician, you’ll probably want to also have these parts on hand just in case. ” Link

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mini-2 “Up for auction is an ARP Omni II synthesizer in excellent condition.
All buttons and sliders work properly. Volume slider is scratchy.” Link

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omni2 “You are bidding on a used Arp Omni 2 for parts or repair. Item does not power up and has some noticeable scratches on the top of the case. Item is sold AS IS – no returns.” Link

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omni2 “ARP Omni II for repair or parts . I cannot get any sound from this unit but I may not have it hooked up correctly .
It does power up and indicator lights do light up though . Have a look at the pictures for condition details .
Some keys and most of the fader / sliders are in need of a good cleaning as they are stuck or hard to move .” Link

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omni_2 “Vintage ARP Omni 2 Synthesizer.

This unit is being sold “AS IS” for parts.

Please view all pictures up close.

Here are some of the issues.

Cracked key, missing some control knobs, cosmetic wear. There are also some loose parts rattling around inside.” Link

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omni_2 “Vintage ARP Omni 2 Synthesizer.

This unit is being sold “AS IS” for parts.

Please view all pictures up close.

Here are some of the issues.

Cracked key, missing some control knobs, cosmetic wear. There are also some loose parts rattling around inside.” Link

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used omni 2 “Some slider ends missing, one button, dusty, powers on, plays bass section nicely, top end seems out of tune, all lights activate, envelope and sound control seem to work.. There are 3 keys that are not activating Low C and 3rd F and F# are dead.. Needs complete overhaul and service to be at 100 percent. Although the keyboard doesn’t seem uneven to play you can see some warping if you look at the keys from the underside. Also I hear a screw that is loose on the inside of the casing”

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omni_2 “Arp Omni – 2 Model 2473 in fair condition. It has been sitting for some years, I plugged it into an amp and was able to make sounds out of it although I do not know how to use it so I cannot comment on it’s functionality as originally built. It is missing a plastic slider knob as seen in the pictures. It is for sale as is, I do not have the ability to test it beyond the mono output low/high level and by pushing the buttons and moving the sliders. Everything did something, some of the sliders were scratchy. I do not know if it did the right thing. Buy this as a working example of an old synth that will require a complete maintenance to get it to giggable condition.” Link

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omni2 Link

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omnii “This beast has been with me for years. She powers up and plays but 1 key is sticky and doesn’t always make a sound, another makes a sound but holds no sustain. The synth section is a bit scratchy, the sliders are sticky, the Hollow waveform button is missing, it needs to be recapped. Basically it needs an overhaul. So it’s sold as is. I’ve had this Omni for years and Ive played it in bands for the last 8 years but it’s time she go’s to someone who will give her the love she needs. Sold as is-no returns.” Link

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omni2 “So here is a beautiful condition cosmetically Arp Omni 2 from Hannett’s personal synth cache and in particular his collection of Omni 2s found in the Hannett cache during the making of the documentary on him.
It is in a full flight case and a lot of the keyboard and button functions work but it could do with a service.
This is a real piece of history as Hannett’s synths and or ideas he worked out on his synths were used on so many records that he produced.Joy Division, John Cooper Clarke, U2, Stone roses, Magazine, Happy Mondays, New Order.” Link

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used omni2“Here we have vintage mid 1970′s Arp Omni 2 String Bass Synthesizer.
The unit is in need of service as many Omni synths are at this point.
The board powers up, all lights work but the cello button.
The Omni does not pass an audio signal.
There is one broken key and a broken slider. (see photo)
Cosmetic condition is good with wear in areas you would expect from age and use. (see photos)
Some scratching to the paint on top. Probably from another keyboard laying on top.
Item is being sold as is for repair or for parts.” Link

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omni_2“ARP Omni 2 String and Bass Synthesizer
Classic synth, used by Joy Division amongst other classics


This unit is for parts or repair. It powers up, but no sound comes out of any outputs.

I bought this unit from an Arp collector who had several units of almost every synth Arp created. He didn’t have time to repair it and I bought it with the intention of repairing it myself, but I just don’t have the time at this point. This unit has been partially repaired, as it looks like all of the tantalum capacitors have been replaced, which is one of the more labor intensive jobs when it comes to repairing this synth. Aside from that, I do not know what else has been done or what is wrong.

It does have some extra jacks on the rear, though they don’t appear to be connected to anything. It looks like at some point, someone was going to add some modifications to it, but I have no idea what. There are also two switches on the front panel, under LFO Speed and Mix. Not sure what they are doing. They should be pretty easy to just remove and return this to stock unit while repairing.

Cosmetically, the unit looks very good and pretty clean. All of the slider caps are missing however. Look at the pictures below for more details on cosmetic condition.” Link

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komni-2 “Up for sale is a beautiful ARP Omni Mk 2 in excellent 9/10 condition.
Comes with power supply

The Omni is working perfectly all keys work and play perfectly. The sliders, knobs, and switches all work flawlessly. A synth like this is very hard to find specially in this condition. It does have a couple small scratches on top of the unit (pictured above) but other than that its in excellent condition” Link

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arpomni2“Vintage analog keyboard in very good condition. There are minor scratches on the side, but unit works fine. I will personally deliver the item if buyer is within the 5 boroughs of New York City area.” Link

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Condition: This unit is sold for parts or repair. I plugged it in and it made faint sounds before a burning smell started coming out. It was shut down and no further testing was done. No idea what the problem is or how difficult it would be to repair. Cosmetics are very good-there are a few knobs missing off the sliders, but the case, keys and switches are very good-the case has some scratches, but nothing major.” Link

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omnimk2“Good working condition, recent full service overhaul. New capacitors, switches, and key-bushings. Full calibration. All the control sliders have been cleaned. Expect some cosmetic blemishes from use of a vintage keyboard instrument. Mostly on the top and sides. The top has scratches and something on it that will not come off, but isn’t sticky or anything like that. This item has been extensively cleaned. Overall, cosmetic condition is fair. The outside metal case is solid and this item preforms well.” Link

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omni2“Up for auction today is an Arp Omni-2. We are selling this unit for parts/repair AS IS, with no extras or accessories. The unit does power on, and a few keys work. There are scratches/scuffs/rusting on the exterior of the unit, but no major cracks, dents, etc. Please consult the pictures closely before purchasing,” Link

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omni2“Up for auction is this non working Arp Omni 2 . Currently this unit does not power up so I can’t say what might be wrong. It is missing a few slider caps but otherwise is all there. I would say this unit is in ok condition showing lots of wear on the end caps. The keys are all level and feel tight the bushings are fine as well. All the buttons and sliders seem to move as they should. This would make a good unit to restore or even do a custom if you so choose.” Link

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used arp omni2“For sale is an Arp Omni synthesizer in nice condition. It shows some wear, as expected for a vintage synth, but it is Fully Functional & was just back from professional servicing by a top analog synth repair expert in the bay area, including a full recap of all the can & tantalum capacitors (which are notorious for shorting out on the Omni’s). Don’t risk buying a used one in unknown condition, this one will last you for years to come.” Link

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omni-2 “As shown in the pictures, there are some scratches to the unit. Most of the scratches are on the top. The unit still works very well. This is a consignment item from a professional musician.

This auction is for the unit only. You will need to get a new power cord.” Link

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omni2“You will have trouble finding a Arp Omni 2 in this condition in England .
Fully restored
all Tantalum capacitors replaced with electrylic
all bad CMOS chips replaced
Power supply upgraded from 15v down to 13v
Power Supply transcient volt upgrade
all original slider knobs

sliders are all working without crackles and pops ,, maybe a little dusty now and then , nothing major
Lowered price , release on synthesizer section only works when string release is up ,, only just noticed as i never hardly use synth section on it ,, this might be normal or maybe not ?
i restored this 4 years ago and its never let me down ” Link

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arpomni2 “Up for auction is an ARP Instruments INC. OMNI-2 Synthesizer. I got this out of a storage unit with a bunch of other equipment. I did plug it in to try it but got nothing. The only thing I did was open the lid to check for a fuse. No problem there. That’s where my knowledge ends. I know zero about these. Looks totally complete inside and out except for 2 missing knobs on the sliders. Being sold as is for repair. Local pick up is of course free and prefered. Thanks in advance and good luck.” Link

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omni2” Up for sale is a (1) vintage ARP Omni 2 synthesizer. It powers up, but there’s no sound coming out of it. That’s why we sell it as-is, for spares or parts only. The lights of the knobs are working fine. All faders and knobs will need a good cleaning. They are very dusty now. Optical it’s in used condition with a few scratches, some wear and tear, some rusty spots, the keyboard is nog straight, all the knobs of the faders are missing and the sides are been painted in black (see photo’s). It’s a 220-240V version and the serial number is: 24710296. ” Link

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You will have trouble finding a Arp Omni 2 in this condition in England .
Fully restored
all Tantalum capacitors replaced with electrylic
all bad CMOS chips replaced
Power supply upgraded from 15v down to 13v
Power Supply transcient volt upgrade
all original slider knobs

sliders are all working without crackles and pops ,, maybe a little dusty now and then , nothing major

i restored this 4 years ago and its never let me down ” Link

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arpomni2“If you’re familiar with this vintage instrument, then you’ll know you have just discovered the rarest of the rare! Apart from the usual wear & tear over time, this unit has been fully restored & is totally operational. Arp Omni 2 is analog wizardry at it’s finest! ” Link

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usedomni2 “This Arp is in great aesthetic condition, with all knobs and bits present
However it is not working at the moment, it requires a repair on the part that makes the top octave work, this isn’t an expensive job, and not complicated, would be good for someone who wants a small project to increase the value.
I have not used it for a while, its been stored inside a house, I used it a few years ago when I bought it in working condition, so i know its not far off this” Link

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omni2” This incredible Arp Omni-2 Stringer/Synth stopped working years ago. I have no way of fixing it. Sold as is.” Link

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omni2” I purchased this with the intention of restoring it. But I have not had the time to do it. There is sound coming from the string section of the synth but sometimes the audio stops. I have no idea what is wrong with the synth so it is being sold ‘as is’ no returns . ” Link

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“Vintage Arp Omni II for sale since I’m moving. This synth is all over albums like Joy Division’s “Closer.” Board in need of new capacitors and a basic OSC tuning, but is totally functional. Those of you familiar with the model know the Omni gets fussy with age but I just never got around to getting it to the shop. The “strings” and “synth” section can drone a little when the caps start failing, this can be somewhat reduced when fiddling with the Release. Cosmetically in good condition with only one slider cap missing (these are super replaceable). ” Link