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arplb ” For sale USED Vintage ARP Little Brother Synthesizer Expander

Model 2953

It is in very good visual and working condition.” Link

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little brother “Up for auction is an ARP Little Brother 2953.

Is it important to note that the physical condition of this unit is fair, but has not been fully tested. This is due to the fact that the ARP Odyssey 2800 that it originally came with (please see my other auction) does not currently produce audio. With this being said, there is a chance that the unit works perfectly, but there is also a chance that it does not function at all.” Link

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littlebrother “Good used condition. Recent service. Control panel cleaning and you calibration. A couple light cosmetic blemishes but overall good condition.” Link

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lb “Selling a working ARP Little Brother Collectible Vintage Synthesizer expansion unit in overall nice cosmetic condition. Checked out by local electronic shop and said to be working. Also including is the original ARP 2313 Synthesizer that is not working. Shop did not have schematic to diagnose problem when I had it there but I am told all components are not hard to get once the problem is diagnosed. They just did not want to take time to scope it with no schematic. I was able to download a 2300 service manual which looks very similar but this was after I picked it up from the shop so they probably could use that to diagnose but I am just going to sell it as is along with the Little Brother and let the buyer fix it or have someone fix it. It also is in very ice cosmetic condition. Both are rare early synthesizers and the 2313 is well worth fixing” Link

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arp_lil_b “Arp Little Brother in great working condition. Cosmetically fair, it is missing the Little Brother label on the front.” Link

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lb “Up for bids is an ARP Little Brother Synthesizer Expander. You can see the physical condition in the pictures. I have no idea how to test it, but when you plug it in the power switch lights up. I opened the bottom and took some pictures for you.I am selling this in as-is, untested, absolutely no returns condition.” Link

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little brother” Rare vintage 1970s ARP Little Brother analog synthesizer expander module. In excellent working and cosmetic condition. 100% complete. This Little Brother sounds as good as it looks. Works well with any standard 1V/octave analog synthesizers. ARP, Moog, Oberheim, etc. You’d be hard-pressed to find another Little Brother this nice as these units are getting harder and harder to find, especially in this condition.” Link

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This is a gorgeous little ARP combo in a very old original built case with lid and legs. You can see form the pics that conditon is excellent for the Axxe and overall for both units is pretty good although the Little Brother badge could do with some ‘reinvigorating’.

There is loads of info regarding these items online, but i would definitely say that the Little Brother is a very rare unit on its own, i’ve hardly ever seen these up for sale!!!

I paid a significant amount of money to have everything brought back to full ‘like new’ working order with Saint Eric- the boards have been washed, sliders repaired/lubed and Key contacts polished.” Link

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little brother “Soundmodul mit CV/Gate … ursprünglich als Ergänzung für div. Arp Synths gedacht.
Technisch und optisch alles ok. Klingt super, verkaufe ihn nur, weil ich Platz brauche. ACHTUNG: 110v US Strom!

Bitte beachtet auch meine anderen Auktionen!!
… und viel Spass beim bieten! ” Link

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little brother“Used ARP Little Brother synth expander, model 2953, SN# 29530133. Very good condition: main label on top has wear, some minor nicks in wood panels, silk screen legible, minor scuffs (see photos). Tested Cv, Gate, Trig IN, Audio and LFO out. Did not test CV, Gate and Trig Out. Tested with ARP Solus. 2 issues: 1) power doesn’t come on right away – takes 10 – 15 seconds if cold, then after 30 minutes will power on within a few seconds. Don’t know if that is normal behavour. 2) Output level is low: volume has to be up all the way and still the level is low. Don’t know if problem is with the slider or the VCA. Apart from that sounds like all waveshapes, Pitch Range (16,8,4,2), Pitch Bend, LFO work. Due to age and nature of vintage equipment, sold as is, no warranty. ARP unit only, nothing else seen in photos included. ” Link

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little brother“The is a ultra rare Little Brother in great working condition and was bought from a well known Bay Area Synth tech. The expansion module that turns your Odyssey, AXXE, 2500, 2600 into an amazing
Monster, also comes with a ARP Foot Pedal and some extra vintage documentation. This is an amazing package of original Arp items, that really are collectable and more importantly usable for the ultimate Arp sound and set up.” Link

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“The a ultra rare Little Brother is in great working condition and was bought from a well known Bay Area Synth tech. This is the expansion module that turns your Odyssey, AXXE, 2500, 2600 into an amazing
Monster, also comes with a ARP Foot Pedal and some extra vintage documentation. This is an amazing package of original Arp items, that really are collectable and more importantly usable for the ultimate Arp sound and set up.” Link

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“ARP Little Brother Expansion Module Very Rare

Another old vintage piece from the estate sale. The piece is in exceptionally good condition

Outside US Buyers contact me this

Unit is working, switches and sliders are working smoothly

Tested with currently listed arp sequencer and it seemed to work fine

4 Different wavelength switches work as intended

Waveform selector switches work as intended

Vibrato and delay vibrato are functioning

Sold as / is, Check my feedback” Link

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“Arp Little Brother – analog synth – rare odyssey / 2600

You Don’t see these too often. The Little Brother is essentially an extra VCO for use with any ARP synthesizer, giving you access to much thicker and fatter sounds than before.

you rarely see these in the uk and if you want to turn your odessy into a bigger beast like the 2600 then this is for you

Im selling this item for spares and repair – as i dont have an arp odyssey anymore so im unable to test it – it powers up and it makes sound but i cant be sure its 100% working – if its not it will be something very minor, as it does produce sound.” Link

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“The condition of this unit is excellent for its age. All the sliders work very well. All of the synth functions work perfectly. The irretating RCA type jacks have been replaced withh switchcraft 1/4″ jacks.” Link

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Up for auction is a hard to find, vintage ARP “Little Brother” Analog Synthesizer Expander, model #2951. This was previously auctioned off as a working unit. The electronic components were tested by a local music shop, and all seemed to be in working order. After the first auction, the new owner seemed to have trouble getting it to work and said he could not get any reading on the voltage meter on the outputs. Something may have been damaged during shipping? It is now being re-auctioned AS-IS for parts or repair. Cosmetically, it does show some normal wear (light scuffs, missing Little Brother ARP badge) and I’ll leave the stickers on the previous owner had on it. Could be a great piece for someone who has the knowledge to repair it!” Link

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“ARP Little Brother Oscillatior/Synth

ARP Little Brother Expander Module in terrific condition – w/genuine new old stock “ARP Little Brother Service/Parts Kit”

The ARP Little Brother Oscillatior/Synth Expander was originally conceived as the Odysseys’ companion #3 oscillator to compete with Moogs’ 3osc minimoog…It worked. Enter the worlds first plug/play of its kind!

This ARP Little Brother has been well-cared for, maintained and serviced (2yrs ago) whenever necessary & played as the ballzy
#3 Oscillator on the extraordinary Orange-model Arp Odyssey that I presently have listed on Ebay, (kindred spirits)
This Arps’ side-panels have
“great looking wood”, real 1970′s analogstuff!!
———— ——– —
Ok. here’s where rarity ends and 1-of-a-kindsness begins:
I am including an impossibly rare NOS Little Brother Service/Parts Kit, complete w/switches, knobs,
selectors, a chip, plastic caps…on & on.(kit cost me $150 just 10yrs ago)
There’s gotta be close too 18-20 nice NOS pieces [in factory sealed plastic] still left in the kit.
Historically on Ebay, you can pretty much count on seeing these kits like maybe 0.330X/year or so!! Genuine NOS ARP LB parts!!
… literally hens teeth.

Yep, Only ONE insightful select synthesist will own this Arp LB, a piece of sonic history. (w/the benefit of a “Repair Kit Insurance Policy”)…priceless!
Sale also includes the 4 labeled cv patch cords that sync up to cv inputs on ARP Odyssey & all synths w/CV capabilities…along with an electronic copy of the Arp Little Brother owners manual. ” Link

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with cables, original printed user manuals and CD ROM with service tech infos !



Download Detailed Photos : ARP-ODISSEY.rar

ARP ODISSEY ( 1978 )…………. s/n 0121 ( ! ! )
LITTLE BROTHER ( 1980 )….. s/n 29520014

- Filter Type model 4075
- Control Boards A-II, B-II, C-II
- Rotary Knob
- External CV/Gate+Trig
- Capacitors ( Elko ) perfect without tech problem ( E.S.R. etc.. )
- absolutely without traces of dust
- perfect slide potentiometers
- perfect keyboard
- There are no cigarette stains or similar damages ! ( Keine Zigaretten-Brandflecke o.ä. ! )
- Perfect Power Supply Unit for all two Synthesizers” Link

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“Arp Little Bro very rare, in good nick except for the scrape just under the name plate.

It’s basically an add-on oscillator source for a modular/semi-modular set-up or anything with an ‘audio in’ and contolled by cv/gate. Was designed as an expander for the Arp Axxe & Odyssey but can be used with anything. Would also make an interesting combo with a an MS20, Model 101, or Oberheim SEM (old or new), etc. This one’s a 110v model so you ‘ll need a step-down (sorry not included but cheap to buy).” Link

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“Early Vintage ARP 2953 Little Brother Synthesizer Expander, ser #2953 0012. I got this equipment at a Storage Auction of a room owned by Michael Lewis who played with Quicksilver Messenger Service, Seeds Of Time, and several other 60′s and 70′s bands.

It will need some cleaning up, and may or may not work. I plugged it in, and the switch light did not go on – could be the light or switch or ??? There is a piece broken off the top right side wood, and a knob is missing from the dial at the top right. It has a sitcker on the back from Audio Synthesis Corp, and may have been serviced by them at one time. It is being sold AS IS, working or not. shipping weight 8 lbs. ” Link

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“Arp Little Brother – analog synthesizer expander module

If you’re looking at this you probably know what it is, but there is plenty of info on the internet.

This thing sounds amazing, and gives you that vintage Arp sound. It has an oscillator and LFO; there are multiple waveforms available and you can stack them. You can also stack four seperate octaves in a way that I’ve never seen on any other synth.

Excellent functional and cosmetic condition for a 35 year old vintage synth module. No signs of abuse or bent knobs.” Link

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“I am the original owner of this instrument, and it was part of my smoke-free studio for many years. It is is good working condition, but being a vintage instrument, is sold as-is. It is easy to hook up to other synthesizers, especially ARPs, and provides a huge modular-like sound from much smaller synthesizers. It will be packed professionally with great care immediately after the auction is completed.” Link

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“Arp 2600 model 2601 V1 with 4012 filter and 3620 duophonic keyboard with Little Brother expander module. Both come with original owners manuals and the 2600 also with the original patch book and copy of service manual. Also included is a custom cable for the multi pin keyboard input to two 3.5mm mini plugs for easy interface with MIDI to CV converters or sequencers and an assortment of patch cables. The 2600 is in beautiful shape and functions perfectly. However it does not have the cover for the console and the fine tune knob for Osc 1 is broken off ( have the original knob and a replacement fader) but the fader works fine as is. The Little brother is cosmetically rough including a chipped wooded end cheek and one broken small knob off the vibrato section. Again, this does not affect the use of the fader. The Little brother works perfectly as well. I am probably the 2nd owner as I have owned the 2600 since 1978.” Link

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“Works perfectly.

Has recently been recapped. ” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“ARP Little Brother monophonic expander module for Arp Synthesizers. In working condition. Has some cosmetic wear due to age and sliders are a bit scratchy. ” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“For Sale Is a Arp Expander Modual. It Near Mint I have Never Seen One So Clean This Would Be A Geat Addition To Any Studio Or Collection.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“This unit is in excellent shape for a used item of its type and age. it’s very clean and looks great. all features were tested and its working great as well. The top of the volume fader is a little sticky and sometimes goes silent. If this is an issue for you, please email us to discuss it before purchasing and we might be able to arrange to have the fader replaced.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“A couple of the paddle switches look off-kilter, missing ‘tune’ knob, the broken tip of the Vibrato Depth slider and a missing top logo are the major faults I can detect, and aside from little dings and wear all over it from years of stage use–none of these minor cosmetic issues hamper this unique analog monster from spitting out some wicked beautiful vintage tones. I have not modified this unit in any way; as far as I know it is completely stock. Vintage Eno in a box – Tiger Mountain era.

I am confident that all functions work, so I will guarantee it is not DOA. But because of age and the nature of vintage electronics, it is sold as-is. I can’t imagine the winner wanting to return this, but I will extend that courtesy if you feel I have mis-represented this item – -although I have described it completely to my best ability–rest assured there. I am a musician, educator, and honest seller. You can see the remnants of duct tape – this item is well used but completely rocking.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“You are looking at one of the first synth expanders, manufactured by ARP in 1975. This is the ARP Little Brother, model 2951. This beast was designed by ARP as an add on to many of their synths, including: Axxe, Odyssey, 2600, Solus, String Ensemble, in addition to many Moog models. The onboard oscillator has four different octave settings and four unique waveforms, all of which can be selected at the same time, giving you an incredible amount of possibilities. The unit in this auction comes from the estate of an accomplished musician and synth enthusiast. I am not familiar with this hobby, so I am unable to test this. I powered the unit on, but beyond that it is untested. With that in mind, I am selling it guaranteed not to be DOA (dead on arrival), but I cannot say with any amount of certainty that is ready for use. It may or may not require servicing.

I’ve taken plenty of photos below, which I hope accurately describe the item’s physical condition. The exterior is a little dirty, and I did some minor cleaning. The wood panels are in good condition. The interior looks very clean, and what you see in the pictures is how I found it. I did not clean or touch the circuit boards at all. The wooden plywood bottom was accidently thrown in the trash by my girlfriend, but I do still have the rubber feet, and they are attached to the unit.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“ARP Little Brother Oscillator/LFO module
Vintage deep bass controlled by 1/8″ CV jacks like Blacet/PAIA/Doepfer
or your ARP Odyssey/2600. Comes with custom hard shell flight case!

I’m the 2nd owner of this little gem; it’s an oscillator with four footages and four waveforms which also comes with a basic LFO for pitch modulation. The lower footages sound like the bass part from an ARP Omni, it has that rich solid feel to it. I have a number of FRAC style oscillators and none sound as good as this one. I’ve used it with ARP Odysseys but the real fun has been with my Blacet gear, it hooks up perfectly and the LFO out is a bonus.

Gate/trigger/CV ins/outs, audio in/out, LFO voltage out. 1/8″ jacks volt/octave.

I just need to free up some room/cash and it’s hard to move in a rack unit with the other modules, but I’d like it to go to a good home. These are rare and in a small module these features would run a few hundred without the vintage vibe.

All the switches, pots and CV ins/outs work, there is a little cosmetic paint damage but the board bottom is solid. This has only seen studio/basement time and is in very good shape. The flight case is a custom Hybrid Case and very solid, it has new but not fitted foam as the old foam was but you can recut your own or just use bubble wrap. I’ll ship in the case with added packing and cardboard protecting the front board.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“I’m don’t know how to test this thing so I am listing it for parts only. It may be worth taking a chance on. It does power up. It is cosmetically rough and missing one knob.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“This is a really cool piece. Its a ARP model 2953 Little Brother vintage synth. The unit is in very nice shape and it is fully functional. ” Link