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arp1613 “Up for auction is a super rare ARP Sequencer Model 1613. The unit is in good PHYSICAL condition and Powers Up but since I don’t have the proper products to use to fully test the item, it is being sold for PARTS or REPAIR.

The unit is in pretty good condition with the switches on top moving as they should and the sliders fairly smooth. The first slider is in half but still easy to access and move. There are a few wear marks including a hairline mark on the right side of the front panel, hairline marks on left side (same plane as the power switch) and a few small nicks next to the power switch. The wood side panels are intact and in good condition with only a few minor nicks.” Link

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1613 “For sale is an incredibly rare Arp Sequencer Model 1613. This one is in excellent shape and fully functional. A real blast to play with, one of my favorite vintage analog sequencers. Especially great to use with a 2600 or 2500. In today’s modular eurorack world is can especially come in handy. Check out the detailed pictures below to make sure you like it. ” Link

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1613 “Here’s the chance you’ve been waiting for. For sale is an incredibly rare Arp Sequencer Model 1613. This one is in near MINT shape, one of the nicest I have seen. Really looks beautiful, all the text is in great shape and very few signs of use to be found. Be sure to check out the detailed pictures below to make sure you like it. It’s fully functional and a blast to play with. Definitely my favorite vintage analog sequencer, especially great to use with a 2600 or 2500. In today’s modular eurorack world is can especially come in handy. I am open to offers but remember while you’re waiting for a reply someone else may buy it and will be gone forever. Don’t let this piece be one of those “wish I had grabbed it”, buy it today!!” Link

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1613“This sequencer hasn’t really seen much use since I got it back from being serviced at 3 Wave Music in New Jersey a few months ago.” Link

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1613“ARP-1613 Sequencer

This is for an ARP 1613 SEQUENCER. Fully serviced in 2014. There is some normal wear and tear, but in excellent condition for age.
Included in the auction is: Arp 1613 sequencer, case and manual.

US 120v. Pictures are of the actual unit for sale.” Link

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2600“Verkaufe meinen ARP 2600 inklusive Keyboard und Sequencer in sehr gutem funktionsfähigem Zustand. Bitte trotzdem nicht vergessen, dass die Teile über 40 Jahre alt und daher nicht neu wie am ersten Tag sind. Der Zustand ist aber wirklich sehr sehr gut. Das Gerät kann bei Kauf gerne in Köln abgeholt werden. Auf Wunsch ist selbstverständlich auch versicherter Versand möglich. Bitte dann die 6,90 ignorieren Dies ist ein Privatverkauf ohne Gewährleistung. Keine Rücknahme. Viel Spaß beim Bieten Selling my ARP 2600 incl. Keyboard and Sequenver (Full system) in very very good working condition. Also looking very nice. You’d be hard pressed to find a better one. This is a private auction, no returns and no warranty Local pickup more than welcome but I will also ship internationally for this item.” Link

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1613 “Up for sale is my ARP Sequencer, which has just been returned from Three Wave Music in New Jersey. The synth was brought back up to spec and is fully serviced. The sequencer is in perfect worker order and is extremely clean, museum quality. This synth has a number of very unique features for interfacing with CV analog synth gear.” Link

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1613“Used ARP 1613 Sequencer, serial number 0049. Cosmetics very good, a few scratches on case, front panel, end pieces. Silk screen is clear. Electronics have the following problems: clock is unstable (changes frequency, sometimes stops, sometimes full speed), start/stop button needs to be replaced, the sliders need to be cleaned. ” Link

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26003604“This synthesizer and sequencer are both in great condition. They have been fully serviced, calibrated and tuned. All electronics are functioning properly and the pots have been cleaned. There is some normal wear and tear since it is an old machine that has seen some use. Included in the auctions is: Arp 2600, Model 3604-p keyboard (new bushings put on last year), Model 1613 Sequencer, Manuals and patchbook for the 2600 and sequencer, new patch cables, power cord, and keyboard to synth connector. ” Link

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“Classic arp sequencer. works great, and in nice condition, other than the obvious broken piece on the wood side.

If you own a 2600, this thing is a match made in heaven. ” Link

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“This piece is 100% functional and in nice cosmetic condition as well.” Link

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“Vintage 1976 ARP Sequencer
Model 1613
Serial# 16130365
with Original Owners Manual, Foot Switch
and Rare Arp Sequencer Facsimile Pad (20 sheets)

Look what else was hiding in the back of a closet- Last used in 1985 for a recording project-

Cosmetically, this thing looks INCREDIBLE! It was stored well…
in the original blown-foam box – used in the studio ONLY.
Nice wooden end caps and hardware, hardly a scratch anywhere!

I don’t have a way to test this unit with a synth – the Arp Odyssey this used to operate is ailing,
but I plugged it in and pushed the Start button, and wow… the ‘step’ lights started going
from left to right (like they’re supposed to) and it stops, steps and resets like normal!
Some of the sliders are a bit stiff and don’t track accurately, not like normal.
The ‘step’ lights seem like they’re doing what they’re supposed to do…
the ‘Gate Bus’, ’16/1-8/2′, ‘Sequential-Random’ switches and all the buttons affect the
‘step lights’ normally, as do the ‘Clock Freq’, ‘FM’ and ‘Pulse Width’ switches.
I’m pretty sure the only thing that makes this an AS-IS, FOR PARTS auction is
the control sliders – if they were replaced, this unit would be 100%.
I have no way to test the various outputs or the CV Input, but I’ll bet they work as normal…

If you win this auction, I’ll guarantee this unit to work, NOT be D.O.A., even the sliders.
I repeat- the sliders on this unit are not working correctly, but they DO work!” Link

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“Very Good Condition….Works a Treat!
Cosmetically Beautiful

I Love it and if i Didn’t have a Spare it would never be on E Bay…But i don’t need 2 Of them Anymore…SO
Here it is for a Very Lucky Recipient.

240 Volts……Looks Great!
Works Perfectly………….History!” Link

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‘You are bidding on an ARP 1613 sequencer, used to control any CV based instrument. The 1613 was designed as an auxilliary control for the ARP 2600 series synth. This unit is in great condition except the front lens of the on/off switch has fallen out (see picture). this is easily replaceable with a $9.00 part from any electrical supply. Not very many of these were made and very few are around. This is not only a great addition to a vintage collection, but a great piece for the working lab or musician.” Link

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“A fully functional and operate ARP 2600 synthesiser, all analogue and one of the classic synths. Previously housed in SARM studios, has been well looked after and features the CMS mod with quarter inch inputs and outputs as well as a new moog filter fitted.

Sold with the rare ARP sequencer as well as keyboard and cables. ” Link

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“his Sequencer is in great condition!!! — (details below)—

This Arp Sequencer has had a complete overhaul. All of the electrolytic capacitors have been replaced, all of the sliders and switches have been professionally cleaned to ensure proper working condition, and the calibration procedures according to the service manual have been performed.

The 1613 come with a downloadable digital version of the manual which not only explains ways of connecting it to other gear, but also has pages of different sequencer pattern presets. The manual can be found HERE

There are some slight surface scratches which can be seen in the pics. I made sure to show these so that there are no surprises when it arrives. Some of the pics of the close ups may show no color cap on the slider. I assure you, there are slider caps on all sliders and all sliders are present. I took the pic before placing the rubber tops on the shafts.” Link

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“Vends sequenceur ARP 1613 customisé et entièrement révisé,fonctionne parfaitement!

For sale customized ARP 1613 sequencer fully refurbished,working perfectly!” Link

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“I am selling my ARP model 1613 sequencer. I no longer need the sequencer in my setup and feel like it is time to sell, so someone will be lucky to be the new owner of this rare piece of ARP history! I fixed this up a few months ago so all of the electronics are working 100% However, it might be worth cleaning the sliders to get them to run more smoothly, because as of now they are a bit stiff. There is a bit of a smudge (visible in the pictures) underneath the two buttons on the sequencer. Also, the back panel is missing, but this should be an easy replacement and is definitely not a necessity. The sequencer is one of the most advanced and has a large amount of options on it.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“For sale is a Arp Sequencer in exellent condition close to mint. The wood sides have no scratches looks and works unbelievable.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“ARP Sequencer black/gold , one of the first sequencers of ARP , ideal for techno/minimal/experimental loops/bleeps , very rare unit , it’s one of the best sequencers !” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“ARP 1613 Analog Synthesizer Sequencer RARE vintage


USA: 1975

Serial Number: 16130291

Voltage: 100-130VAC (USA Plug Fitted)


Cosmetically: Excellent Near New looking. You will have a very hard time finding one in as nice a condition. Suit collector. Rare opportunity.
Functionally: 100% no issues at all.


Extremely desirable, collectable, rare and sought after sequencer.

This unit was serviced and given the AOK by electronics legend Steve Jones in Sydney. Comes with a copy of the user and service manual. Also some spare switches, buttons, slider caps and vintage ARP literature.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“ARP SEQUENCER black/orange , stepsequencer with full control , very good condition and full working , many options to patch in and out , 220/110 volts , very good for techno/experimental bleeps sequences” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“I am selling this for a friend who is the original owner. The SN on this unit is 1623 0137. His description;

2 fader stems are broken but the faders still work. Tuning step 13/FM

All but three of the fader knobs are missing as they broke. According to my buddy they were cheap pieces, too thin to withstand use.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“ARP vintage analog sequencer model 1613
in very good condition however it is missing one button cap
see pictures
missing button does not affect operation
quite simply the best analog sequencer ever. and current prices reflect its rarity and desirability
* uses sliders instead of knobs * 2 x 8 step or 1 x 16 step
so visual view of sequence is shown
has 2 voltage quantizers plus other handy patching options
turn steps on and off
just serviced and calibrated by robin “devilfish “whittle
100% functional 240V
full documentation available includes user manual and service manual ( digital format ) or i can print if needed
i have 2 of these arp sequencers , due to life circumstances i have resolved to cut down my gear list but this is one item worth starving for ” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“My interest in electronic music goes back to the early sixties when I was first exposed to the Moog (I think it was among the first ones built – it was VERY hand-done) and started fooling with a tape recorder and homemade relaxation oscillators, electronic switches, etc. I owned the first ARP 2600 in Mississippi (it was sometimes used at Malaco Studios, of which you might have heard, by visiting artists) and still have two of them in various states of disrepair — I’ll put them up on eBay when I feel up to cataloging their faults and packing large things.

This sequencer was later part of my home studio set-up, dates from the mid to late 70′s, and is something I DO feel like packing up. But it has some problems, and not being an expert technician (nor an expert keyboardist, either, as my eBay name indicates!) I don’t feel up to investigating DIY repairs.

Enough with the personal history, you say. Ok.

Here’s a description: First, it looks pretty good, noting some anomalous grunge on the front panel under the Start button (visible in photo). Next, the sliding pots are sticky, as would be expected after having lain fallow for some years. The big thing is, the clock is uncontrollable and has tachycardia — it beats as fast as it can at any setting. That’s probably not a big deal to someone who’s worked on these things. I can’t make any assurances about output voltages and quantizing accuracy, but there are a lot of trimmers for those, as you probably know if you’re looking at this listing.

The good part is, the LEDs sequence and step, and the device responds appropriately to “random” and “sequence.” The 16/8 switch does what it’s supposed to. It will also trigger with the foot switch, and the deal includes both types of foot-pedals, the push-on push-off and the push-on release-off.

The serial # is 16130221.

For those seriously interested, I will be happy to conduct any tests you request, if they can be performed with the instrumentation at my disposal, which extends only to a DVM and a ‘scope. ” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“This ARP 1613 sequencer is in excellent condition, no missing slider tips, no dings or dents, no modifications, and includes the original owners manual, unused preset sheet pad, ARP software and Accessory Catalog, and the important notice that some synthesizers will have to be modified to operate with the 1613 (the early Axxe and Odyssey synths didn’t have CV/gate outs). It also includes a photocopy of the service manual (not pictured). Works fine, at least it did the last time I used it with my Odyssey which is now gone. I have no way to test it, but it was chugging along fine a year ago when I boxed it up. These are scarcely seen items and this one has the original paperwork to go with it. There is one tiny scratch on the bottom about an inch long and some tape residue on the bottom which I didn’t clean off. Apart from that it’s perfect. It’s used so it’s sold as is, but check my feedback and bid accordingly. I will return if you plug it into your working ARP synthesizer and it doesn’t sequence, I can’t test it but it never gave me any trouble.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“ARP 1613 Analog Synthesizer Sequencer RARE vintage

USA: 1975

Serial Number: 16130298

Voltage: 240VAC (Australian Plug Fitted)


Cosmetically: Excellent, side cheeks are not original but have been professionally crafted with exceptionally good timber.
Functionally: 100% no issues at all.


Extremely desirable, collectable, rare and sought after sequencer.

This unit was serviced, converted to 240VAC and given the AOK by electronics legend Steve Jones in Sydney. Other than 240VAC mod, it is very original, with no sign of repair or modification. I can provide a photocopy of the Service manual if required, I will be keeping the one seen in the photo (also a copy).” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“We have a an ARP 1613 Sequencer for sale!

This unit works well and as intended.
Circuitry and construction are original to the unit.
Jacks and controls operate properly.
The red fader tip for the “Clock Freq” control and one rubber foot are missing.
The unit shows some cosmetic scratching and wear from age and use, but is sturdy overall.
The faders and buttons operate well, but could use cleaning/lubrication before going into heavy usage.
Unit is guaranteed to be working on arrival.

In a world where analog-style sequencers have come en vogue again, one unit stands alone.
The ARP Sequencer is the standard by which all others are judged.
Get it into your studio and let the diabolical experimentation begin.
Do it now.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“For sale is a near mint very rare arp 1613 in near mint condition, 100% working.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.