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usedosy“Vintage ARP ODYSSEY mk 2 – Model 2811

Fully functional order.
Moog filter, PPC control.
One slider is unoriginal. Some sliders somewhat scrub.
On the right side are worn inscriptions on the control panel.
Power lead include.” Link

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solina ” Sie bieten in dieser Auktion auf einen ARP Solina String Synthesizer, einem der größten Vintage Synthesizer-Raritäten.

Der Solina befindet sich optisch in einem sehr guten Zustand. Die Technik funktioniert komplett, allerdings sind die Fader schwergängig und einige Taster sollten von der Mechanik nachjustiert werden.

Infos zu Sound, etc. sind reichlich im Netz zu finden.

Dabei ist auch ein Volumepedal.

Nur an Selbstabholer.

Viel Spaß beim bieten!”


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usedmom “Arp Omni 2 Model 2473 for parts / repair (with Anvil case)

This is a non-working Arp Omni Mark 2! It is complete as far as parts, keys, components, etc. are concerned, and is only missing the pot slider caps.

This unit doesn’t play a note! It is purely a “fixer upper” or useful for parts. It does power on, and all lighted switches turn off and on… but the most it does right now is produce the infamous electrical clicking noise (through the “SYNTH,” “STRINGS,” and “BASS” outputs) when keys are pressed, followed by a faint click noise when those keys are released. Physically, it is in decent shape for its age, with the expected scratches and dings here and there from transport; the control panel, sliders, buttons, and keys are all good; no keys are chipped, and they are fairly even across except for two or three [See pictures.].

The blue balloon tantalum key capacitors were all replaced several years ago with electrolytics. The power supply tantalum and electrolytic capacitors were replaced with new electrolytics as well. The phaser circuit board and other electronics are all present.

If you have a good tech—or a fair amount of free time of your own—this could be a worthwhile project. (My studio unit is identical to this one, and it is one I bought non-working for cheap and fixed up.)

Arp Omnis are great synths: they offer a nice set of analog string sounds, a basic synth with simple, changeable parameters, and a bass section as well. All of these can be combined, too. Plus, there are two on-board effects: a phaser and a “wave enhancement” feature, too, which does _____ that makes things sound real cool…. Finally, the Omni is polyphonic through divide down circuitry (except for the bass section when it is activated; I think that is low note priority monophonic if I recall correctly).

The Anvil case is missing the original foam (which I removed because it had decayed into uselessness), but the Arp will be wrapped in a new foam mattress cover/pad… which will have the same cushioning result.” Link

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omni2 “Up for auction is an ARP Omni II synthesizer in excellent condition cosmetically and functionally. ” Link

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arpaxxe “You are bidding on a vintage Arp AXXE analog synthesizer. Made famous by musicians like, Pete Townsend, Herbie Hancock, etc.; this is one of the original, early production, Arp Axxe analog synthesizers (#72). These are rare and extremely hard to come by; a true collector’s piece.

Three versions of the Axxe were manufactured during the 1970′s, with the final two versions containing orange silkscreening and a slightly modified casing. The difference in these later versions was primarily the mounting of the keyboard.

The earliest units of the original version lacked Arp’s innovative “Proportional Pitch Control” pad, but they featured a copyright infringing version of a Moog filter that was later discontinued.

This example (#72) is an earlier version that has been recently serviced with no alterations by a professional music repair provider and is in excellent working condition with all functioning parts, less two slider caps [location of VCA GAIN, S/H sliders (see photos; cosmetic, does not affect operation)].”

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1621 “Up for auction is one of the most sought after analog sequencers, the ARP 1621. It’s in full working order and in mint condition. Virtually brand new.” Link

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arpso “Circa 1972 for parts or repair.
Vco 1 not working
a few slider shafts broken at the top
Keyboard uneven
Otherwise seems to work with sliders some a little stiff to use
scratchy out of tune.
Will post further images today
factory mods at rear cv ect.
needs tlc to return to full glory.
sold as seen collection only.
110=110 US model voltage.” Link

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usedarpoddy ” For sale is an Arp Odyssey vintage analog synthesizer. This unit is in great shape cosmetically, looks very clean. It also just got back from servicing. Apparently previous owner had tried some DIY repairs and done a poor job of it, and it came to me needing work. I sent it to a professional tech that completed servicing it did a nice job cleaning the internals, securing all the boards in place, replacing necessary capacitors, rebuilding the keyboard (plays very nice), servicing the sliders (they all move smoothly). Two of the sliders were replaced with the newer LED lit sliders.

It’s 98% functional at this point, all the features working as they should. The only issue is the tracking on the oscillators. If they are tuned together while playing a single note, they will get out of tune with each other the further up or down the keyboard you move away from the starting tuning note. After about an octave is becomes somewhat noticeable and at 2 octaves there is definite detuning sound. This is the last step the tech did not have time to troubleshoot. Otherwise it is working great.

I believe this to be a MkI internally but with the black/gold case and a knob style tuning section (unlike the push pads on MkIIs and MkIII). So probably a late MkI during a transition period between Mk1 and Mk2. It has the Arp 4023 filter. The serial plate/number is missing (and oddly there is a 3260 model serial number on this but it is not related to Odyssey model number). These old Odyssey’s have such a great tone and the newer Korgs, while great recreations, don’t quite capture the beauty of the originals. Check out the pictures for more details.” Link

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arp_23600 “you are bidding on a fully restored ARP 2600 ‘Tonus’ model and 3604 music keyboard

all sub – modules are original,

VCO’s are based on the 4027-1 sub modules

filter section is based on the 4012 ‘Moog’ sub module

service report included

come complete with both case and cabinet lids

metal hardware clips on cases have signs of rust and some tolex shows signs of age” Link

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usedoddy “This synth is in excellent condition for its age…almost mint

Completely refurbished, recapped and a number of new sliders. One slider tip has broken off but a replacement will be included” Link

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2600 “She’s a Tonus Arp (V2600p 2.0) so has great 4027 VCOs and the 4012 “Moog” ladder filter.
This Synth has it all and it is a dream to have owned it.

ABSOLUTLEY complete. Comes with original keyboard, patch cables, owner’s manual and v rare suggested patches booklet.

Cosmetics are great and there are no horrors and though the case does show some patina (this is an old synth!) there is no peeling tolex or dented wood etc etc. She looks good!

Functionality is virtually perfect minus scratchy reverb tank sliders and a loose Cinch Jones. (Entire new Reverb tank is only $40 and the Cinch Jones are known to oxidize, which is an easy fix with some cleaner). ” Link

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little brother “Up for auction is an ARP Little Brother 2953.

Is it important to note that the physical condition of this unit is fair, but has not been fully tested. This is due to the fact that the ARP Odyssey 2800 that it originally came with (please see my other auction) does not currently produce audio. With this being said, there is a chance that the unit works perfectly, but there is also a chance that it does not function at all.” Link

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arp odyssey “Up for auction is an ARP Odyssey 2800 and the original ARP road case.

Is it important to note that the physical condition of this unit is poor as it has clearly been played very hard (just look at the wear on the VCO slider!).
If you’re looking at this auction, I will assume that you know all about this amazing synth, so I will cut to what is wrong with the unit:

Ground prong missing from Odyssey power cable
Unit powers on (red light illuminates), but I could only produce a high-pitched whine from the sound output. Based upon this, I can’t say whether or not the unit actually works or not. (My best guess is that this has something to do with the ground prong missing, the general dirtiness of the unit, or a bad output.)
Foam from the road case is disintegrating and has likely gotten inside of the unit. (The sliders are very “sticky” feeling and need a good, deep cleaning)” Link

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omni2 “Up for auction is an ARP Omni II synthesizer in excellent condition cosmetically and functionally.” Link

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littlebrother “Good used condition. Recent service. Control panel cleaning and you calibration. A couple light cosmetic blemishes but overall good condition.” Link

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omni1 “Original owner, and is in perfect condition. Everything works, no need to replace or refinish anything. Comes with case and stand.” Link

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arp 2500

Here is a rare chance to get my beloved Arp 2500. This one is a thing of beauty. It has the original wooden cabinet. In superb condition. It has never left my smoke free studio.

It works fine but some modules might need calibration.

I hardly use it now and I want it to go to someone who’s going to make great sounds with it and care for it as well.

It does come with the original owner’s manual. I will add a picture of it as well.

What you see in the pictures is what you get. Nothing more, nothing less.” Link

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used-arp-axxe “This example is an earlier version that has been recently serviced with no alterations by a professional music repair provider and is in excellent working condition with all functioning parts, less two slider caps [location of VCA GAIN, S/H sliders (see photos)].” Link

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arp quadra ” For sale is an Arp Quadra, one of the rare vintage analog synthesizers. It’s a super cool synth with very unique tone and layout. You hardly ever see these up for sale and if you’re reading this auction, you’ve probably been already been waiting a good number of years one of these. This particular unit has some issues and is sold as-is for parts/repairs. Please read below for a full description and additional pictures.

Cosmetically it’s in near mint shape. Looks absolutely amazing. The graphics are crisp and very little signs of use all around.

Functional it has some issues but it should be fixable in the right hands.
After extensive testing, here’s what’s working:
Powers on, all keys trigger properly, sound outputs from the main 1/4″ outs on the rear.
Moving from left to right on the panel:
Portamento working
Bass section: All sliders work, Elec Bass 16′ and 8′ work. The Strings bass 8′ works but only on occasion, and the 16′ does not seem to activate.
Strings section: all parts working
Hollow waveform: not responding when pressed
Poly synthesizer: 4′ is working, other parts of this section temperamental and not fully working
Phase Shifter/Output mixer: All sections appear to be working as they should
Lead Synthesizer: All sections appear to be working as they should
Programmable Voices: All buttons 1-16 respond with changing LEDs and changing sounds, though some patches do not sound as exciting as others, likely due to corresponding sections not being fully functional.

In general it could use a tuning/calibration and some sliders show scratchiness and are a little on the stiff side, but still easy enough to move. Any features not mentioned above have not be tested.

Considering there are some functional issues, this unit has to be sold as-is condition, for parts/repairs with no guarantees on its functional condition. It can be shipped with the included flight case or packed without the case into a very safe cardboard box with many layers of bubblewrap (which I personally recommend from experience as it cuts the weight down and keeps the synth extra protected). In any case I’ll do my best to pack it safely for the trip.” Link

ARP, Axxe @ 18 January 2017, Comments Off


I have had it for years intending to renovate but there’s always something more urgent!

Starting at 99p this could be a fantastic deal to someone with the necessary technical skills.” Link

1613, ARP @ 18 January 2017, Comments Off

arp1613 “Up for auction is a super rare ARP Sequencer Model 1613. The unit is in good PHYSICAL condition and Powers Up but since I don’t have the proper products to use to fully test the item, it is being sold for PARTS or REPAIR.

The unit is in pretty good condition with the switches on top moving as they should and the sliders fairly smooth. The first slider is in half but still easy to access and move. There are a few wear marks including a hairline mark on the right side of the front panel, hairline marks on left side (same plane as the power switch) and a few small nicks next to the power switch. The wood side panels are intact and in good condition with only a few minor nicks.” Link

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arp-pro-soloist “Hi, I have for sale here a recently refurbished ARP Pro Soloist, if you are looking at this listing you more than likely already know what this can do. This was professionally refurbished by the technicians at Retro Linear in North Wales Pa. and all functions as it should. I saved you the hassle of repair. It is not an ugly beast at all there were some blemishes and I have cleaned and touched up as much as I could.” Link

ARP, Odyssey @ 11 January 2017, Comments Off

oddy “For sale is an original 1972 MK1 Arp Odyssey. It is in very good condition for it’s age, both cosmetically and functionally. I have always used it in my smoke free studio and have had it in for 3 services since I bought it several years ago.

When I bought it from a synth technician it came with a full service, in the time I’ve had it I have had the keys serviced and a Kenton CV/Gate added, the CV/Gate works great and is quite rare on a MK1 Ody. The faders also had a once over in the time I’ve owned it.

I have made a short video of basic functions, oscillator/waveform function, filter, ADSR, keys etc. Video available on request. You are also welcome to try the synth out before buying and I would recommend doing so. Please bear in mind this is a 45 year old synth and needs regular use and care to keep working, but the sound is undoubtedly one of the best.” Link

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quartet “This ARP Quartet looks really good. It has all the knobs, and the lights all seem to work. These were only made for 2 years, I believe, so they are super rare!!! I purchased this with the knowledge that 3 out of the 4 sounds were working. The Brass section apparently isn’t working. However, while inspecting and testing, the sound cut out completely. This could be a very simple fix, it could be complex. I’m unsure, but it does need some love, and professional love at that.” Link

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arpaxxe “This is your chance to own a used vintage synthesizer. It is in decent shape and still works fine” Link

ARP, Axxe @ 04 January 2017, Comments Off

axxe “Lovely beast with plenty of cv in and out.

It was serviced last year by St Eric the Dutch Arp wizard (clients include chemical brothers).

New power supply fitted and slight mod to the filter to open it up more. A general service and internal clean was also done.

The keyboard doesn’t quite track correctly after an octave but I used it with a mengqi voltage memory so never had problems. ” Link

ARP, Omni @ 04 January 2017, Comments Off

usedomni “Original owner, and is in perfect condition. Everything works, no need to replace or refinish anything. Comes with case and stand.” Link

ARP, Odyssey @ 04 January 2017, Comments Off

2800 “This one is in beautiful cosmetic condition and working 100%. It has just been serviced and with a lot of restoration. As you can see, this an original, earlier white model 2800 and not a Chinese made, Japanese replica of an American classic. It is ready to be played and needs nothing! Not one here on Ebay is as nice cosmetically and has had the same amount of restoration as this one.” Link

ARP @ 28 December 2016, Comments Off

16 “Arp 16 Voice Electric Piano Synthesizer

Very cool 70′s Arp piano.

It’s in decent shape for it’s age.

It all works except for the two highest keys.

The highest note is missing a lever and the other one was working so it may just need to be cleaned.

The presets are cool and interesting.

The output is a little noisy but that was normal with these pianos. ” Link

2600, ARP @ 21 December 2016, Comments Off

2600 “we wanted it to work like new or better for its next owner, so we fully disassembled it, cleaned it inside and out, thoroughly serviced it, rebuilt it and recalibrated it – a costly process taking approximately 20 hours of skilled vintage synth repair tech time. Now that its restoration is complete, it’s a pleasure to play and should make its next owner extremely happy. Unlike earlier models, all circuits inside this model are unencapsulated, with the exception of the ARP 4012 Moog filter. This means this unit will be much easier to service in the future, if need be. If you look closely at the pics, you’ll notice a switch was added under the headphone jack. It’s not wired to anything, but could be used for a future modification. This sale includes a power cord. There’s no lid or keyboard, but most people’s lids end up taking up space in their closet along with their keyboards since these are better controlled via a MIDI to CV converter. Please be sure to view the full sized images so you see there’s engraving on the upper left and button right corners of the front panel.” Link

ARP, Odyssey @ 21 December 2016, Comments Off

2800 “Original Arp 2800 that has been upgraded with Lumina fader kit and Kenton CV/Gate. Unit has also been recapped and has new keyboard bushings. Amazing sounding filter.” Link

ARP, Odyssey @ 14 December 2016, Comments Off

arp-odyssey “This is a vintage 2800 Analog keyboard synthesizer
It is used and is being sold as is.
When it is plugged in the light goes on but it has never been used so that’s why I’m selling it as is. ” Link

ARP, Pro Soloist @ 14 December 2016, Comments Off

arp_pro_soloist “Arp Pro soloist powers up, works well with a few exceptions I will note. All notes play, however, the “aftertouch” isn’t functioning correctly. A tech friend believes the “aftertouch pad” is dirty as it does work for the high D note properly. I could have this unit fixed and sell it for more but I figure I will allow the buyer to either fix it for themselves or hire a trusted tech. Other blemishes are that there is one fader knob missing and ONE of the voices seems to not be working (I think English horn) (probably the knob since all the other wave forms are working correctly) some keys stick slightly (also probably a cleaning issue) but they don’t stick so much to not be able to use it as it stands now. If you turn the aftertouch off you’d never know there was anything wrong otherwise. Also the “high” output (RCA) Is loose. The bottom is intact (hasn’t gotten wet) (warning sticker intact) cosmetically it’s beautiful no deep scratches that I can find at all keys as well. I could give it a good cleaning but again I’ll let the buyer do that. All knobs move well. Some of the faders seem a little sticky (if I were going to keep it I’d probably replace with the nifty LED) fader upgrade available on eBay. Also in one of the photos it seems that one of the faders (first) is bent. This is not the case. The fader knob was “off” I replaced it and showed new picture. I just included both. Note that the faders as well as all the other controls function correctly. (Octave etc).” Link

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omni2 ” This is a used, working ARP Omni-2 in good condition. I purchased this from its original owner several years ago. When I purchased the keyboard, it was not working, so I paid a technician to recap and fix the unit. It is now working, and is a great vintage keyboard for the recording studio, particularly for the fake string sounds and the surprisingly versatile synth feature. I love this keyboard, but I’m also downsizing my studio and this is one of the keyboards that I’ve decided that will go.

Because this is a 40 year old instrument, this keyboard has a few quirks. Here are the quirks that I’m aware of. (Note that there could be additional quirks that I am not aware of, as I have never used some of the jacks on the back, like the Synthesizer Interface jacks.) I mention these quirks to describe the condition of the instrument as accurately as possible:

If you press down the lowest C key on the keyboard, the connection sounds intermittent…until the keyboard has been on for about an hour or so. I suspect there’s a capacitor somewhere in the path of this key that is causing this problem, but I don’t know enough about electronics to fix it myself. Suffice to say, if you leave the keyboard on for about an hour, this problem tends to disappear and the key plays fine. Or you can just choose to ignore the lowest key on the keyboard, as I have for the past several years.
The lowest Eb key has a mechanical “clickety clack” sound when you release the key. This does not affect the sound coming out of the synth. It’s purely a mechanical quirk in the keyboard mechanism itself that sounds like one of those old noisy IBM PC computer keyboards. None of the other keys demonstrate that mechanical clickety clack sound upon releasing a key.
The signal to noise ratio is much better if you use the individual Strings/Synth/Bass audio outputs instead of the main output. In fact, I recommend not using the main output at all.

Besides fixing and recapping the instrument, the technician also replaced the slider end pieces (not the slider pots themselves), as many of the end pieces had become brittle and broke off. Some of the original slider end pieces are included in a plastic bag. All of the sliders work, though they have a slightly sticky feel. From what I’ve read, that is possibly how they’ve always been, even when the keyboard was new. There are some cosmetic scratches on the case. All of the buttons and their associated LEDs work. A power cable is included.

Also included are extra electronic parts for the keyboard. I believe some of these are new parts, and some of these are old parts that were originally in the keyboard. If you’re a technician or if you have to give this keyboard to a technician, you’ll probably want to also have these parts on hand just in case. ” Link

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mini-2 “Up for auction is an ARP Omni II synthesizer in excellent condition.
All buttons and sliders work properly. Volume slider is scratchy.” Link