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hr16 ” faulty sold for Parts” Link

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a6 “Sadly, I have to let my awesome Andro’s go. I have had this unit for 12 of it’s 14 year life.

There are many resources on the interweb about the Andromeda so I’m not going to fill this with all the specifications – do a google search if you want to find out how amazing this synth is.

I originally bought the Andromeda as I wanted a do-it-all analog synth, a synth that could sound like a Moog, or a Roland, or an Oberheim, or a Yamaha CS, and even a large scale modular – and the A6 meets all those expectations and more, it really can sound like a minimoog or an OB-8, and yes, it even gets very close to a CS-80!

This unit is in excellent cosmetic condition, I have raised the shadow level on all these images so you can see the quality of the black plastic and the panel fascia.

Here are the list of the very few marks on this 15 year old instrument: – some marks are to be expected, it is used.

The LCD, Ribbon and laminate panel are perfect.

The metal front and back chassis are near pefect, only a slight mark by the IEC power outlet (as to be expected where plugs are plugged in and out) and there is a small chip on the white paint of the E of the Alesis.

The plastic side cheaks are in excellent condition, these take a real beating (why Alesis used plastic and not wood I don’t know, I guess cost-cutting!), naturally there are a few small marks but this is one of the best examples I have seen, and I have owned 3 units over the years!”

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alesis a6 “Here is an Alesis Andromeda in almost new condition. I have owned this synth for 13 years and have probably played it less than 10 hours…life has been busy. It has always been kept in my clean, smoke-free, humidity controlled home studio. Everything is in 100% working condition — all knobs, buttons, ribbon, jacks, screen, etc. I will have this professionally packed and shipped which is included in the price.

While looking through the photos if you are looking for an imperfection the only one I could find is right below the center of the keyboard on black strip you will see a subtle silver spec on the paint. Very subtle and pretty much unnoticed unless you are looking for it.” Link

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a6 “ALESIS ANDROMEDA A6 -2002 – (No. 2) Great Condition!
Sadly, I have to let another awesome Andro go. This is my second Andromeda, and I had full plans to keep this one but needs must – so here is a chance to get a great synth at a good price.

There are many resources on the interweb about the Andromeda so I’m not going to fill this with all the specifications – do a google search if you want to find out how amazing this synth is.

I originally bought the Andromeda as I wanted a do-it-all analog synth, a synth that could sound like a Moog, or a Roland, or an Oberheim, or a Yamaha CS, and even a large scale modular – and the A6 meets all those expectations and more, it really can sound like a minimoog or an OB-8, and yes, it even gets very close to a CS-80!

So, lets talk about this unit (No. 2) and dispell some general Andromeda myths.

Firstly, this unit is in great cosmetic condition, I have raised the shadow level on all these images so you can see the quality of the black plastic and the panel fascia.

To be totally transparent with you here are the list of marks on this 15 year old instrument: -
(some marks are to be expected, it is used).

The LCD and Ribbon are perfect.

The laminate panel fascia has a slight lift in the lower left side resulting in a very slight raise of the laminate and a hairline crack less-than 1 inch in length. Purely cosmetic and actually not that noticable.

The metal front and back chassis are very good, only a few slight marks by the IEC power outlet and some of the jacks (as to be expected where plugs are plugged in and out). The ALESIS ANDROMEDA decal has yellowed slightly as is often the case on these 15 year old instruments.

The left side pitch/modwheel assembly is brand new – installed in 2015 as part of a service and restoration process.

The left plastic side end cheek is brand new, I had it replaced but I was not able to track down a new right side panel.

The right plastic side end cheek has had some abuse throughout its life, it came to me cracked along the top edge and with a big hole in the side. I filled the hole and sanded the cheek and temporarlity sprayed it knowing that I would eventually replace it. It’s actually not too shabby and in the end I didnt bother replacing it – I do have a replacement keyboard end panel which will be supplied with the unit – so all you would need to bring this up to as-new condition would be a new right end cheek but Im betting no one will bother as it is actually pretty good.

On a few of the knobs, the silver paint on the tops are wearing out – In the past I have used a silver permanent marker to make these look better but you might want to paint them?

OK, some myth busting!

There is no such thing as a perfect working Andromeda – so it makes me laugh when I read other A6 ebay listings and it says “In perfect working order. And Alesis had a number of manufacturing problems as they went bankrupt, some later Andromeda’s were very poorly put together as quality and assurance slipped.

Alesis cut corners to bring this synth to market and in doing so, they caused all sorts of problems for users, most notably the use of cheap potentiometers (knobs) which tend to stick, causing parameters to randomly change without you touching a knob. Some people say this is down to poor internal interconnecting board cables, some say it’s the knobs, a lot of it is the incomplete and somewhat buggy operating system but I would wager, most if not all A6s now suffer from sticky knob syndrome!

So here’s what I can tell you about this unit (No. 2) and what you need to do to eliminate this issue.

This unit was stripped and cleaned throughout in 2015, every card connector and every connecting ribbon was cleaned. Every potentiometer was re-lubed and all systems were re-calibrated (I have photos if you want to see them including the new mod/pitchwheel and side cheek installation).

After a while of not using the synth regularly, an occassional pot will glitch (most noticeably the OSC2 and Sub OSC2 in the mixer), there’s so many knobs on this thing that its quite possible you wont turn a particular knob for a while!

The solution is very simple, the more you use the synth, the less pot trouble you have!

I turn this unit on, let it warm up for 30 minutes, watch the display to see which pots are sticking (it jumps to the parameter which is glitchy), I then turn that knob back and forth a few times and its perfect, this takes all of a few minutes and then the synth performs flawlessly for the whole session that it’s on for, the more you use it, the less you’ll even have to do that – I was working on a song recently and over a period of several days I had no problems at all.

I think by including the display soft knobs, Alesis didnt help the situation as its quite possible to program the synth and NOT use any of the section knobs at all!

I will re-lube these pots before the unit ships, so i’ts very possible that you might not experience this but you will experience glitchy pots on an A6 at some point!

I’m telling you this because this unit is actually one of the best operating units I have used, and I want you to know everything upfront.

So, to recap, awesome synth, big sound, great all-round cosmetic condition, recently serviced, autotunes 100% of the time, powers up pretty much perfectly (very rarely you might have to switch it off and then on again, standard practice on Andromedas), plays great, very little issues compared to other A6s out there.” Link

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a6 ” This auction is for an Alesis Andromeda A6 analog synthesizer. Also included are a sustain pedal, power cord, and original manual. All of the voices tune, all of the LEDs and buttons work, and everything else seems to be working well. The only functional flaw I can think of is that a few of the potentiometers are a little jumpy, but they all work and pass the diagnostic test. Many problematic pots were replaced with new ones by the Analog Lab in NYC in early 2015. Cosmetically, it is in good condition. The main flaw is that the plastic end piece on the left of the keyboard is somewhat damaged. There are also a few scratches around the back and bottom, and the underside of the front right corner has a slight dent. The pictures I have uploaded clearly depict these problems. In addition, I believe that either I or a tech may have dropped a screw or something into the keybed or enclosure, as it sounds like something very small is rattling around loose inside the unit when I move it around. Other than that, the synth is in great shape and plays beautifully. The item has no other problems that I am aware of. ” Link

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6 “Hello, up for auction is a partly-functioning Alesis Andromeda. The issue with this unit is that oscillator 2 jumps around in pitch even after autotune, this makes sounds that require both oscillators virtually unuseable. This andromeda would make a great parts donor or if you have some pcb’s, a very easy fix. Overall it is in good condition cosmetically.” Link

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a6 “I am selling my beloved Andromeda. It comes boxed, complete with manual and foot pedal. You will not find a better looked after example anywhere (it still has the film on the LCD). I have owned it since new (2006) and it has been rock solid all that time. I never have to retune it, again rock solid. I do retune it now and again just for the satisfaction of seeing the lines of T’s showing everything is perfect (see photo). It has always been kept in a dust free environment and covered when not in use. It is used on a regular basis but nowhere near as much as it should be. I no longer get much time to make music and need the cash. The Andromeda is a rare classic, especially one in this condition,and it will be an investment for the future. Once you get your head around programming this monster you can get it to sound like any of the classics. Beautifully rich pads, massive basses, drum sounds, shimmering arps. What with 16 step sequencers and arps it is the closest thing to an analogue workstation that has ever been produced. You can make an entire track with one of these things.” Link

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a6 “This is a rare, 100% mint Andromeda. From the final run of manufacturing, years after the bad run of components. Nothing more to say. You will not find a better Andromeda. Hate to sell, need cash…” Link

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a6 “Absolutely mint Alesis Andromeda A6 still with original box.

No scratches/marks at all and in 100% working order.

Box has most internal foam still – rest will be packed out for transit.” Link

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hr16 ” faulty sold for Parts” Link

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alesis “Alesis Andromeda A6 in immaculate condition. Owned since bought new by seller. In fully working condition. No marks or blemishes at all. Never gigged and kept in smoke free home studio.” Link

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a6 “Hardly used Andromeda with no problems. The keyboard functions and looks like a new keyboard and thats because I never actually used it. The plastic is still on the screen and the keyboard will be shipped with original box, foam, instruction manual, power chords, foot pedal, etc.” Link

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a6 “A legendary Alesis Andromeda A6 synth in great working order. Screen is scratchfree and whole top is in very nice condition. There is various residue from gaffer taped leads on the rear but this should clean off. Bottom has some scuffs as you would expect.” Link

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alesis-hr-16 ” Alesis HR-16 drum machine. I replaced the sound EPROMs with Linn Drum samples. They sound great! I also replaced the LCD screen with a blue screen w/ white text – it looks fantastic. It comes with the original EPROMs and the original LCD screen (although the original LCD screen is quite hard to read the text…but still functional).

With the new EPROMs, I have also installed a new/updated Operating System – this makes the display read Alesis HR-16B, but it is in fact just the HR-16 model. However, it is an updated Operating System (old one also included!)

It is in need of a couple screws to cinch down the PCB. Some of the buttons require an extra bit of pressure because of this, but all buttons and pads are functional. My local ACE hardware didn’t have replacement screws that small, or else I would have included them!

It does not include the power supply. I will ship it with the new LCD screen & Linn drum EPROMs installed, and I will include the original LCD and EPROMs. Also included are instructions to install/replace the EPROMs – which is quite easy for even the most novice musician / DIY-er / etc.” Link

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a6 “you are bidding on a used Alesis Andromeda

physical condition is excellent

front panel looks new, display is bright, this unit has had very little use and never gigged

all voices tune perfectly

reluctant sale” Link

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alesis-andromeda “Only studio use. Pristine condition!” Link

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a6 “Andromeda A6 in excellent condition

Home studio use only from new

Comes with 278 page user manual, sustain pedal and adjustable stand” Link

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alesis a65 “A6 in near perfect condition. There’s a slight crack in the casing below the Alesis logo on the left side of the keyboard that in no way affects performance. It was serviced 4 years ago and has been in storage ever since. I’m the original owner and it has been kept in a smoke environment and has only been moved 3 times since its purchase.” Link

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a5 “Great working condition. Had to replace two knobs but both work perfectly!” Link

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a6 “Alesis Andromeda A6 analog mega-monster synth for sale here. I am the second owner. I bought it from a studio in 2002 that had used it for one project and have been a proud owner since. Build date is 02/23/2001. It was used very gently in my smoke/pet free home studio, never gigged. I am moving to an all computer environment and trust me….I REALLY hate to let this one go. More knobs and buttons than any other synth ever made. Amazing fat sound that only gets better the more voices you stack. I am not a programmer and the ability of this thing is beyond my skill, but it has been a blast twisting knobs. If you have been looking for a quality Andromeda, you will not be disappointed with this unit.

NOTE: This unit passes all on-board diagnostics!! Every function, LED, pot, button, mod/pitch wheel, midi, SRAM, touch ribbon, aftertouch, etc. passes diagnostics with flying colors. There are no glitches in this Andy. I have taken extremely good care of this synth!!” Link

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6 “Near MINT. Perfect working order. Only owner. Good luck ” Link

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alesis a7 “Near MINT. Perfect working order. Only owner. Good luck” Link

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alesis a6 “Alesis Andromedia A6 Synth – Excellent Condition. Comes with power plug.” Link

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a6“Comes with a black carrying case, and the original Andromeda A6 manual. Bed not included.” Link

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a6 “Alesis Andromedia A6 Synth – Excellent Condition. Comes with power plug.” Link

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alesis “I bought this synth in 2008 and the 1st owner stated he got it brand new and used it for a couple years. It never left my smoke-free home studio.

Everything works excellent and I never had any issue about it.

I could not see any noticeable scratches, blemishes, dents, etc anywhere on the instrument. It looks pretty new cosmetically and 100% working.

It’s really a unique and powerful analog synth but I didn’t use it to its full potential. I am not quite a programming guy and I only use preset sounds.” Link

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used a6 “Alesis Andromeda A6 for sale. Light scratches on bottom from keyboard stand and a couple on the back. Top panel immaculate. Synth engine and all analog functions work perfectly. But the digital effects section (reverb etc) doesn’t work, and it’s been this way since I bought the synth from someone. I have never cared about the digital effects. But, since it is an issue I am listing the Andromeda @ very low price.” Link

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a6 “Up for sale is my Alesis Andromeda A6 in excellent consmetic and functional condition. If you are reading this, you probably already know about the synth. Discontinued in 2010, it is the most complex and full-featured analog polysynth ever made. There is really nothing on the market that is comparable in terms of functionality.” Link

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a6 “Unit does not boot up completely. Will not load past the splash screen. Display works and the blue light on the back of the unit works when turned on. No time or patience to invest in getting it fixed.

Unit had no tuning issues when working. All knobs, buttons and ribbon slider worked perfectly too. Sound was perfect and then it just stopped booting up.

Sucks it had to end like this…” Link

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a6 “Works perfectly. Comes with power cord, and user manual in its original packaging.

This is quite simply one of the best synthesizers ever made. Fortunately for you, I don’t have enough time now to give it the attention it deserves, so if you want the best, here it is. This synth has rarely left my loving arms, much less my smoke-free studio. I love this synth, so hurry up before I change my mind.” Link

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a6” This auction is only for the Andromeda A6, NOT the other two synths. The A6 is in absolutely perfect, as new condition – both cosmetically and functionally. It will ship in the original factory box with all original items. It will also come with a PCMCIA memory card fully loaded with additional banks of sounds. I am the only owner and it has always been in a pet- and smoke-free home studio. Very lightly used, perhaps 10-20 hours.” Link

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hr16 ” This auction is for one Alesis HR-16 vintage drum machine. It is in great shape and works like the day it was released from the factory. The drum sounds are similar to the LinnDrum and DMX but a little more clear overall. It hits just as hard in a mix as those slightly earlier drum machines. It is easy to swap out the internal rom (it is socketed) with other soundsets you can burn yourself or find for purchase online; this would let you have, say, TR-808 sounds in your HR-16.

This auction includes the retail box (covered in tape, but it is the original!), power supply, original styrofoam and the HR-16 itself. Good luck and happy bidding!” Link

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alesis andromeda “Alesis Andromeda A6 16-voice Analog Synthesizer

This is a tough one to sell, but I’ve got a house full of modular and other analog, and I just don’t use it all that often…so, here goes!

This is the massive Alesis Andromeda A6 16-voice analog synthesizer. If you want a powerhouse synth that covers a lot of sonic territory, this is it. ” Link

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a3 “This is it. The big bad wolf of analog synthesizers.
16 analog voices, 2 VCOs per voice
16 voice multitimbral,
dual blendable filters 12db per octave Oberheim-like and
a 24 db/Octave Moog Ladder-like Filter
step sequencer per patch!
arpeggiator per patch!
3 assignable LFOs
Ribbon Controller
built in multi effects
original manual plus printed tips and tricks from one of the original Alesis developers
original box and power supply

All voices and filters test and tune perfectly.

Also includes a memory card with 6 banks of sounds

unit works perfectly.” Link