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vx0 “Akai VX90 Analog Polyphonic Synthesizer

A rare 6 VCO polyphonic analog synth in great overall condition and perfect working order. ” Link

Akai, VX 90 @ 15 November 2016, Comments Off

vx90 ” This is Akai’s rack mount version of the AX73 keyboard. It is a 6 voice digitally-controlled analog synthesizer. It also has a connector for use with Akai’s older samplers to allow routing samples through the analog filters of the VX90. This unit is in good working condition. It has some paint worn off around the rack mounting holes and a few scratches on the case. No manual (a pdf manual is available online).” Link

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usedvx90 “Up for auction is a very rare Akai VX90. If you are looking at this unit I probably don’t need to remind you that it has six CEM 3394 ICs driving the signal. Amazing poly-synth unit. As you can see it has a small dent in the back corner, but rest assured, it has been fully tested and works great. ” Link

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akaicx09 “Up for auction is a very rare Akai VX90. If you are looking at this unit I probably don’t need to remind you that it has six CEM 3394 ICs driving the signal. Amazing poly-synth unit. It has been fully tested and works great. ” Link

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vx90 “AKAI VX90 – 6 voice polyphonic analogue synthesizer

Optischer Zustand: sehr gut, kleine Kratzer und Gebrauchtschpuren (siehe Bilder).

Technischer Zustand: alles funktioniert wie es soll (das Display leuchtet hell).

Wurde nur im Nichtraucher-Heimstudio benutzt.

Alle Fotos zeigen das hier angebotene Gerät.

Die Beschreibung des Artikel wurde nach bestem Wissen erstellt.


Akai VX90


Bedienungsanleitung” Link

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vx90 “Vintage Akai VX90 synthesiser

Studio Use Only

In good condition

240v ” Link

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vx90 “Akai VX-90 racksynthesizer in sehr guten zustand.Funktioniert einwandfrei und netzteil ist 230V.Geliefert mit stromkabel.
Akai VX-90 racksynthesizer in very good condition.Fully functional and powersuply is 230v.Comes with powercord.” Link

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vx90 “(1) AKAI VX90 Analog Synthesizer
(1) AKAI S900 Sampler
(1) Connection Cable (VX90 can be used as polyphonic analog filters of S900)

Both perfectly working, excellent condition, except S900 back panel has minot dent and one of S900 rack ears slightly bent (see pictures)
Comes with power cables and MIDI cables.
Connection cable was hard to find, paid $80. Gold pins.
VX90 LCD is original but still bright, no need to replace. S900′s dimmed LCD has been replaced with bright one.” Link

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vx90 “In Great Condition. Comes with audio cables and midi cables. ” Link

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vx90“This unit is in great condition, with very little home studio only use, I am the original owner, and the original manual is included.

The original box is long gone, but I will package this unit very well, the rack mount ears will be removed (and included) for shipping safety. When left on they tend to cause box damage in my experience.” Link

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“Good shape with a.c. cord, stickers are for our internal coding, easily removed Works perfectly” Link

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“Akai VX90. Used. Tested, performs and functions as intended. Minor wear and tear from normal use, surface scuffs. Power cord included, no manual. This unit is 220/240V and also comes with the step up/step down voltage transformer shown.” Link

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“Hey Ebay, its finally getting around to downsizing my gear, this auction is for a Akai VX 90. below is the description and i will post better photos soon. it is in good working condition (obviously marks from where it was mounted on racks, this photo has only one side but when i upload more i will show both on and more detail.” Link

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“Shows normal wear for a vintage rack module. There’s some light rust on the top of the case.” Link

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“Nice RARE Vintage AKAI Module with ORIGINAL Box. NO MANUAL.” Link

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This auction is for a used Akai VX90 analog synthesizer in excellent condition. All buttons and knobs are working and the screen is still bright. The face is clean but it has some rack wear to the case from rack mounting in line with its age (see pix). From a smoke free home.” Link

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“This auction is for an akai vx 90 rack synth. If you’ve been looking for one of these, you’ve noticed people posting them for 1200$ and other ridiculous prices; this one is much more reasonable. This synth has a rare mod, the sampler input has been replaced by 6 jacks on the back for vcf signal path input. That means you can insert your own sounds into the signal path to be processed by the vx 90s filters, lfo, and envelope. On the synth menu, you select “sampler” as a waveform to use this mod. If you look at picture 2, you can see the modification- the sampler input has been removed, and six holes have been machined for the vcf inputs. you will notice that 2 of the holes seem to be empty; that is because the threaded washers became loose and fell off–the jacks are still connected inside the synth, they fell back into the case, you will have to unscrew the case and put them back through the holes and put threaded washers back on. The circuit board battery was replaced last year, I ordered a few from digikey, I’ll send the spares if I can find them (but I might not be able to find them, so don’t buy the synth expecting them! they’re about 2$ each) COSMETIC CONDITION– as you can see, the synth has some adhesive stains on it from velcro. The mod on the back makes the top of the case bow a little. The volume knob is missing and the post for it is slightly bent but still works perfectly. there is mild rack rash on the screw jacks. ” Link

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” You’re looking at a used Akai VX90 Polyphonic Analog Rack Synth with real VCOs. Its one of the last real VCO synths ever produced, and one of the few VCO synhs with MIDI period. I’ll assume that if you’re looking at this you’re aware of its specs and what its capable of. Its in full working condition top to bottom, all buttons, knobs, sliders, and audio/MIDI ins and outs work perfectly, and its in great physical condition with some minor rack rash on the top and bottom of the unit. The Contrast knob is missing its colored cap, but that is merely cosmetic and doesn’t affect functionality. Pictures are of the actual unit for sale. Any questions please ask.” Link

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“Ich verkaufe mein Akai VX 90 Analogsynth Modul. Es ist ein seltenes Modell aus den 80 zigern. Das Gerät ist seit ca. 20 Jahren nicht mehr benutzt worden, es funktioniert immer noch einwandfrei. Wer einen analogen Synth sucht ist hier richtig. Das Modell ist sehr rar. Es ist keine Bedienungsanleitung mehr vorhanden, die findet man in Google. Viele Soundbeispiele sind im Netz zu finden, ein Beispiel könnt ihr hier sehen und hören.” Link

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Very good condition, has only been used stationary in my studio. Comes with German manual.” Link

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“This auction is for 1 x AKAI VX-90 Midi Programmable Analog Polyphonic Synthesizer Sound Module (actual item in photo) and UK mains cable.

The unit functions as it should and is in excellent condition. There are no crackly pots, sliders or switches. There are a couple of slight rack rash marks on the unit but none on the front panel, that still has the ‘Made In Japan’ sticker attached. In the auction photograph you will see that the VX-90 is powered up. ” Link

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“Akai VX 90 . Pretty beefy analog machine. I always loved it. It is a rare unit . It works, and sounds great.

The attached power cord is about 10 feet long. ” Link

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“This is a very rare paired Akai VX90 w/ Akai S612 analog synth/sampler setup I’m selling together. As you can see in the pics they were very well taken care of. Comes with audio cables, manual in pdf. on cd and the sample input cable to connect them and that’s when the fun starts.” Link

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“Up for your consideration is a pre-owned Akai VX-90 MIDI Sound Module Rack Mount

Works fine!

Great buy!

Slight scratching to rack mounts, light scratching on underside of front panel/top of device/bottom of device, general hazing from handling.” Link

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“Akai VX90 in perfect condition. This is the rack version of the AX73, identical except for the keyboard. The Ax 73 / Vx 90 is a lesser known vintage synth, often considered to be an underrated “well-kept secret”. It is a great hybrid synth from mid 80s with an elegant, creamy sound, also very easy to play/edit compared to similar mid 80s hybrid synths. Plays perfectly, includes orig cable. Fully serviced and sounds absolutely great. Barely used. The only imperfection is the outside edge of the memory protect button is chipped off (it still works perfectly though). No scratches on the front face. Includes original patches.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“This a rare beast, used but works perfectly. Typical rack rash but comes with the special power lead. Great LFO’s and easy programming and MIDI” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“This listing is for an Akai VX90 synthesizer sound module. The unit is 100% functional and in nice cosmetic condition as well.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“Hi . Up for auction i have an Akai VX90 Professional Midi Synthesizer.
It looks good. The contrast know it is a little loose but works .
It powers up and seems to be working but i have no way of testing it any further.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“This item was pulled from a working environment, and appears in good cosmetic condition. We power on the unit and all lights came on. We do not have any equipment to do any further testing.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“This unit is in amazing shape considering its age. The contrast knob on the far left is a bit sensitive but works perfectly. The auto-tuning function works very well. The VX-90 is a must have for vintage analog synth enthusiasts that enjoy midi functionality. I am in school and no longer have the space nor the time to enjoy my analog synthesizers.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

Akai, VX 90 @ 18 October 2011, Comments Off

Selling as a pair beacause they work so well together. Both units are in very good condition. The quick drive on the S-700 has not been used for a very long time because of disk availability.

Voice out of S-700 plugs into the VX 90 Sampler input and you can run the S 700 samples through the VX-90′s analog filter and envelope sections, very cool. A GREAT COMBO!” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

Akai, VX 90 @ 27 September 2011, Comments Off

“This is a used Akai VX90 Analogue Synth module. It is working well. It has recently been powered up and tested. The only thing wrong with it is that the first 6 patch memory locations do not work. It was like this when I bought it and it never worried me, as there are another 94 which work fine.
I will supply it with the hard to find 2-pin IEC mains lead. You will also get the original manual.
This is a 6 – voice analogue synth module with MIDI. It has an Auto-tune function ( handy with real analogue oscillators ), and a neat feature where you can feed 6 external signals in via a 13 pin DIN socket. This 13 pin DIN socket is designed for use with the S900, S700 or S612, but you could wire it up to a patchbay instead. You’d need a 13 pin DIN plug ( not supplied ) and some cable.
But even if you never use that external input feature, it is still a full 6 -voice polyphonic analogue synth, in a rack, with MIDI.
Great for programming your own sounds. Don’t buy this if you want realistic pianos, brass, strings etc. There are no samples. This is true analogue synthesis.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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Up for auction is a vintage AKAI VX90 synthesizer module.

This module is actually equipped for Europe with a 220/240Volt powersuply, but works fine with a 120 volt auto transformer, that is included in the auction.

This synth is in excellent working condition and comes with two cassettes with sounds.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

Akai, VX 90 @ 30 August 2011, Comments Off

” This is a used module from my studio. It works great and has some rack rash. Used only in smoke free studio. Because of its age i am selling it as-is. ” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“Hello and thanks for looking..What we have here is the AKAI VX90 analog midi rack synth in great condition considering its age. It has been used in my smoke free studio only. There really is not alot of information about this unit but there are some youtube vids available and www.vintagesynth.com has some information as well.. This is a great all analog synth. All buttons and sliders work as they should and the MIDI is great. Unit will ship as is. ” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.