360 Systems @ 06 May 2014, Comments Off

“This is a 360 Systems MIDI Bass module in very good condition. It has been powered on and when I press the buttons it makes a sound and the lights change appropriately. There has been no other testing done as I don’t have the capability or knowledge to do so.” Link

360 Systems @ 29 January 2013, Comments Off

“ou are bidding on a vintage 360 Systems Slavedriver

During their short lifespan, 360 Systems designed and produced an interesting set of effects, guitar synths (a repackaging of the Oberheim SEM), and synth-specific utility items such as the Slavedriver.

The Slavedriver uses a hex pickup (installed on your favorite guitar) to channel guitar notes to the main unit which converts your playing into range of control voltages to interface with your favorite monosynth.

The Slavedriver features 1/4in CV/Gate outputs for: guitar, pitch, loudness, trigger. There are controls for octave range: 2, 4, 8, 16, 32; and footswitch interval. There are also 1/4in inputs to connect footswitches (not included) to control sustain and transpose hands-free.

Internal dials allow the user to adjust each string’s sensitivity. Once you get pickup situated on your guitar, and patch the Slavedriver into the cv and gate jacks on your synth, you can have hours of synth guitar fun.

This particular unit is good shape, and works well. The pickup as been hard-wired to the cable and unit (it came to me this way), but could easily be modified to incorporate a jack for added convenience.

Pretty neat utility item for the gear hound with everything, including a wild desire to jam some Snakefinger licks. Pair it with a Serge Animal Panel and change the world!” Link

360 Systems @ 04 December 2012, Comments Off

” Vintage rare 360 Systems Midibass. I rarely used it, but fired it up recently and it works fine. It includes two sounds, “Picked RW Jazz”, and “Snappy”, which is the sound used in the Seinfeld theme song. It has a midi in, out and through on the back.

Some light scratches and paint chips on the metal sides and face but overall in good condition. The photo is of the actual unit. ” Link

360 Systems @ 28 August 2012, Comments Off

” This is a 360 Systems Professional Midi Bass Rackmount Module in good condition.” Link

360 Systems @ 07 August 2012, Comments Off

“Midi Bass found in my late husband’s studio. ” Link

360 Systems @ 12 June 2012, Comments Off


These are nearly impossible to find, I recieved this in trade and know very little about it.
This item is being sold for parts or repair only , AS IS.
I’m actually not a keyboard guy but I do know it does not work properly, that is why it is being sold as is for parts or repair only. To my knowledge it turns on and was acting funky , clearly not working properly, I’m am in no way representing this to be a working item, Just making sure i cover the bases. With the little research I did, these units tend to show up in high end vintage synth collections and appear to only been made a short time.” Link

360 Systems @ 02 August 2011, Comments Off


“360 systems midi bass module has four onboard samples, which are:

funk touch, MINI/SEM, Pick RW PB, Finger FW PB

Unit shows minor paint wear, no significant damage. Unit comes from a working environment but I am not set up to test this equipment, has only been tested to power up, no further testing has been performed. ” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

360 Systems, Spectre @ 18 August 2009, Comments Off

“360 Systems Spectre Guitar Synthesizer circa 1978. NO MANUAL . NO PICKUP — what you see is what you get.The boards are original Oberheim SEM ‘A’.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.