# ARP Omni 2 Project Machine

ARP, Omni, Omni 2 @ 15 February 2017

usedmom “Arp Omni 2 Model 2473 for parts / repair (with Anvil case)

This is a non-working Arp Omni Mark 2! It is complete as far as parts, keys, components, etc. are concerned, and is only missing the pot slider caps.

This unit doesn’t play a note! It is purely a “fixer upper” or useful for parts. It does power on, and all lighted switches turn off and on… but the most it does right now is produce the infamous electrical clicking noise (through the “SYNTH,” “STRINGS,” and “BASS” outputs) when keys are pressed, followed by a faint click noise when those keys are released. Physically, it is in decent shape for its age, with the expected scratches and dings here and there from transport; the control panel, sliders, buttons, and keys are all good; no keys are chipped, and they are fairly even across except for two or three [See pictures.].

The blue balloon tantalum key capacitors were all replaced several years ago with electrolytics. The power supply tantalum and electrolytic capacitors were replaced with new electrolytics as well. The phaser circuit board and other electronics are all present.

If you have a good tech—or a fair amount of free time of your own—this could be a worthwhile project. (My studio unit is identical to this one, and it is one I bought non-working for cheap and fixed up.)

Arp Omnis are great synths: they offer a nice set of analog string sounds, a basic synth with simple, changeable parameters, and a bass section as well. All of these can be combined, too. Plus, there are two on-board effects: a phaser and a “wave enhancement” feature, too, which does _____ that makes things sound real cool…. Finally, the Omni is polyphonic through divide down circuitry (except for the bass section when it is activated; I think that is low note priority monophonic if I recall correctly).

The Anvil case is missing the original foam (which I removed because it had decayed into uselessness), but the Arp will be wrapped in a new foam mattress cover/pad… which will have the same cushioning result.” Link

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