# ARP Odyssey

ARP, Odyssey @ 19 April 2017

usearpodydy “Up for sale is our original ARP Odyssey MKIII. NOT the inferior weak sounding Korg. This is the real deal.

We’ve owned it it and used it for the past 10 years here in our studio. Never gigged in our possession. Look at the pics.. Pretty sure it’s never been gigged. It looks fantastic.

We had it overhauled by a veteran analog synth tech last year. Some sliders replaced with original Arp NOS.
it was all calibrated and power supply tech’d too. Works and looks great. But sold as is due to how temperamental these old synths can be. I’ll upload a YouTube video of it being played in a few. All sliders, buttons, switches and jacks work. The HPF slider has a dead spot once in a while but works.”

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