# ARP Odyssey

ARP, Odyssey @ 01 June 2016

arp odyssey “Completely refurbished 1973 Odyssey Mk 1 2800 with 4023 filter. Versatile built in NEA aftertouch module($1200 installed) added.Extensive reconditioning( 35 hrs) by New England Analog and Retrolinear includes the following:

Keyboard bus bars replaced
Rubber key bushings replaced
Power supply replaced with new Power One linear PSU
Old power chord replaced
Rebuilt CV memory section
Replaced six connectors on harness board with gold plated connectors to improve pitch stability for octave changes
All sliders removed , cleaned, polished, rebuilt. All bad carbon traces replaced.
All polarized capacitors replaced
All op amps and CMOS 4011 ICs replaced
Both VCOs completely rebuilt
Decoupling capacitors added to eliminate bleed from VCOs and S&H mixer on oscillator boards
Unit tuned and calibrated
Aftertouch sensor added to keybed
Aftertouch electronics added to panel
Switch routing Aftertouch LFO to S&H clock installed
ADSR and LFO single/multi-trigger mod added.
External audio input to the filter

Aftertouch can be routed to VCO1, VCO2,VCF, and VCA using front panel controls. Aftertouch mod also has its own triangle and square LFO .The switch added to the left of the keyboard allows the sample and hold clock speed to be modulated by Aftertouch. There is also a single/ dual trigger switch installed above the noise generator for the ADSR envelope which disables the re-triggerring of the LFO(LFO free run).” Link

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