Cheetah, MS6 @ 25 September 2012, Comments Off on Cheetah MS6

“Can’t tell you anything about this. Got it given last year. I think it’s 80’s technology. Your best bet is having a look online to see what you can find out about it. No manuals.” Link

Powertran, Transcendent 2000 @ 25 September 2012, Comments Off on Powertran Transcendent 2000

“In the old days of Maplin/ETI you could build your own monosynth/modular/echo unit/vocoder, this is a little monosynth designed by Tim Orr (of EMS fame) and it sounds lovely. Has been restored and is in great condition, a really fantastic little monosynth that has very good build quality (not always the way with self builds)”

Kawai @ 25 September 2012, Comments Off on Kawai Synthesizer 100P

“This is a rare KAWAI (Teisco) 100-P Analouge Synthesizer made in the 70’s or 80’s.

All controls, levers and knobs are present and work as they should The kawai-100P is a monophonic preset synthesizer from 1979. There were a number of such keyboards around at the time and earlier, including Roland’s SH-2000 and the ARP Pro Soloist. They gave quick access to generic sounds, and were often designed to sit atop another keyboard, such as an organ.

The sounds themselves are a mixed bag – but many of them are a pleasure to play, and several are very usable. The bass sounds possess a solid low end, the shakuhachi is smooth and effective, and the four “synthe” sounds have a pleasing rawness. The limited tweaking afforded by the panel controls includes a clumsy pitch-bend slider, filter “brilliance”, and modulation rate, as well as octave up/down, portamento (and glissando) time, tune, volume and three keyboard triggering modes.

Perhaps the most unexpected and interesting aspects of this modest little synth are its built-in reverb and assignable aftertouch. Reverb is of the spring type, with an effect level knob on the panel; aftertouch also has a sensitivity control knob to suit your playing, and can be routed simultaneously to several destinations, including pitch bend up/down, filter, vibrato amount and “growl”. The degree of flexibility this adds to the otherwise simple sounds makes this synth much more expressive than many more patchable monos of the time. There is also an “effects” section allowing the switching of porta/glissando, hold/sustain, note repeat and – another nice feature – a flanger.

There is minimal interfacing here: high and low outputs, headphone jack, and an expression pedal input for volume control – but the advantage of this is that the 100P begs to be played. Forget your CV/Gate, your MIDI and USB – forget how many demisemiquavers you can quantize at 300BPM – flex your finger joints and have some fun!

great vintage synth that comes in original box packaging with cover and sheet holder ” Link

Modular, Plan B @ 25 September 2012, Comments Off on Plan B M15 Complex Voltage Controlled Oscillator

” Plan B M15 Mk2 for sale. These modules are hard to come across now, due to Plan B being out of business for a few years, so this is a great opportunity to pick some of their fantastic modules up. This module is fully working and in great condition. It comes with four mounting screws and a ribbon cable for power connection. The Mk2 version has the PCB parallel to the faceplate, meaning it’s not as deep as the Mk1.

The M15 is an outstanding triangle core oscillator. Sine, triangle, sawtooth, square wave with variable pulsewidth ouputs and the morph output. The morph output is a waveshaping output, with a switch that selects it’s output to either be sine to sawtooth or sine to square. The morph circuit is an almost exact copy of the waveshaping function used in the Buchla 258. The morph function is controllable by both a pot and a CV input, which creates very interesting effects due to the vactrol used in the circuit. All of the raw waveform outputs sound absolutely amazing. The M15 definitely has a ‘fat’ sound to it right off the bat, it just sounds huge. The sine wave is probably the nicest I’ve heard from any oscillator in my entire life.

It’s very flexible in regards to FM synthesis, boasting a linear FM input and two, bipolar exponential FM inputs. The linear FM input is very musical sounding and can work for both melodic scale patches as well as wild experimentation. It excels at creating various natural sounds, including metallic instruments, wooden sounds and of course, the classic bongo (especially when paired with a nice low pass gate). It has a 1v/o input, which I’ve calibrated to track for 5 octaves. This range can be extended by following the calibration procedure, but I only had a 5 octave keyboard to work with. It’s easy to dial in tuning once it’s warmed up, as you have coarse and fine tuning options on the oscillator. The oscillator also includes a sync function.

The pulse width is an interesting feature of this oscillator, as the whole range of it is covered by about 30% of the bipolar pot’s manual movement. It also has a CV input to control the pulse width. The reason for this range, is to create interesting experimentation with pushing the waveform past it’s thinnest pulse wave, resulting in the waveform cutting out. Sending a random voltage generator to the pulse width modulation input can create superb sounds.

Selling due to cashflow problems, resulting in me selling all of my studio gear. Utter heartbreak, but it needs to be done.” Link

Future Retro @ 25 September 2012, Comments Off on Future Retro Revolution

“lovely condition synth. no marks & all working as it should. comes with box, power supply & manual. also it has had the bigger battery backup installed professionally. only had 2 owners from new. very sad to see this one go. really is in mint condition & winner wont be disappointed. ” Link

Cheetah, MS6 @ 25 September 2012, Comments Off on Cheetah MS6

“Ex Professional studio item. Selling as studio has been up graded.

Module is in very good condition for being used, no scratches etc, was in a rack.

I have some code sheets included and also assignment numbers can still be read from the top of the unit.

Please look this up on the web if you need more detail.

Unit in fully working/functional order.” Link

Ensoniq, EPS16+ @ 25 September 2012, Comments Off on Ensoniq EPS-16 Plus

“This unit is in great working and cosmetic condition with only minor scuffs due to normal use and has been tested! It comes with the power cord, manual not included(easily found online). ” Link

Q, Waldorf @ 25 September 2012, Comments Off on Waldorf Q

“This auction is for a Waldorf Q Rack synth module, in excellent condition and full working order, complete with mains lead. I have tested all the encoders and all work correctly, with no jumps or glitches that I could detect. The overall cosmetic condition is excellent, apart from a small amount of wear to the graphic around the cutoff knob. This is a standard 16-voice version and has been updated to the latest OS 3.02. I have owned this synth for the last ten years or so, during which time it has been safely racked in my home studio and well looked after. And it sounds awesome!” Link

Future Retro @ 25 September 2012, Comments Off on Future Retro Revolution Limited Edition

“If you are reading this chances are you know what the Revolution is. However, this model is special as ONLY 9 Units Were Ever Made In The UV Orange Finish. This is number 6 of the 9 made, it is signed and numbered on the back.

While it is a “collector’s” piece it saw normal studio (smoke free) use. Since I am in the US and this model was from the UK I have multiple convertors for the plug that came with the unit, I will include these when shipping along with the manual.

From Future Retro Website

“In 2006, we did a very limited production run of what we called the SE units in both a silver and UV orange finish. In addition to the obvious color changes, these were the first Revolution units to have the black aluminum end pieces. They also featured unique combinations of colored key caps and included one modification that provided a logical accent gate output on the ring connector of the gate output jack. Each unit was also hand-signed and numbered. The UV orange SE units were all sold exclusively through Analogue Addiction in the UK. Only nine of these units were made.

These units were very bright in color and glowed just as bright under blacklight. These units shipped with UV red key caps that would glow orange under blacklight as well.” “ Link

Starkey @ 25 September 2012, Comments Off on Starkey Hearing Science HSL

“Starkey Hearing Science Laboratory. This appliance dates from approx. 1977/78. This would have been used for controlled hearing tests and was sourced from the speech and language therapy department of a university, my interest in the item was from the point of view of creating electronic music.

Effectively this is a modular patch synth. Sources are three sine waves and a buzz frequency, feeding into three filters, amongst other things. I have attempted to provide a photograph that displays the circuitry. I have not made sense of the bottom Programmer section, but it all lights up and does something!

The unit creates some quite sonic assaulting sounds, as well as some quite exciting wavering low drones. The essence of what it does, I would say would not be that far removed from the music of Throbbing Gristle or Add n to X. There is a mic and line in so voice and instruments can be fed through and mixed with the synth sound for effect, I have had great fun experimenting with this.

The unit is in good condition and all working, comes with a cover and patch leads. A very technical friend soldered a fuse carriage inside as it was missing, so it has also had the once over from him, but no official certificate. ” Link

Matrix 6R, Oberheim @ 25 September 2012, Comments Off on Oberheim Matrix 6R

“I’ve owned this unit for quite some years. Fully serviced (July 2012) and 100% operational. UK 240v.

Cosmetically in excellent condition, with only the slightest of rack scars.

Still sounds amazing – only selling due to space (having dumped all my patches into a (1u) Matrix 1000)

Comes with original manual and the factory sounds from the original data cassette (afraid the cassette went astray shortly after transferring all the sounds to MIDI). I’ll also put a copy of the OS X ‘ObieEditor’ on a CD with the factory sound’s sysex files.” Link

C64 @ 25 September 2012, Comments Off on Prophet64 for Commodore 64

“Up for grabs is a cult and out of production Prophet 64 cartridge by 8 Bit Ventures. Turns your Commodore 64 into a TB 303 plus more! This is a rare unit so dont miss out!” eBay Link

RSF @ 25 September 2012, Comments Off on RSF Kobol

“Great shape RSF Kobol. Beautiful sound, morphing waveforms SSM filters!!

If your looking at this then you know what it is and how rare and lovely it is!” Link

Oberheim @ 25 September 2012, Comments Off on Oberheim VCF-200 Voltage Controlled Filter

“This is the Oberheim Voltage Controlled Filter, a truly amazing pedal and one of the first pedals ever made! This pedal is the pride of my collection and I hate to see it go, but I’m moving and I need to get rid of things! This pedal works and sounds great!” Link

Oberheim, Strummer @ 25 September 2012, Comments Off on Oberheim Strummer

“For Parts Only

Are you an adventurer? Do you like to take risks? You like leaving things up to chance?

Well, this item is for you!

I don’t have the power supply for this Strummer so I have no idea if it works or not.
It could work as perfectly as the day it was bought!
It might do better as a paperweight!

Only YOU will know!! So what will it be: Red pill or the Blue pill?” Link

DX, Oberheim @ 25 September 2012, Comments Off on Oberheim DX Project Machine

“you are bidding on a vintage 1980s oberheim DX digital drum machine. it is in excellent physical condition. it powers up, but the digital display does not light up. it is untested and being sold as-is.” Link

DMX, Oberheim @ 25 September 2012, Comments Off on Oberheim DMX with MIDI

“This is for an Oberheim DMX Drum machine in excellent working and cosmetic condition.

One of the buttons (tempo) needs to be pressed a bit harder to operate.

It has been recaped with top quality capacitors everywere except the sound cards. So it should last for as many more years. Please note due to age it is sold as is.

It has midi in out!” Link

LinnDrum @ 25 September 2012, Comments Off on LinnDrum LM-2

“Shop inspected and tested at ARIZONA MUSIC Electronics Shop.
Tested again on the floor of the audio department of AZ MUSIC
It works and sounds great !
100% Working Warranty from ARIZONA MUSIC

Hardly Used – If Ever
Ridiculous Excellent MINT Cosmetic Condition.
Just as we received it
(with a little dust on it)
Comes with Manual, Original Power Cable
and 2 Preset & Alternative Sound Cassettes
The ONLY thing we didn’t get was the Original Box.” Link

Emu, SP-1200 @ 25 September 2012, Comments Off on Emu SP1200

“The time has come to part with my SP1200 12bit monster

Here i have a 7030 model for sale

Comes with what you see in the pics

-Owners Manual

-Boot up disk, some sounds to play with

-Distrakt Instructional DVD

-SP-1200 The Art And The Science grey edition 27sens book

-Power Cord and a few extras


It is fully funtional no sticky buttons, smooth sliders, no drive problems, screen is nice and bright and Sounds Phattttt!!!! And Looks Fresh!!!!

Good luck bidding ” Link

Kawai, SX-240 @ 25 September 2012, Comments Off on Kawai SX-240

“Do all keys work? YES

Have you had the battery replaced? NO

Do all buttons respond when pushed? YES

Any scratchy outputs or sliders? NONE THAT I NOTICED

Any sliders or pieces missing? NO

How worn are the wood sides? NO SIGNS OF WEAR

Can you test editing a patch to make sure all works? NOT SURE HOW TO DO THIS

Any problems what so ever? NONE THAT I CAN SEE OR POINT OUT

This synth has had very little use. Its been stored safely in the box for years. In my opinion, very close to brand new. ” Link

Q, Waldorf @ 25 September 2012, Comments Off on Waldorf Q

“Original Waldorf Q keyboard in a unique design.

I purchased the instrument in January 2004, shortly before the insolvency of Waldorf Music.
The original bill of Waldorf Music AG exists. To my knowledge this is the one and only study design in this presentation.

The device was never played and just unpacked for photography. The functionality and technical status of the series corresponds 1:1 to the Q Phoenix Edition – you can test the unit before bidding.

Delivered with complete new accessories, instruction manuals in German and English, U.S. and Euro power cord, in the original Package.” Link

Ensoniq, EPS16+ @ 25 September 2012, Comments Off on Ensoniq EPS 16+

“Thanks for looking! This listing comes with an o.s. floppy disk, manual and power cord. It also has the SCSI memory expander card installed. These go for $100 separately. This item is used and there is normal wear. This unit is 100% fully functional and all keys and buttons work.” Link

Akai, AX-60 @ 25 September 2012, Comments Off on Akai AX-60

“This auction is for 1 Akai Ax-60 vintage synthesizer in nice condition.

This Ax-60 has been in storage over recent years in a climate controlled studio.
I played it recently and it sounds very nice; warm, fat, analog.

Functional condition: Everything seems to be fully functional on this synthesizer. I have another Ax-60 to compare it to and there is no noticeable difference between the two. All voices are smooth and fully functional. I was able to create/edit and save warm and vintage analog tones. The layout makes programming easy.
All the keys trigger nicely. I tested the pitch/mod wheels, arpeggiator, chorus’, all the sliders, Occilator/LFO waveforms, and noise. The cutt-off knob above the mod wheel doesn’t seem to do a lot (it seems to need dialing in) and the VCA envelope release seems to like being up into the 7 range for my preference of a good sustain time but it’s the exact same way on the other AX-60 I compared it to.
All the sliders are smooth and feel really good (9 out of 10 on feel). The volume slider does have a little noise when adjusting volume, but it doesn’t at all occur or come through the mix during playing.
This Ax-60 is in good playing condition- it’s really is fun to play, and it’s a powerful analog poly-synth for making music.

Carefully view the photos to get an idea of the items cosmetic condition.

Cosmetic condition : There are no major blemishes, just minor stuff like: maybe a few light scratches or scuffs on the keys, some scuffs and scratches in the paint. Some light scratches on the display cover.
Overall the cosmetic condition is really nice and this synthesizer appears to have been well maintained through its life. ” Link

Casio, CZ-1000 @ 25 September 2012, Comments Off on Casio CZ-1000

“VINTAGE CASIO CZ-1000 49 Key DIGITAL SYNTHESIZER KEYBOARD in “VERY GOOD” Condition. Experience the CLASSIC sounds that CASIO has to Offer!!! Includes: CASIO CZ-1000 49 Key DIGITAL SYNTHESIZER KEYBOARD and power adaptor. The CASIO CZ-1000 49 Key DIGITAL SYNTHESIZER KEYBOARD is in VERY GOOD Operating condtion, Looks Good and shows wear. I give a 100% money back guarantee if not satisifed for any reason.” Link

Matrix 1000, Oberheim @ 25 September 2012, Comments Off on Oberheim Matrix 1000

“Perfect working condition. Cosmetically it actually isn’t bad—the rack ears are a bit warped and has some general scuffs on it (obviously the bottom of it is all scratched up and the top does have some scratches), but the front of the unit is fine.

This is literally the most inexpensive option for an 8 voice polyphonic analog synth, with 2 oscillators per voice, for 16 total! Though the truly exceptional aspect of this synth lies in the fact that it has a modulation matrix that is completely modular! So basically, practically any parameter can be connected to control/modulate any other parameter, which is somewhat unheard of, in a synth of this class. You have almost unlimited flexibility with the modulation matrix combined with 16 oscillators and 8 notes polyphony.” Link

Lyricon @ 25 September 2012, Comments Off on Lyricon The Driver

“This is a vintage Lyricon. Lyricon had three versions (Lyricon I, Lyricon II, and The Driver). If your looking at this you know what it is and how it works. It is a top of the line Wind Synth. Lyricon is the one everyone wants but can’t find or afford to get one. No they aren’t making anymore. If you want a Lyricon model you’ll be getting a used one. This one is clean as you can get. The inside of the locking case is clean as the day it was made. No rips, no tears, no dings, no oxidation(rust). The outside is a little age showing. Case has some blemishes on it from setting but has no cracks or tears or scrape marks of any kind. I have had this instrument for abut 15 years. Traded somebody something for it. I knew back then it was worth around $1500 to $1700. Now I know nothing about how to play a synth wood instrument. I plugged it in today when I took these pictures and it power lights and flip switch lights all worked. I tested each toggle switch and all worked as did the little red bulbs beside toggles. This is as far as I can test. I have no amp to test any further. So even though It does power up I am selling this as non-working and for parts only. It did play when I traded for it a long time ago. But I can make no guarantee that it will now. I not going to say it works and mail it out not knowing 100% for sure it does. So just know it will power up and all switches and lights work flawlessly. It comes with the key to the case so you can lock it. The original power cord. Also it will include a copy of the original 28 page owner’s manual. Please remember to bid as if not working. I would say there is a 95% chance it works, but i’m sure if it does work it will need some kinda servicing and a new wood reed. The Lyricon is the holy grail of wind synths, no one else can even compete.” Link

HardSID @ 25 September 2012, Comments Off on HardSID 4u

“This particular unit I have installed 4 chips, that include 3 8580 and 1 6581 chip. As you can see by the pictures, these are easily user swappable and you can put your own chips in there. Sids vary wildly from revision to revision and even from chip to chip so you may want to swap some of these out for your own chips if you have a supply. The only chip that is questionable is chip 3, it runs oddly on some sids and the filter seems less usable than the other chips. The hardsid itself works fine as using a different chip in that socket shows no problems.” Link

Kurzweil @ 25 September 2012, Comments Off on Kurzweil K2000R

“Kurzweil K2000R VAST Synthesizer with Full Orchestral ROM,
Glyph SCSI CD Reader for uploading samples.
The orchestral sounds are fantastic! Lots of memory for uploading samples.
I have CDs of samples, made by Sweetwater, that I will include in this offer.
There are many samples on line that you can download also.

This synthesizer/CD reader has been used only in my studio. EVERYTHING WORKS.
I am selling it to help pay for rebuilding my studio.” Link

Modular, The Harvestman @ 25 September 2012, Comments Off on The Harvestman Malgorithm

“This auction is for a Harvestman Malgorithm Bitcrusher.

This device when attached to a modular rackmount synth chain can reduce external sounds to an 8-bit nintendo-esque signal.

Excellent for the experimental electronic musician who wants to add a little something special to their modular setup.” Link

Matrix 6, Oberheim @ 25 September 2012, Comments Off on Oberheim Matrix 6

“Up for Sale an awesome and yet underrated Oberheim Matrix 6 Synthesizer , in great shape it has some signs of use but it looks great and more importantly it sounds fantastic, it is fully functional , the buttons feel good the keys play very nice , the screen is bright ,the benders are in great shape as well, this synth has lots of modulation capabilities, you can also split it in two parts , the filter is very nice very classic Oberheim sound,also has Midi, and and presets , the memory is working as well, it has 100 patches and 50 splits saved already with sounds from fx to leads ,funky basses, pads, strings, pianos, it’s a really cool synth I’m really gonna miss it. so take this chance to have this monster in your productions” Link

Ensoniq, Mirage @ 25 September 2012, Comments Off on Ensoniq Mirage



Unit came from a local estate sale. Powers on and is fully operational.Know what you are buying BEFORE you click as all items are as-is, and all sales are final. ” Link

Emax, Emu @ 25 September 2012, Comments Off on Emu Emax SE


Powers up and has disk error.

I have not fully tested the machine. It may work perfectly or not.

The floppy I have may have a bad formatting or it could be that the floppy drive is having trouble.

I am not an expert with these older machines, so this is being sold As-Is.

Includes power cord and 1 floppy disk.

Good physical condition, some scuffs.

Missing the volume slider cap.” Link

Emu, Emulator II @ 25 September 2012, Comments Off on Emu Emulator II

“For sale is an E-MU Emulator II in fantastic condition. The front panel, keyboard and disk drives are in mint shape. A few minor blemishes on the sides (see pics). Unit is in excellent working condition.

This keyboard is a true classic that still sounds wonderful today.

Does miss this own an Emulator II in great condition.” Link

Teenage Engineering @ 25 September 2012, Comments Off on Teenage Engineering OP-1

“You’re bidding on a rarely used OP-1. In excellent condition except the rubber bands have slightly squashed the cardboard box. I’m including a printed manual as well…very helpful. Happy bidding.” Link

MG-1, Moog @ 24 September 2012, Comments Off on Moog MG-1

“You are bidding on a Realistic Concertmate MG-1 monophonic analog synthesizer serial# 7833, model# 42-4000, designed and manufactured by Moog Music and retailed through Radio Shack in perfect working order and in excellent condition complete with a copy of the owner‘s manual. This is the earlier version with attached power cord and smaller power switch.” Link