Blacet, Modular @ 17 August 2010, Comments Off on Blacet Miniwave

“Blacet Miniwave with 4 Roms. Built by blacet. The minijacks were switched out for Banana Jacks. Roms included are the Eprom A, Socket Rocket, Scale Quantizer, and Morphine. The last 2 are new and still in the unopened static sheildbag.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

Modular @ 17 August 2010, Comments Off on Ondes Martenot System

“This is a modern version of the Ondes Martenot, the legendary early electronic instrument.

The main keyboard is the French Connection made by the British synthesizer company Analogue Systems. It can be played either as a conventional monophonic keyboard, or as with an Ondes Martenot: Your right hand controls a ring on a wire which moves continuously along the keys controlling pitch, while the left hand controls volume with a spring-loaded wooden button. There is also a joystick next to the button which can be set to control any parameter such as timbre.

The keyboards control a modular synthesizer housed in an aluminum cabinet. The sound modules are 100% analog. They include:

* RS95e Oscillator (x2). (A.Sys). The highest quality analog oscillators. Very precise control over pitch. Sine, Square, Triangle, and Saw waveforms, plus many others available with the built-in waveshaping functions.
* A132-3 Dual VCA (Doepfer). A high quality unit for controlling volume on two channels. Exponential or linear response curve selectable.
* RS100 Low Pass Filter (A.Sys). A great sounding filter voltage controlled filter, similar to the classic Moog filter.
* A140 Envelope Generator (Doepfer). For controlling the contour of a sound. Big time range.
* A121 Multimode Filter (Doepfer). Pitch accurate filter featuring lowpass, highpass, bandpass, notch.
* LFO-NZ (Analogue Solutions). A voltage controlled low frequency oscillator with white noise generator. Range: 0.01Hz to 32Hz.
* RS150 Sequential Switch. Several uses.
* A176 Fixed voltage source. Use in combination with RS150 and LFO for a 4 step sequencer. Control any parameter in the system.

Above the module cabinet sits a custom made 2 octave keyboard. The main electronics are from a kit by Doepfer. A few basic circuits were added by me to the panel, including a basic low pass filter used as a simple envelope. It is housed in stained Poplar wood, handbuilt by myself. Very sturdy and pretty. Has both analog and midi outputs.

Also included: Patch cables– 6″ (10), 12″ (15), 18″ (5), 36″ (3). Radioshack 42 range digital multimeter with frequency counter.

If you were to buy the electronics new today it would cost you about $4800 total. This does not include the carpentry for the small custom keyboard.

Shipping will depend on your location. If you are in Southern California, I can deliver for free. Otherwise, let’s discuss.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

Microwave XT, Waldorf @ 17 August 2010, Comments Off on Waldorf Microwave XT Shadow Edition

Limited Edition SHADOW

Wavetable Synthesizer

Much Regretted Sale… 🙁

Here is the UBER RARE and highly desirable SHADOW.

Finished in Gunmetal Grey and Black.

Only 666 made
 This one is no.112.

This one has the later knobs fitted.

The screen is very bright green, with a nice blue surround.

The condition is Totally Mint, as you can see from the photos.

Everything works 100% as it should.

This is my 2nd (and last) XT Shadow, the last one sold for ÂŁ680.50 a year ago on ebay.

This really is a beautiful instrument, and definitely for the collector.

It is the 10 Voice model, with version 2.28 software.

I have just uploaded one of the best soundsets, the XT User Set 3.

I will also include a CD-Rom full of soundbanks and Sysex files.

Included is the original user manual, the original Netzgerat PSU, a UK power cable, and a EURO power cable.


This synth has only ever been lightly used in my home project studio, and has not been abused in any way. It resides in a Pet Free and Smoke Free environment.

Why am I parting with this rare beast? I am having to sell off all my gear, due to ill health – this is the only reason, otherwise I would be keeping this as an investment.

This synth is capable of creating amazing sounds and atmospheres, and you can get the synth to sound and act in a very Modular way
” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

Polivox @ 17 August 2010, Comments Off on Polivoks

The set includes: Polivoks synth, power cord, 5-din to 1/4″ jack adapter, factory manual/schemes, top cover are not included!” Link

Linn 9000 @ 17 August 2010, Comments Off on Linn 9000

“For Sale here is the legendary Linn9000 drum machine/ sequencer/workstation. This Linn9000 is completely serviced/restored/updated by Bruce Forat at Forat Music Electronics in the US. ( This machine is an absolute must!! It has a few scratches but mechanically it is in top conditon!!
It sounds amazing! This machine blows every drum machine easily away. But that’s not all, it is a very elaborate sequencer and sampler!

The work Bruce Forat has done on this Linn9000 consisted of :

– replacing/adjusting all drum pads
– cleaning the in/outputs
– cleaning/replacing of the faders
– installing a new Nicad backup battery
– enlarge the sequencer capacity to 43,000 notes
– installing a new 240 V. power unit
– installing SMPTE reader and generator card (required for midi sync/clock in)
– Besides the 40 K.ram memory that was already available in this Linn9000, Bruce added a 68K static RAM memory expansion. I also transferred an other 128 K.ram card into the Linn9000 so now the total is 236 K. ram memory in total.
– installing the latest 7.09. software. Some of the many features are as follow:

On screen editing features such as Event and Global edit (note, velocity, duration, tuning, hi hat decay and erase), two types of punch (manual or programmable), recording all controllers such as MIDI volume etc., event chase, MIDI drum note assignment, copy individual tracks or drums, merge and replace, Time shift of notes and drum events, re-timing correction of individual drums or tracks after recording, 156 steps of drum tuning recordable during the sequence, MIDI System Exclusive recording for keyboard sounds, sample editing (truncate, reverse and fade), drum solo and mute, better and faster erase and many more.

Besides all these incredible features, the Linn9000 has an installed sampleboard (A/D converter) to load and record samples into the Linn9000. In this way you can load the recorded samples you want to use for your music project. Also 2 extra trigger input cards are installed!! So there are 12 trigger inputs you can use

The Linn9000 also comes with the latest 7.09 software manual to guide you through all the amazing features!” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

Modular, Wiard @ 17 August 2010, Comments Off on Wiard Wogglebug

“I am moving on from my Wiard system . . . All modules are in Ex+ Condition. -” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

Division 6, Modular @ 17 August 2010, Comments Off on Division 6 Filtare

“The Filtare SEIII is a multimode, state-variable voltage-controlled filter that gives you low-pass, band-pass and high-pass outputs which are all simultaneously available. It also includes a notch output which allows you to change the balance between low-pass and high-pass. The SEIII uses discrete components but is based on SSM2040 architechture, giving you a very musical sounding filter. There are CV inputs for frequency, resonance and notch balance. The 1 V/O CV input for frequency can be used to have the filter follow what you’re playing on the keyboard or just crank up the resonance and use it to play sine-waves.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

Modular @ 17 August 2010, Comments Off on Trouby Modular – LED FUZZ

“Verzerrer basierend auf 2 LEDs – wenns zerrt, leuchtets 🙂 Ob nur zum Anzerren oder volle Zerrung 😉 Regler fĂŒr Eingangspegel & VerstĂ€rkung. Dieses Exemplar hat hochfrequente Schwingneigung – muss mal schauen ob die nur am Anfang sind… FĂŒr ein vollwertiges Exemplar einfach fragen 🙂 ” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

Cat, Octave @ 17 August 2010, Comments Off on Octave Cat

“this rare synth is working but needs some tlc.
it fires up but some of the keys dont work and some play bad notes.
the rear panel is missing (nothing special to replace, its just a flat panel)
couple of knobs missing (see the pics)” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

Syntecno @ 17 August 2010, Comments Off on Syntecno TB Mk 3

“in sehr gutem Zustand mit Anleitung” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

Oberheim, Xpander @ 17 August 2010, Comments Off on Oberheim Xpander

“Zum Verkauf kommt hier ein Oberheim Xpander

Der Xpander gehört zu den ganz großen Entwicklungen der Firma Oberheim.
Ein polyphoner Analogsynthesizer mit einem wirklich wuchtigen und vielseitigen Sound, unglaublichen Modulationsmöglichkeiten und einer ĂŒbersichtlichen Bedienung.
Das GerĂ€t ist voll funktionstĂŒchtig und in einem gepflegten Zustand

Kommt inkl. HĂ€ndlerrechnung, 7 Tage RĂŒckgaberecht und 1 Jahr GewĂ€hrleistung.
Bitte unsere AGB dazu beacheten.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

DX, Oberheim @ 17 August 2010, Comments Off on Oberheim DX

“For sale my classic Oberheim DX drum machine.

This drum machine needs no introduction. Its a true classic which helped define music in the 1980s. This one is the 3rd version of this range which has the wooden sides and has MIDI in and out so integrates well into a modern midi setup. I have been using this in my small home studio but have decided to sell. Cosmetically in good condition for its age and working great. I found this the best drum machine i have used and has humanizing features which make it very real sounding. As i only sell good gear, i have just had this serviced professionally by Synth Repair Services in Staffordshire. Its had all but 2 buttons replaced, all sliders cleaned and a new tuning pot for the bass drum. This should give many years of service and i will include the original service invoice as proof. This version is the 110v version but i will include the 240v adapter i have been using for use in the UK. I will include the manuals i have also.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

alphaSyntauri @ 17 August 2010, Comments Off on alphaSyntauri keyboard

“The alphaSyntauri holds a unique place in music history. It was the first electronic instrument based on a home computer. Designed in 19791, the Syntauri Corporation began producing the alphaSyntauri in 1980. Instead of using its own internal circuitry to control the various parts of the instrument, the alphaSyntauri used an Apple II home computer as its brains. Back when other digital synthesizers cost upwards of $40,000, the alphaSyntauri was able to come in at under $1,500 (not including the Apple II).

Arguably, the alphaSyntauri could also be considered the first commercially available “soft synth” (an electronic musical instrument implemented strictly in computer software). Aside from the alphaSyntauri keyboard, accompanying interface card, and commercially available sound generation card (such as the Mountain Computer Music System cards), most of the magic of the alphaSyntauri is embodied in the software driving the system. Written in a combination of Motorola 6502 (the CPU in the Apple II) assembly language and Apple BASIC, the software controls most of the synthesizer functions, including sound programming, keyboard action interpretation, and automated playback.1

Its abilities were formidable at the time. The alphaSyntauri could play 16 notes simultaneously, and some models of the keyboard could measure key velocity. Its included software allowed for real-time control of selected portions of the sound, a trait borrowed from analog synthesizers of the time. It’s software was not in a fixed form either, but could be customized and added onto as time went on. Find out more about the alphaSyntauri’s abilities in the Documents and Tech Gallery sections of this web site.

For a variety of reasons, Syntauri Corp. failed in 1984, after having sold “thousands” of units.2 For a time, Mimetics Corporation supported the alphaSyntauri until they too went under in 1988. But many alphaSyntauris have made the big time, being played by such keyboard luminaries as Keith Emerson (Yes) and Herbie Hancock. A handful of musicians still use this unusual instrument today, and you can visit some of them in the People Gallery.

The original box contains the keyboard with some visible cosmetic scratches and the PC cards. No software and no manuals. If interested, make me an offer. ” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

Altair 231 @ 17 August 2010, Comments Off on ALTAIR-231

“This is Soviet legendary synth ALTAIR 231. IT HAS BEEN SERVICED AND TUNED TO FACTORY SPECS AND WORKS PROPERLY! The synth sounds well and produce vintage interesting music. Please read here more about such synthesizer. I was very pleased to know it has very nice vibrato system – it’s seen on the video. When you shift a key – a sound is vibrating. The synth comes with its original case, wall power cable, and signal cable. Sorry, A-440Hz generator does not work (tuning fork switch – does not influence synth sounding).” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

Akai, VX 90 @ 17 August 2010, Comments Off on Akai VX90 with S612 Sampler and MD280 Disk Drive

“RARE AKAI VX90 Analog Synth PLUS Akai S612 Sampler with MD280 Disk Drive

VX90 – 6 Voice polyphonic analog rack mount synthesizer module.

Akai S612 – 6 Voice polyphonic sampler

Akai MD280 – Disk drive for Akai S612

Includes hard to find 13 pin voice cable that connects the Akai S612 sampler to the VX90 and use the S612 samples as an addtional oscillator processed thru the VX90 real analog circuitry.

Used , Fully functional and very good condition.

Includes 20 of the Quick Disks for the MD280 disk drive.

The Akai VX90 has some scratches and a small chip on the top of the unit.

Front panel has is very good with no damage. Fully functional LCD. Small lscratches on rack mount.

The Akai S612 sampler and Akai MD280 disk drive have a few minor surface marks on the top . Front panel is very good with no damage.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

Casio, SK-1 @ 17 August 2010, Comments Off on Casio SK-1

“Hi all, I have for sale a mint and hardly used CASIO SK-1 sampling keyboard. The sliders, buttons and keys all feel unused and the battery compartment is free from any battery damage if it has ever had batteries fitted.

The unit works fine in every way and is untouched.

It comes complete with original box and foam inserts which is in good condition and perfect instructions.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

DX, Oberheim @ 17 August 2010, Comments Off on Oberheim DX

“I bought this Oberheim DX new in ’87 and used it very little in my home studio, never on the road. It’s been in a box in an attic for 23 years! You won’t find a better condition Oberheim DX unless Oberheim sells these new. No more room in the attic so I’m letting it go.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

DSX, Oberheim @ 17 August 2010, Comments Off on Oberheim DSX

“Just got it from a local garage sale. The unit powers up, very clean for it’s age. Comes with a power cord. I don’t have any Oberheim synths to test it.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

Casio, SK-8 @ 17 August 2010, Comments Off on Casio SK-8

“This is in great shape and works perfectly. Comes with the original power supply. Ready for bending! The instruction guide can be found on the web. The previous owner put stickers on the keys to tell you what notes you’re playing – that parts free! ” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

ASR-10, Ensoniq @ 17 August 2010, Comments Off on Ensoniq ASR-10 with OEX-6sr

“ASR-10 Sampling Keyboard 16MB

used. no upgrades or attachments. like new

at times but very rarely the screen takes time to display events but works fine.

O/S disk included

all keys play and work great

all buttons and sliders work great

no dents…one small scratch above bend wheel and small scratch below volume slider both very hard to see.

comes with Ensoniq Output Expander box.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

OB-8, Oberheim @ 17 August 2010, Comments Off on Oberheim OB-8

“For sale is one Oberheim OB-8 vintage analog synthesizer with factory MIDI. It has the latest firmware which includes page 2 functions! The unit is 100% functional (as it was recently serviced by a professional) and it is in excellent cosmetic shape. The synth is coming from a smoke free home studio and has not seen road use.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

Emax II, Emu @ 17 August 2010, Comments Off on Emu Emax II

“This Super Cool Gear was parked entirely in a single, smoke-free, pro studio, and never gigged. As such it is in excellent and perfect working condition! This Emax II is maxed out at 8MB memory. It also has an internal hard drive it boots up from and contains Symphone, Pop Brass, and Moog Bass samples! The disk drive was replaced so that it reads/writes 1.44 diskettes. Includes Boot Diskette with OS Rev 2.14 and Power Cord. This is a no-reserve auction so BID NOW!!!! ” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

Emax II, Emu @ 17 August 2010, Comments Off on Emu Emax II

“This is a classic E-MU sampling keyboard with great filters and ease of use.

This one has the rare 2 MB ram upgrade + Internal SCSI hard drive installed.

Normally these shipped with 2MB ram the Turbo models had 4MB. This is like a Turbo Emax II.

It is a FULL stereo version!

OS 2.14

It powers up and boots up fine both from the Internal HD and Floppy. I will include a copy of the Operating System on a back up floppy.

I hooked up a Iomega Zip Drive and the sampler formatted the zip disk perfectly.

There are no missing or broken keys and or buttons. Unit has a few scrapes and scuffs due to its age but nothing significant.

This is one of the easiest samplers to use even without a manual.

Has only one or two samples on the hard drive to test that it worked but there are tons of samples free on the net and for purchase. I believe it can load Emax 1 samples as well.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

Emu, Emulator III @ 17 August 2010, Comments Off on Emu Emulator EIII XP

“This is an Emu Emulator XP vintage sound module synthesizer in excellent condition. This is an awesome vintage synth with tons of features and is in fantastic condition. It was used sparcely always in a smoke free studio and taken great care of. There are a few minor marks and scratches from racking, overall in fantastic shape and works just like new. Comes with OS disk and power cord.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

Emu, SP-1200 @ 17 August 2010, Comments Off on Emu SP 1200

“Custom E-MU SP1200 by Bruce Forat. There is not another unit like this in the world. This unit has brand new electric blue LED’s and brand new Forat blue back lit LCD.
The mod was $600 and looks insane. The unit also has a brand new black buttons for that blacked out look. Also this unit has the Sampling Input modification. What that
means is that 99% of all SP1200’s exhibit distortion when sampling. Most people think there is something wrong with their unit. Not this unit. This amazing feature was modded by Forat for crystal clear audio when running audio into it’s input, unlike a regular SP1200 that just sounds distorted. You know what I am talking about if you have ever owned the 1200. That was $275 alone! Plus the brand new all black and red momentary buttons, plus the brand new black lit blue LCD. For whatever reason the new blue back lit LCD in the picture looks aqua or a lighter hue then the LCD… it’s not in real life. It’s the same electric blue as the LED’s. You can see a better picture on Forat’s page of his blue LCD. The unit loads, saves, and plays like a champ. There is not another 1200 out there like this one. The blue LED’s look insane in the dark but are not too bright where they are distracting. We worried about that and it’s perfect. Every output works and there are no issues with this machine. There is a small knick on the body on the right hand side, and very minor various small scratches on the body, and then one small one above the word Sync on the face that no one sees and no one cares about. Trust me that’s the last thing people look at or care about when they see this extra special custom SP1200. As I said the imperfections are very minor and it’s the last thing on your mind when owning this unit. When people see this thing they just freak out on how cool it looks and sounds. Also let me add, so many SP1200’s out there have issues and need work on the power supplies, double triggering buttons, bad floppy drives, and that’s if you can find someone not to mess it up. There are no issues of overheating with this unit. Only Bruce Forat the legend of drum machines could have pulled this off. There is not another unit out there like this. By the way, the blue LED’s are not on all the time. Upon start up is the only time when every LED is lit up like that in the first image. Everything thing else is the same except for the gorgeous cosmetics and the Sampling Input modification. . It’s ready to go out of the box. Just plug into your mixer and you’ll be banging out new trax in no time and in style. You’ll be the only one with this beautiful machine on the planet if you win this auction

This unit was owned by me a non-smoker without pets or kids, and was never gigged.

I am also including a TR-808 floppy disk from Nomad Sampling with the latest SP1200 OS, which totally trashes a regular 808 due to the legendary swing of the SP1200. You also get a printed copy of the Owners Manual and the power cord. I am also including free Fedex Ground Shipping with Insurance to the lower 48, and more elsewhere. You can end up spending more on a regular SP1200 and have it arrive with issues, and it will just be a regular SP1200 at the end of the day. Not this unit. Someone out there is going to get a one of a kind SP1200 that no one else has in the world. I have been asked to send pictures of this unit to the author of the new SP1200 book approved by E-MU Systems coming out in the fall. ” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

Modcan, Modular @ 17 August 2010, Comments Off on Modcan 60B

“I am only selling this because I switched to modcan A format. great condition, great module. ” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

Modcan, Monopoly @ 17 August 2010, Comments Off on Modcan 21A

“I am selling an older version of the modcan panner module. lovely module,” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

Cynthia, Modular @ 17 August 2010, Comments Off on Cynthia Six Input mixer

” Really useful audio or cv mixer module for modcan format A” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

Jomox, Sunsyn @ 17 August 2010, Comments Off on Jomox Sunsyn

“Here is your chance to buy one, if you have been looking. it is the latest pre 2.0 version. works great, sounds great. ” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

Jomox @ 17 August 2010, Comments Off on Jomox XBASE 888

“I hate to do this. It really is an incredible, 100% analog Drum Machine. I’m not afraid to say THE BEST, MODERN ANALOG DRUM MACHINE on the market right now. There is nothing wrong with this unit. It looks the same as it did when I bought it. I am the original owner and purchased it from Big City Music about 8 months ago. The only reason I’m selling is 1.) because I need funds to buy a laptop for school. and 2.) My music set up isn’t dependent on this piece. It comes with the original box, manual, power cord and extra papers that it came with originally. If your in the market for one of these machines, save yourself some money and buy this one. It has been in the same spot for the last 8 months in my smoke free home studio and only used by me.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

Cat, Octave @ 17 August 2010, Comments Off on Octave Cat

“I am selling my all original Cat Synth.

Model 1853
Serial # A1838

These are well known and earned the nick name “Copycat” to the Odyssey. Have been used by many artists from the Chemical Brothers to Ben Folds. There is a great article regarding this and the history of the Cat on Sound on Sound:

I recently had this serviced and is in all around great shape for its age. It is definitely not a “project” but contains a couple noisy pots that could stand to be replaced. Otherwise, the output sounds crisp and clear and provided you know how to generate your sounds, sounds great! These are incredibly rare finds and when they do pop up, they go fast! ” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

EX-20, Wersi @ 17 August 2010, Comments Off on Wersi EX-20

“A variety of interesting sounds and controls not available elsewhere. Works; in VG+ cosmetic condition as depicted with light rack rash and a few scratches top bottom sides from having been inserted into and removed from racks. Comes with data cartridge and .pdf of manual. Heavy and bulky to ship.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

EDP, Wasp @ 17 August 2010, Comments Off on EDP Wasp Project Machine

“This WASP worked when we bought it but the plastic case was beat so we removed it with the idea of building a wooden case for it or somehow rack-mounting it. It has become apparent we will not have the time talent or energy to continue with this project so we are selling the PCB with all parts mounted. Believed to be working once you hook it up but due to its disassembled nature sold as is with the designation parts only.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

Pulse, Waldorf @ 17 August 2010, Comments Off on Waldorf Pulse

“This auction is for a Waldorf Pulse monophonic analog synth. It works excellently and is in good cosmetic condition. It’s been sitting in my rack for a few years. Manual is included. It does not come with a power supply, but it can be replaced easily; it is a 12V 500mA wall wart. It’s one of the most cutting and fat bass synths I’ve owned due to its true analog circuitry.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

Waldorf @ 17 August 2010, Comments Off on Waldorf Q

“You are bidding on a Waldorf Q Keyboard Synthesizer!

Comes with The Original Q Manual, and Power cord only.

If you are seeing this keyboard for the second time on ebay, please note I have tested it without my Q card installed and found it to be functioning perfectly fine. This makes me believe I have a faulty Q card, and will not be including it in the auction.

The keyboard has a few scratches on the front below the keys, and a ding on the right wood panel on the front corner.

This it is the most phenomenal synthesizer I have ever owned, and hate to see it go, but am downsizing.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.