OB-Xa, Oberheim @ 22 April 2014, “No Comments”

“Oberheim OB-Xa in good cosmetic condition. 8 voice, 120 program, but no MIDI. The OB-Xa is undoubtedly one of the great analog synths of all time, with a big, bold, massive sound. People speak of the fat Oberheim sound in the same reverent tones as the Moog bass. The knobs are always active and add to the current setting when moved, thus avoiding instantaneous jumps. The OB-Xa is an enhanced OB-X, designed to provide more features than it’s main competitor, the Prophet 5. In comparison to the Prophet-5, one could say that the OB-Xa delivers a more “organic” natural sound, while still being able to serve up electronic effects on demand. Voices are on separate PC boards, allowing a defective voice to be replaced in the field. Spare OB-Xa voice boards are still readily available. The OB-Xa allows you to split the keyboard into two halves with different voices and the ability to layer voices to create thicker sound (essentially making two notes sound for every key pressed). The Xa also has plenty of bells and whistles such as chord hold, poly glide, 3 LFOs and a switchable 2 or 4 pole filter. The voices can be individually panned left or right for a lush stereo effect. But above all, the OB-Xa retains the famous Oberheim sound, excelling at beefy leads, lush pads and shimmering strings. The OB-Xa has an updated performance panel, which is located to the left of the keyboard. The spring-loaded Pitch and Mod paddles can modulate each VCO as well as each split or layered part independently. A 3rd non-programmed LFO is located here, in addition to the 2 programmable LFOs for each of the two voice boards. If you pull the performance panel LFO knob it clicks upwards, allowing you to control the LFO depth directly, bypassing the paddle for continuous two-LFO sounds. Raising the speed knob changes the waveform to sawtooth. The performance panel also contains octave transpose switches and allows you to pitch bend either or both VCOs. This is a great effect as it allows you to change the pitch of a synced oscillator and thus its timbre. The OB-Xa has been used by: Depeche Mode, Van Halen, Gary Numan, Jean Michel Jarre, New Order, Paul Sheafer, Prince, Queen, Jethro Tull, Stevie Nicks, Sneaker Pimps, Rush, Richard Barbieri, the Thompson Twins, Bon Jovi, Simple Minds, The Police, Talk Talk, Mike Oldfield, and many others. Features of the OB-Xa 120 programs 61 keys 2 sounds at once (split or layer) 8 Voice Polyphony (16 VCOs, 16 Env Gens, 8 Filters) 3 LFOs, plus Sample & Hold Selectable 2 or 4 pole filters Analog stereo and mono outputs Pedal Inputs: volume, filter, vibrato, sustain, patch increment Performance Control: chord memory, hold, polyphonic portamento, pitch and mod levers Communication Interface: Tape in/out, CV in/out, Gate in/out DSX sequencer port About this Instrument This 8-voice OB-Xa is in good cosmetic condition and 100% working. It has been completely restored and calibrated by one of the top analog synthesizer repairmen around and certified to be top condition. The keyboard has been completely rebuilt to play like new, with brand new silicone bushings and polished bus-bar and j-wires. The power supply has also been refurbished with new electrolytic caps to provide years of trouble-free operation. The oscillator tuning is stable and accurate and the instrument sounds great! This instrument was only lightly gigged and used mostly in the studio. It is clean inside and out (see picture). The pot action is smooth and button action solid and reliable. All in all, it’s a beautiful instrument that will stimulate your creativity. It’s hard to make a bad sound on the OB-Xa—the mark of a well-designed synthesizer. Speaking of well-designed, this instrument is built like a tank with a welded aluminum chassis and reliable easy to clean connectors. They really don’t, “Make ‘em like they used to.” (The original price in 1980′s dollars was $5595.00!) The instrument comes loaded with the original 120 factory programs. Issues: The housing has a couple of scratches and dings, but nothing very noticeable. The bottom has a few scratches from keyboard stands.” Link

Casio, CZ-1 @ 22 April 2014, “No Comments”

“Synthesiser used by depeche mode, rare hard to find!!!” Link

“Es Handelt sich um einen Synthesizer aus meinem Nichtraucher Home Studio mit original Netzteil. Der Microwave 2 wurde ins Rack eingeschraubt und machte nie Probleme. Ich bin Erstbesitzer und mir sicher das auch sie mit dem Gerät viel Spaß haben werden!” Link

K3M, Kawai @ 22 April 2014, “No Comments”

“Up for bid is this Kawai K3M Synthesizer Module with a Kawai RC-2 memory cartridge. This item is used and does show signs of use which you can see in the photos. When trying to test this item I was unable to get it powered up, may have to do with the cord. ” Link

“Used but in good working condition. Some rack hash.” Link

Alesis @ 22 April 2014, “No Comments”

” Verkaufe meinen Alesis Andromeda A6 in einwandfreiem Zustand; polyphones Analog Schlachtschiff. nur Studio, Nichtraucher. Der Andromeda kann bei Kauf gerne in Köln abgeholt werden. Auf Wunsch ist natürlich auch versicherter Versand möglich. Privatverkauf ohne Gewährleistung. Keine Rücknahme. Viel Spaß beim Bieten!” Link

Cheetah, MS6 @ 22 April 2014, “No Comments”

“Cheetah MS6

great synth.

slight damage to left rack wing see photos, I think this has slightly affected the very leftmost led also it flickers a bit during use.

writing is a bit worn on top of case also.

100% fully functional though.

+ modified grounding ensures no electric shocks from this one, (common problem with these synths)

also midi grounding hum mod made aswell to ensure no ground loop created through midi IN

+ battery replaced with a brand new one to reduce the risk of battery leaks/corrosion for another 20 years.” Link

“Oberheim Matrix 1000 1U rack mounted synthesier

Bought from new & in very good condition & full working order.
Highly usable analogue sounds taken from the Matrix 6.
With power cord & sounds list, cannot find the original manual.” Link

Elektron @ 22 April 2014, “No Comments”





Ensoniq, VFX @ 22 April 2014, “No Comments”

“Ensoniq VFX SD for sale, with flight case & selection of additional sound discs. With all original user manuals, + sustain pedal. Purchased by me from new.
Used, but in excellent condition & fully working as it should. Massive array of quality sounds, + fully programmable synth & sequencer.
The flight case has some wear & tear & the interior foam is drying out a bit & crumbly in places.” Link

Q, Waldorf @ 22 April 2014, “No Comments”

“Waldorf Q Rack for sale, 16 voice. Not using it much these days so off it goes. Comes with manual and power lead. Works perfectly and in great condition.” Link

“This Make Noise QMMG has only slight rack rash and is in perfect working condition. Its serial number is 340 and was, if i remember correctly, from the second to last batch sent to analogue haven. Will ship with original box and instruction sheet.” Link

“Oberheim Matrix 1000 in good working order with only minor rack rash.” Link

“Intellijel Designs Azimuth Eurorack Synth Module

Module is in great working condition, has been in a rack since its purchase and not used much due to lack of free time.” Link

Ensoniq, ESQ1 @ 22 April 2014, “No Comments”

“I have sale a non working keyboard.It is being sold as is,if you need parts,or can repair it,its all here.” Link

“So here it is ….the real analog deal from Oberheim, the Matrix 6R! It is from the late 80′s and you know that its pores sweat analog goodness. It is in good condition – Yes, it has some scratches as is the case with any instrument of its time but it works completely. Plug it in and you will reach Analogue Heaven!

Yes, it works,is programmable, though only through its membrane interface (sort of like pressing buttons – and they all work). The LCD is bright and superbly readable and it is a powerhouse for that traditional thick Oberheim sound. It is great for leads, pads and electronica and works well – including the aftertouch- via midi controller or keyboard.

I am a 60+ ex-keyboard player with lots of equipment to sell to gain room for a more basic setup. I cannot move anything heavy so since my keyboards stay put, I need to sell this Analogue treasure.

And if you are a reliable buyer and you win this “blast from the past,” you will pay no shipping! Wow! ” Link

Modular, PAIA @ 22 April 2014, “No Comments”

“Here’s a cool vintage PAIA modular synth 4700 series in suitcase style case. I obtained this from a local defunct music recording studio. I plugged it in and the lights come on but I have not tested it further than that, nor do I have any cables or accessories for this synth. It does come with what appears to be a printed out user manual. I will tell you that everything else I have got from this studio has been functional, but I have no way (or the knowledge) to fully test this item, so I am selling it AS IS, UNTESTED. ” Link

Atari 2600 @ 22 April 2014, “No Comments”

“Sweet atari 2600 setup. Includes modified console with 1/4 audio output jack to connect directly to your mixer, sampler, effects, soundcard, etc. Also includes Synthcart (game cartridge), power supply, 2 keyboard controllers. I purchased this item on ebay and never got around to using it. I didn’t have the correct monitor to set up. It has been sitting on my shelf for some time. I have too many synths, it’s time to go to a new home.” Link

Q, Waldorf @ 22 April 2014, “No Comments”

“Mint condition, clean synthesizer. Its got the Waldorf sound. Very pure and digital, aggressive yet can be smooth.” Link

Pulse, Waldorf @ 22 April 2014, “No Comments”

“Waldorf Pulse Plus in excellent condition (please see all photos) I purchased this new in the late 90′s and it has been used only in my personal smoke free studio. This is a great synth, super fat and super cool arpeggiator. Pulse plus has the CV and gate. If you are looking for one in great shape, you won’t be disappointed. Includes power supply and Manual. Original OS 1.42 . For sake of full disclosure there is a hairline scratch on top that you don’t see when mounted ( see enlarged pic #11) I will pack with the utmost of care.” Link

Cat, Octave @ 22 April 2014, “No Comments”

“Selling my Octave Cat. It’s in great condition and everything works. wood panels show a little bit of wear/fading.” Link

EDP, Spider, Wasp @ 22 April 2014, “No Comments”

“Here is a rare EDP Wasp synth & EDP Spider Sequencer with interface link cable. The Wasp is a two oscillator synth with a quirky touch sensitive keyboard and an onboard speaker.
The Spider is a simple step sequencer.
Both are in great working condition although with all these old units there is cosmetic damage.
Firstly the Wasp casing has been extensively repaired where the casing has cracked, this has been painted to match the finish of the original case. The Wasp has also had a 9v adapter cable hard wired to it so it now runs solely from mains power ( not sure if it will work on batteries or if this has been bypassed ). The Spider is in better condition however the lettering on the fascia has faded and the three yellow buttons on the knobs have been replaced with laminated yellow discs as they had been lost in the mists of the 80s! The synth was recently repaired and given a full service professionally and sounds fantastic with all keys and functions fully working. The sequencer operates by a 9 volt battery and records and plays back, the buttons all work although the transpose buttons are a bit quirky! The synth dates from the late 70s and was made in the UK. There is lots of info on the web about EDP and the synths have quite a cult following. Both units come with non original copies of their manuals. Wasps rarely come up with the matching sequencer so I’ve priced this accordingly. Any questions please ask. Pickup is preferred however if you wish to risk your own courier I will pack well. Sorry UK only.” Link

“For sale is my Eurorack Modular Synthesizer System. I have carefully put this system together over the past number years and it works beautifully as a instrument, so I am not looking to split the modules up at this point. I had it setup as a tabletop device, but it can of course be setup vertically as well. Is a great compact system but can connect to a computer through the ES-3 for sequencing and additional envelope/modulation/trigger sources.


Late model Monorocket 6u 90HP Case with High Quality Linear Power supply (The new models have switching power supplies)

Make Noise DPO, Make Noise Phonogene (Latest firmware), Make Noise Echophon, Make Noise Wogglebox

Malekko (rare original with gargoyles) Xmix, 2 x Malekko envelator, Malekko boogie, Malekko noisering, Malekko VCA, Malekko 8NU8R,

The Harvestman Piston Honda

Intellijel Planar

Expert Sleepers ES-3 mk2

Will be well packed for shipping.” Link

Emu, SP-12 @ 22 April 2014, “No Comments”

” The E-mu SP-12 is the classic drum machine & sampler combo that paved the way for such greats as the E-mu SP-1200 and AKAI MPC series of sampling drum machines. Redesigned from E-mu’s original Drumulator drum machine, the SP-12 is a classic drum machine with built in sampling capability. There is a set of preset drum sounds including kick, snare, hihats, toms, cymbals, handclap and rimshot. These sounds can be mixed and edited using the sliders. Then you can add your own beats and drum sounds using the built-in 12-bit sampler. Sampling time is limited to only a few seconds and the quality is very lo-fi (a sound loved by lo-fi and trip hop). Store your patterns and link them into songs, there’s room for 100 of each! There are mono and individual outputs (no stereo). It’s been used by Madlib, Large Professor, Chicago, and DJ Premiere. INCLUDES COMMODORE FLOPPY DISK DRIVE!!!!!!!!!!!! A couple of scratches but still very ready for use in the studio (also has lived in a smoke free environment)” Link

Emu, SP-1200 @ 22 April 2014, “No Comments”

“Please keep in mind that this is a vintage drum machine and be educated on these units before purchasing, etc. Sold as-is. Evey thing has been tested and is working excellent. This unit has been tested for power, buttons cleaned, floppy drives loads and saves, and all outputs pass audio. Look at how clean that power supply is. The heart of this machine is the power supply. Also, this unit has geniune SSM 2044 low pass filter and not the fake sounding units with Panasonic Op-Amps. You want the real thing like this SP1200. One rubber foot is missing and is being mailed to us right now from an E-MU repair shop. So obviously the winner of this unit won’t have to worry about that. One thing we noticed was how clean this unit was in the inside. There was hardly any dust whatsoever. Also, the input / output jacks on SP-12′s and SP-1200′s usually have rust and oxidation on them. These jacks are almost like new… still shiney and new. See pictures! This is a clean one and won’t last. This unit is ready to go out of the box. ” Link

Metasonix @ 22 April 2014, “No Comments”

“Up for auction is the discontinued Metasonix TM-2. These are incredibly hard to find these days.
I hate letting it go but I’ve been focusing on foley and on location recording as of late so
I’m clearing out some studio oriented gear to fund that. This will give you absolutely HUGE,
round bottom end. I know thats a cliche but when you hear this you’ll be amazed. If you want
squelching resonance this has you covered as well. And unlike the knew stuff from Metasonix,
you don’t need a modular system to use this.” Link

MacBeth @ 22 April 2014, “No Comments”

“Macbeth M3X, Serial No.4, thought to be only 100 of these hand made synths in existence. Small cosmetic scratch on one corner, shown in photograph.” Link

“This unit is in very nice condition and everything appears to be working. I have had it for several months but haven’t had much time to use it. Cosmetically it looks very good for its age – there is a small indent on the membrane near the keypad and a few small scratches here and there but it is generally in very clean condition. I deleted all the presets I didn’t think were worth keeping in order to make room for programming my own. The best ones are still intact though. The incredible routing flexibility really makes this an affordable modular polysynth, if you don’t mind editing from the keypad. All the routings are conveniently displayed on the panel.” Link

Casio, SK-1 @ 22 April 2014, “No Comments”

“Great condition. Works perfectly.
The keys are a little dirty. But fully functional in every way. Sounds great. ” Link

K4, Kawai @ 22 April 2014, “No Comments”

“Used as is Kawai K4 synthesizer. Works perfect except it has three missing keys one problem key(silent). but I do not have power cord for it. Comes with manual, wave list and original box.”

PPG, PPG Wave @ 22 April 2014, “No Comments”

“PPG Wave 2.3 in very good condition. Some wear and scratches on the black portions and the blue control surface is almost perfect. Blue LEDs have replaced the 3 original red ones (this is easy enough to restore, if you wish). LCD works except, the backlight recently went out. Everything else functions and plays perfectly!” Link

Modular @ 22 April 2014, “No Comments”

“Makenoise DPO. Good condition.” Link

Kitten, Octave @ 22 April 2014, “No Comments”

” Octave Kitten II Analog Synthesizer Moog Cat WORKS GREAT! Must See & Hear! RARE!

In good cosmetic condition and working 100%.

Ready to be played. Hardly any visible wear. Keys are all responsive.

All of the original sliders caps and knobs are intact, except for one broken switch that can easily be replaced.

And it could use a new power cord (easily replaced). Other than that, there are no known issues. Sounds amazing!” Link

“Very clean example of Oberheim’s six-voice desktop version version of the classic Matrix 12!” Link

Oberheim, TVS-1 @ 22 April 2014, “No Comments”

“Custom-modified Oberheim TVS-1 two-voice synthesizer, with one SEM replaced by a custom patch panel providing access to all SEM, Sequencer, and Keyboard patch points. Modifications done in the early 90′s by the late great Andy Topeka, keyboard tech for the Rolling Stones, David Bowie, myself, and many others. Modification highlights include a switch to convert the sequencer from 8×2 to 16×1 with blue LED indicator. A full list of mods follows below.

Serious bidder and serious inquiries only.

100% fully functional. The only things missing are the cover (does not exist) and the pot caps on the sequencer. Overall condition is good – very good, but if you’re looking for a museum piece this isn’t for you. Additional pictures to show condition available upon request.

Also Included:

• original schematics and manual
• power cord
• a selection of ⅛” patch cords
• a copy of my original modification and patch panel schematic

As previously stated, this TVS is fully functional. But being a vintage synth, it is being sold as-is, no returns. I will pack it excruciatingly well to prevent damage in shipping.

I have been an ebay member since 1992 and I’ve maintained a 100% feedback rating. You will not be disappointed in the synth, the packing, or the communication you receive from me.

Patch Panel #1
• (2) 1 in/1 out attenuators
• (2) 4-point mults
• (2) KCV outputs
• (2) Quantized AND Analog outputs, one from each row of the Sequencer
• Clock (Step) and Reset inputs for the Sequencer
• Keyboard Gate
• Sequencer Gate

Patch Panel #2
• (2) attenuators to the filter’s inputs, one from the KCV, the other connecting the VCF EG to the exponential response input to the VCF
• (2) VCO CV inputs (one for each VCO)
• VCF CV inputs
• Individual VCF outputs: LP, HP, BP, Notch
• VCA CV inputs
• LFO reset
• (2) EG gate and outputs

Additional Modifications:
• Noise from S/H hardwired to the #1 input of the EXT. pot on the filter
• Line Output switch with red LED on/off indicator, extremely useful for private programming via headphones without sending audio to line out
• Kill Switch for VCO #2 (to prevent any possibility of bleed when using only VCO#1)
• Decay Switch, sets EG#1′s decay to 0 (short to ground). This was originally intended to switch in a fixed-value resistor so that the decay time could be toggled between a specific (short) value and the pot, but this modification was never completed.
• Sequencer: switch provides either normal 2×8 operation or custom 1×16 operation, seamlessly scanning between Row 1 and Row 2. Blue LED indicator illuminates when Row #2 is being scanned.
• Original red LED’s indicating EG trigger replaced by blue LED’s

Additional Notes:
• power cord is a standard IEC type, power receptacle replaced with IEC connector
• original multi-pin connector still present on rear (though I am not sure if it’s connected to anything)” Link