“This is a great sounding little synth in excellent condition. Dave Smith made these back in the day. The Unison mode gets you huge bass and thick lead tones. Missing two buttons, one for seq A and one for legato, but you can still press them with your fingernail easilly. You won’t find one in much better condition.” Link

“Guten Tag,

ich verkaufe hier das Sequential Circuits Prophet Vs Synthesizer.

Zum Lieferumfang gehören:

1x Sequential Circuits Prophet Vs Synthesizer
1x Tragetasche

Der Synthesizer hat nutzungstypische Gebrauchsspuren. Der Joystick wurde erneuert und ist mit einem Drehgewinde versehen.” Link

“Wie Sie auf den Fotos sehen kann , es ist in sehr gutem Zustand ( Nur rechte holz Seiten teil gibt es Macke ) SIEHE BILDER NR 2

Eine ausgezeichnete Ergänzung für jedes Studio oder Sammlung .

Das gerät befindet sich Einwandfreier technische zustand , Aus erste Hand und nicht Raucher Haushalts

Ich bin sicher, dass Sie jede Menge technische Informationen im Netz finden kann , so wird das Einfügen nicht die Mühe alle über diese Auflistung.

Im Vertrauen bieten, habe ich eine Reihe von hochwertigen Artikeln auf eBay verkauft und alle sind zu 100% zufrieden.” Link

“Rare Vintage Analogue Monophonic Synth – the one with the cherry red wooden side panels
in great, fully working condition
collection only – but willing to comply with buyers own courier arrangements.” Link

“Sequential Circuits Prophet VS

Cosmetic condition is fair. I would rate a 7 out of 10. Some paint chipping and scratches along the corners and edges.
Light surface scratches throughout the metal casing and along the keys. I added a few close up pics of the areas I felt needed highlighting.

Functional wise, all pots, buttons and slider function as normal. Pitch and Mod Wheel are normal. Waveform joystick is normal.
All keys function as normal with the exception of aftertouch(it was brought to my attention that the loss of aftertouch is a known issue with this model)

It should also be noted that the screen backlight is no longer working(also a known issue with most vintage synths) However, the text is still visible.
I added a close-up picture of the screen while powered on.” Link

“Sequential circuits. Profit 5 and the handheld keyboard. Still has the plastic on and has been sitting in a music room since the 80′s. It probably needs cleaned (contacts) but is in great shape. Great sounding keyboard” Link

“Selling as is. Both oscillators work, as does the sequencers, filters, etc. It isn’t perfect or mint. Keys and inputs are a bit worn, but functional. Power cord may need replacing at some point, but it still powers up every time. I will ship insured. It’s a fun synth.” Link

“This is a classic vintage Sequential Circuits Pro One analog monophonic synthesizer
in very good – excellent condition. Comes with the original manual which shows several settings for particular sounds. It’s a J-wire. Has been cleaned inside and out and everything seems to work as it should. I’m not an expert on these but all the keys and pots and “wheels” are working fine. Sounds amazing! ” Link

ARP, Axxe @ 16 April 2014, “No Comments”

“Arp Axxe 2323 Synthesizer, for Parts or Repair,

Estate Find, I do Not Know History, Age, or Working Condition of this Unit. When Found there was a Note on it that Read: Temporary OK – Needs Repair. I Plugged it in and Flipped the Power Switch and the Red Light Came on. This is all I Know about this Unit.

Based on the Unknown This Unit is Being Sold AS IS with No Gaurantee, No Warranty, No Refund, and No Return.

Physical Condition is Used Showing Scratches, Dings, Marks, Dirt/Grime, and Missing Several Knobs. See Photos to Examine and Judge Overall Condition. The Unit Comes with Power Cord and No Other Accessories, Case, Packaging, or Instructions. ” Link

ARP, Omni @ 16 April 2014, “No Comments”


ARP, Axxe @ 16 April 2014, “No Comments”

“Up for auction is an Arp Axxe MKII synthesizer which comes with the power cord and is fully functional. It’s had all capacitors and ic’s replaced as preventive measure as well as the filter modification(fix). It also has all new sliders and key bushings which were installed not too long ago. It’s freshly tuned and calibrated, the power supply is 100%. Slider caps are non original and are a black w/red ADSR scheme. Overall this Axxe is in great condition and the nicest one I’ve seen in a while. Of course it also sounds amazing and should provide years of worry free performance for the winner.” Link

ARP, Odyssey @ 16 April 2014, “No Comments”

“Arp Odyssey in very good condition all sliders rebuild a year ago.” Link

“I am the original owner of this beautiful ARP 2601. I bought it new in 1980; the original sales invoice is included. I’ve kept it in my studio in excellent condition all these years, but now it is time to sell it. There are NO missing slider caps, knobs, or parts. All functions work to factory spec.

I’ve just had it serviced by Phil Cirocco at CMS Discrete Synthesizers. As many will attest, Phil is the acknowledged expert in ARP service and repair. Here is what he did:

Rebuild power supply
Repair VCO 3
Repair AR generator
Remove boards and chemically clean all sliders
Replace all jack washers and nuts with OEM Switchcraft hardware
Clean front panel and inside chassis
Calibrate unit

Clean and adjust keyboard contacts
Clean and lube all sliders
Replace jack washers and nuts with OEM Switchcraft hardware
Clean front panel and inside chassis
Calibrate keyboard

There are two modifications that I had done years ago.

On the keyboard control panel there is a small red toggle switch in the upper right corner and a red momentary push button next to the vibrato sliders. With the switch in the “off” position the LFO/vibrato controls work in standard fashion. When the switch is in the “on” position the vibrato delay is replaced by push button activation. Pushing the button engages the LFO/vibrato depth settings instantly. This allows for expressive use of vibrato while playing.

There are two additional jacks on the lower left corner of the console, and one additional jack on the keyboard control panel next to the connector cable. These allow for an optional ground cable (included) to connect the chassis grounds between the keyboard and console. In some studio situations this improved pitch stability. It is entirely optional.

There are EXTRAS:

Original ARP Performance Stand
2 Original ARP foot pedals for Portamanto and Interval Latch (the 2601 is duophonic, the pedal “captures” the duophonic interval chosen)

ARP 2600 Patchbook
2 editions of the ARP Owners Manual
3620 Keyboard Owners Manual
Service manuals for both main unit and keyboard
Various ARP catalogs and promo materials that I collected while ARP was still in business.
Original bill of sale

Patch cords

This ARP is in beautiful cosmetic and electronic condition. There are some minor blemishes on the keyboard case lid. I’ve shown pictures of them, some small white spots.” Link

ARP, Omni @ 16 April 2014, “No Comments”

“Here we have a

Rare ARP Omni Vintage Synthesizer Synth Keyboard

I purchased this back when Adam’s Dog was a Pup more years ago than I care to remember.

It has sat in an Attic since.

I know very little about them so all I can tell you is below.

It powers up and after some button pressing and Fader sliding BINGO got NOISE… I could not say it was tuneful because it wasn’t

Now the Sliders on the left of the keyboard are very STIFF to move and One has the stalk stuck in the slot.

The Faders above the keyboard are also stiff but not so much and one is missing a fader cover and another fader cover is split. It still hangs on by the skin of its teeth but it needs gluing.

All the LED light up above the buttons that have them as shown in the pictures/” Link

“ARP Pro Soloist. Unit was modified but is currently not working. All circuit boards included. The power supply checked out good. I think the keyboard is good but I don’t know about the touch sensor. Keys are off white. Someone had a modification in it, I pulled it out but they put a pot on the front panel and drilled a few holes in the back. The pot board looks a little gnarly. the other boards look more or less ok. ” Link

ARP, Odyssey @ 16 April 2014, “No Comments”

“This is a vintage ARP Odyssey MK III classic analog synthesizer. This little unit recently came out of storage after many years. It still has it’s retail shop sticker on the back which indicates it was sold new in Western NC. It looks great for it’s age. We hooked it up to some KRK powered monitors and checked it over. It works very well and sounds great. All controls seem to be working as they should but I will note, we are not experts on this type synth. Some of the sliders are a little harder to move than others but none are noisy. The sliders are missing a total of 6 switch caps. The rest of are original and present. This in itself is quite rare. Switches and pads work well also. There are no broken or cracked keys. The only problem we encountered was the top three most treble keys did not work. This could probably remedied with a good cleaning. That said, we have not cleaned or serviced this keyboard. Only wiped off some dust and tested it. The only other thing worth a mention is the wood-grain board has separated a bit on the left side. (pictured) Keyboard is sold “as is” with the understanding that it works but may need some light service before hitting the road or studio. Unit will be packed well for shipment and double boxed for safety. ” Link

ARP, Omni @ 16 April 2014, “No Comments”

“Hi. Here’s an early 70s Arp from our studio. To the best of anyone’s recollection, we picked this up as a parts car perhaps 20 years ago, and never got around to actually doing anything with it. So it’s a project, but a great one as these are killer analog synths. Missing some button caps, but the keybed seems good. The lid is missing the screws (regular sheet metal screws). Enjoy. ” Link

ARP, Omni @ 16 April 2014, “No Comments”

“Up for sale is a fully restored ARP Omni Mark I with an Anvil flight case. This Omni has been restored to full working order, and all of the official ARP Field Service fixes have been applied.

More Photos available here: http://1drv.ms/1g91C3x

Every single one of those craptastic blue tantalum capacitors have been replaced with brand new electrolytics. All failing or suspect IC’s have been changed, and a higher performance OTA (CA3046) has been used in the VCA. Don’t worry, this only improves noise and bleed through. All of the sliders have been cleaned and re-lubed. New slider caps have been fitted to the synth controls.

This thing sounds awesome, and can produce some serious Joy Division, Cars, New Order, Kraftwerk and Disco. I’ve played and repaired many string synths, and to me, nothing really compares to the Omni (short of a Solina.)

It includes the strings that sound very similar to the famous Solina, and a polyphonic synth section with the ARP 4075 filter made famous by the Odyssey and the Quadra. The original 4075 suffered from a resistor miscalculation that resulted in a reduced filter sweep range (only to 12KHZ.) But don’t worry, this one has had the standard fix applied to restore the full filter range. And it sounds wonderful.

Also included on the Omni is a monophonic bass synth. The Omni 1 was unique in that the bass is routed through the 4075 filter. (The Omni 2 has a boring preset filter for the bass.) So, this thing can also produce big, usable, analog bass sounds.

And it’s fully polyphonic. Well actually, paraphonic…meaning the filter in the synth section is retriggered for all notes on each key press. This actually results in a chord pulsing effect that’s hard to produce on a standard poly synth. Joy Division’s Decades is a good example. The strings of course don’t go through the filter, so that portion is full poly.

All functions work. Every key works. No ghost or drone keys are present that usually plague these units. And, you don’t have to worry about them ever cropping up like you would with a non-restored Omni. The Omni generally has a bad reputation for reliability, mainly due to over 100 cheap tantalum capacitors, and a poor power supply. These items have been addressed. The power supply has been modified and reduced to 13.5 volts per ARP’s recommendation. Every tantalum has been replaced with reliable electrolytics.

The wood sides have been refinished back to the original luster. This thing looks and sounds great and is ready for the studio.” Link

ARP, Quadra @ 16 April 2014, “No Comments”

“Condition:This synthesizer is in good cosmetic condition. All sliders are present and unbroken with the exception of the sustain slider on the envelope generator, which is present and workable, but broken off slightly higher than the panel. The audio mixer slide has wear on paint surrounding it. There is board tape residue on the panel above the keyboard and more residue on the chassis below the keyboard. The unit works, but has issues” Link

ARP, Quadra @ 16 April 2014, “No Comments”

“Vintage ARP Quadra.

Super rare and hard to find working!

I purchased this broken and restored it.

I spent countless hours bringing this back to life.. Pretty much every element to this synth was non working when I got it.


-All sections working
-All outputs working
-All membrane buttons work perfectly except the left “interval” button. This did not bother me as the right “interval” button works perfectly. ( there is no difference between the L&R interval)

The two things worth noting are that at some point in its life, the Quadra took a blow to the back left corner. You can see in the pics where the paint has lifted here.
(The paint could easily be touched up)

I’m only selling because I already have a Quadra. (that I also restored)” Link

“Rare Rare Rare. Not many of these were made and the almost never pop up for sale! The Marion MSR-2 8 voice polyphonic analog synthesizer was designed by Tom Oberheim and so it is known for having the ‘Oberheim sound’ packaged inside a compact single-space rackmount module with modern digital reliability and MIDI implementation. Extremely flexible routing and modulation possibilities including analog inputs to each of the 8 filters for processing external signals! This one works perfectly, sounds awesome, has a brand spanking new battery, and includes the original manual. I am the original owner and it has been very well taken care of. ” Link

Metasonix @ 15 April 2014, “No Comments”

” Metasonix R-54 VCO and VCF.This thing KILLS anything you run into it. In a good way! It sounds like nothing else in eurorack, and works in a way you hadn’t thought of before, so its very inspiring.” Link

PAIA @ 15 April 2014, “No Comments”

“Used PAIA Gnome micro synthesizer in used condition. This Gnome looks to be in real good shape considering its age. Originally constructed in 1977, this Gnome synthesizer is a classic! Don’t let this one get away! Comes with the original box, and the reprint from Electronics magazine as well as the Gnome programming guide pictured here. Used electronics- no warranties implied or guarnateed.” Link

“Oberheim Matrix 6 in great condition. Comes with original manual. I bought it from the original owner. All membrane switches are working, all keys are working. Highly underrated synth. It has twice as many oscillators as a Roland Juno 106 or 60, and more modulation options.” Link

Akai, VX 600 @ 15 April 2014, “No Comments”

“Condition: Great condition, works perfectly, LCD screen was just replaced & so was the vibrate potentiometer.” Link

” Der hier angebotene Waldorf Microwave stammt aus der Auflösung eines privaten, professionellen Nichtraucherstudios und befindet sich in einem technisch einwandfreien Zustand. Das Gerät weist optisch leichte Gebrauchsspuren vom Rackeinbau auf.

Der Waldorf Microwave ist ein kraftvoll klingender 2 Höheneinheiten Racksynthesizer, basierend auf dem Ansatz des PPG Wave in digital/analog Hybridschaltung. Hierbei gibt es einen Doppelansatz in Bezug auf die Klangsynthese indem digitale Wellenformen durch analoge VCA und VCF Stufen laufen, um letztendlich einen für analoge Synthese warmen und organischen Sound zu erzeugen der aber aufgrund der digitalen VCOs sehr komplex sein kann. Eine Komplexität die mit rein analogen VCOs sehr schwer zu erreichen ist.

Die Basiswellenformen sind die gleichen wie beim PPG Wave 2.3 und die Polyphonie beschränkt sich zwar auf 8 Stimmen; dies wird aber durch die Komplexität der Klangfarben bei weitem wieder ‘ausgeglichen’.

Der Nachfolger des Microwave war der Microwave II der aber auf einer rein digitalen Klangsynthese aufbaute und dementsprechend dem Microwave, wie er in dieser Auktion angeboten wird, nicht das Wasser reichen kann.

An dieser Stelle seien noch kurz die sehr interessanten Wavetables 048-050 zur Karplus-Strong Synthese erwähnt. Kenner wissen diese Wavetables sehr zu schätzen für intensive Klänge zur Erzeugung von resonierenden Klangfarben und angeschlagener Saiten.” Link

Akai, AX-60 @ 15 April 2014, “No Comments”

“This ax 60 keyboard has been sitting in a garage in a case for 20 years not used much does need to be cleaned up. seems to be in full working order” Link





Elektron @ 15 April 2014, “No Comments”

“unused electron mono machine sfx 60+ mk 11

brought a year ago but hardly used in near new condition just don’t have time to fully use it to its potential so needs a new home

stunning sounds and sequences with box manual and power chord this is the d drive model and has a hard drive to hold many sounds. ” Link

Casio, CZ-3000 @ 15 April 2014, “No Comments”

“Casio CZ3000 synthesizer for sale.

Serviced just over a year ago so works perfectly well

In excellent cosmetic condition except one of the two sliders is missing but easily interchangable with other slider” Link

Ensoniq, VFX @ 15 April 2014, “No Comments”


EDP, Wasp @ 15 April 2014, “No Comments”

“I’ve owned this Wasp for about 14 years- used it in many gigs and recordings for my bands elastica and klang. but for the last 4 or 5 years it hasn’t been used too much. it sounds great, even if its getting a little shabby cosmetically. the plastic case is cracked in a couple of places (see photos) and also 6 of the yellow button tops are missing (on the photo theyre in different places- thats because when i cleaned it and photographed it- i put them back in the wrong order- but when i played it i realised!!. )” Link

Ensoniq, ESQ1 @ 15 April 2014, “No Comments”

” This Ensoniq ESQ-1 powers on as shown. It has a low data battery. There are four dead keys, three white and one black. Perhaps you might be able to replace them and get this keyboard playing again.

Included is the SQX-10 internal sequencer expander cartridge as pictured.

Overall, this auction is for the following…
1. ESQ-1 keyboard (SQX-10 internal sequencer expander cartridge already installed).
2. ESQ-1 foam padded keyboard case.
3. ESQ-1 instruction manual.
4. AC power cord.
5. USB-MIDI adapter cord.” Link

DK Synergy @ 15 April 2014, “No Comments”

“DK Synergy with provenance No outputs No response from controls Cosmetically poor, needs refinishing Burning smell from power supply” Link

“This is a great little synth to add that famous Waldorf sound to your tracks. Only reason for sale is that I have just bought a Q. Perfect working order. Few rack scratches but none to the face.” Link