Korg, X-911 @ 10 December 2016, “No Comments”

9611 “This auction is for one vintage used 1981 Korg X-911 Guitar Synth. I am selling this synth for a friend of mine that owns a recording studio. He is thinning out some gear to fund some additions to his studio. This guitar synth is working but the controls are scratchy and some of the colored buttons that turn the effects on and off at the bottom of the module are sticking in the on position. They probably need a good cleaning. With that being said, this guitar synth is being sold “as-is”. Cosmetically, the controller has scratches, wear, and a spot on one of the white bottom buttons that is melted on it’s side (see pictures).” Link

DV-800, Korg @ 10 December 2016, “No Comments”

dv800 “UP FOR SALE
MINT CONDITION , HARD TO FIND!! Made in Japan , it runs on 110 volt AC.” Link

Korg, Poly 800 @ 10 December 2016, “No Comments”

usedp800 “Here’s a KORG POLY-800. This is a true Classic Vintage Polyphonic Analogue Synthesizer straight out of the 1980′s in GOOD cosmetic condition, and perfect working condition. Display is bright, and crisp. Always used and stored in a smoke-free studio environment. My father is the original owner of this synth. He’s an accomplished, successful Motown/Soul/R&B artist, and a complete gear-head. His studio is too cluttered with too much vintage gear that he’s collected throughout his 30+ years in the music business, so I finally convinced him to let some of it go. This synth is getting some much deserved attention recently after being used in the productions of Synthwave and Vaporwave artists. His loss is your gain! ” Link

EX 800, Korg @ 10 December 2016, “No Comments”

ex800 “Korg EX-800 vintage 80s synthesizer with analog filters.

The following modifications have been done to improve this synthesizer:

1. The patch memory was upgraded to nonvolatile FRAM memory (does not require a memory backup battery).
2. The chorus effect has an analog sweep rate knob added.
3. The chorus section has an external audio input added with switch to enable running external audio through the analog chorus section.
4. The chorus section features adjustable dry and wet audio level knobs for both left and right channels allowing you to create custom stereo images.
5. The analog low pass filter has added a switch to select from 12db or 24 db filter settings.
6. The analog low pass filter hass added analog cutoff and resonance adjustment, these work in tandem with the internal patch filter CV levels.
7. Added an analog high pass filter section selectable 6db or 12db HPF, the high pass filter has a switch to bypass / engage the effect.
8. The analog high pass filter can track the internal filter LFO, and has a switch to engage LFO tracking or bypass the internal CV tracking.
9. The analog high pass filter has its own dedicated cutoff knob.” Link

Korg, Poly 800 @ 10 December 2016, “No Comments”

usedp800 “For auction is this KORG POLY-800 Analog Polyphonic Synthesizer Keyboard POLY800 PS-800. I don’t have the power supply and have no way to test it. It is used and in good condition.” Link

Korg, Poly 61 @ 10 December 2016, “No Comments”

61 “Up for auction, we have a Korg Poly 61 keyboard synthesizer. This unit is extremely clean and well taken care of. All of the features appear to function as intended. The casing is clean with minimal scuffing and scratching.” Link

CS-01, Yamaha @ 09 December 2016, “No Comments”

cs01ii ” Up for auction is a Yamaha CS01 II analog synthesizer. It is in superb shape for it’s age and sounds great. It can be powered via batteries (included) or a standard 12v DC power supply unit. The sound is very spacious and sweet sounding like vintage Yamaha analogs are known to be. The tone is quite unbelievable for how compact the unit is. It includes a nice black case for storage. Good luck and happy bidding!” Link

Keytar, SHS-10, Yamaha @ 09 December 2016, “No Comments”

sghs10 “All functions tested and working. Comes with batteries, ac adapter, and original Yamaha strap.” Link

TX-81Z, Yamaha @ 09 December 2016, “No Comments”

tx81z “A few scratches and smears but in no way affects the operation or performance of the module ” Link

TF1, TX-816, Yamaha @ 09 December 2016, “No Comments”

These need no introduction and if you are looking at this you probably know what this is and what it can do. I admittedly am no expert with these but I have heard what they can do in person during sessions and its amazing. Nothing else quite like it and the sound is super thick and punchy.

This unit comes from the historic Studio East / Arthur Smith Recording Studios and was tested recently with 7 of 8 modules working. I am not sure what is wrong with the one that isn’t working but it could be a battery, not sure. The unit has been sitting for some years unused in Studio Easts production room.

The cosmetic condition is old with scratches and scrapes on the top and bottom. The face is clean and all the buttons seem to work like they should. The rack ears work and the power cable is in good condition.

These basically give you multiple DX-7s in one unit that you route through any 8 channel mixer and layer any way you want. The processing power is gigantic and the sounds are legendary. You can do things with this unit like no other synthesizer ever made. ” Link

DX-9, Yamaha @ 09 December 2016, “No Comments”

dx9 “Yamaha DX-9 very much like the classic DX-7. Amazing 80s Brass, Bass and metallic sounds. A little tricky to program but a really unique synth used by everyone in the 80′s. Loads of character I have made many a strange sound on it. The data slider isn’t working but the + and – buttons work fine allowing you to program the synth as normal. It may be a very simple fix but I’m not that technically accomplished. Other than the broken slider everything else works perfectly just a few scratches and scuffs ( see photos ). Amazing cheaper alternative to the DX-7 with all the character and awesome sounds. ” Link

CS-80, Yamaha @ 09 December 2016, “No Comments”

cs80 “This vintage Yamaha CS-80, considered one of the most famous synthesizers ever built, is a polyphonic analog synthesizer released in 1976. This unit is in pristine conditions, esthetically, mechanically and electronically. The road case shows normal wear and tear (see pictures)” Link

DX100, Yamaha @ 09 December 2016, “No Comments”

dx100 “This is the cousin of the Yamaha DX7 purchased used from Rogue Music in NYC many years ago. Awesome little keyboard with great basslines in great working order. All the keys are fully functional.” Link

DX-7, Yamaha @ 09 December 2016, “No Comments”

7 “This is an amazing synthesizer. It comes with an empty disc on which you can program your own sounds and save them.
It has been completely refurbished, and sounds great.

It was the primo synth to have in the ’80′s, and has many recognizable sounds to it. I saw an old Stevie Wonder video where he was playing it.” Link

TX-816, Yamaha @ 09 December 2016, “No Comments”

tx816 ” This comes from the 1980s collection of a super famous pop band that had 3 Billboard Hot 100 #1 hits between 1985 and 1987. Yes, three of them (even Jackson didn’t have 3 in that period). You will never in your life have a chance to get one of these from an artist with more 80s success than that.” Link

DX-11, Yamaha @ 09 December 2016, “No Comments”

dx11 “This unit is clearly missing the left side panel and the headphone jack, while present, doesn’t function. I haven’t been able to make midi work, and it shows a message about the internal battery. As far as I can tell everything else is functional, for anyone that doesn’t mind replacing a battery on an ugly keyboard with no midi, this thing really can do quite a lot. I’m selling it AS-IS and will not accept returns. Will ship free to the lower 48 states!” Link

SK20, Yamaha @ 09 December 2016, “No Comments”

sk20 “Verkaufe hier einen beliebten und gesuchten vintage analog Synthesizer von Yamaha SK-20.
Es ist ein gebrauchtes Gerät und minimale Gebrauchsspuren sind vorhanden (wirklich minimal)
Das Gerät befindet sich in einem super sauberen Zustand und funktioniert einwandfrei.” Link

DX-7, DX-7 II, Yamaha @ 09 December 2016, “No Comments”

yamaha-dx7 “Wir verkaufen einen ziemlich alten

YAMAHA Synthesizer DX7 IIFD,
mit 2 mal Data Cartridge,
mit 3 mal 3,5″ Zoll Disketten,
mit Flightcase, abschließbar.

Alles ist gebraucht, das Keyboard selbst sieht noch ganz gut aus, das Case hat Schrammen und der Innenschaum ist beschädigt, hängt etwas weg. Sollte auf den Bildern alles gut zu sehen sein.” Link

DX-7, Yamaha @ 09 December 2016, “No Comments”

dx7 “YAMAHA DX-7 authentic 61 key synthesizer was obtain from a local state sale and I’m not a professional with keyboards but I did a normal testing and i was able to get sound like beeps and some kind of huuuum other that I couldn’t get any other sounds when it has the cassette on but when i remove the cassette I not able to get any sound but ones again I”m not a professional please make sure to check all the photos everyone’s opinion of condition is different so please take a look at the picture and decide for yourself thank you and good luck” Link

DX-7, DX-7 II, Yamaha @ 09 December 2016, “No Comments”

dx7iid “Zu ersteigern gibt es hier einen YAMAHA DX 7 II D Synthesizer, voll funktionsfähig bis auf Audio-Output-Signal, defekt!

Optisch noch guter, aber gebrauchter Zustand, keine groben Blessuren wie Risse, Beulen o.ä., nur normale Gebrauchsspuren durch Gebrauch. Tastatur komplett in Ordnung, alle Taster und Regler funktionieren tadellos.

Das Display hat in der linken unteren Ecke einen kleinen schwarzen Streifen, was aber keine Funktion beeinträchtigt (s. Bild).

Das Gerät geht an und alle Funktionen können abgerufen, bzw. editiert werden, aber es kommt kein Signal aus dem Output, also kein Ton. Die Speicherbatterie ist noch in Ordnung und zeigt keine Fehlermeldung an, und via Midi kann man mit dem DX7 problemlos andere Module, Computer oder Keyboards ansteuern, funktioniert alles wunderbar, sowohl Midi-In als auch Midi-Out.

Wegen des mangelnden Outputsignals verkaufe ich das Gerät ausdrücklich als defekt.

Geliefert wird nur das Gerät, kein weiteres Zubehör.” Link

Keytar, SHS-10, Yamaha @ 09 December 2016, “No Comments”

shs10r “Yamaha Keyboard Model SHS-10r. Made in Japan. Serial #313496. Given as a gift to my son, and he never used it (sad to say), so it is in near mint condition. Original strap. Original power accessory. Original user manual. I put batteries in it to try out all of the key functions, and all is perfect. Only has the slightest of marks too small to picture. Not stored with batteries in it so battery compartment is minty. No batteries included as I don’t want shipping problems.” Link

CS-01, Yamaha @ 09 December 2016, “No Comments”

yamahacs01 “I bought this 31yrs ago. For the past 20yrs stuck in a cupboard. Works with batteries or adapter (both which are not included, you can buy 12v adapter on ebay cheaply).
Big sound when put through an amp or processor etc.
There is visable dust on the keys,speaker grooves (see photo), keys all work well none loose and all level, will need a good blow with an air can on contacts i suspect as can be a bit crackly when using certain sliders.
Pitch bender tends to lean to the left when used but doesn’t affect its use at all. ” Link

DX-9, Yamaha @ 09 December 2016, “No Comments”

dx8 “Yamaha DX9, good condition, works/plays fine. Bought a couple of months ago but has hardly been played. Showing battery replace text in display. Need space so has to go.” Link

Uncategorized @ 08 December 2016, “No Comments”

pro_one “Sequential Circuits Pro One with MTG Turbo CPU + MIDI fitted.
The ultimate upgrade for one of the world’s most loved monosynths!

For sale is my SCI Pro One synthesizer. This is a rare synth going up in value all the time…that’s because it sounds awesome! Huge bass, leads, effects, with cool cross mod section that only a Pro One has. Similar to the P5 but has it’s own unique sound. This Pro One is fully functional & in excellent cosmetic condition for it’s age, J-wire keyboard and has the MTG Turbo CPU & MIDI retrofit fitted which turns it into a beast and integrates perfectly with any computer / midi based set-up. Really nice clean shape on the front, overall quite clean. Don’t miss out on this monophonic analog classic!

It’s recently been fully serviced and checked-up by my tech. It’s been cleaned, scaled & tuned, new membranes on keyboard & keyboard cleaned. Everything is 100% functional & playing beautifully now. No scratchy pots or bad sticky keys. Don’t waste money on a Pro One that hasn’t been serviced & requires work.” Link

mt “Sequential Circuits 615 Vintage Keyboard Estate Find Has No Power Supply But has foot pedal Untested Selling as Parts Or Broken.” Link

6track “Apart a bit of dust here and there from my room (the white shadows you can see on the surface is only dust), you certainly won’t find an other model in this Mint condition. The previous owner was the first owner of the synth. He bought it NEW at the end of the 90′s (don’t remember the exact date). Crazy when you think it’s the first synth using MIDI from… 1983. I tend to believe it when seeing the condition of this unit. (Notice for example that the buttons are grey, their original color, not yellow or orange as you can see on all of the other units today.) This guy was a true compulsive collector and has pretty much never used, just keeping it like a piece of museum. I bought it this year, in April 2016. It’s a real pitty I had no time to used it more than 10 hours 4 or 5 times and have to sell it now.

It’s a bit sad because I love its dark funkyness and also its Boards of Canadaïsh possibilities for very moving and strange cinematic pads. Some people could compare it to a Matrix 1000, but it’s a different color and will fit perfectly if you have one (in that case, use it more for bass or leads, it will punch the pads of your Oberheim in a very nice interactive bread and butter way).

I like its “primitive” steppy filter which gives colors you don’t hear in other synths (nothing to see with the not-so-great stepping of the SE-1 I could compare). 1 OSC, like the 106, but darker, more unusual than the Roland which is “too popular” nowadays. If you want a sound that is different from the Juno’s (and all the emulations), it’s a seriously good and still cheap alternative.

Why the name Six Trak ? Because it’s poly-timbral and you can create and play up to 6 monophonic tracks (not tested, I like too much poly). Beware, the audio output is mono though. Or to play up to 6-notes like a normal poly. I was a bit scared about programming, but the buttons and the knob “value” work like a charm (and in Mint condition), and surprisingly quick to edit. There is an ipad editor for controling it too, and also a free vst WIN/MAC you can find on CTRLR.” Link

p5 “This auction is for a Sequential Circuits Prophet 5 rev 3.2. The unit has a MIDI retrofit and comes with a genuine Anvil case with foam that is in excellent condition. The keyboard is in very good cosmetic and mechanical condition. It has had all of the key bushings replaced in the past 10 years at Wine Country Productions and has basically been in storage ever since. Once it warms up (in a couple minutes) the tuning is very stable. Once you play this you will quickly understand why it was once the king of polyphonic analog synths” Link

p1 “This is an original Pro One with a 37-note J-wire style keyboard. I have installed new Pratt & Read rubber bushings for the keys, and have kept this synth stored in my closet for the past 12 years. I also recapped the power supply and reflowed all the solder joints when I acquired the keyboard for my personal home studio. The previous owner drilled two holes in the case (see photos) for reasons I never understood. It never really bothered me, but could be a perfect location for MIDI in/out should you choose to go down that path.

I have just tested all keys, knobs, switches and both pitch wheels with my headphones, and all work great! Also included are the original operating and technical manuals. Both have been written in (original owner again), but are otherwise in fine shape.” Link

pro6 “Sequential Prophet 600 with gligli near mint. Here I’m selling a very good cosmetic condition Prophet 600 including the gligli upgrade. It’s fully working with no issues and looks nearly mint. Sounds amazing. box is already sold so only synth now
its the us verions so comes with small converter” Link

pro_one “For sale is my SCI Pro One synthesizer. This is a rare synth going up in value all the time…that’s because it sounds awesome! Huge bass, leads, effects, with cool cross mod section that only a Pro One has. Similar to the P5 but has it’s own unique sound. This Pro One is fully functional & in excellent cosmetic condition for it’s age, J-wire keyboard and has the MTG Turbo CPU & MIDI retrofit fitted which turns it into a beast and integrates perfectly with any computer / midi based set-up. Really nice clean shape on the front, overall quite clean. Don’t miss out on this monophonic analog classic!” Link

sci_pro_one “This vintage synth is in great condition, plays well and is ready for new studio or home after 35 yrs. of being mostly stored in its hardshell case. New power cable installed recently. Includes case and original owners manual.” Link

sci_pro_1 “Background on the product: It was purchased new by a Jr. High school in the 90′s for use as a bass unit for the band. It came to our tech shop shortly after with a damaged membrane keyboard and split wood sides due to a basketball landing on the keyboard. Parts were too costly at the time so the unit was scrapped and sat on a shelf for the last 20 years. I recently decided to bring it to life so here is what has been done:
A retro fitted J-wire keyboard taken from a sound chaser 90′s music system (pratt and reed J wire) with all new bushings and an original PCB from a pro one hand wired and soldered into place to maintain DIP socket connectivity from a ribbon cable. New plastic bushing and repair on AC cord. New fuse system. New Black Walnut Wood sides with 4 coats of urethane. New noise generator (hand picked from a bucket of them for the noisiest one). New Logo badges. lightly sanded and re painted bottom, and VCO calibration. It cosmetically looks awesome.
What does not work is the arpeggiator/sequencer which uses an 8021 obsolete chip. I have not confirmed the chip is bad however. If that is important, a retrofit (and superior) sequencer with MIDI is available on eBay. Some pots are scratchy from the long years of sit, but it was always stored inside. Action on the keyboard is GREAT! Welcome back Pro-One for use once again!” Link

ARP, Omni 2 @ 07 December 2016, “No Comments”

mini-2 “Up for auction is an ARP Omni II synthesizer in excellent condition.
All buttons and sliders work properly. Volume slider is scratchy.” Link

ARP, Axxe @ 07 December 2016, “No Comments”

axxe “Late 70′s vintage monophonic analogue synth
Very collectible item

Good overall cosmetic condition
Works well but needs a little TLC as it has been in storage for a long time
and some of the faders are very stiff and will need cleaning.”

ARP @ 07 December 2016, “No Comments”

1613 “Recently serviced by Luke Walker at Melbourne Synth Repair, this is a one owner Arp Sequencer, bought from Dynasound in Melbourne in 1980. It has been used occasionally in sessions and in a home studio with an original Arp Odyssey. There are some cosmetic blemishes on the front edge of the unit, (see photograph), due to cables rubbing against it mostly, but this unit is electronically perfect and the control panel face is fine. Sliders / pots are clean and run freely. The model number is 1615 and the serial number is #0005. This is the black/gold color scheme. The device is sold as is, and I will ship at my expense locally with tracking and generous protective packing” Link