arp_oddy“Up for sale is an amazing Arp Odyssey 2800 in 100% operating condition and is extremely clean inside and out. This is a beautiful piece which has been previously restored and serviced and has been in my personal collection. All sliders, switches, knobs, keys and jacks work flawlessly. This Odyssey is truly amazing sounding and a pleasure to play in it’s restored state. I play it frequently and can assure you each and every function works as it should. The tuning is stable instantly with hardly any warm up time which is a great characteristic of these oscillators and rare for an old analog synth. This is the only way to experience the Odyssey and truly appreciate how great it is. I will pack this very carefully insured for a safe journey but this auction is for USA only.

Here are the details of what was done when I first got it about a year ago.

Everything was meticulously cleaned by hand during the restoration. Sliders were dismantled, cleaned, polished, lubed, tested and only the best internals were used resulting in an accurate and perfectly smooth operation. All original Arp slider caps are included! Each switch was cleaned and slightly lubed. Old capacitors and some other old components were replaced then the synth was calibrated giving you a reliable Arp that sounds crisp, clear and full of tone. The keybed was also restored, keys cleaned, buss bars and spring contacts polished, key heights leveled, and new key bushings installed so the action is like new and all keys trigger perfectly.” Link

ARP, Solus @ 27 May 2015, “No Comments”

solusArp Solus in very good condition. Normal wear and tear, but exceptionally clean for a unit that is 35 years old. Purchased in 1980, I am the original purchaser of this unit. It was retired from live performance in 1985. It was serviced within the last 6 months by a nationally recognized vintage synth tech. The unit has been updated to the last factory spec released for the Solus model. All functions are working at full factory spec, although the CV, Trig, and Gate I/O has not been tested by me personally. Sliders all working, although several can be somewhat stiff until they have been worked in for a bit. All keys respond as new. Like most analog synths it takes a few minutes to warm up. Much, if not all of the original documentation is included with the unit, operation manual, tablet to record patches, Arp users list, and list of Arp representatives in the US.” Link

ARP, Solus @ 27 May 2015, “No Comments”

arp solus” This synth is in good shape. It’s been in storage and would still benefit from a service. Listening through headphones on a couple of the sliders there’s a bit of static when shifting settings. Typical for a synth this age.” Link

2600, 3620, ARP @ 27 May 2015, “No Comments”

2600“You are bidding on an ARP 2600 Synthesizer. I had this unit serviced by Phil Cirocco at CMS about 8 years ago.. .. The Keyboard has a few issues with pitch on some of the keys so i haven’t been using it much. It comes with lids for the main unit and keyboard but they seem to have been from a different era 2600.. they fit but the latches don’t exactly line up.. The synth sounds wonderful and everything works perfectly.. I’ve used this in my studio for the past 15 years and it always does that magical thing that 2600′s do… the CMS upgrades give you tons of other options for creating sounds…I’ll throw in the Kenton Pro 2000 cv to midi unit with this auction” Link

matrix6 “Fully functional Oberheim Matrix 6 with hard shell SKB case and the newer EPROM 2.13. Printed and bound User manual and Service manual.

Fully passes Calibration and Tuning tests (see photo’s)

All features work and the case fits it like a glove.

No noticed issues inside, (see photo’s) power supply etc. all look good.

A few minor paint scrapes and there are three cosmetic dings that I mention because that is what I would want if I were buying it (see photo’s)

One “gash” on the label board (does not effect anything just looks).
Two keys, one white, one black were hit by a cigarette and that put a dent in them (they function perfectly and the dent is not where you play.
And one key has a very small chip on the end.” Link

xpander “I have just had this synth painstakingly cleaned to get rid of any dust or finger funk. As you can see it comes in excellent used condition for its age. Take a look at the photos as it will come as shown. ” Link

pulse“Here is my Waldorf Pulse, which I’m selling because I have too much synths.
Its working condition is flawless. Its cosmetic condition is good, safe for a few marks you can see on the pictures.” Link

`se1x “ABOUT THIS UNIT: Started life as normal SE-1 and went back to Analogia down the street here for a full rebirth as an “X” model. Only thing I didn’t swap out was the backplane – so it stills says SE1 on back. But new internals, audio input, display, new filter, overdrive/fuzz circuit like the CODE, new “RED EYE” faceplate, etc. Less than 50 hours use since its rebirth, so it’s very much “like new” as the X model.

Why Selling?

Spring cleaning stuff I bought over past several years and have not used much. Had influx of income for a few years and bought something like 50 synths and keyboards, and with my lack of time, I end up maybe using five of them. So, am cleaning house.


Minty fresh condition from Analogia; only remnant of the old box is the back case (basically the outer case except front panel is from old synth; everything else new; typical rack scratches and such). Smoke free, pet free home studio; gear never gigged, loaned, rented; never thrown around like a juggler on crack; never ever left out in the rain as part of a cake, etc.


Studio Electronics SE-1X “RED EYE”

Original box; factory manual.

Power cord.

(NOTE: will ship in larger box; won’t ship in the manufacturer box like Analogia did when shipping back to me; so double boxed!)” Link

z3k“You are bidding on a Tiptop Audio Z3000 Smart VCO mk2. I am the original owner and have had this item around a year. Item is in excellent functioning and cosmetic condition (slight marks from screws around the mounting holes). Auction includes original box, power cable, and mounting screws. This module needs a eurorack power source not included with this auction.” Link

Baldwin @ 26 May 2015, “No Comments”

baldwin ” Here’s a rare Baldwin synthesizer from the 70′s. Main issue is that the keyboard is not responding, but I was able to plug a guitar into the external input and do some limited testing.

It’s missing various push button caps, some broken push button and slider stems/posts (but all sliders and buttons work), . External input/output works. Oscillator makes sound with trigger bar, responds to tuning slider, octave, and tremolo adjustment. Most things seem to work except for the keyboard which offers no response. Flute section responded to trigger bar, but no I didn’t get any response from the preset section. Missing faceplate/keyboard hold down screws.” Link

Forat @ 26 May 2015, “No Comments”

f9000“It comes as shown in the pics, including power cable and 1 disk which may or may not contain samples etc. i dont know whats on it.
All keys are operational and were checked via MIDI. .
There is a low noise coming from the audio out but its not too bad when its being played.
This is listed “as is” due to my limited testing ability and the age of the unit. ” Link

Alesis @ 26 May 2015, “No Comments”

a6 “The unit is in very good cosmetic and functional condition. All buttons, knobs, switches, inputs and outputs, and parameters have been tested and are fully working. Note the “up” menu button under the menu contrast knob needs to be pressed harder than usual / is finicky. All voices tune!” Link

Ensoniq @ 26 May 2015, “No Comments”

esq1“new battery. Fully working, plays well, and sounds great. Has cosmetic blemishes. Keys yellowed except for one or two that were replaced long ago before I came across it. The left side supports are cracked and the top screws are missing. See pictures. OS 2.x Has the patches from Ensoniq voice 80 number one installed. (Cartridge not included.) ” Link

analog 4“amazing quad mono/poly synth. Latest OS. Overbridge is on the horizon too! comes with Usb, Power, Box and Unit. small Paint chips but no damage. loaded with all sound sets from elektron.” Link

PAIA @ 26 May 2015, “No Comments”

PAiA Stringz ’n’ Thingz“You are bidding on a Vintage PAIA Stringz ’n’ Thingz VINTAGE SYNTHESIZER, in EXCELLENT CONDITION- Recent service, all functions work , plays and sounds FANTASTIC!” Link

mobius“Excellent Condition, includes manual and power adaptor, and wood desktop stands for table top use.” Link

cz1k“Nice entry package to the world of Phase Distortion…

Perfectly working Casio CZ-1000. Adding a RA-3 Cartridge with 16 additional more analogish presets. Plenty life left in the battery of the RAM card.
The second and third picture show that the cartridge works – the number of the respective preset shown on the display corresponds to the number of the lit up membrane button.

Included is a non-OEM power supply. The original Casio AD-5 was lost during a move. Its a 9V 850mA, tip negative. Mine only sports 800 mA but it works fine. I’ve seen CZ-1000 paired with 800mA’s

Noticeable cosmetic drawbacks are a chip under one of the white keys (pic 6), mildly peeling membrane button overlay on the right corner (pic 5). Not shown are a few scratches on the bottom plate.
The battery compartment is clean and works well if loaded with six D’s. I used that way quite often.

The manual folder is a collection of helpful files found online. There are plenty of them. You can also find sysex files to load to the internal memory (which is currently empty).

I strongly recommend the book “An Insider’s Guide to Casio CZ Synthesizers” by Andrew Schlesinger which, for some reason, can be found in pdf format when looked for on the web.” Link

K4R, Kawai @ 26 May 2015, “No Comments”

k4r“I had a Kawai K1r and a K5m. This piece is light years ahead of those. There is no comparison. It is in wonderful condition and is 100% functional. Free shipping to the lower 48.” Link

obie8“Up for auction is an original Oberheim OB-8 synthesizer with road ready aluminum case. In good condition-but has minor scratches.

Keyboard comes with midi and page 2 function.

I previously purchased this board on eBay barely a year ago. It sat in my house. Never used it. ” Link

kms250“Up for auction from a music store buyout comes this listing for a VTG.KURZWEIL KSM 250 electronic keyboard. This was is in working condition when obtained. There are no defects seen on the cabinet other then 1 minor scuff from moving the keyboard into the house.

I am not an expert in this field therefore this item is being sold as found. Comes with keyboard, power supply, and adjustable metal stand. P/N 10001801″ Link

Synare @ 26 May 2015, “No Comments”

synare 3 “vintage star synare 3 analog drum synthesizer. been in storage for 25 years tested and working well. the only issue seems to be the oscillator 1 tune potentiometer seems to be unresponsive. would be very simple to replace. comes with original mount” Link

sid_station “Elektron Sid station 6581 mos with original box manual power supply. Power supply is after market tho matches the original. This unit only has been used and cared for in my home smoke free studio environment.. The persons I purchased this unit off of.. Did the same. Everything on this unit is clean and works 110% no issues..

I’ve never seen one this clean on here..

All in’s and out’s work 110% led is in perfect condition.. Please ask any ?’s you may have please do your research on this item.. Plenty of you tube video demos. To show you what this unit can do.. This is based of the original Commodore 64 computer chip sounds.. ” Link

drumlator “This is the E-mu drumulator, with some extras. The machine itself is fully functional. Cosmetically, A little rough in the front as i tried to show in the picture. There is masking tape residue from years past along with the chips in the paint. along with this machine is a midi interface which i never installed and a Jl cooper 3 kit expansion with 2 Digidrum kits including the sought after Rock Drum kit, I want to be clear that I was unable to get the 3 kit to work. When I tried to instal it,the Drumulator malfunctioned, Removed the 3 kit, the Drumulator worked fine. I make absolutely no guarantee about this board and only include it as something to play with.” Link

ph“Up for sale is my Harvestman Piston Honda MK2 for eurorack. Its only been used lightly. I am selling it to make room for other modules. Everything on the unit functions perfectly as new. ” Link

ts“Up for sale is my Harvestman Tyme Sefari MK2 which has only been used lightly in my modular setup. Everything functions like new. ” Link

wogglebug“Up for sale is my lightly used Make Noise Wogglebug. This unit functions like new and has only been in a smoke free studio.” Link

**All keys, display, levers and button functions work great. I thought the right audio output did not work, but thanks to a helpful eBayer, I realized the #56 Stereo Mode was off! After turning it on and going to split mode, both L and R outs worked perfectly through my mixer. This synth sounds awesome!!
Midi, Cassette and Pedal 1/4″ out/ins still not tested**” Link

Emu @ 26 May 2015, “No Comments”

edrum ” vintage emu edrum model 8000 eprom drum pads three qty. with 11 cartridges

Fair cosmetic condition as pictured. Good working order.” Link

dk synergy“A rare Digital Keyboards inc. Synergy synthesizer keyboard. Has wear from use and age: scratches, some peeling laminate, worn edges, dusty, and slight yellowing to keys and graphics. All buttons, knobs, keys, and joystick are present. No midi on this model(this is the 1st generation). I got this in a storage locker and am not familiar with all of it’s functions. It does power on and I was able to test the keyboard keys along with the 24 presets tones, also the pitch bend joystick and the right & left volume knobs were tested and they work. Has more functions but I don’t know how to test. Includes Keyboard and power cord only, no accessories.” Link

maths” Make Noise Maths (v1) for sale, in perfect working condition and excellent cosmetic condition (just a a bit of rack rash). This versatile module offers a number of useful functions, including CV processing, envelope generation, audio-rate oscillation, and four channels of mixing. This earlier version also offers attenuation and inversion on channels 1 and 4, which the newer version of the Maths (v2) does not.” Link

bitoone“Up for Auction is a Crumar Bit One synth. The sound of the synth is somewhat in the range of the Juno 106 and was out around the same time. There is a write up you will find on this synth at the vintagesynth site.

This one is cosmetically clean, however it has some issues that will need to be addressed by a tech:

The synth powers on fine but the audio output is somewhat low and noisy, specifically via the phones jack.
The internal battery has long since died and will need to be replaced. As a result the patches are all scrambled.
The panel buttons seem somewhat sticky to respond when selecting patches and editing.
I found when attempting to edit patches that they keyboard will simply freeze after a few minutes. I would imagine this is a power supply issue and can probably be fixed pretty easily.
Unfortunately the keys have yellowed somewhat, which is probably can only be fixed by replacing them.

As you can see from one of the photos even the underside of this keyboard is relatively free of scratches and there are no dents of any kind, which is pretty amazing for a synth that is 30 years old.” Link

cz101 “This is a fully functional item. This item is in great condition. Includes the original box and manuals. The only thing missing is the power adapter.” Link

op-1” All in one portable OP-1 is the all-in-one portable Synthesizer, Sampler and Controller. With additional features like the FM Radio and an assignable G-Force sensor for motion controlled effects. With OP-1′s built-in Tape feature you are able to record everything you do on to the 4 tracks, with overdubbing, reverse recording.”

matrix_6 “This Oberheim Matrix 6 has been fully restored! Please see the auction for details. All though two of the keys are broken, I will have those replaced before I ship to the new owner, I am waiting on the 2 keys to get shipped to me. I will want to put these on my self since replacing a key can be tricky” Link

Schmidt @ 26 May 2015, “No Comments”

Schmidt 8 Voice “One month old Schmidt 8 Voice analog synthesizer with discrete circuitry from EMC. Used about 10 hours in smoke and pet free studio. Synthesizer comes with a new flight case and manual. This is unit #10 out of 25 units planned for production. Including $500 shipping costs and $1200 in custom/duties fees, I paid over $21K for this unit. A new unit even with the favorable exchange rate today will run you about $19,300 with shipping and duties.

If you are reading this and a serious buyer, then you already know about this synth and have heard sounds files( Google EMC Schmidt).” Link