ARP, Quartet @ 24 August 2016, “No Comments”

arpquartet “Hello Up for auction is a vintage ARP Quartet synthesizer. It has been tested and does work. It has some marks/pitting but it’s old so it’s to be expected. This is a great synthesizer, and a great deal!” Link

ARP, Quartet @ 24 August 2016, “No Comments”

quartet “Amazing sounding instrument! It’s very full sounding when you get to layering. Overall the condition is good, some nicks and a random chip on the back, a little dust here and there. Keys feel phenomenal and buttery, all keys will fire. Wood sides a little nicked up, the bottom is little nicked and scratched as well. The high and low output was tested, works fine. The power switch is a little knocked up, but it will power on and work just fine. Will need to replace eventually. The angle stands on the bottom work great. Overall all the different instruments in the orchestra sound great and will be modified by their respective sound modifiers. Volume slider is a tad bit touchy, it can really jump on you. Not a lot of scratching in any sliders. Buttons trigger fine without needing to mash into it at all. Tuning works. ” Link

2600, 3620, ARP @ 24 August 2016, “No Comments”

2600 ” Classic vintage synth with slight wear and tear (a few missing knobs, controls still work–in pics)
Great opportunity for a tune-up and quick re-sell, or, to enjoy on your own!
Sold as is.” Link

ARP, Odyssey @ 24 August 2016, “No Comments”

used ody “ARP ODYSSEY MK ll MODEL No 2813 ..this is a mid 70′s Synth in amazing condition , it has very few marks and can only be described as excellent cosmetically , it’s been carefully stored and has had no use for the past 20 years , brought out recently, tested and played, it works great …all sliders ,switches ,keys and buttons do what they should , it sounds big fat and powerfull but unlike modern synths you have to know what you are doing with it to get it to perform properly ,,, bear in mind also that it’s 40 years old and totally original,,, a service would probably be a good idea….if you are looking at this I don’t need to tell you how rare it is here in the UK especially in such great condition ” Link

ARP, Avatar @ 24 August 2016, “No Comments”

arp avatar “ARP Avatar
I bought new in `77 and used for about 6 months.Originally designed for guitar but when midi is added can be used with midi capable keyboards. Same sound engine as Arp Odyssey. A great addition to your rig for those retro sounds. Also includes guitar pickup assembly. Missing some slider tips which were cheap and easily broken in two from normal use.
I used and had fun with it around the house and some studio work, but when I used it on a couple of gigs I found it impractical because of time consuming chore of changing sounds. It`s not like modern synths “push one button” for a new patch. Therefore it went in the closet and I removed PU from my guitar and it`s been there since.
When I decided to sell it I realized I had no way to test it personally without paying a tech, which I didn`t want the expense, or reinstalling the PU, which I also didn`t want to do.It worked fine the last time I used it and other than the missing slider tips I noticed the sliders were not smooth. I`ve seen a wide variety of prices online and it`s original cost was rather high. I wished I had waited for Roland to come through with my present guitar synth rig. I`m selling as-is and can`t give any further info that I know of about it.” Link

ARP, Odyssey @ 24 August 2016, “No Comments”


MODEL: 2800

S/N 287406




ARP, Omni @ 24 August 2016, “No Comments”

omni “You are bidding on a used Arp Omni model 2483 for parts or repair. Item does not power up and has some noticeable scratches on the top of the case. Item is sold AS IS – no returns.” Link

Synare @ 23 August 2016, “No Comments”

s3x “This rare vintage Synare S3X by Star Instruments is in good working condition. Includes a copy of the Synare S3X manual, 1/4 inch cable, Drum sticks, and universal power adapter. The type of power adapter that comes included with this drum usually comes with multiple tips to fit a variety of different devices. I have included its appropriate tip and have taped it to the cord to prevent loss. Although the power adapter is not the original Synare power adapter it is fully functional. Drum pad is aging and creates white dust. Please review pictures and see condition. Item is in great condition, works, and ready for use.” Link

Ensoniq, ESQ1 @ 23 August 2016, “No Comments”

esq-1 “Ensoniq ESQ-1 vintage hybrid digital analog synthesizer


Item was tested and worked. It turns on, LCD works, but about 8 of the keys did not work.

In fair cosmetic condition. Broken LCD glass but still works. Some blemishes and scratches. One cracked key. (see photos)

No power adapted included. ” Link

Ensoniq @ 23 August 2016, “No Comments”

sd-1 “You are bidding on a vintage Ensoniq SD-1 keyboard synthesizer, you are seeing as found from a estate sale, plug it up shows low battery, hook it up to amp and all keys work no sticking, sounds very good, not a player but went threw some of the sounds and everything seems to work ok, will need cleaned up each key has masking tape marking the key.” Link

orv “Amazing step sequencer, all kinds of cool functions, easy to program, works great for live sequencer performing, great for live techno.” Link

Synare @ 23 August 2016, “No Comments”

Synare Sequencer “The listing is for a 1970′s Synare Sequencer for Synare 3.

I bought it years ago when I was into analog drums and synthesizers
but I never got to use it, don’t have the power supply.

I opened it to check the insides and they look very clean,
there are a couple of Motorola chips and an Intel ’76 (check pictures).

Please check pictures for item condition or feel free to ask questions.

The item will be sold AS IS.
No reserve. Absolutely no returns.
International bidders welcome (different shipping rate).
Thanks for looking.
Happy bidding.” Link

Casio, CZ-101 @ 23 August 2016, “No Comments”

cz101 “Hello today I am selling a synth. This item turns on but plays out of key in the front panel buttons do not work. I believe there is something wrong inside but I do not want to waste my time to fix if you have any questions feel free to contact me.” Link

usedop-1 “Turned it on twice, Used for under 5 minutes total. Battery is good, Knobs and buttons all work, Basically brand new without packaging.” Link

Alesis @ 23 August 2016, “No Comments”

alesis a65 “A6 in near perfect condition. There’s a slight crack in the casing below the Alesis logo on the left side of the keyboard that in no way affects performance. It was serviced 4 years ago and has been in storage ever since. I’m the original owner and it has been kept in a smoke environment and has only been moved 3 times since its purchase.” Link

MMM @ 23 August 2016, “No Comments”

mmm ” For sale a Mattson Mini Modular, hand made by master synth builder George Mattson. The MMM circuitry is 99% based on the classic EML 100
It has a very “vintage” analog tone…unlike a lot of modern eurorack modulars. This synth plays well with most eurorack modular gear that I’ve used. The MMM comes with:
2x vco
2x filter
16 step sequencer, and sequencer expander
MIDI to cv
2x envelope generators
2x vca
Sample and hold
Utility 1 modual
Cv mixer
Noise generator
Cv buffer mixer
Vca /ring modulator
All in a beautiful walnut case.” Link

Elka, Synthex @ 23 August 2016, “No Comments”

elka “Here’s the rare chance you’ve been waiting for!
Legendary Elka Synthex analog polysynth.

What makes this one special:
117v power set for USA, very rare since most of these are European set 220v.
This is an early unit serial number 705 (I believe they started at 700 so if that’s true then this is the 5th one built).

Functional: 100% fully functional. Everything is working as it should, performs superbly. All keys trigger perfectly, the keyboard plays smoothly, pots are scratchy free and turn easily and smooth.

Cosmetics: Besides a few minor nicks in the wood, the front panel and internal electronics look mint like new shape. What’s so incredibly is that is looks like it was never even touched or played, and most likely kept unused sitting in its case all these years. Take a look at the detailed pictures below including the internal pictures to make sure you like it. The internals look perfect like new with no layers of grim or dust, and the panel graphics are crisp and easy to read without finger smudges or wear. This Synthex has not been abused and used with rust and dying parts like you might find on other old synths, this is a gem ready to last another 40 years!

Sound: The Synthex one of the legendary great polysynths with huge thick analog pads. So warm and creamy. The build quality is incredible, big knobs & high quality wood. The sound is amazing, huge lush analog awesomeness. In my opinion sounds better than a SCI Prophet 5 & as a polysynth second only to perhaps the Yamaha CS80. ” Link

Moog, Multimoog @ 22 August 2016, “No Comments”

multimoog “This is a vintage Moog Multimoog Analog Synthesizer. Excellent condition, very clean, minimal wear. Fantastic & powerful analog synthesis with an incredible Sample & Hold, plus the filter on this synth sounds really gorgeous. All functions work perfectly except: I cannot get any sounds to change using the Amount Knob or Effect Switch in the Keyboard Touch section, they may not be operable or I’m not doing something correctly. So selling as-is, as described at a nice price.
The Destination knob in that section does work as does everything else on the synth & it is stable & sounds fantastic !” Link

Moog, Opus 3 @ 22 August 2016, “No Comments”

usedmoog_opus3 “Bidding on a vintage 1980 Moog Opus 3. I am selling it for my dad, it belonged to him. He has since downsized and can no longer store it. All pictures are of the actual unit. All parts are original. At this time it turns on and the red power indicator lights up. We can hear some faint sound from the keyboard when we press the keys, but it does not amplify . We took it to a Sam ash (service tag still on unit) but they did not have a Moog certified technician to fix the problem. They believe it needs a new oscillator. It is being sold as is / for parts because of this operating issue.” Link

Moog, Rogue @ 22 August 2016, “No Comments”

used moog rogue “The Rogue Moog model 342A just serviced new sync switch installed tuned cleaned ready to go. Power Supply not included!” Link

MG-1, Moog @ 22 August 2016, “No Comments”

mg-1 “Realistic Concertmate MG-1 synthesizer by Moog

Has been fully tested and works great

Excellent condition with no missing parts. Also comes in original box with original paperwork. The box itself shows damage but machine was always stored in plastic and a controlled environment. This machine is a 10 out of 10 absolutely flawless and in perfect condition. You will not find a better machine them this. ” Link

MG-1, Moog @ 22 August 2016, “No Comments”

used mg1 “This listing is for a Used-Vintage 1980′s Realistic by Moog MG-1 Concertmate Analog Synthesizer. This synth was made by Moog for Realistic-Radio Shack in the early 1980′s. This analog synth has been tested and is working fine and sounds very good. The synth is used but in good shape. The sliders are in good shape and only one slider tip is missing. The synth shows some modest cosmetic wear but works fine.” Link

Moog, Rogue @ 22 August 2016, “No Comments”

opus_3 “Moog Rogue analog synthesizer, serial 7609. Original owner.
Works, but many pots & sliders (another kind of potentiometer) need replacing.
Sold AS IS….
Has external XLR connector for organ pedals, which are trigger (on/off)
and control voltage (0 – +5V dc).. 1 V per octave.
I can offer more specs on this analog interface upon request.
The organ pedals (Seeburg 1964; 25 note) are also available.” Link

MG-1, Moog @ 22 August 2016, “No Comments”

mg-1 “Additionally, I did some work on this unti when I got it. I tuned the oscillators across the octave ranges to rectify the drift that occurs with vintage synths. Also, I added a 1/4″ audio out jack to the back of the synth. Consequently it has no headphone out, but it’s much easier to use in most circumstances now. Just plug into an amp and play.” Link

MG-1, Moog @ 22 August 2016, “No Comments”

usde moog mg-1 “ested and everything works fine.

Sounds really good for the price. Has some of the original Moog circuitry.

One of the photo’s shows the setting’s for Dr. Dre’s “Dre Day”.

The other setting shows the setting for a sound Ice Cube used in “Bow Down” for Westside Connection.

Has a sound booklet and one other paper that came with it.

Minor scratches from normal wear.

In really good shape.

There is one minor issue. When you slide the Noise slider down, it stops sometimes and in the same place each time. If you keep sliding down it will then go all the way down. But it does not affect the functionality of the synthesizer.” Link

Roland, SH-101 @ 21 August 2016, “No Comments”

roland sh-101 “Not much to say about the Roland Sh-101 That hasn’t been said already. Its one of the best, easy to use vintage analog synths out there. This ones in perfect shape. The only issue is the “up” on the mod stick doesn’t seem to do anything. Don’t know whats up with that or if can be fixed. Other than that its in tip top shape. Its been priced to reflect this issue. Comes with its original bag and power supply. ” Link

D-50, Roland @ 21 August 2016, “No Comments”

50 “Excellent Tested and Working Roland D-50 Linear Synthesizer.

I am the original owner.

Was always in a smoke-free environment.

The unit has one minimal nick in the black metal finish at the far right end of the unit.

See photos.

All buttons, Keybed, input/output jack’s tested and working Perfectly. Sound output is clear and pristine for both Headphone and Stereo Output jacks

Sale includes: D-50 Synthesizer Keyboard, Memory Card and Power Cable

See Photos for what’s included. ” Link

Roland, SH-7 @ 21 August 2016, “No Comments”

sh7 “This unit is full working order and in very nice condition too.
Considering it’s age it has no majors chips or scratches as you might be able see in the photos. The wood and the tolex have minimum of marks. Although unfortunately one of the round white slider knobs is missing.
Comes with the original power cord (100V). The heavy unit will be securely packaged carefully and sent via insured courier.” Link

JX-3P, Roland @ 21 August 2016, “No Comments”

jx3p “For Sale is the classic Jx-3p by roland. Synth is in tip top shape, not a single blemish on it. It was purchased 6 months ago from the original owner who took meticulous care of it. Comes with original owners manual and power Supply. Thanks ” Link

Roland, TB-303 @ 21 August 2016, “No Comments”

303 “This has been tested and is working great. I ran through the basic course as well as playing back all the saved material that was programmed by the last owner. Comes with the original owners manual and a new Roland PSA-120s power supply. I did not test it with batteries.” Link

JX-3P, Roland @ 21 August 2016, “No Comments”

jx3p “You are Bidding On: A VINTAGE ROLAND JX-3P PROGRAMMABLE PRESET POLYPHONIC SYNTHESIZER. Selling as is -does work however for sure 2 keys do not function as they should condition is pretty good overall. Please see pictures and read full description before bidding.” Link

JD-800, Roland @ 21 August 2016, “No Comments”

rolandjd800 “Excellent condition. No red glue problem. Keys play well and unit sounds great. Everything works as far as I can tell from running diagnostics and playing. Small switch to left of keyboard affects aftertouch. Down, you get normal aftertouch, up disengages aftertouch. Unit has some scratches, which I’ve shown in detail in photos. This auction includes a travel case and manuals. Unit has some nice sounds programmed in, which I will leave. Manual explains how to restore factory sounds if you want. Synth will ship in travel case and manuals will be shipped separately. Free shipping.” Link

Roland, SH-101 @ 21 August 2016, “No Comments”

101 “Selling my Roland SH-101. It’s in wonderful condition and all sliders etc work perfectly. The battery compartment is very clean and in excellent condition. It comes with power adaptor, original manual and a fantastic original Roland case. There are some minor scratches to the rear of the unit, see photo. These are not very bad (see photo). ” Link

JP-8000, Roland @ 21 August 2016, “No Comments”

jp8000 “Sie bieten auf 1 Stk. Roland JP-8000 Synthesizer mit mehr als 1000 extra Sounds und Software

Der Synthesizer ist wie neu also für sein alter von 20 Jahren, 100% funktionsfähig und wurde nur im Studio verwendet.
Ich muss leider mein Studio auflassen. Inklusive den Vengeance-Sound Sets X-Plorations Vol.1 & 2 und 3 im Wert von 130euro” Link

Roland, SH-101 @ 21 August 2016, “No Comments”

sh101 ” Vintage Roland SH-101 Grey edition. Some wear and tear but still works. This also comes with a power supply.” Link