2600, 3604, ARP @ 28 September 2016, “No Comments”

26003604 “ACCESSORIES – This item includes all the original accessories:power cord, keyboard cable, patch cables (listed above), manual, and 13 “Front Panel Facsimile” settings recall sheets. Otherwise it comes only as seen in photos, does not include any other accessories.

PHYSICAL CONDITION – Excellent. Both synthesizer and keyboard have a few very light scratches. The metal hardware & corner pieces are slightly oxidized. All parts are original. This is close to museum condition as you will find!

WORKING CONDITION – Excellent: The synth was just serviced to bring up to optimal working condition. The power supply caps were replaced and a number of age related issues were corrected” Link

ARP, Odyssey @ 28 September 2016, “No Comments”

oddy “This ARP Odyssey is, as you see, the first whiteface version** which is by far the most desirable. Having the legendary, extreme, and unique sounding 4023 filter. It has had at least a couple major servicings and highly desirable mods. First, from CMS who are FAR AND AWAY the leaders in working on these ARP systems. The CV/Gate mods were installed so that this can be controlled by other synths, and the External Audio Input so that other instruments can be run through the filter. The second major servicing and mod was performed by another very prominent tech in the vintage synth community. This mod I think is very unique among Odysseys that you will see. ARP has the duo-phonic feature that will assign the two oscillators to the highest and lowest note you play. Which is great. Sometimes, however, you want to treat it as a monosynth, and with your playing style it’s a little bit of a pain that it triggers the two notes. This switch disables the two-note tracking/assignment and lets it play as a true monosynth.

In both of these services, electronic rehab and tuning were done, and complete disassembly and cleaning of the sliders. It has had another tune/checkup done about a year ago, which included replacement of some of the sliders. The sliders move freely and are not stiff, but frankly you can hear a little scratch again on some of them. I am also going to claim that, after shipping, you should plan to tune it again. But other than that it is in excellent shape electronically. Cosmetically, it’s a solid 9 out of 10 if not 9.5, with a few marks that are tiny, small places the silkscreen is fading, etc.

Other functional aspects, the key action is good, as are the two-position switches. The octave selector is supposed to do +/- 0, 1, or 2 octaves up or down. The détente-ing is a little flaky so it really only does normal and one up, one down. HOWEVER, I am providing a NOS (NEW OLD STOCK) extra octave selector switch with this auction. It seems to work well flipping it with your fingers, but I can’t guarantee the result when you install it. Again, it has never been used!

Other extras include a plastic fitted see through dust cover, custom made for this Odyssey. This is awesome to have because you need a dust cover to keep the sliders from getting junk in them, yet in your studio you want the synths to be visible when you’re hanging out, not buried under opaque covers. Finally, the synth comes with a medium duty flight case. It will be packed inside that with bubble wrap to keep from moving around, and then double-boxed outside it with a ton more bubble wrap in between. You can check my feedback and bid with confidence, I’ve bought and sold tons of vintage synths and am just pruning the collection a little bit as I get older.” Link

ARP, Pro Soloist @ 28 September 2016, “No Comments”

arp-pro-soloist “Hi, I have for sale here a recently refurbished ARP Pro Soloist, if you are looking at this listing you more than likely already know what this can do. This was professionally refurbished by the technicians at Retro Linear in North Wales Pa. and all functions as it should. I saved you the hassle of repair. It is not an ugly beast at all there were some blemishes and I have cleaned and touched up as much as I could.” Link

Ensoniq, VFX @ 27 September 2016, “No Comments”

vfxsd “Works great. Keybed is in excellent condition which usually an issue with these and casing has obvious wear as shown in the photos but looks much better in front of you, photos make it looks worse than it really is, awesome legendary Vintage synth at a good price.” Link

Casio, SK-1 @ 27 September 2016, “No Comments”

sk1 “Casio SK-1 in very good shape cosmetically. The sample function works 1 out of every 2 times – I’m not sure why, but I don’t have the electrical background to fix it!” Link

studio-electronics-boomstar-modular “Module list:
(1) MIDI3
(1) SCI FI
(1) 4075 FILTER
(1) 5089 FILTER
(1) MIX4
(1) VCA2
(1) LFO2
(2) AMP
(1) OUTS” Link

DX, Oberheim @ 27 September 2016, “No Comments”

dx “Oberheim DX programmable vintage drum machine. Classic 80′s sound.

DX has some cosmetic issues. Mainly one knob that looks like it was replaced but does not affect function. I plugged it in an got sounds out of all of the pads except for the Medium Bass button. It may need to be cleaned. I’m not sure how it all works. Old school lo-fi technology. There are individual knobs on the back that allow you to tune the drum sounds individually. In the hands of a real musician this may be the thing you need. I don’t know how to program it but there are manuals available online for free in .pdf form.

It has MIDI in/out – as well as mix outputs

It comes with the power cord” Link

Crumar, Orchestrator @ 27 September 2016, “No Comments”

crumar-orchestrator “This Crumar Orchestrator is in excellent condition and has been very well taken care of. It is fully functioning, and all keys, sliders, and buttons work. It also comes with the rare and highly coveted filter cutoff pedal, and the cover/lid that protects the top of the instrument. There are some minor knicks and scratches here and there (see pics) but overall it is in great condition for its age.” Link

Ciat Lonbarde @ 27 September 2016, “No Comments”

plumbutter ” This is one phenomenal instrument. It lives and breathes a beautiful sound of its own. Out of everything I have to sell to go to Vet school this is the one piece I still want to hang on to.

I had this plugged into a Strymon Timeline and Bluesky and the results are literally awesome. There’s some patch sheets on Muffwiggler that got me started and then I just got into it from there.

I got this brand new earlier in the year and it still smells like fresh cut wood – awesome!

It comes complete with a stereo output jack, power supply and 26 PVC stacking banana plugs (various lengths) from Test Path so you’ll have everything you need to plug and play right away.

This is the ticket to unique one-of-a-kind sounds, atmospheres and drones in your music and film scores.” Link

Kurzweil @ 27 September 2016, “No Comments”

k2kkr “No power, sampling option was removed.” Link

Casio, VZ-10M @ 27 September 2016, “No Comments”

vz10m “Very nice, works perfectly, front face very clean. Comes with power cord and a midi cord.” Link

Casio, CZ-101 @ 27 September 2016, “No Comments”

101 “This Casio CZ-101 needs some work, please read carefully. I didn’t list it for parts/not working because it does turn on and will produce sound. However, there is something wrong with the outputs – neither the Line Out nor the Headphone output works as it should. This is probably a relatively easy fix for somebody handy with a soldering iron. All I can tell you is that I am able to get the Line Out to function, but only if the 1/4″ plug is held at an angle when in the jack (see pics). I have not had the same luck with the Headphone output, however there is a very faint signal present with the volume all the way up.

There are a couple of other issues with this CZ-101 that I have tried to document in the pics. You will see that one of the keys is chipped, and another one lifts up. Notice also that the volume slider is slightly bent. This fortunately has never affected the functionality (the slider works as intended). There is also a fairly deep scratch towards the right side of the unit, shown in one of the pics.

Otherwise, everything works, and I have to say, this CZ-101 carries an easter egg or two, but maybe this synth’s “quirks” are common knowledge at this point.

I am selling this unit as-is, so make sure you know what you’re getting into if you bid. Also included will be one cartridge and a 9VDC adapter.” Link

Ensoniq, ESQ1 @ 27 September 2016, “No Comments”

esq1 “Ensoniq ESQ-1 Plastic – Wavetable Synth w/ Analog Curtis Chip Filters
100% Functioning – SUPER CLEAN Running OS 3.15
3.15 Hidden Waves EPROM and Memory Cartridge not included but available in another auction.
New Battery, Recently Serviced and Ready to Rock!” Link

Cheetah, MS6 @ 27 September 2016, “No Comments”

cheeta “This is a rare analogue synthesiser.

When I last used it, it was producing rich, fat, silky sounds!

Sadly it’s not working. It powers up, the display lights up but it won’t produce any sound? MIDI fault? Synthesiser fault? Output amp output? I’m sorry, I have no idea. ” Link

Chimera @ 27 September 2016, “No Comments”

bc16 “Chimera Synthesis BC16. In excellent ,near new condition. .Extra patch cables .. 2 Inverters. . Power cable and Allen key for battery compartment. MIDI controllable. Powered by 6 triple A batteries making it very portable. Will be supplied with diagram files and manual on CD. Great piece of equipment used by Depeche Mode. Very rare semi modular synthesiser. Thank you for looking.” Link

Alesis @ 27 September 2016, “No Comments”

a6 “you are bidding on a used Alesis Andromeda

physical condition is excellent

front panel looks new, display is bright, this unit has had very little use and never gigged

all voices tune perfectly

reluctant sale” Link

Microwave XT, Waldorf @ 27 September 2016, “No Comments”

microwavext “Great condition wavetable synth complete with extra banks of patches plus a wave table editor so you load your own – a smudge to the paintwork and a few marks are the only cosmetic issues but it’s 100% working, with a cd PDF copy of the manual.” Link

Emu, SP-12 @ 27 September 2016, “No Comments”

emu-sp-12 “Selling a classic EMU SP-12 Turbo

If your looking at this chances are you know the history. The SP 12 and 1200 shaped the sound of early hiphop and house and it’s sounds are still sought after and relevant in the modern age.

This unit is in very good condition given it’s age with only minor wear. Most noticeable is the small chip in paint on the front right corner (pictured above), but is otherwise fully functional and has recently been serviced and had the power supply recapped.

Includes the power cable” Link

teenage-engineering-op-1 “Excellent condition OP-1. Works perfectly. Comes will case, antenna, crank, bender, and a charger.” Link

Matrix 1000, Oberheim @ 27 September 2016, “No Comments”

matrix1k “Matrix 1000 rack-mount MIDI synthesizer module c/w power cord: -

This unit is in physically good condition and complete, however it is NOT fully functional and needs attention. When tested it produced the odd note, but more often made intermittent muted squawks!

Unit responds to button pushes
Display functional/legible
Case good, no dents/abuse, etc” Link

MG-1, Moog @ 26 September 2016, “No Comments”

used-moog-mg-1 “I have replaced all of the sliders and switches on the panel. I have not replaced the rotary pots. All sliders have their original tops but some are missing the silver inset. 99% of the foam has been REMOVED. It’s almost impossible to get all of it out. I used a razor blade to scrape the inside of the panel to try and remove as much as I could. I used some thinner to remove debris where I scraped. The rotary pots have a little foam on then, I removed as much as I could within reason. I also cleaned the board with some iso-2 very carefully to remove foam and dirt. I did not remove a small amount of rosin solder flux since it’s not corrosive and non-conductive. This can be done without removing the board. I have not done any calibration on the system. The manual is free online and has the correct procedure for this task. The synth sounds fine as it is, so I don’t see any reason why it would need it right now. Pictures below show the progress of the restoration on 9/25/16.

I was employed as a solder-smith many years ago and have soldered thousands of parts, mainly Intel mainframes to mil spec. For the last 34 years I have been in the telephone business and have soldered hundreds (thousands?) of switches, relays, chips, etc. I have also built microphones professionally where soldering must be very precise. I used 60% leaded solder on this restoration because I think it looks and lasts longer.

Everything works well for a 36 year old synthesizer. There are some cosmetic issues and one base plate screw point is missing (I have the screw, but the plastic is missing) there is a key with a chip in it. A bent corner on base plate. There is some surface rust on the inside back of panel and around the jacks. This does not affect functionality.” Link

MG-1, Moog @ 26 September 2016, “No Comments”

mg-1 “Additionally, I did some work on this unti when I got it. I tuned the oscillators across the octave ranges to rectify the drift that occurs with vintage synths. Also, I added a 1/4″ audio out jack to the back of the synth. Consequently it has no headphone out, but it’s much easier to use in most circumstances now. Just plug into an amp and play.” Link

Moog, Prodigy @ 26 September 2016, “No Comments”


Moog, Rogue @ 26 September 2016, “No Comments”

used-moog-rogue “Here is a Moog The Rogue in mint condition. Works perfectly. It comes with the original manuals and power supply.”

Minimoog, Moog @ 26 September 2016, “No Comments”

mmd “1974 Vintage Original MOOG MINIMOOG Model D. Old Oscillators. Fully Pro Serviced. With Warranty.

This is an amazing sounding original Minimoog Model D. I have owned it for more than 20 years, where it lived in a recording studio.

This has the desirable Old Oscillator boards, renowned as the “fattest/best” sounding of the minimoogs, compared to later versions.

Serial #4199. Dated 1974.

It is in fantastic, fully working condition and excellent cosmetic condition, showing typical signs of age and patina on the wood as expected from a 1970′s instrument, as shown in photos.

It has just had a full professional service by The Analog Lab, New York.

This is the list of what the service includes:

Full calibration/tuning, Keyboard levelled and re-bushed, All pots and connectors cleaned, Power supply and DeCoupling re-capped. Playing/Audio functionality good.” Link

JX-3P, Roland @ 25 September 2016, “No Comments”

3p “This Roland jx-3p is in good working order with only one exception: the pitch bender, when you turn the pitch bender to the left side the pitch does not work, only to the right side, other than that the Roland jx-3p is perfect, all keys, knobs, and switches work.”

JX-8P, Roland @ 25 September 2016, “No Comments”

jx8p “Roland JX8P. Fully serviced. Calibrated. Recapped. Velocity sensor cleaned so aftertouch works correctly. Works great. Custom patches programmed by tech. Prices on these are on the rise. Once Kiwi officially releases the Kiwi8p upgrade expect these to jump to $1,000+ (Google or YT “Roland Kiwi8p” for a sneak peak). Keep in mind that this unit has been recapped, calibrated, and aftertouch sensor addressed. That’s huge. ” Link

AX-09, Keytar, Roland @ 25 September 2016, “No Comments”


Roland, TB-303 @ 25 September 2016, “No Comments”

303 “This is my lightly used Roland TB-303. This was purchased at a vintage music shop in Tokyo, Japan – they tested and verified everything working as intended. I’ve hardly used it since purchasing. Powered up, all knobs and basic functions and audio output tested OK, no problems with this unit. See photos for cosmetic issues.” Link

Alpha Juno, Roland @ 25 September 2016, “No Comments”

ajuno1 “Unique Retro Synth for sale.

Clearing out the studio and selling this rarely available item.” Link

JP-8000, Roland @ 25 September 2016, “No Comments”

jp8k “Hello, you are bidding on a used in good shape quality made in Japan Roland JP-8000 analog modeling synthesizer keyboard. I have no paperwork for this item or software. I am selling keyboard with power cord only. It does come with a black nylon zipper carry case. ”

DW-6000, Korg @ 25 September 2016, “No Comments”

dw6000 “Up for grabs is my vintage Korg DW6000 analog synth. It’s in full working order. If this is sold via local pickup instead of shipped, it will include a flight case (too expensive to ship).” Link

Roland, TR-606 @ 25 September 2016, “No Comments”

606 “Roland TR-606 with Analogue Solutions sound modifications…

This unit is in generally good condition but does have some superficial wear.

Everything works fine but a couple of buttons do not make as reliable contact as they used to … you just need to take care a little care when pressing the buttons.

The battery compartment is in good condition and the lid is present as shown in the photographs.

Power supply is included.” Link

Roland, TR-909 @ 25 September 2016, “No Comments”

909 “Up for Auction is a Vintage Roland TR 909.
It is in Excellent Condition, Except a Minor Scratch.
With the original box and owners manual
This 909 drum machine is perfect for the booming beats
of the 80′s and 90′s club music, hip-hop, and house music.” Link

CR-8000, Roland @ 25 September 2016, “No Comments”

cr8 “This drum machine was used as accompaniment for an acoustic guitar player in the early 1980′s. It has since been stored away for a number of years. I got it about 10 years ago from the original owner as part of a purchase of all his gear. Unfamiliar with it, and no need for it, I put it away and never used it.

I plugged it in and tried the buttons, turned knobs, and messed around with the sounds and everything seemed to work. The only issue I could find was the Bank Selector 2 button (yellow) would not activate by pushing it directly. It does work when you slide your finger from either of the other bank Selector buttons. My guess is it needs to be cleaned, maybe just needs using, maybe there is another button I needed to has in play. I have adjusted my starting price in consideration. Otherwise this is a nice example of the CR8000 machine.” Link