Korg, MS-20 @ 28 November 2015, “No Comments”

korg-sm2 ” I bought this earlier in the year with full intention of using it in my studio along side my moogs and Dave Smiths, but if I’m totally honest it’s just not my kind of synth! Don’t get me wrong – it sounds wonderful and works perfectly (and looks stunning), but i’m much more at home with my Voyager and Sub37… Selling this will help me fund another synth ;-)

Condition wise, it’s in incredible condition for something that is 36 years old, and plays great. There’s no crackling or noisy pots, and every function works as it should. One key has a small chip out of the underside, that’s the only downside.

It’s had only 1 previous owner – the man who sold me it bought it in Croydon in ’79 and said that he rarely played it, just stored it in the attic. He was very sadly dying of cancer and was having a clearout.

Comes with barely used SQ-1 sequencer complete with patch cables and adapter for 1/4″ jacks.” Link

Korg, PS-3010 @ 28 November 2015, “No Comments”

ps3010 ” You are bidding on a Korg PS-3010 keyboard for Korg PS series (PS-3100, PS-3200 & PS-3300) and the 60 pin connector cable PS-3001. Comes from the PS-3200 of the Moogchild Synthdrome collection (as you can see in the last picture), and I’m selling it because I’ve found another NOS keyboard from 1978. It is fully functional and in very good shape with some minor signs of wear (see pictures).

Korg PS-3200s and PS-3300 without midi won’t work without this keyboard, so if you have the synth but neither the keyboard nor the cable, this is a unique chance to complete a system currently valued above 10.000USD and increasing price overtime.” Link

Korg, Poly 61 @ 28 November 2015, “No Comments”

61m “This unit is sold for parts only. It does not work! All original knobs, buttons and internal parts are present. When powered up only the LED in the “Joystick” section lights.” Link

Korg, Polysix @ 28 November 2015, “No Comments”

used 6 “For sale is my KORG POLYSIX synthesizer.

I have relisted it now as for parts or not working. It produces sound and stays in tune, keys and knobs are working fine except the effects section is not working as it should. I don’t have the time to fix it and I don’t think it will cost a lot to repair it.

The internal battery is removed to protect it from leaking.

This requires service and repair, selling as is.

The synth is in excellent cosmetic condition.” Link

Korg, Polysix @ 28 November 2015, “No Comments”

6 “I just got this and was torn between fixing it up or selling it. These are VERY cool, but I already have another poly synth that works great.
I run a recording studio, mostly Blues and Soul music, and I have actually never used any of my poly synths, so I couldn’t justify spending the money to fix another one up.
Here’s the good news :
It powers on, and produces sound. the buttons for unison or polyphonic work, the arpeggiator works, the pitch and mod wheels work. the sounds i got out if it were in tune and pleasant and it seems every key triggers.
The bad news is that all or most of the preset/program buttons seem to not go off, and I can’t seem to get any of the sound design knobs to do anything, maybe as a result. it has extremely limited functionality.
I had my studio assistant take it apart and clean it in a nominal way. it looked very nice on the inside, clean and in good shape.
I was aware of the leaking battery problem common to these, and it looked to me like it was not leaking, but upon further inspection, the chip closest to the battery looked a little funky.
Unfortunately, i did not take photos of the inside while it was apart, and I am going out of town while this auction goes on. ” Link

poly800ii“KORG, as shown in the pics …………when you get this item, it will appear not to work.
It needs internal battery back up. There are no presets in it, just a null buzzing, very low volume. It has to have all the values set to get audio. It does not remember settings when shut off. Remember ..when it’s first turned on..IT WILL APPEAR NOT TO WORK.
Does NOT work… does not power up….on batteries.
It works fine with an AC adapter..see pics for power up
Repaired crack D1 key, cigarette burn A4 key…all the keys register, and are level
Elusive battery door included, inside clean…pics
Sometimes buttons double strike, intermittent, kind of normal for item that’s this old.
All bottom screws match, but not original
MIDI sends fine, sends key info, pc, control chg….remember this is primordial MIDI, no advanced features here
Project, parts, up to you……, lots of good parts if you go that way…………you decide if it needs attention, or not…………………………low price due to these issues” Link

p800” Up for your consideration is a fully functional Korg Poly 800 synthesizer with several modifications that enhance the functionality and make this unit a fine candidate for the central piece to your music production environment. Modifications were professionally installed by experienced and skilled hands and are described below. I’ve modified a good handful of these and this particular machine is in the best cosmetic condition I have ever seen. Absolutely like-new!! Original Korg power supply included.” Link

Korg, Poly 61 @ 28 November 2015, “No Comments”

p61 “Vintage Korg Poly 61 Synthesizer for Parts. Untested and As is.” Link

DDD-1, Korg @ 28 November 2015, “No Comments”

ddd1 “Works, but drum buttons are dirty and sometimes double trigger or don’t trigger at all. No cards included.” Link

DW-6000, Korg @ 28 November 2015, “No Comments”

dw6k“6 voice polyphonic synthesizer, purchased new circa 1985. Has been used to gig, but is in good shape. Soft case included with purchase.” Link

Korg, Polysix @ 28 November 2015, “No Comments”

polysix ” Restored Korg Polysix that has about $800 of work put into it. Both the KIWISIX midi upgrade and the KIWISIX power supply have been professionally installed in addition to the key contacts being cleaned and the whole thing scaled and tuned. Some average vintage wear to wood edges and face. WORKS GREAT! includes power cord.” Link

EX 800, Korg @ 28 November 2015, “No Comments”

used ex800 “You are viewing a Korg EX-800 Programmable Polyphonic Synthe Module Working Great!. The yellow “Write” square button is missing, but still works fine. Bank Hold and Down Value buttons don’t click when pressed, but work perfectly (they react to the touch instead of a click). The unit was tested with a 9v universal adapter which is not included. ” Link

DW-8000, Korg @ 28 November 2015, “No Comments”

dw8k “Korg DW-8000 programmable digital waveform synthesizer keyboard. nice working vintage Korg synthesizer that has not been abused. all keys work and appears to be in overall good condition. It has not been reset to factory settings so some patches may have been changed,but not hard to change them back if you want.” Link

Korg, Polysix @ 28 November 2015, “No Comments”

used polysix“Korg Polysix from 1982. The synthesizer is in full working order and in good cosmetic condition. All 6 oscillators and all other parts of the synth work.

This item has never been serviced, and used from 1982 to 1984, and that was it. All of the keys are working and none are broken.

Cosmetically, it is very good and clean. None of the keys are scratched and all the knobs and buttons are clean. There is one very small point that needs repair in terms of the wood casing. The corners and the bottoms of the wooden cheeks are still in very good condition (see pictures). ” Link

Korg, Polysix @ 28 November 2015, “No Comments”

polysix“Item is in good used condition, power cord attached. Does have some minor scratches/scuffs from normal use.

Fully functioning, working condition.

38″ Long” Link

DX-7, DX-7 II, Yamaha @ 27 November 2015, “No Comments”

used dx7iifd “Everything works great on this DX7–all buttons and functions. There is a piece of velcro on the top as you can see in the pictures, I’m sure you could remove this with rubbing alcohol, but it never bothered me.

This was my everyday keyboard, played in a non-smoking studio… I’m selling due to medical expenses.” Link

DX100, Yamaha @ 27 November 2015, “No Comments”

yamahadx100 “You are bidding on a really nice Yamaha DX100 Synthesizer Keyboard. It is in excellent used condition, Comes with soft case, original manual, power supply, and other cords as pictured. As you can see from the pictures, it is very clean!!” Link

DX7, Yamaha @ 27 November 2015, “No Comments”

used 7“About a Semitone flat (probably in need of new battery), but in working condition. Signs of use. One button is missing a label. Check pictures. Cartridge included. ” Link

Keytar, SHS-10, Yamaha @ 27 November 2015, “No Comments”

shs10 “Used but good working condition, I decided to leave the stickers on it, they look like they are from the same decade as the keyboard! Ask questions before bidding/buying, Ship to United States only.” Link

SK15, Yamaha @ 27 November 2015, “No Comments”

sk15 “Here’s a beautiful Yamaha SK-15 string/organ/poly synth in pristine condition! Comes in a Yamaha case w/a power converter to use w/US power. Works very well, sounds amazing! ” Link

DX-9, Yamaha @ 27 November 2015, “No Comments”

dx9 “Has scratches and such from normal usage. All pieces seem to be intact. Keyboard powers on and makes noise but I am not sure how it works so sold AS IS. The screen is readable but has a dark blotch in the center.” Link

DX-27, Yamaha @ 27 November 2015, “No Comments”


Tenori On, Yamaha @ 27 November 2015, “No Comments”

tenori on“[Appearance of the item]
-Appearance does not have scratches and cracks.
-It is very clear. Operation is Work well.

[Set Content]
Main body, 100V AC adapter, CD-ROM,Manual,1GB Memory card,Original box” Link

TX7, Yamaha @ 27 November 2015, “No Comments”

tx7“You are bidding on a working Yamaha TX7 FM Synthesizer – DX7 Expansion Tone Generator Midi Module

This item is used and sounds like a DX should.

Note there is some tape residue, you will want to use “goof off”, also the AC cable has a nick near the unit, none of this effects the functionality of this DX FM module however it is vintage and sold as is

See pictures for condition.” Link

SY35, Yamaha @ 27 November 2015, “No Comments”

sy35 “Yamaha SY35 61 key synthesizer keyboard Great Condition Midi 61 key Memory Pro. I am not a musician or an expert on synths however it is fully functional and in excellent cosmetic shape. There are a few scratches and scuffs. Of the four rubber bumpers one is missing. No adapter included but most any 10-12v will do. No box or instructions.” Link

TX-81Z, Yamaha @ 27 November 2015, “No Comments”

yamahatx81z“This listing is for a Yamaha TX81Z Tone Generator with the Owner’s Manual (in used condition with some soiling of the front page, and some pencil markings here and there on inside pages). Listing this for a friend. There are a few small scratches/scuffs on the case. Also, top left corner mounting hole is slightly distorted. In the play single mode, there does not appear to be and sound coming from the C19 setting. I recently sold my TX81Z and it had the same situation with C19. I tested this unit using a Yamaha PSS-480 keyboard, with a four octave keyboard. With the TX81Z set in the Perform mode, a few of the settings either produce sounds on the lower part of the keyboard, or do not produce sounds. This may be due to some of the settings having been set up to work with a keyboard controller with split keyboard capabilities, which my PSS-480 does not have.” Link

DX100, Yamaha @ 27 November 2015, “No Comments”

used dx-100 “Works fine, I just don’t use it anymore.” Link

TX-81Z, Yamaha @ 27 November 2015, “No Comments”

tx81z “YAMAHA TX81Z TONE GENERATOR – With Owner’s Manuals” Link

p2k “Aus Platzgründen müssen wir uns leider im Laufe der nächsten Tage und Wochen von verschiedenen unserer Geräte trennen,

hier habt ihr schon mal die seltene Möglichkeit einen Sequential Circuits Prophet 2000 zu kaufen!!!

Mit acht Einzelausgängen

Zustand top, siehe Fotos, tadellose Funktionen. Ein Ohren und Augenschmaus.
Aufgrund der langen Standzeit sollten nach Erhalt die Tastenkontakte gesäubert werden.
Inkl. Bedienungsanleitung” Link

pro one “Simply a legendary synth. Conditions are excellent both cosmetically and sonically.
J wire keyboard, working perfectly, no annoying double trig, or key not working. Absolutely gorgeus synth for bass sounds, but you can also make some very cool bell sound.
Available for collection aswell
On request i can send a video showing that everything is working perfectly ” Link

sci_prophet-600 ” This is my Prophet 600 which ive had for over 20 years, kept in my smoke free A/C studio.
Never gigged, and everything works perfect. Very unique analog synth with deep rich bass
and polyphonic chords. All the knobs work with no issues what so ever. Included is the Original Manual, High quality Dust Cover, and AC power cable.

Regarding the Original blue case it came with: I can ship in the original case but please note the inside is going to need to be replaced. If you choose with the case, I will multi layer bubble wrap the synth and make sure none of the black foam stick to it and you get it in excellent condition.
If you don’t want the case, i will discount the price by $100.” Link

sci_max “Hello, thanks for looking! Here’s another legacy item from the vaults – a Sequential Circuits MAX keyboard. It has a built-in six-track recorder, 80 preloaded sounds (the strings and brass in particular are pretty good), fairly primitive MIDI capability, and it comes with the ORIGINAL POWER SUPPLY. It was tested and powers up just fine, going through the warm-up and tune-up processes, even playing the demo song. Now the caveats: the box and docs are long gone, it could use a good cleaning inside and out (opening stuff like this up gives me the creeps), and the high-B key doesn’t seem to produce a note (could be from an evil dust bunny lurking inside). For these reasons, I’m obligated to sell the unit for parts/not working – but if you’re fairly savvy with stuff like this, you might be able to restore it to full functionality. The sucker is heavy, so I’ll pack it for an industrial-strength journey to wherever you want it shipped. Because of the issues, it’s being sold AS-IS, with no returns accepted.” Link


Fully working Sequential Circuits Prelude in the original box!

This is a full polyphonic analog synthesizer as you would expect,

but like others of its day its built off instrument presets which become your starting points.

You can add the presets in various ways, but it gets more synthy with the modulation.

As a gigging synth its pretty damn useful. As a substitute for an Arp string ensemble its great.

Even has little popup feet in the back – why dont all keyboards have this?

Works great, in decent cosmetic shape too. Made in Italy” Link

sci model 800 “Up for sale is Sequential Circuits MODEL-800 vintage digital CV/GATE Sequencer.

The unit turns on, most of the switches and buttons seem to be responding, however I have no knowledge how to make this thing work, and the functions are UNTESTED.

So I’m selling this AS IS as an untested unit, which may need some sort of servicing/adjustment done by the buyer’s responsibility.

Cosmetically, the unit is in nice and reasonable condition for its age as you can see. There are signs of wear and minor surface marks here and there, but nothing too major. All the outer parts seem to be there in place and shape. I’m including plenty of pictures so you can see exactly how it looks.

Power cable included.
Sold AS IS.” eBay Link

p1“Came from a Estate sale auction, a private collector.

I was lucky enough to get a few items.

The case is the reason for the excellent condition, it custom was made for it.

This unit is about 1981 Date, case also looks about that date era.

Case is twice as heavy as the Pro One, that is why shipping is so high, but worth it for the case.

Don’t much about this unit other than it very desirable for collectors.

I have been informed this is not a J-wire as serial # is above 8500.

Ok I powered this unit up with a small amp I have for testing Guitars.

Got all types of different sounds, by changing switches, it works, not sure if everything works correctly.

Because of the age 35 years old approx. ” Link