jd800She has just been fully serviced and is in FULL 100% working order.” Link

ax” Roland AX Synth in very good condition, comes with the official upright stand as well as the official Roland case, which it straps into for easy transport. Everything works perfectly on this synth!” Link

blie 1011
Roland SH-101 Blue.. Classic synth in excellent condition.. Comes with rare mod grip.. Mod grip has a slight crack in it as pics show.. One screw is missing from mod grip.. Apart from this , the synth is in very good condition.. See pics.. As you can see it’s powered up and works fine.

PSU NOT INCLUDED.. Cheap to purchase.. 9v to 12v required.

Synth is owned by the electronic artist Boddika.. Comes directly from his studio.. I’m simply a friend who sells surplus studio equipment for him.. See my feedback as sold a few surplus items in the last few months.

If you collect the synth it will be from a private address and not the artists studio.

Rare Roland Blue SH-101 with mod grip.” Link

sh101 “I’ve had this for a few years, I’m moving and I need the space. It works although there is minor wear and tear. It’s a great instrument!” Link

used 106 project“Up for auction is a Roland Juno 106 synthesizer that comes as-is. This is probably a good synth for parts or a restoration project. Vintage analog synths are pretty popular right now!
I am not a tech / not very knowledgeable about this piece of gear but here is what I gather from it. First, it powers up and does play / you can get sound from it when I tested it. I was able to press different buttons and gets sounds to change and move knobs and sliders and heard changes in the sounds as well. Their are knobs and sliders that are broken off and therefore un-useable. The sliders that remain seem to work but do not work very well. Several of the memory bank keys seem to not work therefore preventing access to those banks. Also, the power cord is not original but rather a Edison plug that has part of it carved out to fit the socked… so you will need to get the proper cord which is 2 prong. Obviously I recommend doing that first as the wrong cord could end up doing something bad to the unit. So with all of that info please bid accordingly!” Link

juno106” Up for sale is a Roland Juno 106 with 2 broken voice chips.The chips occasionally work, but mostly cut out or make white noise when pressed. The other voice chips work fine. The exterior is in good condition with a few scratches. All knobs, sliders and buttons are present and functional. Comes with original soft carrying case and Japanese manual.” Link

used juno 60This synth sounds great, and the person who I bought it from 6 months ago said it used to belong to the group Flock Of Seagulls. Not sure if you’re into that sort of thing, but I guess it’s cool if you are. The condition is great, with the only problem being that on some presets, the chorus 2 isn’t working. I’m not too synth savvy, hence the reason I’m selling, but maybe it only allows you to work the chorus 2 on some things and chorus 1 on others? Either way, probably a quick fix if anything. Great shape, thousands of legendary sounds, definitely a great piece of equipment to have in your musical endeavors. Thanks for looking!” Link

mks80 ” This is a Roland MKS-80 Super Jupiter 8-Voice Polyphonic Analog Synthesizer in excellent condition for sale by the original owner. There is some cosmetic wear from rackmount installations, however this unit has been tested and is in great working order. Very fat and very analog! Classic analog Roland technology in its filters, modulation capabilities and a thick cluster of 16 analog oscillators at 2 per voice. Includes an M64-C memory cartridge. It’s got all the classic sounds of the Jupiter synths and so much more. An excellent choice for ambient drones, pads, blips, buzzes and leads.” Link

tr808“About this TR-808 -

This TR-808 works perfectly and is as NEAR MINT as you can get!!! — (details below)—

This TR-808 comes from a smoke free environment, and comes with a hard shell flight case, an original foot switch (with box) and 8 TRS to XLR audio snake cable!!! READ ON!!.

The TR808 synth is in NEAR MINT condition!!!

This 808 is being sold for a customer of mine who is very sad to see it go, but for unfortunate circumstances, he has decided it best to do so,

All knobs and switch covers are present. The battery cover is included as well.

There are no scratchy or noisy pots/sliders!

There are some extremely minor surface marks/scuffs and one visible scratch on the one side panel piece, but is still nothing considering the age of this beast!

The Roland Analog decal on the bottom can be easily removed (I can do it for you if you request it).

This SH101 has been professionally inspected and tested by myself (more info about me below).

The 808 listed comes in its own hard shell flight case! The foam inside is outstanding, the latches work great, and the outer shell looks amazing!

This TR-808 also comes with an original Roland Foot Switch, in its original box!

The TR-808 also comes with 8 TRS to XLR audio snake cable for the individual outputs!

The battery cover is intact and is included. The battery terminals have no sign of corrosion at all either!.” Link

D-50, Roland @ 05 July 2015, “No Comments”

rolandd50“Roland keyboard with issues. 1.- Volume make scratching sound when moving 2.- Joystick has been removed ( included) 3.-Some of push buttons hard to respond ( you have to push herder or more than one time) 4.-All keys make sound, but some of them, need more pressure to activate ( three or four) 5.-No original power cord ( I made one, very unsafe to use) 6.-Missing some screw on bottom cover, 7.- Need a cleaning and finally, 8.- Missing little top part of value joystick. ” Link

dvc-350” For sale is a Roland Vocoder SVC-350. The unit receives and passes a signal, however does not process the altered signal correctly. I believe this to be a simple solder fix that is probably due to a broken transistor or resistor but do not have the time or finances to currently fix it. I would hate to let it go and would love to fix it but there is a baby on the way. Due to its age and issue it is being sold AS IS. ” Link

JX-3P, Roland @ 05 July 2015, “No Comments”

roland jx3p” Up for auction is a used, very good condition, Vintage Roland JX-P3 synthesizer programmable 61 key keyboard with Roland case. Looks and functions great. Includes Roland hard case. Only minor scratches and if any. ” Link

roland tb-303“For sale is my Roland TB-303 vintage analog bass synthesizer with Devilfish mods. These mods really take the 303 to the next level and make it so much more versatile and fun. Tons of knob tweaking options to make some insane acid glitch bass lines. Sounds incredible when paired up with a TR808 or TR909. It’s in great shape and fully functional. Check out the pictures below. Don’t miss out! ” Link

jx8p ” This keyboard was a recent trade in and seems to be in very good working order with all buttons and sliders functioning just as they should. The screen is bright and clear and all of the keys play well. It includes a power cord. Cosmetically it is in good shape with just the normal scrapes and scratches you should expect from a keyboard of this vintage. ” Link

106“This auction is for 1 Roland Juno-106 Synth. A classic model. It was the first Juno with MIDI ins-and-outs, but the last before they replaced all the sliders with a digital interface.

The unit is mostly working, but has a few sticky keys and the outputs produce crackling from time to time, So this will need repair. As far as I can tell everything else works, but this unit is sold AS-IS.” Link

used poly 800” Up for auction is a Korg Poly 800 polyphonic synthesizer. This synthesizer is in nice condition with all functions working properly.

This synth is fully programmed with what I believe are the original factory settings.

All switches, buttons, output jacks, pitch bend joystick, slides, MIDI ports and screen are fully functional. ” Link

mono-poly“Up for bids is a fully working Korg Mono/Poly Synth. I just don’t play it as much as I thought I would. It sounds incredible. Some sticker residue from previous owner. Contacts have been cleaned and all keys work great.” Link

Korg, Polysix @ 04 July 2015, “No Comments”

p6“This auction is for the KORG Polysix synthesizer you see pictured in the photographs. We powered it on and ran it through an amplifier. All of the keys register and it makes a bunch of different sounds. We just aren’t familiar enough with the instrument to know if it is fully functional or not. Thats why we listed it as not working/parts repair. Due to it’s age, we assume it is going to need at least some sort of adjustment, restoration or repair.” Link

Korg, MS-2000 @ 04 July 2015, “No Comments”

korg ms2000br” This 4 voice polyphonic, rackmount synthesizer has some very cool tones and very nice vocoder functions as well. We played with it and it seems everything is in working order. It is a heck of a lot of fun and should be a fine addition to your synth farm. Includes power supply. ” Link

DW-6000, Korg @ 04 July 2015, “No Comments”

dw67kI aquired this at an estate sale.A few of the keys are broken(see pics).And there was no power cord so unable to test.It appears to be in good shape besides the keys.” Link


Keys – All keys work! One key is broken but still functions as it should… One key has a crack, but is still intact and functions as it should… Someone wrote notes on the keys with marker. I have done my best to remove the marker. It’s very faint. (See Photos!)

Mod Control Stick – Works, average ware for it’s age. All functions work.

Volume Knob – Works has sti.

Parameter Buttons, Value Buttons, Program Buttons, Sliders, Sequencer Buttons and Key Assign Buttons all work.

All back panel inputs and outputs work. All back panel switches work.

I have not tested the midi so the midi section is AS IS

AC Power Adapter Input does NOT work. Looks like someone soldered an ac power adapter wire to the unit but the adapter has since been cut off and wire is hanging out the side of one of the peg holes. SEE PHOTOS!

Strap Pegs are not present.

Battery compartment cover is missing.

Battery Power works! Unit turns on with 6 C Batteries.

Has “5- AS IS k” written with marker on the back of unit.

Various tape residue, dings, scrapes and fading on this unit.

Has some screws missing from the housing, but main tie down screws are in it and housing is secure.

No AC Power Adapter.

All of the original factory patches have been reinstalled and work great! Sounds nice and warm. Very vintage sounding analog. Lush pads and Sharp Leads. Nice Delay feature.

What it needs that is not included: A new AC Power Adapter input, A new AC Power Adapter, Guitar/Keytar Strap Pegs, Battery compartment cover and 2 new keys.

Of course, do to it’s age and cosmetic condition, this item is AS IS. I have faithfully described this item to the fullest and CURRENTLY as it stands, this unit will turn on and function correctly as it should via Battery Power. You WILL have to fix the AC Adapter input. ” Link

Korg, Polysix @ 04 July 2015, “No Comments”

polysix” You are bidding on ONE Korg Polysix vintage analog synthesizer. It has worked for quite some time (it was previously refurbished several years ago by a technician in Montana), but suddenly one day the only sound that it would produce would be an out-of-tune droning sound which isn’t conducive to good music at all. Thus this machine is suitable for someone who wishes to REPAIR it, and it is being sold AS-IS.” Link

DW-8000, Korg @ 04 July 2015, “No Comments”

8000“All keys work and response is adjustable. Note: No power cord.” Link

DW-8000, Korg @ 04 July 2015, “No Comments”

ds8k “Korg DW 8000 61 key synthesizer vintage keyboard

This keyboard work properly, there is no mayor issues with it, keyboard was serviced and contacts were cleaned 2 years ago, it includes the original 2 prong power cord and a keyboard bad that is bigger than the keyboard but helps to protect it well.

Midi(sysex), delay and all keys work as well the after touch, pitch and modulation joystick work great, some of the numbers to select programs are too sensitive but nothing crazy, all programs can be accessed with no issue.

One of the outputs is a bit loose but works well and the stereo headphones output works perfect.

I have used this synth with volume knob full all times to a mixer, and sometimes it makes little noise when knob is moved up and down.

If you are looking for this synth then you know well what is it all about, I will not copy paste info about it but instead I can tell you that the sound is unique, fat and it is very easy to program, I have virtual analogs and the DW sound is much more fat.

I am selling it because I just need room and I am not using it much, always used at home since I got it back in the days.” Link

Korg, X-911 @ 04 July 2015, “No Comments”

korg x911“This is a great very rare KORG guitar synthesizer model X 911! They were made early 80′s ? And for only short time. So not too many out there. This synthesizer was way before it’s time . amazing the sounds you can get from this little unit. It has been tested and all works great! It does have a few very slight marks from use. See pictures for item and condition ” Link

01/WFD, Korg @ 04 July 2015, “No Comments”

korg 01wfd “Korg 01W FD das Gerät funktioniert einwandfrei nur die Tasten C und Cis wie auf dem Foto funktionieren nicht mehr Ansonsten geht bei dem Gerät alles. Die Displaybeleuchtung und die Speicherbatterie wurden vor c.a. einem Jahr getauscht.” Link

used mono-poly“Ihr bietet hier auf mein Schätzchen!

Dieser Korg Mono/Poly ist der erste Synthesizer den ich mir Ende der 80er von meinem vom Mund abgesparten Taschengeld gebraucht gekauft habe – deshalb: seid schon aus Gründen der Sentimentalität und des Mitgefühls nicht knauserig! ;-)

Der Zustand (äußerlich):
Dieser Mono/Poly hat zu meiner Zeit nie eine Bühne gesehen, sondern stand immer im Heimstudio oder Studio (in den letzten Jahren Nichtraucherstudio – in den 80er und 90er gab es keine Nichtraucherstudios – ein Studio in dem nicht geraucht wurde war damals kein Studio :-D ).

Äußerlich sieht er für sein Alter absolut hervorragend aus – über 30 Jahre gehen an einem Gerät natürlich nicht 100% spurlos vorüber, aber alle Spuren der Zeit sind wirklich marginal und oberflächlich (z.B. kleinere Spuren am Lack, aber kein einziger richtiger tiefer Kratzer, keine abgenudelten Beschriftungen, kein abgeplatzes Furnier an den Seitenteilen – hier nur wenige Druckstellen und minimal angeriebene Kanten).

Die Klassiker wie flächig abgeplatzes Furnier an den Pressspan-Seitenteilen, obskur lackierte Holzseiten, irgendwelche Klebereste von Stickern der alten Band, oder dicke Kratzer vom Transport von 120 Gigs wird man hier nicht finden – ich glaube 1988 sah die Maschine nicht besser aus.

Der Zustand (technisch):
Nun ist es beim Mono/Poly nun mal so: die Tasten und Taster sind (genau wie beim Polysix) eine absolute Schwachstelle, über die Jahre, vor allem wenn nicht regelmässig genutzt fallen diese schlicht und ergreifend gerne mal aus oder haben Kontaktschwächen (Ich hab schon welche gesehen da ging gerade noch eine Oktave). Findet man auch in ebay Angeboten gerne mal: Technisch Tip Top – bis auf 2 oder 3 Tasten, die funktionieren manchmal nicht (suboptimal wenn das gerade das mittlere C oder E ist) – ebenso die Drucktaster für Unison, Chord, Hold oder Poly – wenn die nicht wollen ist es eben Asche, auch wenn der Rest fein funktioniert.
Kurz und gut hier ist nichts von alle dem der Fall:
Jede Taste und jeder Taster tut genau das was sie soll – keine Kontaktprobleme, keine Ausfälle, keine nicht leutende LED oder ähnliches.
Wenn sie mal warm sind sind die Oszillatoren wunderbar stabil und zicken ebenfalls nicht rum.

Mit dabei ein Doepfer MCV-1 Midi zu CV Interface das mittels zwei Klinken- und einem Midikabel dem Keyboarder mit 10 Daumen (so wie ich es einer bin) ermöglicht den Mono/Poly per Midi Noteninformationen zu senden und somit auch ins Studiosetup zu integrieren. Das Interface sendet wie der Name schon sagt nur monophon an den Korg, Controllerdaten (Filter, Hüllkurven, etc.) natürlich nicht.” Link

korg poly 800” The synthesizer works and sounds. Cosmetically, it has some light age-related scratches and marks, but still looks nice. I list is as defective for the following reasons:

the volume pot works just for a 10 degrees rotation (I hope it gives the idea), at the top of its excursion, there’s a steep volume drop below that. It must be replaced if one needs to modulate the volume
The keypad sometimes takes double input, or no input. This is annoying for quick editing. Probably a thorough cleaning of under the keypad will help.
I sell it without PSU, a universal one (9V, tip negative) works, as it can be seen in the pictures

For the rest the synth sounds great, MIDI an everything works.” Link

Korg, Poly 61 @ 04 July 2015, “No Comments”

used korg poly 61“Regrettably selling this wonderful synth due to relocation and it’s far too heavy/large to fit in the car with all my other bits.

Synth is in full working order, with the exception of one small fault – when the synth is turned on a single voice sticks. Chords and other notes can still be played but a voice will always stick. Problem usually solves itself once the machine has warmed up and I’m sure issue could be fixed by someone with a little more know how.

Battery has been replaced 18-24 months ago. ” Link

Korg, Polysix @ 04 July 2015, “No Comments”

korg poly six“Korg Polysix classic, rare synthesizer.
Fantastic looking classic instrument, great sound, and functions perfectly.

In excellent condition except for small marks as seen in pics.” Link

Korg, MS-2000 @ 04 July 2015, “No Comments”

ms2k“This is a great synth sad to see it go. Loads of features, love the wooden ends and the fact the block diagram is on the front panel. Mine is in great condition, little used, never gigged. All of the keys and knobs work. Original ac adapter and manual included. It would be difficult to pack and ship so I have listed it pick up only. ” Link

Korg, MS-02 @ 04 July 2015, “No Comments”

korgms02“Has a European plug (takes 240v)” Link

Korg, Poly 61 @ 04 July 2015, “No Comments”

p61“Currently not working with an unknown problem, but otherwise in good condition. Kept dry and clean over the years.

The Korg Poly-61 was released in 1982 as the successor to the Polysix. It was somewhat of a step up from the Polysix, as it has 2 DCOs for better reliability. It also retained the arpeggiator of the Polysix. The Poly-61 can provide cool gritty basses or trippy analog sounds and fx.” Link

korg poly 800 “Korg Poly 800 Analog synth.
Generally good and clean, all works with the exception of the sequencer which I can’t get to work. Seems like it will record the notes but not play them back.
The usual scratches and wear, and a small piece of plastic missing from one key underneath.

I’ve fitted a coin cell inside to retain the patch memory so you don’t need the D cells in the back.
I’ve also carried out the Moog slayer and FM mods as described here: http://synthmod.net/korg/moog_slayer/
All mods have been carried out to a good standard … I have a lot of experience soldering :)

The synth sounds great, especially when you hook it up to an external sequencer and start playing the freq and resonance controls of the mod. ” Link

yamaha shs10“Yamaha SHS-10 Keytar with original box, strap, user manual and even a VHS tape!
Includes batteries and MIDI cable.

This item is in very good cosmetic condition and perfect working order. I’ve had a lot of fun using the sounds from this keytar through various guitar effect pedals. It has great drum loops too.

I never tried the VHS tape as I don’t have a player but I believe it is some kind of instruction tape.

Reluctant sale as I am downsizing my studio.” Link