Siel @ 30 September 2014, “No Comments”

siel mk900 “Very rare Italian made synth SIEL MK 900
in absolutely perfect condition
and working perfectly

with original power adapter and soft bag,
will ship from Italy
doble boxed
that is why the cost and shipment cost” Link

Monome @ 30 September 2014, “No Comments”

monome64” Greyscale monome64. From the 1st edition. All lights turn on, and the device works perfectly. Has been used lightly but kept in great condition. Stored in box when not in use, cleaned regularly. Originally sold for $420.” Link

Matrix 6R, Oberheim @ 30 September 2014, “No Comments”

matrix6r“Oberheim Matrix-6R Vintage Synthesizer Module

usedop1 “This listing is for a very gently used Teenage Engineering OP-1. I purchased it one year ago but never really got around to using it to its utmost potential. It works flawlessly. I only used it a handful of times and is in mint condition.

It comes with all original equipment: box, rubber bands, USB cable, quick-start guide, unit.” Link

Ensoniq, ESQ1 @ 30 September 2014, “No Comments”

esq1“This is one of many non-working keyboards which I am listing for sale. I purchased them over a period of 2 years with the intention of fixing them, but I have not had the time required to do so. This item is being sold for parts or repair. The extent of any issues is unknown. I don’t have time to test it, so please understand when I can’t tell you exactly what is wrong with it. This item may have more than one problem, including broken or missing components as well as cosmetic issues. All sales are final. ” Link

Modular, PAIA @ 30 September 2014, “No Comments”

PAIA 8780 DA Converter “Tested and works great!” Link

Atari 2600 @ 30 September 2014, “No Comments”

atari“Ive modified this vintage Atari 2600 Woody model for you to add to your 8bit arsenal of sound.

Rare mod for me, get it while you can.

In fully working condition, ive cleaned all the controls so theyre working as good as new.

Im including the Synthcart cartridge that turns this into a very cool synthesizer and drum machine using the keyboard controllers that are also included.

You can still play all of your favorite games on this, it works as a normal Atari.

You can find more info online in regards to the Synthcart but if youre checking this out then you probably already know how cool it is.

Ive added standard 1/4″ & RCA audio output jacks, with volume control, for easy connection to your mixer, amp or pa.” Link

Matrix 6R, Oberheim @ 30 September 2014, “No Comments”

oberheim matrix 6r “This unit seems to work just fine, but I am selling this unit as is. I plugged in a midi keyboard and was able to play the presets. You could also edit the presets and save them if you wanted to. The volume control and the headphone jack also work fine. The unit shows signs of being rack mounted on the rack ears and a few minor scratches on the unit itself, but the front face looks almost brand new. Comes with the original manual.” Link

Future Retro @ 30 September 2014, “No Comments”

FutureRetro Mobius ” The FutureRetro Mobius sequencer was designed to control any type of synthesizer or sound module ever created (it has become hard to find).

This unit is like new, in fully functioning condition, and is cosmetically pristine, featuring custom Blue LED lights.” Link

Modular, Serge @ 30 September 2014, “No Comments”

Serge Modular STS Triple Oscillator “I am changing my Serge system around and am selling this triple osc and I have another listing for the triple multi-filter.” Link

Modular, Serge @ 30 September 2014, “No Comments”

sts” I am changing my Serge system around and am selling this triple multi-filter and I have another listing for the triple oscillator. This is just for the m-odule and not the boat or obelisk. Thanks” Link

4ms, Modular @ 30 September 2014, “No Comments”

peg“like new…. 2 months new” Link

Chimera @ 30 September 2014, “No Comments”

bc6“I am the first owner of this BC6. It works great and has no damage. Non-smoking home studio use only. Chimera Synthesis’ web page is gone, only their reputation remains” Link

Chimera @ 30 September 2014, “No Comments”

bc9“am the first owner of this BC9. It works great and has no damage. Non-smoking home studio use only. Chimera Synthesis’ web page is gone, only their reputation remains, ” Link

Micro Q, Waldorf @ 30 September 2014, “No Comments”

waldorf micro q“Waldorf Micro Q. Fully functional and in very good cosmetic condition. Power supply included. An amazingly powerful and flexible synth/vocoder in an incredibly small package. Sounds fantastic. I actually have two and am selling one. The list of capabilities and cool things about this synth are way too many to mention.” Link

Make Noise, Modular @ 30 September 2014, “No Comments”

make noise teleplexer Make Noise Teleplexer, purchased in June 2014. Barely used, like new. Note minor surface blemishes on plates on front. Includes power cable and original screws(never opened). In perfect working order. ” Link

Akai, VX 600 @ 30 September 2014, “No Comments”

“Condition: Great condition, works perfectly, LCD screen was just replaced & so was the vibrate potentiometer.” Link

Matrix 1000, Oberheim @ 30 September 2014, “No Comments”

matirx1k“Used Oberheim Matrix-1000. This unit has been tested and performs and functions as intended. Minor wear and tear from normal use, surface scuffs. Comes with the original owner’s manual and generic power cord.” Link

Garfield Electronics” I bought these years ago and wanted to set them up with my analog synths. Instead I had midi built into my machines and have no need for these cool analog sync. They look to be in nice condition but I have no way of testing them.” Link

OB-8, Oberheim @ 30 September 2014, “No Comments”

oberheimob8“Hello ebayers this listing is for a 100% proper working OB 8 analog synthesizer, with MIDI, 61 keys, and the original power cord. I also have a lot of vintage Oberheim literature, that will come with this OB 8 synth, including a huge original Oberheim operators manual for the OB 8, with all the actual Oberheim factory prersets on papers dating from I believe about 1983-84, as well as some other vintage Oberheim literature and ads, catalogs, etc. including one for the then soon to come Matrix 12 synth, which was not out on the market for sale yet in 1983. I am downsizing and listing several of my vintage synths, both analog and some digital. There are no broken knobs, keys or controls and this analog synth works as it should and all 6 voices are tuned and working proper and this synth sounds great. There are no stuck or missing voices or bad/broken keys, all keys sound. This synth is in very good condition not mint by any means– but very nice, and I believe this one has the later silk screened 2nd page functions on the synth top control panel, which the Oberheim factory added after the first units did not have this 2nd page option on the control panel top, which gives you a whole other set of modulation and control features, by using the 2nd page functions and controls on this OB 8. This is an awesome vintage analog synth, you can mix both oscillators 1 and 2 and Oberheim’s unique pitch bender dual controls work proper as well, one controls pitch, the other modulations, and the LFO, arpeggiator all work as well, and with the classic Oberheim filters and ADSR envelopes, this is pure 80′s analog awesomeness! ” Link

Oberheim, Strummer @ 30 September 2014, “No Comments”

oberheim strummer“Excellent cosmetic and working condition.” Link

op-1” Like new used only a few times and realize I don’t have time.” Link

ASR-10, Ensoniq @ 30 September 2014, “No Comments”

asr10” Ich verkaufe:

1 Ensoniq ASR 10 Sampler in top Zustand aus Nichtraucher-Studio
mit jeder Menge Zubehör:

- maximaler Arbeitsspeicher
- SCSI-Port
- Fujitsu SCSI-Festplatte mit 535 MB voller Beats, Sounds, Instrumente und Geräusche- und Gesang-Samples
- Output Expander zur Spurtrennung in 3 AUX-Wege (links/rechts)
- Disketten-Laufwerk (Floppy-Disc)
- Disketten voller Beats, Sounds, Instrumente und Geräusche- und Gesang-Samples in Disketten-Box
- Handbuch
- SCSI-Kabel inkl. Verlängerung
- 2 Stromkabel (ASR-10&HD)” Link

Microwave XT, Waldorf @ 30 September 2014, “No Comments”

microwave xt” Das Gerät ist technisch einwandfrei mit einigen Gebrauchsspuren (die Lackierung ist fleckig und hat einige Kratzer, an der rechten oberen Außenkante ist eine Druckstelle vom Rackeinbau – siehe Fotos).

– Waldorf Microwave XT 30-stimmig
– Netzteil
– Das Buch “Microwave in der Praxis”

Bedienungsanleitung, Software, Treiber und diverse Soundsets und Patches sind auf der beiliegenden CD enthalten.” Link

EMS, VCS3 @ 30 September 2014, “No Comments”

vc3“es, this is /that/ VCS-3, the instrument used by Delia Derbyshire, Pink Floyd (e.g., “On the Run”), Jean Michel Jarre, Todd Rundgren, Hawkwind, Roxy Music, King Crimson, and The Who–just to name a few.

If you’re interested in bidding on an instrument this pricey, then it is because you know what it truly is: /priceless/.

This particular VCS-3 (see pictures) has the following cosmetic problems: some of the knobs are missing their brass covers and one of the matrix pegs is missing. The fool who owned it before me added some kind of portamento button to the keyboard, so I’m just writing the keyboard off (i.e., not really factoring it into the price). The keyboard /does/ work, however, and I’ll include my homemade Jones connector in with the lot…

The VCS itself works fine, v/oct control of each VCO, envelope trigger, etc., using the connectors in the back. I’ve only been able to explore this instrument a little: sufficed to say, every parameter sounded to be working (the reverb is especially interesting, very “Radiophonic workshop” sounding).

The thing is too special for words, but I just can’t afford to sit on it now, supposing their may be someone out there willing to pay top dollar for a rare piece of musical history…” Link

OB-8, Oberheim @ 30 September 2014, “No Comments”

obie8” For sale Oberheim OB8 with original road ready aluminum case.
In good condition, few scratches here and there – but nothing major.
With midi and page 2 function.
Never repaired.” Link

Kawai @ 30 September 2014, “No Comments”

kawai 100f
its been in the loft for ages, unused, so decided to sell. all seems to work. a few slight crackles on the master volume although that could be due to being unused for a while (i’m no expert). I’d say the general condition is very good for its age. theres a few scratches here and there but nothing too major.” Link

Ensoniq, SQ80 @ 30 September 2014, “No Comments”

sq80“Used but in good condition, fully working with OS 1.8

Sale Includes:

Ensoniq SQ80
Flight Case (Slightly worn through wear and tear)
Promotional Page
Miscellaneous information pages” Link

Oberheim, Xpander @ 30 September 2014, “No Comments”

oberheim xpander
In good condition.
And working 100%. ” Link

LinnDrum @ 30 September 2014, “No Comments”

linndrum lm2“FOR SALE: Very rare JLCooper MIDI – fied Linn Drum Machine. Needs some TLC but powers up and makes sound! Some non-original “alternative” sounds. Was originally purchased from Kajem Studios in Philadelphia and was used on many records, including Boys II Men, Public Enemy, New Kids on the Block and Patti LaBelle. Much Mojo! Functions, most features tested and working but it needs a good cleaning, some alternate sounds installed. A classic that needs some TLC to be fully functional. Sold AS IS.” Link

Cricklewood, EMS, VCS3 @ 30 September 2014, “No Comments”

vcs3“For sale is a one owner, all original, EMS Putney monophonic analog music synthesizer and Cricklewood keyboard.

This Putney is actually a VCS3a because it’s an early model, serial number 321.

Fascinated with the electronic music of the day, I purchased it and the keyboard new in 1969.

Here is what is right with it:

● Considering its age, It’s in very good condition. This package also includes the original patch pins, power cord, keyboard cable and vinyl cover.

● All the silver knob inserts are intact.

● The internal electronics are original. I have never had the synth or keyboard calibrated.

● I powered up the unit and checked the keyboard and all modules, matrix holes and pins, pots and verniers for basic functionality before having it professionally double boxed for shipment. In going through and listening to each module, I was reminded why I wanted the Putney in the first place. Its voice is unique and wonderful. Of course each oscillator’s pitch still drifts as much as when the unit was new. The keyboard needed to be “exercised” a bit before all its contacts functioned.

Here is what is wrong with it:

● Both reverb springs are in the reverb tank. One is still functioning, but the other is disconnected and lies loose.

● As is evident in the pictures, some of the wooden slots that hold the hardboard panels on the bottom and back of the main unit’s case have split off. I believe this happened while the synth was loaned to a friend. I never received a good explanation as to why. However, the panels still mount securely.

● Both internal speakers function, but one has a torn paper cone and sounds distorted (see photo)” Link

Cat, Octave @ 30 September 2014, “No Comments”

octave cat” A true beast of a synthesizer. I’ve owned many analog synths and nothing quite has the bite of this machines noise filter. Very musical and it has it’s own sound.

Works good. Audio in works. Some wear on this old board as it’s seen in the photos, but it sounds amazing! Do to it’s age, sold as is.” Link

Moog, Polymoog @ 29 September 2014, “No Comments”

polymoog “Up for sale is a (1) rare Polymoog synthesizer, model 203A. It comes with all the original accessories: the polypedal controller model 285A, owner’s manual, service manual with schematics and the original legs / stand. The synth is in good working condition and never been serviced before. We bought it from the first owner who bought it in Rotterdam, The Netherlands in 1980. Notice that there are some slightly crackling faders on it. Optical it’s in very nice condition for its age with only some minor scratches on it (see photo’s). Overall it’s a beautiful piece of history. The serial number of the synthesizer is 3968 and the serial number of the polypedal controller is 2765 PD. It’s a 110 / 230V version. ” Link

Uncategorized @ 29 September 2014, “No Comments”

used minimoogmodeld “Moog Music Minimoog Original Vintage Synth-Original Osc Board, Model D.

My partner is a musician and this has been kept in his studio (non smoking environment)

Works perfectly, it has nearly all the original keys, however three have been replaced to new keys. As shown on the picture there are a couple of keys that are lifted slightly but still work.

Beautiful collectors item. ” Link

memorymoog plus “I worked for Moog when we launched the Memorymoog, and contributed to the factory sounds. This SN #3187 is my personal Memorymoog Plus that has been in my studio or closet since 1983. I’ve been the only owner and it is in excellent condition!

I just went to the expense of having this vintage Moog serviced and calibrated at ProTech in Silver Spring, MD to ensure top condition and 100% functionality for this sale. (ProTech has an older tech who worked on instruments of this vintage way back in the day, so he really knows his stuff!) I’ve included the invoice in one of the photos here. All switches, pots and jacks have been professionally cleaned. All six voices (18 oscillators!) autotune. The keyboard and all MIDI In functions have also been tested and verified by the tech. ” Link