Korg, MS-2000 @ 22 October 2016, “No Comments”

krogms2000bre “Model “BR” has a black metalic color scheme. In like new mint condition. No dirt, dings, dents or scratches. All controls work flawlessly at full range with no scratching. LCD display is clear and scratch free. Power supply included. Comes with the Owner’s Manual which likewise is in imaculate condition. No dirt, smudges, folds or dog ears. In other words, this unit is exactly like if it had been purchased new from the music store except without the original box. No hyperbole. Soft carrying case included. Meticulously cared for and studio kept by original owner. One annoyance with the unit is that you can not use a Lo-z microphone cable. I am including a low to high impedance matching transformer so you can operate the Vocoder right away with a standard mic you may have on hand. Keyboard in photo for scale only. Not Included.” Link

Korg, MS-2000 @ 22 October 2016, “No Comments”

ued-2000r “I have a brain injury. I got this synth in eBay not knowing that it has problems and that it isn’t work. I’m just trying to get the money back, because I don’t have a lot of money. I only get money for my disability, my brain injury, and it is very little money each month. If I write anything here and it is wrong, it is because I am trying to learn the entire language of English again. It’s very hard for me, but I’m trying everyday.” Link

EX 800, Korg @ 22 October 2016, “No Comments”





Korg @ 22 October 2016, “No Comments”

korg-03rw “Korg MIDI Sound Module

MPN: Does Not Apply
Serial:Recorded with purchase

Cosmetic Condition: Items are in used condition with marks and scratches on the housing. One unit missing “Power” button, see images below.

Functional Notes: Units tested to power on, boots properly and have functional displays.

Includes: 1x PROG Data card & Power cord” Link

Korg, Trident @ 22 October 2016, “No Comments”

trident “No reserve auction, Korg Trident Mk2 8 voice poly analog synth 61 keys and with 32 patch memory from 1982-83, this was Korg’s flagship polyphonic analog synth when the first Mk1 version was released 1980. This 1982 Trident Mk 2 had a similar battery leak issue that is common to the lower cost Korg Polysix, this is a USA 117 V version. This Trident is in poor to fair condition at best cosmetically with showing much signs of heavy use and assorted scratches and dents, and this is somewhat expected from a vintage synth that has been around for 30+ years. There are pictured two chipped keys on the synth they do not affect playing the keyboard in any way. I sent the synth to one of the best repair/restore and service providers available for old analog synths, The Analog Lab in NYC and now this Trident Mk 2 is in very good condition on the inside. The Trident synth has been 100% and extensively restored by them and functions 100% no missing voices or dead keys, and I have the work/service order pictured. These analog VCO/VCF Tridents used SSM chips and were very well regarded as awesome analog string synths with an onboard flanger. These Tridents were high quality made and built like a tank with real solid wood cases and this is a heavy synth, they don’t build them like this very much anymore. The Mk 2 version added more memory and an additional envelope control for the VCF, also included is an original Korg Trident Mk2 service manual.” Link

Korg, Polysix @ 22 October 2016, “No Comments”

korgpolysix “minimal wear and tear cosmetically a few scuffs and scrapes, small dents and dings here and there item is not mint, but the inside is in very clean condition” Link “>

Korg, Lambda @ 22 October 2016, “No Comments”

lamba “The Korg Lambda is a fully polyphonic 48-key preset synthesizer released in 1979. It features two types of sound – Percussive (Electric Piano, Clavi, Piano, Harmonics) and Ensemble (Brass, Organ, Choir, Strings I, Strings II). The Percussive sounds have a simple fast attack and variable decay envelope, and the Ensemble sounds have both preset and variable attack/release envelopes. Each key is articulated independently, so there is no note-stealing as experienced on synths limited to a handful of voices. The downside of this is the relative lack of programmability, but the presets sound good, particularly when layered (they are all available simultaneously).” Link

Korg, Poly 800 @ 22 October 2016, “No Comments”

800 “Description: . comes as seen. Vintage Classic Synth. includes original power supply, a NOS Cassette of Preloaded sound data – still sealed in package and some program lists.

Condition: Looks in good shape. some wear and use. all keys working good. sounds tested and working good. bender toggle working . LED reads well. no damage or broken parts. ” Link

EX-8000, Korg @ 22 October 2016, “No Comments”

ex8k ” Selling my entire studio this week. This listing is for the very rare Korg EX8000 synth.

This is the smaller rack mount version of the more common DW8000. It has all of the same functionality minus the arp…but taking up a lot less space in return.

It sounds amazing. The perfect combination of analog and digital. The analog filter is warm and rich which helps add humanity to the sounds. The programming structure is robust as well allowing you to create very interesting sounds. Plus it has a killer chorus/delay that sounds righteously vintage.

Everything works great. I replaced the internal battery myself so it’s good for another decade. All of the controls work perfectly. The buttons and parameter slider are solid. Display is nice and bright. Outputs are clean with no noise. Receives MIDI just fine as well.

Some minor rack wear and blemishes. Looks like someone used tape to mark different things that left some residue here and there. See photos. Should clean up fine if it bothers you (didn’t bother me).” Link

Korg, Poly 61 @ 22 October 2016, “No Comments”

korg-poly-61m ” Selling all of my music gear this week. This listing is for a mega-rare vintage 80s Korg Poly61M analog synthesizer. You may come across a Poly61 from time to time…but you’ll hardly ever see the 61M. This one was rarer and sold with factory MIDI in/out. This synth just sounds mean. I don’t know why so many people go nuts over the same old same olds (i.e. – Juno 60) when there are lesser-exploited classics like this still out there.

This synth is in amazing condition. All of the keys and controls respond 100%. If you’ve used one of these vintage Korgs before, you know that the buttons take some finessing. They were like that when new. I replaced a couple that were more problematic and worked with it just find with the others as-is.

The internal battery on these synths has been known to leak. This one never has. The board is perfectly clean. I replaced the battery again myself about 2 years ago. See photos.

Cosmetically it is fantastic as well. No major blemishes, just some small marks hardly noticeable. A bit of crimping on the side corners but not bad at all.” Link

Korg, Mini-Korg 2 @ 22 October 2016, “No Comments”

minikorgk2 “Welcome. Right now, you are bidding on an incredibly special vintage synth. This is the Univox Mini-Korg K-2 Synth.
THIS IS THE FIRST ONE EVER MADE!!!! Serial number 00001!!!!!!!

This synth powers on, produces a signal, but it definitely needs a full servicing/cleaning. There are 2 screws missing on the left panel, as well as 2 colored knobs on the front switches (see photos).
37 keys, measuring 29 1/2″ x 10″ x 4 1/4″
Featuring dedicated sliders for low and high pass filters. 2 sliders for ADSR and a switch for each separate effect. Quickly change octaves/waveforms with the 2 large knobs.
I can’t emphasize enough what an incredibly cool piece of history this is.
All knobs and switches are original!
Very buzzy and raw tone. Smooth leads, harsh gurgly basses. ” Link

Korg, MS-10 @ 22 October 2016, “No Comments”

korg-ms20 “Perfect working Vintage Korg MS10 semi modular synthesizer for sale. Synth has a reasonable amount of cosmetic wear for its age–please see pics. This is a great synth and sometimes prefered sonically over the MS20. This was my first analog synth and hope it goes to a good place!” Link

700 “Korg 700S synthesizer mit CV-Gate-Filter Control von Kenton Electronics.
Funktioniert einwandfrei.Jede Elko ausgetauscht,frisch eingebaute CV-Gate-Filter Control.
Netzteil ist 117v,gebe aber eine Konverter nach 230V Gratis mit.” Link

Korg, MS-10 @ 22 October 2016, “No Comments”



SY55, Yamaha @ 21 October 2016, “No Comments”

55 “This keyboard is in stellar condition (unlike most of the ‘crappers’ I’ve seen listed). Used rarely by me, the original owner, in studio only. See pictures. NO wear. Comes with manuals, sustain, breath controller, 64 mb card and additional waveforms card. Ships in original box. Beutiful piece.” Link

DX-7, Yamaha @ 21 October 2016, “No Comments”

7 “Yamaha DX7 with extra sound cards included. Great condition.
Two RAM 4 Cards
Two ROM Cards
One basi RAM Card” Link

DX-7, Yamaha @ 21 October 2016, “No Comments”

dx8 “Nice condition except for the missing cap.” Link

SY55, Yamaha @ 21 October 2016, “No Comments”

55 “You are bidding on a Yamaha SY 55 synthesizer in great working/cosmetic condition. The screen has been upgraded to be super bright. Card reader has not been tested. ” Link

DX100, Yamaha @ 21 October 2016, “No Comments”

100 “This is a Yamaha DX100 in great condition.

I’m including the power adapter PA-1210.

Also using the original box. Box is a bit patched up because is old but I made sure to pack it up secure. ” Link

TG77, Yamaha @ 21 October 2016, “No Comments”

tg77 “In very good condition for its age. All parts, sliders, buttons are working. No crackles or noise coming out from its outputs. A great FM beast. Those who look for it know about it. Its only “flaw” is the blue backlight which is not working anymore which makes it impossible to work in night mode. However the cost of it is very low and easy to diy. Other than that the YES/NO buttons are a bit smudged. Happy bidding” Link

TX-81Z, Yamaha @ 21 October 2016, “No Comments”

81z “Unit purchased from estate sale and removed from project studio. Tested OK for power up. No further testing done. No returns sold as is… No cables.” Link

DX-11, Yamaha @ 21 October 2016, “No Comments”

dx11 “Has a bunch of broken keys as pictured. Otherwise powers on and lights up perfectly. Sound output is just a loud hissing noise. Sold as is. You are bidding on the rare and vintage Yamaha DX11 synthesizer with a bunch of broken keys as pictured. Sold as is.” Link

TG77, Yamaha @ 21 October 2016, “No Comments”

tg77 “Yamaha tg77 vintage synthesizer rack module. LCD is fine, however back light is extremely dim.” Link

TF1, TX-216, Yamaha @ 21 October 2016, “No Comments”

tx216 “It is in good physical condition with minor dings and scratches from normal use. The inside might need a bit of cleaning.” Link

TX-81Z, Yamaha @ 21 October 2016, “No Comments”

tx81z “Works fine,,,all LEDS work” Link

DX-7, DX-7 II, Yamaha @ 21 October 2016, “No Comments”

useddx7 “Yamaha DX7 Synthesizer Keyboard

MPN: Does Not Apply

Cosmetic Condition: Item is in good used condition with minor scratches and scuff marks overall. ” Link

TX-81Z, Yamaha @ 21 October 2016, “No Comments”

tx81z “Selling all of my gear this week. This listing is for a Yamaha FZ81Z rack synth.

This synth has a very similar sound to a DX7 in that it uses FM to create sounds. It is really good for bells, chimes, and lots of sparkly late 80s sounds. This one was used alot in early 90s dance music, especially the preset “Lately Bass”.

I have only used this one for the built in preset sounds. It needs a new internal battery, so if you edit your sounds, they’ll be lost when you power off/on. This hasn’t bothered me because it’s actually nearly impossible to program the thing. I have replaced batteries in my other synths just never spent the time on this one. The only other issue it has is the output jacks work better with some cables than others. You sort of need to get the cable in just the right spot for it to work.” Link

CS-01, Yamaha @ 21 October 2016, “No Comments”

cs-01 “Vintage Yamaha CS-01 cs01 cs-1 Analog Synthesizer w/case and manual! Int. Ship
Unit is in perfect working order (except volume knob)! Includes rare carrying case, with a detachable strap that can allow you to play the keyboard upright :) Original manual included as well. ” Link

DX-1, Yamaha @ 21 October 2016, “No Comments”

yamaha dx1 “This Yamaha DX 1 is in somewhere between very good to excellent used condition cosmetically both inside and out, this vintage mid 80′s DX 1 FM Synth shows some signs of use on it with some dings and dents and scuffs/scrapes here and there, and it is not perfect mint condition, but this DX 1 synth was maintained very well and is in proper working condition, I can send many more big HD pictures by ebay message request.” Link

CS-01, Yamaha @ 21 October 2016, “No Comments”

cz01 “Looks fantastic but sold not working’” Link

six-trak” Mint, absolute museum quality. Comes in original 1984 packaging inside and out.
Everything plays perfect as it should.
Kept with me in my AC controlled studio all its life. 1 owner.
Amazing sounding poly Analog synth. Sounds a lot like its big brother the
Prophet 5. Also has a unique 6 track sequencer and Midi.” Link

remote “Remote Keyboard for Sequential Circuits Prophet 5. Manufacturers part number 1001. Includes the connecting cable to hook it up to your Prophet 5 synthesizer. Has full sized Pitch and Mod wheels instead of the little stick thing. Also has custom paint job as you can see in the pics. Has it’s own memory bank so you can load numerous patches from your Prophet 5 onboard. Sold As-Is since I cannot currently test it because synth was sold awhile back, but it worked the last time I had it hooked up.” Link

max “This is a very rare and hard to find MAX MIDI Sequential Voice Expander keyboard. The piano is in excellent condition and has only been used in a home studio setting, the piano has very minimal light scratches that are very hard to see. It still works like it is brand new and comes with the original owners manual, power cord, as well as a very nice carrying case.” Link

used6tk “Vintage Sequential Six-Trak Synthasizer, Good condition, Works well slight wear to the wood on the edges as seen in pictures. Keys are near perfect, All buttons work.” Link

ARP, Omni 2 @ 19 October 2016, “No Comments”

mini-2 “Up for auction is an ARP Omni II synthesizer in excellent condition.
All buttons and sliders work properly. Volume slider is scratchy.” Link