5t “Some cosmetic wear and tear including chipped paint work and one chipped side panel as seen in photos. A real testament however to proper USA engineering. A reluctant sell to be honest.” Link


dt” Great analog six oscillator, six voice synth. Features MIDI…. Full of soul, used on a lot of great records….” Link

dt “The DrumTraks is a very programmable classic drum machine from the eighties. DrumTraks also has superior editing capabilities. Thirteen drum sounds all with programmable tuning and level control. Extensive editing with copy and paste ability. There’s even a mixer section for individual sounds, six individual outputs, one mono mix output, and cassette in/out for offline memory storage. Pretty basic and easy programming, record a couple patterns and link them into a song. The DrumTraks can output a 24PPQN clock signal and is also fully MIDI capable. This makes it very easy to use with old analogs and new MIDI synths and sequencers. If your looking for classic eighties electro beats and the vintage instrument that generates them then look no further than the DrumTraks.” Link

used _pro_one “Description:

This is a Sequential Circuits Pro One vintage analogue synthesizer from 1981; serial # 2860; with J-Wire and panel mounted transformer/power switch; in excellent condition. Photos are of the actual unit for sale. Comes with the original owners manual and original box and Styrofoam packaging.

History of Ownership and Use:

Was purchased new in ~1981 by my Step-father, who used it minimally for 1 to 2 years. He kept it in excellent condition while using it. Then it was stored for ~33 years until now.

Work Done:

All controls cleaned in 2013

Keyboard bushings replaced, key contacts cleaned, tuned and scaled this year

+5 and +15V regulators and bypass caps replaced this year

Current Condition:

In 2013, the lead repair serviceman for Northern California Guitar Centers, who cleaned all of the controls, said the unit is in outstanding condition. This year, the specialized Sequential Circuits and vintage analog synthesizer repairman that did the work on the keyboard and regulators said the unit is in excellent condition functionally and cosmetically! ” Link

sci_six-trak ” Original owner, never really used, NEVER out of the house! Like new, excellent condition. New battery 2 months ago. All knobs & keys work just fine! Original box for shipping. If you’re looking for a pristine example of this synth… This is the one for you.” Link

sci_pro_one ” A great, classic synth. Chassis is in very good condition. It will power on and does generate sound, but it does not function properly and would need repair to restore it to fully working condition. Needs a new power cord, and is missing one knob.Wood side panels are in excellent shape, not scratched. Serial number 2546. ” Link

3620, ARP @ 27 July 2016, “No Comments”

3620 “Up for auction is a very clean fully operational ARP 3620 keyboard. Included will be a copy of the operators manual and the service manual only, not all the manuals in the photos go with the sale only the two I mentioned. Was calibrated to my 2600 7-8 years ago by Phil at CMS. As with all vintage electronics item is being sold AS-IS.” Link

ARP, Explorer @ 27 July 2016, “No Comments”

explorer ” Up for sale is an ARP Explorer I synthesizer model 2900 from the early 70′s.
I’ve owned it for about six years and used it occasionally when gigging out. It was given a good going over by Sound Source in Rochester, NY when I first got it, and could probably stand another going over now. All of the switches and sliders work, but there’s a bit of scratchiness that’s telling me that the sliders need cleaning again.

The particulars:
-Serial #2900-0482
-It has some scratches on the control panels, some black marks on the upper keys, two sliders are missing their caps, and the bottom particle board has a crack (doesn’t affect playing.)
-I will include a USB drive with files of: the owner’s manual, service manual, several factory patch settings, and blank template for your own patches.

All in all, it’s a really cool synth if your looking for that 70′s sound. I’m trying to slim down my collection and I just don’t use this one nearly enough.

I’ve tried to show all of the dings and scratches in the photos. ” Link

ARP, Quartet @ 27 July 2016, “No Comments”

quartet “Amazing sounding instrument! It’s very full sounding when you get to layering. Overall the condition is good, some nicks and a random chip on the back, a little dust here and there. Keys feel phenomenal and buttery, all keys will fire. Wood sides a little nicked up, the bottom is little nicked and scratched as well. The high and low output was tested, works fine. The power switch is a little knocked up, but it will power on and work just fine. Will need to replace eventually. The angle stands on the bottom work great. Overall all the different instruments in the orchestra sound great and will be modified by their respective sound modifiers. Volume slider is a tad bit touchy, it can really jump on you. Not a lot of scratching in any sliders. Buttons trigger fine without needing to mash into it at all. Tuning works. ” Link

ARP, Odyssey @ 27 July 2016, “No Comments”

used arp odyssey “Up for sale is a fully functional Arp Odyssey 2810.This synth sounds great and was very well kept and serviced. Restored original sliders, new capacitors, polished key contacts (jwire system), new 4035 filter installed, tuned/calibrated. Please understand that the filter is a brand new replacement for the original one that was taken out a long time ago.The keys are level and it’s a pleasure to play with very stable oscillators. It comes with a really old wooden case that was custom made for the Odyssey and it will further protect it as I pack the synth very carefully for a safe trip.” Link

2600, ARP @ 27 July 2016, “No Comments”

2600 “Local Pick up only. No shipping at this present time. I know if I spent this kind of money that I would want to pick it up myself. Arp 2600 synthesizer in seemingly working condition. Watch my recorded video. Please be sure to watch my video of the testing of this synthesizer. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=an683sdYvuY&feature=youtu.be I have no idea if this works exactly as it should but it does appear to be working. I do not have the power cord although I made one that worked well enough for me to power this up. I acquired this from the widow of the original owner. I have never seen one of these before” Link

matrix1k “Oberheim Matrix 1000 analog synth.

Great condition, usual bit of rack rash, grab a bargain 6 voice analog poly synth. Control via midi and some great IOS editors.

Unit works petfectly, no crackle or hum.

The Matrix 1000 uses 6 Curtis Chips CEM3396 which give the legendary sound.” Link

Novation @ 26 July 2016, “No Comments”

nova “One Issue :

Where the power lead connects to the synth, is unstable. It will power up & work as normal . However a slight move to the cable will interrupt the power supply.

Please Note. This will need fixed , impossible to work with in current condition.

I don’t know anything about how to fix it. Nor can I be bothered . Hacked off with it. Bought new , not cheap. Only synth I’ve had with this problem.

Comes with unused rack ears , manual & box. ” Link

LZX @ 26 July 2016, “No Comments”

LZX Industries Bitvision “Barely used in mint condition. Ships in an anti-static bag.” Link

Emu, SP-1200 @ 26 July 2016, “No Comments”

sp-1200 “Listing a vintage 7030 by E-mu that was passed on to me and I have no use for it. Item is missing the Fuse and the fuse holder. I believe this to be a 2nd generation unit. The unit will not power on without the fuse at the moment and will need to be replaced. I was informed the unit was in perfect working order until the fuse was lost. Please take a moment to view the images and you can see this unit was hot abused or nor does it show excessive wear. This is being listed as is, I believe the fuse and the fuse holder is all it needs to function. The unit will come with one disk and power chord. ” Link

casio-az01 “Casio AZ 1
Best keytar from 80 ies
Snoop dogg -Sensual seduction ( watch it on Youtube)
Only keytar with Aftertouch
Nice condition,just a few scratches on the back
I used it only with batteries,but works with any adapter” Link

Elektron @ 26 July 2016, “No Comments”

sps-1 “For sale is a perfectly working Elektron Machinedrum SPS-1 MKII Drum Machine Synthesizer Sequencer. It comes with the power adaptor and manual.” Link

Ensoniq, ESQ1 @ 26 July 2016, “No Comments”

ensoniqesq1 “I’m selling my ensoniq esq-1. It’s in excellent working condition. The only issue is it needs a new lithium battery installed which I will throw in with the ensoniq purchase. The battery does NOT effect any function of the synth other then its ability to save new patches the user makes. ” Link

Cat, Octave @ 26 July 2016, “No Comments”

octave_cat “This is an excellent CAT Synthesizer, SRM Model 1853 by Octave. It WORKS GREAT!! This analog synth makes incredible sounds that can’t be matched by virtual instruments. Everything functions on the unit. Some of the sliders could use some oiling / cleaning as they have stiff motion, but they all function as they should. This synthesizer makes unbelievable sounds and is a real “show stopper”! This rare analog synthesizer is a powerful instrument that will consistently surprise you with its versatility and creative sounds.” Link

4ms, Modular @ 26 July 2016, “No Comments”

4mg peg ” This module is in fully working condition and only has some light rack rash. It will come with screws and power cable.

The Pingable Envelope Generator (PEG) from 4ms is a dual envelope generator whose envelope lengths are set by incoming clocks or “pings”.

The PEG has full CV control of envelope shape, skew, and ping (clock) division/multiplication, as well as a plethora of triggering and cycling options (AD, AR, quantization, cycle), and a tap tempo button for each channel.” Link

Solaris @ 26 July 2016, “No Comments”

John Bowen “Solaris Synthesizer #251 by John Bowen

Up for sale is my Solaris Synthesizer, received from John Bowen Synth Design in August of 2015.

I ordered the synth in 2014 with the full intention of getting back into keyboards in a big way.

However, since delivery in August 2015 health and other issues have kept me from using it.

It has been used well under 100 hours in the year since I’ve had it. Protective plastic is still mostly intact on all displays. ABSOLUTELY MINT CONDITION, WITHOUT BLEMISH.


DIY @ 26 July 2016, “No Comments”

custom diy synth “Home brew synth from I guess the late seventies

I have not tried it out as I suspect it has issues

Everything appears there apart from patch leads that fit into holes on the top panel

I had ideas of building a modular from it but think it a work of art so I leave that decision to the next owner.” Link

obx-a “Nice used Oberheim OBX-a synthesizer. It is from the estate of a local musician. It works but I lack the skills to test every function. It is in good cosmetic condition but the back and top edge of the synth has some foam residue from its flight case – I will let the new owner clean that off as you may have your own preference for cleaning.” Link

ph “In great shape and perfect working order. All knobs and jacks work as they should. Getting harder to find this classic now.” Link

used matrix 6r “Up for sale is a mint condition Oberheim Matrix 6R 6-voice analog synthesizer.

I am the second owner. I purchased this unit in like-new condition from its original owner who bought it brand new in November 1986 (see warranty sticker for purchase date and location).

Cosmetically 9.5 out of 10 – there are a couple of very tiny scratches on the top cover from racking, and perhaps one or two minute blemishes on the front panel, but the unit is otherwise mint. It’s absolutely pristine inside as well and is in full working order.

It has Tauntek’s verison 2.14 firmware installed – this firmware has been rewritten to minimize processor lag when sweeping through parameters over Sysex and actually makes a noticeable difference in how responsive the synth is when programming it.

Includes the original printed manual, a “Getting the Most Out Of Yours” programming guide, two sheets listing factory patches, and the original owner’s own programming notes, including photocopies of the Oberheim programming sheets. Also includes rack ears, rubber feet, and power cord.

Unit is set for 120V AC line voltage, but can be easily switched to 100V, 220V, or 240V internally by moving a connector.” Link

Akai, AX-60 @ 26 July 2016, “No Comments”

ax60 “Hello,
Here we have a great condition, fully working Akai AX60 Programmable Polyphonic VCO Analog Synthesizer. All works perfect, and cosmetically its in great condition as well. It is missing two slider tops / caps (sliders themselves are fine). You can buy these for under $5 a piece online if you’d like. It never bothered me at all. This is a very underrated synthesizer, VCO, true analog, and can get very aggressive with the resonance pumping. Comes with synth only (power cord attached) Please see pictures!” Link

Cat, Octave @ 26 July 2016, “No Comments”

octave cat “Vintage Cat by Octave in good condition been kept in its case for years, needs a bit of TLC.” Link

used matrix6 “This is a used Oberheim Matrix 6 synthesizer. Everything works, the key action is great and the sound is amazing! This synth is in excellent condition for it’s age. Includes Original Owner’s Manuals.” Link

Casio, CZ-101 @ 26 July 2016, “No Comments”

101 “This CZ 101 was purchased by me when they first came out. It shows wear on the underside from sliding it on and off the keyboard stand (photo’s 4 & 5). The rest shows very little wear for a keyboard that’s over 30 years old but I did include a photo of the left side of the face to show a minor blemish. I do not have the owners manual but it can be downloaded in a PDF file for free on line and I encourage the buyer to download the manual immediately after purchase to have it when the CZ 101 arrives. I have the Data Source book which will explain how to program many more sounds. The back of the book and a few of the back inside pages are stained but easily readable as you can see in the photos.” Link

Elektron @ 26 July 2016, “No Comments”

md “The last version of the now discontinued Elektron Machindrum. This one is in excellent condition with very little use. Always kept in home studio and never gigged. Has the plus drive and sampling option. Will come with all original packaging including the TM1 interface.” Link

dotcom ” I bought this Portable-22 modular synth new from Synthesizer.com in 2012. Since then it hasn’t left my studio and is still in 100% perfect condition!
Patch cables are included. ” Link

microq “Up for sale is a blue Waldorf Micro Q is very good condition. This unit has the green LCD screen. It does not come with the original power supply, but a replacement is included.” Link

MG-1, Moog @ 25 July 2016, “No Comments”

used mg-1 “Realistic Concertmate MG-1 by Moog.
Schaum wurde entfernt,und wurde komplett überprüft.
Netzteil ist 110v aber eine wandler nach 230v gebe ich Gratis bei.” Link

Moog, Prodigy @ 25 July 2016, “No Comments”

moog_prodigy “Das Gerät befindet sich in sehr gutem Zustand. Der Synth wurde von einer Fachwerkstatt überprüft und ist 100% funktionsfähig!
Normale Vintage Gebrauchsspuren am Echtholzgehäuse. ALLE Fotos zeigen das hier angebotene Gerät.

Excellent and 100% working fine condition. Normal signs of use at the wooden housing. Recently checked by a qualified music electronic
service station. ALL photos showing the offered item.” Link