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626“You’re bidding on this vintage Roland model TR-626 Rhythm Composer. As pictured it is missing a knob and someone has hard wired the power supply into it.” Link

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dw8k“Kleine Schönheitsfehler: Kleine Delle im Gehäuse (Foto, ohne Auswirkung), Diode der Taste Poly 1 leuchtet nicht, wenn diese gedrückt ist, bei Benutzung des Arpeggiators manchmal selbstständiges Springen in den Latch- (Halte-) Modus ” Link

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used trident “Biete hier die einmalige Gelegenheit eine Legende zu ersteigern!

Gebrauchsspuren und Kratzer auf den Holzseitenteilen,… funktionsfähig und echt cooler SOUND!

Kenner wissen auf was sie bieten, alle anderen:


Mir bekannter Mangel: Piano 1 spielt nicht so wie er sollte,….. deswegen ab EUR 1,- an Bastler!” Link

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minikorg“Purchased this at a flea market for my kid, who plays keyboard, but couldn’t get any real keyboard sounds out of it. When we plug it in the makes osculating tones when you press the keys, but the tones aren’t conventional sounds like a regular keyboard. Not sure if it needs repair or I’m just not setting the knobs right. Either way, it needs to go. I’m a single dad with 2 kids and a full time job, so have no time to go through lots of tests from experts (had that happen once before when I was selling another vintage item–exhaustive tests!) so this is an AS IS SALE. You buy it, you own it. Condition is so-so. Some scuffs and marks, and some of the knobs on the front are slightly bend, the rubber caps on the vertical adjustments are missing. Hopefully there are some vintage keyboard folks out there who will find a use for this thing. I need it out of my closet, so on Ebay it goes. Buyer pays actual shipping from 30683, so if you want to know price, calculate from this zip code to yours. I got no time for calculating costs all over creation. The box will measure 36 X 14 X 6 and will weigh around 35 pounds. US/Canada only. If I ship to Canada I will need to declare actual value for customs taxes, so factor that in. Thanks and happy bidding.” Link

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p800“Technisch in Super-Zustand, funktioniert alles TipTop! Optisch guter Zustand (ein paar altersbedingte Gebrauchsspuren gibt es – das Teil ist 30 Jahre alt!)

Auch der Batteriebetrieb funktioniert einwandfrei.

Ich habe diesen Poly 800 Mitte der 80er Jahre neu gekauft und seitdem stand er immer im Studio (bis auf ein paar Gigs in den ersten Jahren).
Das Selbstbaucase dagegen stand auf dem Dachboden und ist ein bißchen gealtert. Aber Hauptsache, der Poly 800 kommt gut an!

Zum Gerät muß man nicht viel sagen, es gibt genügend Infos im Netz. Deshalb hier nur die wichtigsten Fakten:” Link

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…UND DEN ORIGINALKARTON (zwar nicht mehr so schön aber immerhin)!!!

Sehr guter Zustand, hat sogar noch einen Messe- Aufkleber von 1982 dran.

In diesem Zustand wohl nicht mehr so schnell zu kriegen.

Was soll man sagen, MS-20 absoluter KULT Synthesizer mit jeder Menge Routing- Möglichkeiten. 2 Spitzen Filter (Hoch und Tiefpass), 2 Oszillatoren, jede Menge LEICHTGÄNGIGE Regler.
Macht einfach Riesenspass daran zu drehen.

Wird zur Zeit als Bastelbogen- Synth wieder verkauft, aber die original Filter von damals klingen dann doch noch besser.

Ist oft wieder in Erscheinung getreten: MS-20 Controller, MS-20- Mini, MS- 20 zum Selberzusammenbauen, iMS-20.

Ist in der Elektronikszene populär geworden und hat sich in die Dancefloors und Wobblerzones dieses Planeten vorgearbeitet.

Einfach unverwechselbarer Sound, der einfach Freude macht.” Link

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usedms01“A vintage Expresson / foot controller pedal for organ or synth. Really high-quality & durable construction.

I found this pedal at a garage sale, brand new in packaging. I only removed it to take pictures and to make sure it’s condition was good. I believe this original pedal was manufactured in Japan. I found a similar quality pedal at the same sale, but not nearly as new as this one.” Link

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usedkorgms2000b “Fantastic and fun analogue modelling synth designed in the spirit of the MS-20. All sorts of analog synth noises. Also great as an FX unit or Vocoder. It’s patch-compatible with the MicroKorg, but has waaaay more knobs.

Synth itself works great. Only issue is that the line/mic switch is broken — it’s just stuck at “line.” All the switch does is bump the level up a bit; I’ve never found it any bother.

Cosmetically, there are some nicks and scrapes, as well as a dent (which you cannot see once it’s mounted in a rack!). Most of the damage is courtesy of the previous owner; I am gentle with my synths. :)

Comes with power supply, and I’ll throw in a MIDI cable as well. Has a bear sticker on it.” Link

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usedms2k“Great condition and in full working order, apart from one knob missing from the day I brought it, no scratches has the original adapter, user guide and box which it’s been kept in when its not been used.” Link

Korg, MS-10 @ 20 September 2014, “No Comments”

korgms10” Lovely condition Korg MS-10 Analog Synthesizer. Recently serviced, everything in fine working order. Be Aphex Twin with the badass synth machine! Comes with extra patch cables.” Link

Korg, MS-20 @ 20 September 2014, “No Comments”

korg ms-20“Truly one of the greatest monosynths of all time.

This is the first revision of the synth from the 1970s and has the desirable Korg 35 filter. It sounds fantastic and unlike any other synth I have ever owned. I have owned this for approximately seven years and during that time it has had only light home studio use. It is ultra reliable and during my time owning it it has had no issues.

Operationally, this has no issues! Cosmetically, this looks extrememly good for its age. There are some small, light scratches on the top of the synth but that’s about it! The front panel looks great and is free from marks. Most importantly all the original knobs are there and work as they should, the patch bay is issue-free and there are no dead or double-triggering keys.” Link

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p6“Korg Polysix good for parts or if you want to put some more money into it you can get this working for about $400 more. I took it to get serviced and was told the battery leaked and caused corrosion on the main board. The other 2 boards looked fine they said. The keyboard still puts out sound but there is some static due to the corrosion. All of the keys except the last 3 make contact and 2 others misfire from time to time. There is 1 key that is cracked but all others are cosmetically fine. All knobs, switches and buttons are in good condition.” Link

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ms2000b” Up for sale is a fine example of a Korg MS2000B. It’s in excellent/NM condition and works perfectly. Included is: mic, original manual, and power supply. Paypal only.” Link

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usedkorgpolysix“This is an all-original, vintage and rare KORG PolySix (PS-6) Programmable Synthesizer / Keyboard. My father bought this new in 1981 (the year of its release) and subsequently gave it to me about ten years ago. He even taught me how to play Michele (Beatles) on it. We utilized this dependable unit in our family band and upon receiving it, I personally used it exclusively for recording. It has never toured, and has always been treated with the utmost of care.

Cosmetically (please refer to photos) it is in excellent condition. Functionally in nearly excellent condition: there appear to be a couple functional issues which need to be addressed. Of course, the KORG PolySix powers up, and provides a wide variety of sonic tones, patches, etc. but there are some keys which do not produce/emit sound, and of the eight PROGRAM buttons, the #3 button remains lit. The functional issues are both common problems, and thus appear to be relatively easy fixes which could be performed by any analog synthesizer specialist technician. In perfect functioning condition, these synthesizers are presently worth $2,000 (according to recent eBay sales). ” Link

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p6“I’m the original owner of this synthesizer; it’s been in storage for most of its life.

The primary reasons I bought this Korg Polysix in 1983: its voltage-controlled oscillators deliver warm chords, and the “unison mode” stacks all 6 oscillators to provide amazingly fat bass and lead sounds. This synth was used by Keith Emerson, Jean Michel Jarre, Roger Powell (with Todd Rundgren), and Tears for Fears.

I used this Polysix for about a year playing in a band with Doug Hopkins and Bill Leen (who later formed The Gin Blossoms). Then I put the synth in storage. When I began working at a recording studio several years later, I owned a dozen other new keyboards, but I decided to retrieve this Polysix and get the Korg-offered Midi retrofit installed and use the synth alongside my newer keyboards, because none of my newer keyboards sounded like the Korg (old love dies hard).

At the time that I had Midi installed, the cadmium battery was also replaced. The Polysix was triggered from my Kurzweil Midiboard (or sometimes from the Roland MC-500 sequencer), and it worked excellent when someone wanted a vintage synth sound instead of sampled sounds, FM synthesis, wavetable synthesis, digital oscillators, or additive synthesis. I worked in that studio for about a year, and then once again I put the Korg into storage—-this time for two decades.

Now I’ve retrieved it again in 2014, and although it was my first synth, I want to buy an expensive mountain bike, and consequently I’ve decided to part with the Polysix. This auction includes both the synthesizer and it’s hard case. This synth has low mileage because it was only used in a band for about one year, and later in a studio for about one year—-the rest of the time its been in a storage unit. The reason I have held on to it until now is because I have some sentimental attachment to it.

So……when I plugged in the Polysix after being stored for two decades, its LEDs came on! I was surprised that it powered up (I expected instead that the battery would have to be replaced). What kind of battery did they put in there 20 years ago? Lithium? I don’t know. But the LEDs for Bank A,B,C,D and Program 1,2,3 and 4 are stuck on—-they are always lit and won’t go off. Since the Midi retrofit also expanded the program menory from 32 patches to 128, I wonder it that has something to do with this problem. Since those LEDs/buttons/contacts control the program/patch selection, I appear to be stuck on one program/patch when I play the keyboard. The way to choose the program you want (after the retrofit was installed) is to press and hold the Manual button and then choose the group desired (4 groups x 4 banks x 8 programs = 128 programs); but this did not work, and I don’t know how to resest/reboot the Polysix. The pitch wheel is working. The knobs appear to be working—-Bend, modulation… The Unison button and Chord Memory button alter the timbre in the appropriate way (although I can only get that one sound/program when I play the keyboard).

Cosmetically, I think the photos exhibit where this synthesizer is well-preserved (the main face, the knobs, the keys, the back) and where there is obvious wear-and-tear (the wood-like sides—-specifically the top/right/back corner has been chipped, and the bottom/right corners are starting to peel—-see photos 6 and 7).

The 5-pin Midi Out, Thru and In jacks installed on this keyboard are to the right of the power switch and power cable as seen in photo 6. The Midi retrofit also increased the memory to 128 programs/patches. When I purchased the retrofit from Korg, they sent me a cassette of 120 Programs (see the last photo) which will be included with this auction (these patches can of course be loaded into the keyboard’s memory using a cheap, old cassette player).” Link

EX 800, Korg @ 20 September 2014, “No Comments”

ex800project “Korg EX-800 is an excellent programmable desktop synth.

*** This unit is not working ***
No idea what the problem is – It does not power on – Its Non Functional!
This unit once worked but now does not so it is being so for PARTS ONLY / AS-IS !
No guarantees – Worked one day.. the next day.. Kaput.

Please make sure you know what you are getting.
This unit DOES NOT WORK – You are buying PARTS ONLY !” Link

Korg, Monopoly @ 20 September 2014, “No Comments”

korgmonopoly” This Korg Mono/Poly is built like a tank and is fully functional with no significant defects. It has never left my studio. Cosmetically there are a few dings on the side panels but the main unit is fine as can be seen in the pictures. There is one minor issue; one of the plastic button covers is missing. I never bothered replacing it because the button works fine, but I have included a replacement cover for completeness.

It comes with a copy of the manual and other documents I have obtained concerning the Mono/Poly. This is as good as you’re likely to fine everywhere, and because of its classic reliability it should continue to appreciate.” Link

DS-8, Korg @ 20 September 2014, “No Comments”

korg ds8“Powers on but no sound..Also 7 to 8 keys are stiff, Screen lights up and seems to be ok but does not produce sound..
Sold for Repair with No Returns..
Physical condition is pretty good superficial signs of wear.” Link

DVP-1, Korg, Vocoder @ 20 September 2014, “No Comments”

dvp-1 “Korg DVP 1 Digital Voice processor. Until is in great condition. Ordered from the USA A couple years back and has sat in the studio untouched since.

Hopefully someone will make use of it, i never did.

I does need a step converter to work in the UK. ” Link

Korg, MS-10 @ 20 September 2014, “No Comments”

korg ms10A Vintage Korg MS-10. Serious vintage 70′s vibe with huge bass, too.

This MS-10 is in rough physical shape, but it works and makes sweet sounds. See the condition description above. See pictures.
There are scratchy-sounding pots, some paint worn off, and a “cigarette” burn on the keys (that does not effect its play-ability). I have owned this synth for 3 or 4 years and used it only in my smoke-free homes.

The MS-10 is the only SM synthesizer with PWM, and that alone makes it worth the price, to me. PWM all day.

This particular MS-10 has the rare “momentary” modulation control below the pitch wheel.” Link

Korg, PS-3100 @ 20 September 2014, “No Comments”

used ps 3100“This is an auction for a working Korg Ps 3100, as shown in the picture. I had a Kenton Midi kit installed on it. I purchased this unit from Munich Germany. The seller had 100 percent feedback, and described it in excellent condition. It has a European plug on it. There is no problem with using an adapter on the end in America. I use it all the time. I have really not used this synth much since i bought it. Its just been sitting. Physically, its in one of the best conditions you’ll ever see a PS 3100 in these days. Just look at it. However, i did not try out the Modulation routing section, so i have no idea, but i assume they work. The Unit was tested by the owner in Munich,and he said that section worked, and so did the tech that installed the kenton midi kit.” Link

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usedp61“Korg Poly-61 Vintage Synthesizer, Rare, Collector’s, keyboard, CD with all manuals

Read carefully; working good but is missing Joystick assembly (simple fix – just insert new part)

Item Condition: Working but missing joystick, in very nice condition for a Vintage Synthesizer.. Some switches are sensitive but all work.
If you love those big analog sounds or have a collection this is the synth for you..
Perfect for circuit benders! Battery mod done , now uses standard 3 Volt battery. It has been tested and no issues were found besides the ones mentioned here.. It comes with all manuals on CD. ” Link

Korg, Sigma @ 20 September 2014, “No Comments”

sigma “Korg Sigma
Another extremely rare analog synthesizer from the ongoing estate sale in south florida

A very rare and difficult to find Korg Sigma.

Unit is in good overall condition and all parameters are functioning properly” Link

Delta, Korg @ 20 September 2014, “No Comments”

korg delta “Up for sale is Korg DELTA DL-50 Vintage Analog Synthesizer.

The unit turns on and produce sound, however SYNTHESIZER section has no sound when it is on LOWPASS mode, and only has low output on BANDPASS mode. Also STRINGS section has noise in its sound somehow, and so I’m selling this as is for you to use with some servicing done. Apart from the issues mentioned above, all the functions appear to be working fine, all the keys and knobs and sliders responding as they should.

Cosmetically the unit is in very nice condition as you can see. There are some minor wear and surface marks here and there with one of the slider caps missing as pictured. Very nice cosmetic condition overall. I’m including plenty of pictures so you can see exactly how it looks.” Link

Korg, Poly 800II @ 20 September 2014, “No Comments”

korgpoyl800ii “some scratches, scuffs and sticker residue here and there, some velcro strips on the bottom. Otherwise looking great and fully functional.” Link

Korg, Poly 61 @ 20 September 2014, “No Comments”

korgpoly61m“This poly synth came out in 1983 during a very special time in synthesizer history. Synth makers were starting to embrace digital control and reliability, but analog was still king. MIDI was gaining acceptance. This one has a basic MIDI implementation. The 61′s DCOs (2 per voice, with DCO 1 having PWM capability) are fully analog, but don’t drift. It also has a nice arpeggiator section.

The Poly 61M has 100% analog signal path. It gives you solid, honest analog sounds. Impressive basses. The envelopes are also analog (SSM-2056). There are 6 2-pole lowpass filters (one per voice) that have a wonderful character all their own. I would say the filter is actually the best thing about this synth.

The design is space age/minimalist which was popular in the early to mid 1980s. And like other Korg products during this time, this synth was built like a tank.

The wooden ends have had some road wear (see pictures) and the pitch-bend-up direction is not working on the joystick (the three other directions are working). Otherwise this synth is fully functional.” Link

Korg, MS-2000 @ 20 September 2014, “No Comments”

used2kr “Selling off my perfectly functional MS200R synth. This synth is a beast. Kept at home and never gigged in a smoke free studio. Has some scratches near the rack where it was mounted as pictured. Otherwise, everything else is in excellent condition. Knobs work great and all led lights are lit. moving to more of a computer based recording studio so I am selling off a few of my synths. I will assure that the item is carefully and appropriately packed before shipping. At this time, I will not ship this product internationally.” Link

Korg, Poly 800 @ 20 September 2014, “No Comments”

used poly 800 “Vintage Korg Poly-800 Programmable Polyphonic Synthesizer. Very good condition, with soft case. Minor scratches, scuffs, etc from normal use. You will receive everything shown in pics.” Link

Korg, Lambda @ 20 September 2014, “No Comments”

es-50“Korg Lambda ES-50 Vintage Synthesizer
in fair to good condition, i would rate it a 7/10.
for the most part it works great overall.

the good:
recently gone over inside and out, cleaned and tested.
all keys and switches, and outputs works fine.

the bad:
cosmetic issues,
the wood is cosmetically challenged and has scratches/scuffs.
missing the handle for the joystick, and the last rocker switch.
and finally, the percussive section seems quieter than the ensemble section.
the percussive section, (piano, clav, etc) may need repair in the form of a 4066 tog ic. ” Link

Korg, Polysix @ 20 September 2014, “No Comments”

usedpolysix “Synthesizer is in good overall condition . It powers on , however I don’t have any supplies to test the sound as I’m not a musician . Auction includes the synthesizer , carrying case and manual.” Link

Korg, Monopoly @ 20 September 2014, “No Comments”

monopoly “Korg Monopoly Analog Synthesizer

Another rare treat from the ongoing estate sale

Unit it is in good physical condition mostly see pictures

The oscillators and filter sound great, this is a very cool synth

Hold button is not working, perhaps switch , cant be sure

See pictures

This unit was personally reworked by myself

Wood ends were starting to split, new similar shape wood end were made and attached to the end of the monopoly wood sides

Keyboard assembly was removed from unit and keyboard contact strips and circuit were cleaned. The keyboard is working very well”

Korg, MS-01 @ 20 September 2014, “No Comments”

usedms01” Found this pedal at a garage sale. Had to save it from getting thrown out. It’s a vintage Expresson pedal, produced in Japan. Very high-quality construction. It just needs a little bit of cleaning.” Link

CS-20M, Yamaha @ 19 September 2014, “No Comments”

cs20m“Overall, the synth is in outstanding cosmetic condition, near to mint. There’s hardly a mark on it.

The front panel is in superb condition and free of blemishes, with all paintwork and screenprinting solid and clean. Sliders and pots move smoothly.

The wood veneered sidepanels are both in great condition, with a couple of tiny blemishes only.

The rear panel is also very clean and free of marks.

All knobs, buttons, switches and sliders are present, original and function correctly.

All keys are clean and aligned and contact correctly.

The unit has been fully tested and the synth is working as it should be: 100% functional and the tuning is rock solid. New memory batteries have been installed.

This is a 100v model so is sold with a small wall plug style step down transformer.

Also included is the original Yamaha hardcase which is in great condition.” Link

DX-7s, QX21, Yamaha @ 19 September 2014, “No Comments”

dx7sqx21“For sale: a classic DX7s FM synthesiser and a QX21sequencer together with 2 midi leads, original DX cartridge plus 2 cartridges with Steinway patches, strings and classic synth sounds.

The keyboard has been refurbished with 40 new tactile switches and a new battery, has never been gigged, home use only. It is in generally good condition with the odd scratch and all keys play perfectly.

The QX21 is in good condition and very easy to use. Both original manuals are available and complete but with some coffee stains, dog ears and tears.

The DX7s was the last model produced in the DX range with many improvements over the original DX7. ” Link

DX-21, Yamaha @ 19 September 2014, “No Comments”

dx21” Rare classic dx21 keyboard. In hard case” Link