CS-01, Yamaha @ 01 August 2014, “No Comments”

“Hello, you are looking at the classic Yamaha CS01 – an analogue original! I have owned this for at least 10 years and have loved having it around. However I also have the larger CS10 and I am trying to fund some new gear so I have reluctantly decided to part with this.

This is a true analogue synth in a small package with mini keys. One oscillator with various waveforms including PWM for fatter / detuned style sounds, and white noise for whooshing effects. Fantastic filter with switchable high/low resonance. Envelope generator, LFO switchable between pitch and filter, and the weird but fun glissando mode – when very fast it acts as a normal portamento, but as you slow it down, it actually is running a chromatic scale between the notes! There is also connection for a breath controller – which I did have somewhere… if you win and are interested in purchasing the breath controller I will do my best to find the box it is in…

There’s a couple of minor issues which have never bothered me – the pitch bend doesn’t track an octave accurately – the top end of it lands on an out of tune note… It works fine but it’s hard to control musically. There might be a fine tune pot for that inside but I’m not sure, I’ve never opened it up.

The other issue is it’s been quite loved over the years. I’d still say it’s in good condition, but there is a little wear to some of the legending, and a few small dents and scratches. No cracks though!

Runs on AA batteries! But also on a 9V power supply – I can chuck a suitable one in if you wish. And last but not least, strap nuts on the sides so you can sling it round your neck and dance around on stage with it. Perfect.” Link

RX17, Yamaha @ 01 August 2014, “No Comments”

“This RX17 has been developed through over a century of Yamaha research and design and features advanced microcomputer control plus high-quality digital percussion sounds, virtually indistinguishable from live instruments. This unit is in good working order. AC Power unit INCLUDED.” Link

RX11, Yamaha @ 01 August 2014, “No Comments”

” Used Yamaha RX 11 drum machine. Comes original owners manuel. In good condition has wear and tear.” Link

RX120, Yamaha @ 01 August 2014, “No Comments”

“Has been in the closet for a couple years – lost wall adapter – worked before losing adapter..

Will guarantee it works – Any Problems will refund purchase price.” Link

SY85, Yamaha @ 01 August 2014, “No Comments”

“I bought this for my music room. Keyboard boots up, lights up (see photos) has sound. All buttons seem to work fine. A couple of keys have crackle sound. I had a qualified tech service it. He told me it was Motherboard related. I did not want to pay for repair work. ( I play guitar). It comes with the manuals pictured. I honestly do not know if floppy drive works or not? (I have no disks) ” Link

SY77, Yamaha @ 01 August 2014, “No Comments”

” Your bidding on my Yamaha SY 77 synth. Has new battery and works great! ” Link

TF1, TX-216, Yamaha @ 01 August 2014, “No Comments”

“Rare unit with some wear but overall in beautiful shape (check pics)! Comes with 4 TF1 modules!” Link

DX-7, DX-7 II, Yamaha @ 01 August 2014, “No Comments”

“This classic Yamaha DX7II/D is in near mint condition and it is fully functional.

Grey Matter E! Module is installed.
INCLUDED: The ORIGINAL BOX, installation instructions, anti-static bag, and INCLUDED: Demonstration Software (3½” floppy disc) for the E! module, and
INCLUDED: The IC 23 CHIP, which was removed from the DX7II/D during the installation of the E! module, is also provided in the (unlikely) event that the buyer wishes to return the DX7II/D to its original factory configuration.

A NEW LITHIUM BATTERY was installed during recent inspection.

INCLUDED: “Grey Matter E! for the Yamaha DX7II Series” MANUAL

INCLUDED: Original DX7IID/FD ROM cartridge

INCLUDED: CALZONE ATA case, which will be used for shipment. As you can see in the open case photo, the foam has deteriorated, so the keyboard will be sealed in a heavy plastic luggage bag before it is placed in the ATA case for safe shipping. Replacement foam is available.” Link

“Comes with all original hardware, instruction booklets, registration number, original power supply and MIDI cable. L1 and L2 buttons stick a bit but free up while playing…light to normal use. Comes with 2GB SD card. Origianl box, packaged just like it was originally shipped. ” Link

CS-01, Yamaha @ 01 August 2014, “No Comments”

“Yamaha CS-01 II analog monophonic synthesizer.
This is the much rarer “II” model, which among other things, boasts a 24 db/octave filter with variable adjustable resonance.
The more common CS01 model had a 12db/octave filter and the resonance had only two settings, “high” and “low.”

This particular unit is fully functional and super, super clean, and of course it sounds great.

It’s is in MAGNIFICENT condition. There are no signs of use anywhere except for light scratches on the bottom, nothing significant.” Link




SY77, Yamaha @ 01 August 2014, “No Comments”

“Tested and serviced,every function works,no default,no damage,new disk drive belt .

Overall condition of this SY77 is excellent considering the age,only a few scratches,this machine sounds incredible,please see all close ups for details on cosmetics.

If you’re looking for a SY77 this is the one you want .” Link

DX-7, Yamaha @ 01 August 2014, “No Comments”

“Unit has a broken 1st white key (it is unlocked from its position), and a cracked rigth side of the body. Otherwise the unit is in perfect working order. The key might be an easy fix, and the crack could theoretically be repaired. Please see photos for more details. Includes voltage converter and regional plug. Thank you!” Link

CS-01, Yamaha @ 01 August 2014, “No Comments”

“This is a great vintage Yamaha synth. 32 keys.

All functions work perfectly

We will include a voltage converter for your region with the item.

It comes with 100-240V adapter for the unit too and adapter converter( the jack of adapters is different between countries, that is why we give it to you).” Link

TX16W, Yamaha @ 01 August 2014, “No Comments”

“Yamaha TX16W, Digital Wave Filtering Sampler, 12 Bit, Top Zustand, Speichererweiterung, riesige Soundcollection!

Supergenial klingender 12-bit Sampler, der wegen seines ursprüngliches Betriebssystems “gedissed” wurde.

Dieser TX16W wird mit der Betriebssystem Version 2.0 geliefert, zusätzlich aber auch mit dem hochgelobten
TYPHOON 2000, welches frei erhältlich ist: http://nuedge.net/typhoon2000/

Dieses Betriebssystem lädt im Vergleich zum original Yamaha OS extrem schnell und bietet umfangreiche zusätzliche Features:


Darüber hinaus war der Entwickler so nett, tonnenweise Samplebibliotheken hochzuladen.

Insgesamt stehen ca. 340 Bibliotheken mit Samples zur Verfügung, darunter viele analoge und digitale Klassiker wie:

Korg MS20
Korg Trident
Kurzweil K2000
Linn Drums
Diverse Moogs
Oberheim Matrix 6
Rhodes, Hohner Clavinet, Yamaha CP70
Roland Jupiter 4
Roland TR 808 + 909

Alle Sounds können dank Filter, Hüllkurven und LFO nachbearbeitet werden!

Einige der Bibliotheken habe ich entpackt und auf Diskette gespeichert.

Selbstverständlich kann man auch selbst samplen! ;) Link

SK15, Yamaha @ 01 August 2014, “No Comments”

“Versteigert wird ein Yamaha SK 15 Symphonic Ensemble Synthesizer.
Technischer Zustand absolut einwandfrei – alles funktioniert hervorragend.
Alle Kontroll-Lämpchen funktionieren ebenfalls ohne Einschränkung.
Die Tastatur funktioniert tadellos (Originaltastatur ohne Beschädigungen).
Alle Taster und Slider arbeiten und sind komplett original.
Die Bedienoberfläche ist in ausgezeichnetem Zustand – keine Schrammen oder Abnutzungen!

Optisch ist der Zustand sehr gut mit min. Gebrauchsspuren. Auch das Furnier ist in gutem Zustand mit Ausnahme kleinerer Kratzer und einer daumennagelgroßen Abplatzung hinten links (siehe Foto).
Alle Bilder sind Originalaufnahmen des zum Verkauf stehenden Gerätes.” Link

DX-7, DX-7 II, Yamaha @ 01 August 2014, “No Comments”

” Verkaufe einen gebrauchten Yamaha DX-7 IID Synthesizer inklusive Memory Cartridge und Rockbag Tasche.
Ich habe den DX-7 vor einigen Jahren gebraucht gekauft, musste aber feststellen, dass ich kein Talent zum Keyboard spielen habe, deswegen vegetiert das schöne Gerät seit geraumer Zeit unbenutzt vor sich hin.
Die Tasche ist nichts Besonderes und hat schon einige Jahre auf dem Buckel, aber die Reissverschlüsse und Polster sind noch in Ordnung, ich gebe sie einfach mit dazu.
Die beiden rechten Tasten waren beim Kauf schon runtergekracht. -Fehler behoben, siehe Update-

Da ich Urlaub habe, habe ich mir gerade mal die Zeit genommen, um nachzusehen, was mit den beiden rechten Tasten los ist, da ich beruflich schon so einige Keyboards repariert habe weiß ich, was ich tue (kein Gebastel!) und somit war es kein großer Aufwand die beiden Tasten einfach nur wieder einzuhängen. (Warum ich das nicht schon früher gemacht habe weiß ich selbst nicht.)
Bei der Gelegenheit habe ich die Tasten auch nochmal an den schlechter zugänglichen Stellen gereinigt. Das Innere des Geräts ist in einem wirklich sehr guten Zustand, sodass eine Reinigung nicht mal nötig war, lediglich die Tasten waren ein wenig vergilbt.
Soweit es mir möglich ist habe cih das Gerät auch nochmals durchgetestet, alle Tasten funtionieren mit Anschlagdynamik, Zugriff auf die Cartridge funktioniert auch, Sounds Lassen sich umschalten, Kopfhörer und Line Ausgänge funktionieren auch.
Leider habe ich von der sonstigen Bedienung keinen Plan und auch keine Pedale oder MIDI Geräte um diese Anschlüsse zu testen.
Das einzige “Manko”, welches ich feststellen konnte ist, dass auf der Unterseite ein Gummifuß fehlt. Optisch ist er nicht mehr Top, aber in einem guten Zustand, 8 von 10 Punkten würde ich sagen.
Fazit: Der DX-7 ist in einem guten, gebrauchten Zustand ohne für mich erkennbare Fehler zu einem guten Preis.” Link

“Hi there, here a chance to purchase a nice piece of synth history, my beloved SCI Prphet VS with a custom made flight case, 2 cartridges – VSRAM Model 240 + VSROM Model 241-02 and a copy of the owner’s manual. The synth is in good shape and 100% working. It has been serviced a year ago. I did the diagnostics (LED, NV RAM, output signal, keys/keyboard) a few days ago and everything is working fine. I’d like to point out that one key is broken though it is still working. The broken piece is available. I’m happy to answer further questions. Feel free to ask! Item is located in Esch-sur-Alzette/Luxembourg. Insured shipping is available within the EU (some countries are excluded).” Link

Recently fully serviced only 3 months ago

Also has had new set of brushes, new ribbons, new sockets, new switches and all components cleaned !

This synthesiser has just been given a very thorough “MOT”:

j wire keyboard contacts have been cleaned and adjusted
keyboard chassis has just been fitted with 37 new bushes to correctly align and cushions the keys
board removed from front panel to clean and lubricate all of the pots and switches, to prevent any unwanted crackles and pops!
mahogany side panels were sanded and treated with teak oil, so they will be easy to look after in the future
thoroughly cleaned, carefully visually inspected and re-assembled
calibrated and tuned according to the procedure in the manual so that it is correctly set up to play” Link

“I do not have the discs anymore so is sold as is , but worked perfectly when I did .” Link

“Up for Auction one Prophet T8. This Synth has just been fuly serviced by A Sound Education in Brookfield IL. It is fully functioning and is tune. I put over $600 in the restoration. The wood sides are in fair shape but can be purchased for replacement. This is a monster synth.” Link

“Offered is Sequential Circuits Drumtraks. It has been upgraded to 0.5 which is the last operating software offered. It has been tested in all parameters. The sequencer, record, swing, measure, time signature etc all work properly, midi working, song functions work, outputs, drum tuning, volume etc all work as they should. All the LEDs are working as they should and are nice and bright. The “ride” button has been working sporadically in the past and lately not working. The contact may need to be cleaned or perhaps replaced. The circuit board is in nice shape, everything looks in proper order, battery for the memory is working. The button for the tempo “slower is a replacement and not original. One foot on the bottom is a replacement. This unit is in nice shape with some scratches on the front panel and some wear to the wood panels. Classic rhythm machine used by Prince, Orbital, etc” Link

“1984 Sequential Circuits Inc Six Trak Vintage Analog Synth as new in box

Up for auction for the first time ever is this mint condition Sequential Circuits Inc Six Trak Vintage Analog Synth which has been stored in its factory packaging since its original purchase in 1984. There is not a better quality version of this classic synth anywhere on the planet. If you’re fussy about your gear, if you want a “brand new” 30 year old classic synth then this is THE ONE for you. End of story.

It’s not cheap but for what it is, it’s a deal. The right person will click Buy It Now with confidence and without a second thought after doing their due diligence. The only thing you will see in the pics is some light rack rash on the bottom. The top, the keys, the buttons and knobs, they are all perfect.

All functions have been tested, all patches work and sound terrific. Unlike other units you may occasionally find with missing buttons or broken or cracked keys this unit has not been “recently serviced” or tuned or fixed in any way. Why? Because it has never been opened up!” Link

“For sale is a vintage Sequential Circuits drumtraks drum machine Model 400. The unit is in decent cosmetic shape some superficial marks and the cap for the instrument volume knob has come loose and needs to be glued back in place. Everything functions as it should with the exception of channels 3 and 4 which seem to work only when they want to.” Link

“This auction is for a used Sequential Circuits Prophet 600 synthesizer. It’s in perfect working order. It has minimal cosmetic blemishes.” Link

“working perfectly. not the original owner” Link

“A rare opportunity to offer this Prophet T8 for sale. This synth is in excellent physical condition and is 100% functional.

Prior to sale, the synth has been extensively tested and serviced by my tech. This included the essential procedure for all T8s of replacing all of the keyboard action foams with spec parts sourced from N.E.D. and testing all of the aftertouch sensors. All functions and features work correctly.

The front panel is in excellent condition, very clean and with only a couple of marks.

The top metal panel has some fine marks to it as you would expect.

The mod panel is very clean, with only a couple of small marks on the front edge.

The wooden panels are in really excellent condition with small marks only.

The back panel is excellent, with small marks only.

All knobs, buttons and switches are present, original and function correctly.

All keys are clean and aligned and contact correctly.” Link

“Dave Smith’s masterpiece! I purchased this unit (s/n 6432) in 1992 with the Kenton MIDI already installed. The Kenton allows for fun extras like velocity, aftertouch, controllers and different transmit/receive channels. This synthesizer has been well cared-for in my home and studio. Last week The Analog Lab performed the following functions essential to a Prophet’s longevity: FULL KEYBOARD REBUSHING and all key contacts regulated. Memory battery replaced. Front panel PCB dropped, all pots and switches cleaned, all connectors cleaned and resecured. New driver for the LED number display. Finally, the factory presets were re-loaded.” Link

ARP, Odyssey @ 30 July 2014, “No Comments”

(serial # 282821)

Fully working and in great cosmetic shape, this ARP Odyssey 2800 has been professionally service and modified by Tim at Synapse Audio Systems.

Here is a list of what he did:
1. leveled and re bushed keyboard
2. cleaned buss bar
3. fully re capped
4. sliders treated
5. dual function midi added to control gate/pitch and also filter cut off!

The midi additions to this synth make it a much more powerful studio tool! You will love it.” Link

ARP, Axxe @ 30 July 2014, “No Comments”

“For your consideration, Arp Axxe first version Model 2313 monophonic synth, in very nice condition. Real time classic analog bass lines, leads, and otherworldly effects are at your fingertips!

I have had it about 2.5 years…previous owner purchased it from ToneTweakers, who confirmed for me that this Axxe had been serviced by them. here are the service notes from TTI:

“This unit has just been serviced. Power supply electrolytic capacitors have been replaced for longevity. Keyboard was removed and disassembled. Old rubber bushings were removed and replaced with new ones. Keys were removed and cleaned. Key contacts were cleaned and j-wires were adjusted. Unit was cleaned, oscillator and filter were calibrated and unit was thoroughly tested. It’s working great and sounds amazing.

All sounds work as they should, makes sound immediately upon power-up, and holds pitch when left on for some time.

Control panel is in extremely fine condition, with no worn lettering. There is a scuff in the left top corner (see pic).

Wood side panels are original and in very good shape for a 40 year old synth..some scratches but no chunks missing.

A couple of the sliders are a bit sticky but have smooth travel if you work them back and forth. Per information on many vintage synth sites I have not used any electronics silicone spray or Deoxit on them .

Included is a custom-made vinyl felt-lined dust cover…with a snug fit to keep nasty particles out of your vintage synth ! Axxe owners and service manuals on CD (PDF). BONUS: You also get reproductions of the one-sheet ARP Authorized Service Centers, and two-sided ARP Warranty Card” Link

2600, 3604, ARP @ 30 July 2014, “No Comments”

Arp 2600 model 2600P with 3604P keyboard and original manual.

This 2600 has the famous Arp 4012 “Moog copy” filter inside.

Classic and highly desirable music instrument. Has become exceedingly rare, people buy them and keep them!

Manual is in good condition, some scribblings inside but perfectly usable.

Overall this instrument is in very good condition but shows some sings of use/age.

The front panel and the keyboard look smooth, key action is good.

Both the original cover for the keyboard and the instrument are included with the sale.

Tolex shows sings of use and has some minor damages but nothing extraordinary.

Its a old synth!! Has seen some life i guess, please accept that it is from early 1970′ies.” Link

ARP, Omni 2 @ 30 July 2014, “No Comments”

“Vintage Arp Omni II for sale since I’m moving. This synth is all over albums like Joy Division’s “Closer.” Board in need of new capacitors and a basic OSC tuning, but is totally functional. Those of you familiar with the model know the Omni gets fussy with age but I just never got around to getting it to the shop. The “strings” and “synth” section can drone a little when the caps start failing, this can be somewhat reduced when fiddling with the Release. Cosmetically in good condition with only one slider cap missing (these are super replaceable). ” Link

ARP, Axxe @ 30 July 2014, “No Comments”

” Arp Axxe Analog Synthesizer: Mostly functional monophonic synth. Awesome “Moog” filter. Intense, sharp and rich Arp tone that cuts through the mix.

Recently serviced, sliders cleaned, PWM repaired, all keys function fine. I believe CV gate/trigger inputs work-but I’ve not tested them completely.

Issues I’m aware of:

1. Sample and hold triggers repeatedly, but doesn’t output random notes as it should.
2. White noise slider is a little dirty/scratchy
3. Low output not functional-high out put works fine.
4. Audio output produces a subtle, but noticeable high frequency “hiss”. (Its not from the white noise generator)

Cosmetic Condition: Look closely at the photos, screen print is almost non-existent in areas. It also appears as if previous owners let rodents or possibly a dog gnaw on the wood ends. This doesn’t affect the sound quality. There is various tape residue, scratches, dings and scuffs on the synth.

This is an old classic American analog synth that will only increase in value if cared for and maintained.


ARP, Avatar @ 30 July 2014, “No Comments”

“Arp Avatar in very good condition with OSC 2 freq octave and interval mod.

Functions as a synthesizer from cv/gate inputs. Guitar board has been removed.

Missing several slider caps. All sliders are fully functional and smooth. Nothing broken.” Link

“Elex vintage analog synthesizer. Huge and extremely rare

This 1970s analog synthesizer is so rare that I can find absolutely zero mention of it anywhere on the internet (though if you do find something, please let me know!). I have come across a couple of references to other Elex branded synths online, but those appear to be fairly standard Italian string-synths along the lines of Hohner/Logan etc.

While the synth for sale here would also likely be classified as a string synth, it is not like any other I have owned or heard. The bass cello sound alone justifies owning this. It is obviously not the most versatile of synths, but what it does it does extremely well. With the added bonus that, due to its extreme rarity, you can be pretty sure you are one of the very few people in the world with access to precisely these sounds. ” Link