DX-27, Yamaha @ 27 March 2015, “No Comments”

yamahadx27s” YAMAHA DX27S

Hierbei handelt es sich um einen sehr seltenen Synthesizer aus den 80er Jahren. Das Gerät ist technisch einwandfrei und optisch in einem altersgemäß guten Zustand. Zu dem Synthesizer habe ich noch ein passendes Case das mit im Angebot ist. Am Volumenhebel fehlt der Plastikaufsatz, allerdings beinträchtigt dies nicht die Funktion.” Link

tenorione“Excellent condition. Pre-installed with extra sounds on 2GB SD Card. Supplied with original manuals and matching white generic multi-voltage AC adapter.” Link

CS-01, Yamaha @ 27 March 2015, “No Comments”

cs01” Yamaha CS01 Synth. Good condition. Fully working. Needs power supply.” Link

CX5M, Yamaha @ 27 March 2015, “No Comments”

cx5myk10“Classic Vintage Yamaha CX5M with associated YK10 keyboard.

These are getting rarer by the second, especially in this condition.

Both items are in original boxes and in very good condition.” Link

TF1, TX-216, Yamaha @ 27 March 2015, “No Comments”

used tx216“This auction is for a Yamaha TX216 MIDI Rack Synthesizer rack. My uncle is a keyboard player and has asked me to sell his old equipment for him. All of my keyboard and synthesizer equipment is in used working condition.” Link

RX8, Yamaha @ 27 March 2015, “No Comments”

rx8“No power cable.” Link

RX15, Yamaha @ 27 March 2015, “No Comments”


DX-27, Yamaha @ 27 March 2015, “No Comments”

dx27” Dx27 synthesizer in very good shape. It does not appear to have been used as a gigging keyboard because it is very clean. All functions work and it has many factory pre-programed sounds and you can program your own. Some of the piano and organ settings sound really good. Comes with original Yamaha power supply module.” Link

TX-81Z, Yamaha @ 27 March 2015, “No Comments”

txc81z “Some scratches from being in a rack with other synths. See pics. Have two of em.” Link

SK20, Yamaha @ 27 March 2015, “No Comments”

sk20“Vintage Yamaha SK20 analog synthesizer with Poly-Synth, organ and strings, built in 1980. In good overall condition with minor cosmetic wear (tried to show nicks in photos). Everything works just fine, keys have good bounce (nothing sticking), no issues with any of the function buttons or drawbars. The main volume potentiometer could use some contact cleaner. I’ve been playing this synth the last 5 years, just don’t really need it anymore. ” Link

DX100, Yamaha @ 27 March 2015, “No Comments”

dx100“Up for bid is a Yamaham DX100 Digital Programmable Algorithm Synthesizer. This unit is in good condition for its age. Shows very minor wear. Has been tested and seems to perform well. Has optional C-battery power but I can’t seem to get batteries to work in it. Battery compartment is rusted. Powers on perfectly with power adapter though. Included is the original box and power adapter. ” Link

SY55, Yamaha @ 27 March 2015, “No Comments”

xy55 “Used. Good conditions carrier bag included Definitively no international shipping ” Link

TX-81Z, Yamaha @ 27 March 2015, “No Comments”


TX802, Yamaha @ 27 March 2015, “No Comments”

tx802” Yamaha tx802 rack mount or prop stand tone generator. Used but in good condition. Both pull out operation guides are easy to read.” Link

DX-7, Yamaha @ 27 March 2015, “No Comments”

dx7“VINTAGE CLASSIC YAMAHA DX-7 SYNTHESIZER with hard case. This Yamaha DX-7 is a phase modulation based synthesizer manufactured by Yamaha from 1983 to 1986. This was an iconic commercially successful digital synthesizer with distinctive sound heard on many recordings especially pop music. This keyboard has been fully tested and is in excellent condition. The original DX-7 piano presets have been installed but it has no other downloadable ram cartridges. It has Midi capability with midi input and output. The cosmetic condition of the keyboard and the case are very good with a few small scratches on the top of the keyboard. There is no stand or keyboard manual. ”

TF1, TX-216, Yamaha @ 27 March 2015, “No Comments”

tx216 “Item is used — powers up, typical rack rash. It’s spent the last 25 years in my climate-controlled studio rack. I haven’t actually connected it to a console in over two decades, so it’s being sold as-is — which is why the cost is low.” Link

sci pro one “Sequential Circuits Pro One, serviced a few weeks ago by my California tech who has worked on these for 25 years, replaced a few switches and one pot, the Pro One also got a replacement CEM3340 oscillator chip and has all new key bushings installed, which is great as the original Pratt and Read ones always wear out. This is the JWIRE version.

The keyboard looks and feels great. Watch your speakers, the Pro One is a killer bassline machine, but you probably know that already.” Link

spliteight “This is a used Sequential Circuits Split 8.

The synth plays well, but it seems that the factory memory has been wiped (the internal battery might need to be placed) and you’ll have to reload the factory patches via sysex dump. There is the normal wear and tear, as you’d expect, and the keyboard has a slight bow in the middle.

That said, with a system restore and a little internal dusting, maybe a new internal battery (you can get this at Wine Country), this can be a great synth for 80′s warm pads and dirty/spacey leads.” Link

p2002 “Great working condition. One knob cap has been replaced (pictured). Thru/Out switch is a little bit loose but functions perfectly. Comes with power cable.” Link

max “sequential circuits MAX Synth. Stopped turning on for some reason. probably an easy fix. one or so of the voices might not work but these chips are cheap on ebay. i know zens electronics charges 30 pounds to change chips in london. Most likely cheaper in other smaller cities. Original Power Supply. i haven’t used this in awhile so i’m selling as is. Its been kept in a dry studio its whole life with me. i take care of my equipment.” Link

max ” looks a bit scratched up but works perfect. missing a rubber button but still works if you push it with your pinky finger. i lost the charger. COMES WITHOUT CHARGER. ” Link

p5rev3p0 “Hello, I have for sale Prophet 5 serial # 2068. It is in excellent shape, as I have had it serviced by Wine Country, and the receipt will be sent to the buyer for proof. It has a calzone road case, which has been reformed, as well as both operation manual and technical manual. It is almost perfect cosmetically, except for a couple chips in the case. It gets a 9 out of 10. It does not affect the functionality at all.
It is currently loaded with factory patches. It is rev 3.0, and does not have MIDI. It is pretty heavy in the case, so please take that into account, in regards to shipping.” Link

p5 “Hi this is a very clean Prophet 5 Rev 3.1, that was serviced 2 weeks ago by the Bay Area’s famous tech Greg Montablano. I picked it up myself and was not shipped. It’s in amazing condition and he went through everything. ” Link

dt“Ich mag besonders die Clap, Rim und die Hats.
Dabei sind auch noch 4 Sounds zum Wechseln (siehe Fotos).
Die Drehregler sind gerade ganz neu getauscht worden und wie ihr sehen könnt, sehen die Bauteile Tip Top aus. Ich hab die Drumtraks meistens über meine Miditastatur programmiert…weil ich sie dann gleich auch dynamisch spielen und programmieren kann und weniger doppeltrigger entstehen…jedenfalls groovt der Sequenzer richtig toll und irgendwie auch viel cooler als ein “normaler” Computer mit einer DAW.
Die Bedienungsanleitung kann ich euch als PDF schicken.” Link

p5rev3p3“Fully serviced and working Rev 3.3 (rev3.2 circuit board but the factory fitted Kenton midi ports makes it a 3.3).
Serviced by Kent Spong (Google SOS Kent Spong) last month.
Great condition for it’s age and the fact that it’s been all round the world with a major 80s band (details to the winning bidder). It’s been really well looked after and always (evidently) kept in a flight case when not in use. Flight case no longer for sale with item.
General but mild wear for a synth of this age. The wood ends are in good general condition. The only print that has worn is next to the pitch bend (see pics) where the musician’s left hand would have rested when playing with just his right hand. This is cosmetic and obviously doesn’t affect functionality.” Link

sci_max “The unit for sale shows signs of wear on its cover, as evidenced in the photos. There is a large scratch on the center of the metal cover on the Sounds section. The unit powers up when turned on. All keys function and respond (see below), and all sound sequences and settings appear to work. However, as the sounds cycle through the six tracks, whichever key is depressed during track 5 utters no sound. I do not know if there is a hardware issue or something wrong with the software. The position of Track 5 differs by the sound setting, so the issue is not set on any specific key. But when playing up the scale, at least one key in every register will not sound. There may or may not be a fix to this, but any potential buyer should be aware of this issue. There are still numerous unique analog sounds to sample from, and it is a functional MIDI keyboard as well.” Link

ARP, Solus @ 25 March 2015, “No Comments”

solus“Its in pretty great shape cosmetically. Just a few scratches here and there.

Electonically, all chips and caps have been replaced. New key bushings have been installed, but apparently theres too much lube on them as they seem to stick a little bit. This may resolve itself with more play over time, but for faster results you probably need to go in there and clean up the excess a bit. Thankfully its a super easy key bed to work on.

All knobs, buttons, switches, and sliders work. Every now and then one is scratchy. Pitch stability wise its ok for the most part, I tend to retune every time I lay down a track. VCO I is the most touchy. With longer release times, you’ll notice the pitch shift a touch when you release a key. For the most part you won’t notice. This doesn’t seem to happen on VCO II.

As it sits now, its definitely useable and a fantastic little noise machine. If you want perfection, it needs a little work! Please bid and buy understanding this. ” Link

ARP, Odyssey @ 25 March 2015, “No Comments”

usdoddy” ARP ODYSSEY MK III GUTE ZUSTAND alles original ,,,keine garantie und ruckgabe ” Link

ARP, Quartet @ 25 March 2015, “No Comments”

quartet” I’ve had this keyboard from new (bought 1980). The analogue string sounds are amazing! All lights come on and everything works ok. Some scratches and scrapes as you would expect for an item 35 years old. The wood sides are in good condition and the keys are perfect. The volume slider is a bit stiff but functions ok.” Link

ARP, Axxe, Custom @ 25 March 2015, “No Comments”

custom arp axxe“Custom finish professionally done by Jeff at custom synth and a true one off finish. Sounds as good as it looks. A classic synth from a highly sort after manufacturer. New bushes fitted to keyboard so it’s plays like new. Sad to see it go but unfortunately I’ve got to upgrade my outboard.” Link

ARP, Omni @ 25 March 2015, “No Comments”

arpomni “Vintage classic ARP OMNI model 2483, analog synthesizer . Tested and working, with one dead key, which has the blue tape on key. This thing makes some unbelievable sounds! I’m not an expert, but may just need a cap, or cap restoration, as per online forums. Needs a thorough cleaning. As is. Came from a professional musician’s estate, years ago. Bought for my daughter, but she has gone on to college, and no time.” Link

pro soloist “ARP Pro Soloist 2701 version. Excellent working condition and also in very good physical condition. Purchased new in 1977, I am the original purchaser of this unit, it has never been out of my possession. Retired from live use in 1981. Some sliders are slightly stiff but work fine. Undoubtably, this unit could use a good electronic cleaning, but, as far as I can tell, it’s working great. All touch effects seem to be working as new; not all touch effects are audible on all patches, I assume this is by design based upon the organic nature of that particular patch and not a defect. Like most analog synths, it takes a few minutes to warm up. The only service to the unit has been a cleaning of the keyboard mechanism. It has never experienced a breakdown and thus has never been repaired or modified. The electronics are completely virgin. It’s a great unit but needs a new home with someone that has time to play and appreciate it ” Link

ARP, Omni 2 @ 25 March 2015, “No Comments”

omnimk2“Good working condition, recent full service overhaul. New capacitors, switches, and key-bushings. Full calibration. All the control sliders have been cleaned. Expect some cosmetic blemishes from use of a vintage keyboard instrument. Mostly on the top and sides. The top has scratches and something on it that will not come off, but isn’t sticky or anything like that. This item has been extensively cleaned. Overall, cosmetic condition is fair. The outside metal case is solid and this item preforms well.” Link

2600, ARP @ 25 March 2015, “No Comments”

2600” Selling a beautiful Synth monster. You won’t believe how inspiring the 2600 is to play. The built in reverb is incredible. Just had serviced and tuned for the sale at Audio Rehab in Burbank, CA. I hate to see it go, but it’s time to move on.

The tolex has some usual wear. Check out the photos and see how really clean the panel is. This model has the Tonus Arp logo.
Includes binder with 100 patches and a few patch cables to get you started.” Link

ARP, Odyssey @ 25 March 2015, “No Comments”

oddyd” This is a great synth, and I’m sad to see it leave my collection! Its in great working order and I’ve been having a blast using the CV / GATE IN’s to sequence it with Step Sequencers like the Arturia Beat Step. I’m a clean neat freak when in comes to my synths so you can rest assured this is totally dust free. ” Link