DX-7, Yamaha @ 25 July 2014, “No Comments”

“YAMAHA DX7 DX-7 80′s FM Synth Keyboard – needs tlc, as-is…
Not Fully Tested . Turn On and Sound is Going in Headphone.
For Repair or part. Local pick up Only.” Link

DX100, Yamaha @ 25 July 2014, “No Comments”

“Have fun bidding! 1$ No Reserve High BID win ! IN very good condition and work fine, all key and control work fine.No dammage on casing. Work with battery or optional power supply.” Link

“CONDITION: This synth is immaculate. It is easily a 9/10 cosmetically. A 10/10 electronically. The unit has no issues what so ever. No dirty pots, no bad knobs…nothing. It’s a dream. The sound is larger than life. Honestly I get a bigger bass sound out of this 6 octave synth than I do on my minimoog. ” Link

DX-9, Yamaha @ 25 July 2014, “No Comments”

“This is a Vintage Yamaha DX9 61 Key Synthesizer Keyboard For Parts/Repair.
Rough cosmetic shape with good amount of paint loss around the edges.
2nd B & 3rd C have melted corners of the keys.
Bottom 2 notes and top note do not work.
MIDI In/Out/Thru
1/4″ Jacks for: output, volume, sustain, portamento and phones.
1/8″ Jacks for: breath control, cassette in/out/remote.
Attached 2 prong power cable.” Link

“A nice clean DX7 IID!! Great condition, minor signs of use for an instrument of this age. Tested and fully functional. Sounds lovely.

I don’t have the ROM cartridge but I’ve reloaded all of the factory sounds and performances. You can download thousands of sounds for the DX7 and send them to the keyboard via midi sysex, eliminating the need for cartridges. Buy It Now and I’ll throw in a CD with over 220 banks I’ve downloaded. That’s over 3,500 sounds!” Link

DX100, Yamaha @ 25 July 2014, “No Comments”

“Fully functional DX100. Comes with power supply. Works great with batteries but it is missing the battery cover so you will have to tape something over the battery compartment to make sure the batteries don’t pop out. No battery leakage damage whatsoever.” Link

SY55, Yamaha @ 25 July 2014, “No Comments”

“Up for auction is my Yamaha SY-55 Synthesizer/Workstation w/8 Track Sequencer. I am the original owner. The unit is in good condition and 100% functional. Comes with original owners manual, upgraded sustain pedal, original patches loaded, and ‘Sound Source Rock Card’ installed within the internal memory. The Sound Source Rock Card was one of several third party programmer patches made for the SY and TG-55 that is still available on eBay. It contains emulations of various famous digital and analog synths, organs, etc. Also included is an excellent distorted electric guitar w/ feedback that works perfect at both rhythm and leads, and a over-driven/delay sawtooth lead. There are numerous waveform upgrades available on ebay that were made by Yamaha that completely create additional synthesizers from this one unit.

The unit is in good condition and 100% functional. It does however have 4 keys that are little on the stiff side(C2, D2, C4, D4) and the power on/off button is missing which you do not need, so I am selling this great sounding synth for a very low price. It is very easy to open up the unit and replace the keys and they are readily available or can be played from another synth or midi controller. You should always connect your gear to surge protectors with on/off switches so replacement of the on/of button is not needed. The unit has normal keyboard stand induced scratches but, cannot be seen from above.” Link

SY85, Yamaha @ 25 July 2014, “No Comments”

“As seen. In great shape.” Link

DX-7, Yamaha @ 25 July 2014, “No Comments”

“Yamaha DX7 digital synthesizer: One of the first digital synthesizers ever made. This is from somewhere between 1983 and 1986. The voice cartridge panel and some of the buttons do not work. Average wear and tear due to its age.” Link

TX802, Yamaha @ 25 July 2014, “No Comments”

“Mit Gebrauchsspuren am Gehäuseboden und -deckel sowie an den Rackohren, bedingt durch Rackmontagen; Bedienelemente und Display auf der Frontseite in tadellosem Zustand, ebenso Anschlüsse auf der Rückseite; keine Beschädigungen, keine fehlenden Teile; funktionstechnisch einwandfreies Gerät.” Link

CS-5, Yamaha @ 25 July 2014, “No Comments”

“This CS-5 is in perfect working condition and in very good condition!!
with YAMAHA original case.” Link

CS-01, Yamaha @ 25 July 2014, “No Comments”

“Up for sale is a vintage Yamaha CS01, in fully working condition.

This synthesizer is in overall good condition. I bought it about 10 years ago on eBay. You will notice there is a black cover over the speaker which was applied by the previous owner and that the pitch & EG depth fader tops are missing – both still work and are easy to change despite this. ” Link

“Vintage MIDI controller keyboard “keytar”. Good action and velocity sensitivity, pitch-bend ribbon. Used on stage by big name artists. ” Link

DX-11, Yamaha @ 25 July 2014, “No Comments”

“Needs a new internal battery, has a chip on underneath g2 key and the very top c key needs a new spring(easy fix).This is the keyboard version of the famous Yamaha tx81z and is a breeze to edit compared to the rack version. 8 part multitimbre, 8 different waveforms instead of the usual sine waves, chord memory. These are getting hard to find.” Link

CS-30, Yamaha @ 25 July 2014, “No Comments”

“For sale this classic Yamaha CS-30 analog synthesizer in 100% working order.

Overall its in good condition, some sings of use and minor paint chips but nothing serious.

All functions work as should, keyboard is fully functional and straight.

A few potmeters have a tiny but of dust but nothing extraordinary, its normal with a CS-30.

The Yamaha CS-30… .its rare, classic and desirable.” Link

DX-21, Yamaha @ 25 July 2014, “No Comments”

“A real beast of a synth, large, heavy, noisy, gritty 12 bit FM 4 op, great for bass and leads (solid bass etc)
If you want some dirt and attitude in your sound then this is for you.
Screen is a little dull, but everything works, sometimes the midi freaks out, to rectify, you just have to select a specific menu page when sequencing.” Link

CS-01, Yamaha @ 25 July 2014, “No Comments”

” Selling my vintage CS01. Been stored in the case all of its life and only has a few surface scratches on the bottom and works perfectly. Included is the case and the a/c adapter. Does not have the breath controller as it was sold as an accessory back in the day and Santa didn’t know that at the time :( Link

DX-7, Yamaha @ 25 July 2014, “No Comments”

“Here we have a

Yamaha DX7 dx-7 keyboard Synthesizer Vintage Keyboard

I took this in on trade. An Awesome synth and in the best condition I have ever seen one

Normally they show their age but this one is in excellent condition.

The guy I had it off was a non smoker, and purchased it from new. Never gigged , just played in his house and you can tell.
Very clean” Link

Here is a working power supply and frame (120 volts) and two non-working TF1 modules. As you can see from the pix, one module locks up on power on and the other is displaying a memory error. One of the modules is missing the battery (a standard coin cell type deal) (maybe the previous owner thought it would help clear the erros?? who knows?).

I bought these as backups/spares/test modules/test frame while I was woking on my MPA mod to enable MIDI control over the Out Slot select button. That project was successful (some links/pix/info on my rather spartan website if you care — google is your friend) and I didn’t fry anything in the process, so these things are extra.” Link

” For your consideration, is a Prophet 5 Rev. 3.3 (with midi) polyphonic analog synth. This is considered the most reliable version of the Prophet 5, and the midi on this synth works flawlessly. I just recently had it serviced by Ed Miller, here in Los Angeles. He replaced the bushings, so it plays like new. He cleaned the inside, loaded up all of the patches, including the extras (which only come with the Rev. 3.3 version). So there are 120 loaded preset patches on this thing!!

This Prophet 5 comes with a custom anvil case, the original manual, the original cassette tape (and CD), as well as the power supply.

It’s by no means in mint condition (there are some minor scratches on the knobs and the body of the keyboard), but this is to be expected from an instrument this old. That being said – there are no major cosmetic flaws either. It has been used only in my smoke-free studio since I’ve owned it for the last few years.” Link

“Sequential Circuits Prophet 5 is one of the most significant synthesizers what were every made. Prophet 5 „rev 2“ is considered as the best sounding of all vintage Prophet 5 series.


This Prophet was serviced and now is in good working condition. There was a problem with freezing on power up (the display after switch on did not lit number 11 while power lit) , there was found a shorted tantal capacitor, for assurance all of tantal capacitors on the voice board has been replaced. After this replacement has been done the Prophet switched on every time without any problem and the above described problem never occured again. However, I am not absolutely sure that the problem has been solved 100%. ” Link

“Here we have a legendary Sequential Circuits Prophet 5 Rev 3.2 in wonderful cosmetic and full working order. There are a couple of marks as you would expect from a synth that is 30 years old but if you are looking for a Prophet 5 then this one will not disappoint. It is in exceptional condition!” Link

“A rare opportunity to offer this Prophet T8 for sale. This synth is in excellent physical condition and is 100% functional.

Prior to sale, the synth has been extensively tested and serviced by my tech. This included the essential procedure for all T8s of replacing all of the keyboard action foams with spec parts sourced from N.E.D. and testing all of the aftertouch sensors. All functions and features work correctly.

The front panel is in excellent condition, very clean and with only a couple of marks.

The top metal panel has some fine marks to it as you would expect.

The mod panel is very clean, with only a couple of small marks on the front edge.

The wooden panels are in really excellent condition with small marks only.

The back panel is excellent, with small marks only.

All knobs, buttons and switches are present, original and function correctly.

All keys are clean and aligned and contact correctly.” Link




“Up for grabs today we a a vintage Sequential Circuits Tom drum machine project! We are not sure if it works since we do not have the power supply to test it. It being sold as is no returns. It is missing a knob and a few screws. It is repairable and can be done by wine country sequential. It is available to view in Bakersfield, Ca. at Front porch music. ” Link

This unit is in EXCELLENT condition!!! There are light surface scratches on the top and bottom of the unit, as well as on the front face; but nothing too major. Overall it is really clean! The joystick is missing the tip, but it still functions as it should (see close up photos). The backlight of the display is out (common for a synth of this age), but it is still easily readable with ambient light. No cartridges are included. ” Link

“Sequential Circuits Remote PROPHET!
~~Comes with the Original Cables!~~

Up for auction is an extremely RARE ~~ Sequential Circuits Remote PROPHET stage keyboard controller!

This is the remote stage keyboard that was used to roam around the stage while controlling a Sequential Circuits Prophet 5 or 10!

This keyboard is in MINT cosmetic and PERFECT working condition ~~ other than one key not working!

This keyboard is super hard to come by, so Grab it Now!” Link

“Cleaning out my projects! See my other auctions!

This auction is for an SCI Prelude (aka Siel Orchestra II). Everything works, but it is noisy and, when left to its own devices, occasionally barfs out some random sound. Some of the sliders are crackly too. The Prelude has a cool, unique sound and you can run audio through its flanger/chorus and EQ sections.

Sold for parts/repair only.” Link

“I am the original owner and looking to find a good home. The unit has recently been serviced by Wine Country Productions to the original factory specifications and has little to no physical blemishes. Has J-wire keyboard, which is preferred over the membrane type. Willing to entertain any reasonable offers.” Link

“100% tested. Up for sale we have a Sequential Circuits Prophet 5 vintage synthesizer in excellent condition. The unit has one sluggish key, outside of that everything functions as intended. This model has 40 patches. Included in the auction is an ATA road case to ship the item with. The road cases foam is very old and dry rotted, but the case works excellent for shipping.” Link

“Vintage Sequential Circuits 420 TOM Drum Machine – This one is as nice as it gets… doesn’t have a scratch or mark on it… looks like it was used a few times in 1985 and put away since then. Includes Operation Manual, MIDI Guide, Controls sheet, Contemporary cartridge and adapter. Also includes original box and foam/cardboard packing inserts. I bought it online and the previous owner shipped it to me directly in its original box so now it’s covered in tape and shipping labels – sorry for that.” Link

“Dave Smith’s masterpiece! I purchased this unit (s/n 6432) in 1992 with the Kenton MIDI already installed. The Kenton allows for fun extras like velocity, aftertouch, controllers and different transmit/receive channels. This synthesizer has been well cared-for in my home and studio. Last week The Analog Lab performed the following functions essential to a Prophet’s longevity: FULL KEYBOARD REBUSHING and all key contacts regulated. Memory battery replaced. Front panel PCB dropped, all pots and switches cleaned, all connectors cleaned and resecured. New driver for the LED number display. Finally, the factory presets were re-loaded.” Link

“Zum Verkauf steht ein

SCI MultiTrak

Es handelt sich hierbei um einen 6-fach polyphonen Analogsynth, bei dem es möglich ist die 6 Stimmen flexibel in verschiedenen Modi zu nutzen:

Layers bzw. Stacks
für normales polyphones Spielen

Jede der Sechs Stimmen verfügt über:

1 VCO (Saw, Triangle, Pulse mit PWM) alle Wellenformen können gleichzeitig genutzt werden
White Noise
3 Hüllkurven (Pitch, Filter, Lautstärke)
1 LFO (Saw, Square)
1 Tiefpassfilter (4 Pole, modulierbar durch LFO,Hüllkurve und Oszillator!)

Zusätzlich kann für alle Stimmen gleichzeitig ein Chorus zugeschaltet werden.” Link

ARP, Odyssey @ 23 July 2014, “No Comments”

(serial # 282821)

Fully working and in great cosmetic shape, this ARP Odyssey 2800 has been professionally service and modified by Tim at Synapse Audio Systems.

Here is a list of what he did:
1. leveled and re bushed keyboard
2. cleaned buss bar
3. fully re capped
4. sliders treated
5. dual function midi added to control gate/pitch and also filter cut off!

The midi additions to this synth make it a much more powerful studio tool! You will love it.” Link

“The a ultra rare Little Brother is in great working condition and was bought from a well known Bay Area Synth tech. This is the expansion module that turns your Odyssey, AXXE, 2500, 2600 into an amazing
Monster, also comes with a ARP Foot Pedal and some extra vintage documentation. This is an amazing package of original Arp items, that really are collectable and more importantly usable for the ultimate Arp sound and set up.” Link