Kurzweil @ 01 September 2015, “No Comments”

k2000” You are bidding on a USED KURZWEIL K2000 in the purple finish. All the keys work but a couple are a little sticky. It lights up and it makes noise other that that, not sure. No paperwork/manual of any kind. Includes case and power cable.” Link

Matrix 1000, Oberheim @ 01 September 2015, “No Comments”

matrixk1 “The Oberheim Matrix-1000 is in good working condition. Few marks and scratches but nothing that impedes the performance.” Link

Keytar, Lync @ 01 September 2015, “No Comments”

lnc100” Lync LN-1000 Performance Keyboard Controller (Strap-On MIDI Controller, also known as a Keytar) in excellent condition, all functions & features working per original spec. Original owner, studio kept, very low use hours, smoke free environment. Lithium backup battery recently replaced (June 2015). Very rare to find in this excellent condition.” Link

Casio, CZ-3000 @ 01 September 2015, “No Comments”

cz3000“The synthesizer shows some signs of wear – missing is the power switch button, one slider key and the battery cover (just can’t seem to locate the missing buttons, but if found will send them on to the winner); there is also some rust/corrosion around the battery box.

The unit powers up and all keys and buttons work – can’t say how well it plays, I don’t play.” Link

Akai, AX-60 @ 01 September 2015, “No Comments”

ax60“Up for sell is a Akai AX60 analog synth. It’s in excellence condition and fully functional. Programming is real easy with this one. It’s a unique sounding beast as well. A lot of fun to tweak out with.

The Volume control, has a very light scratchy sound when used, but not a big deal. There are also light scuff marks from normal use. I’m only selling this because I had to move into a smaller space. I hate to have to let it go. It’s been a great source for sound design work.” Link

Ensoniq, Fizmo @ 01 September 2015, “No Comments”

fizmo rack” Very Rare Ensoniq Fizo Rack! These units are extremely hard to find. This unit belonged to a former employee who bought the unit as the company was closing. It was the first unit made and was the production test unit. The Fizmo was ahead of it’s time with very original analog modeling sounds plus a mic in feature for vocoder effects.” Link

Vermona @ 01 September 2015, “No Comments”

vermona “Selling my Vermona DRM1 MK3 drum machine. Wood sides included. Unit is in excellent condition. Only ever used in my studio. A couple of the pan knobs can be intermittent. This was a known issue with this model and Vermona would fix it. It never was a problem for me because It has inserts that can be used as direct outs. The Vermona is a really flexible unit and I’ll really miss it. Item sold as is but I assure you it works great” Link

Kurzweil @ 01 September 2015, “No Comments”

Got this from a friend a couple years ago and have never used it. Unit powers on and I can hear sounds through headphones, however I’m not savvy when it comes to sampler keyboards, so I haven’t tested it really beyond that. More comfortable playing my Casio I’ve had since 1983.

Cosmetically this is in great shape, some scratches on the bottom and tape residue on the top. I tried to clean that off, but didn’t want to harm anything by using cleaning products, so it didn’t really come off (i’ll leave that for the buyer to take care of – assuming you know what you’re doing better than I)

Keyboard comes with nice travel case, soft but sturdy, original power supply and a foot petal (not sure of that state of that, but it’s my understanding that replacing those is fairly cheep)” Link

Make Noise, Modular @ 01 September 2015, “No Comments”

make noise rosie“Make Noise Rosie output module for the Eurorack format. Module is in excellent cosmetic condition and used in a smoke-free environment, it functions as intended.” Link

Casio, CZ-1 @ 01 September 2015, “No Comments”

cz1“good condition” Link

Matrix 1000, Oberheim @ 01 September 2015, “No Comments”

oberheim matrix 1000 “Good cosmetic condition (faceplate is a little bent around the screws and rack rash on top and bottom), still racks fine. Also, volume pot is scratchy when turning. Works and sounds great.” Link

Elektron @ 01 September 2015, “No Comments”

idstation “The Elektron SidStation is a musical synthesizer sound module, built around the MOS Technology SID mixed-mode synthesizer chip originally used in the Commodore 64 home computer. It was produced by the Swedish synthesizer company Elektron, and was introduced in 1999. As the SID chip had not been manufactured for years, Elektron allegedly bought up nearly all the remaining stock.” Link

Emu, Emulator @ 01 September 2015, “No Comments”

emulator “Here’s something you don’t see every day! An all original, 1981 Vintage E-MU Systems Emulator I Sampling keyboard! Ultra rare, #440 of only 500 ever made. Since it is a late one it has all the final enhancements.

This is an original 8 voice version with sequencer and a working RS232 port set up with the MIDI option.

Comes with external RS-232 to MIDI convertor box which gives you MIDI out, in and thru!

Fully working, and serviced for sale which included stripping, cleaning and re-bushing the entire keybed.

Comes with a selection of sample disks, operation software disks and various other essential programs such as the MIDI, Sequencer and Multi-Sampling disk. All disks work and the disk drive is fully operational and very reliable. Manual also included.

Physically, overall it is excellent conditon, a few scratches and marks to the steel case but no dents or damage. It wouldn’t be difficult to touch these in should you want to make it absolutely mint. The control panels and keys are in exceptional condition.

Sonically as a sampler these things sound amazingly rich, better in most owners opinon than the Emulator II. Yes, the Emulator II has more features..but the original Emulator wins on the sound I’m afraid..nothing beats it!

The Emulator I was famously used by New Order, OMD, Genesis, Stevie Wonder, Vangelis (on the blade runner soundtrack) to name but a few :)” Link

Oberheim, Strummer @ 01 September 2015, “No Comments”

ummer” Your looking at buying a Rare hard to find used Oberheim Strummer Perf/x Keyboard to Guitar chord MIDI Converter.The unit comes with 2 MIDI Cords,Power Supply and Original Manual and Box.The unit work’s great with no issues.The converter listens to the chords played on your MiDi keyboard and plays them back to your Midi sound source just as they would be played from a guitar.The sound is like a realistic guitar.Thank’s for looking.” Link

Casio, CZ-1000 @ 01 September 2015, “No Comments”

cz1000” Used Casio CZ-1000 synthesizer in great condition. Keys, buttons, pitch bend, volume slide, and power adapter all work great. Cartridge port, battery housing, and all other ports are very clean without rust or acid corrosion. Some superficial scratches around the frame (see pictures).” Link

Buchla, Modular @ 01 September 2015, “No Comments”

296e” Buchla 296e Spectral Processor (pre BEMI) in excellent condition with very minor wear. Module is fully functional and is running latest firmware (V30.2) ” Link

Casio, SK-1 @ 01 September 2015, “No Comments”

sk1“Here is a Casio SK1. Works and sounds great, awesome for circuit bending! ” Link

Ensoniq, SQ80 @ 01 September 2015, “No Comments”

eq80 “This item is in very good condition, though it does have scratches and some wear which the photos should reveal. All keys, buttons and sliders are in great working condition. The 3.5″ floppy disk drive works and reads all of the sequences and sound bank files from my older disks which are from an earlier SQ-80 I owned in the late 80s, and writes to disk fine as well. Also included is a non-descript program cartridge that appears to contain 64 additional sounds

Includes a gig bag which is considerably larger than the SQ-80 but useful nonetheless. Power cord is also included. No pedals or footswitches are included. ” Link

Monome @ 01 September 2015, “No Comments”

monome 128“Monome 128 (original model?)

Originally purchased in 2007. Wood enclosure. Arrived assembled (not a kit). Includes power supply and USB cable.” Link

Casio, CZ-1 @ 01 September 2015, “No Comments”

cz-1 “Missing volume knobs ( see pic ), but you can still make it work just fine.” Link

Alesis @ 01 September 2015, “No Comments”


Up for sale, one Alesis Andromeda A6 Analog Synthesizer in excellent cosmetic condition 9/10 and 100% working condition. Studio use only but there is one small blemish on the top panel near the right end wing (look at the pictures), and a few small marks here and there underside from using different keyboard stands. All 16 voices, and filters pass the tune test, the keys are perfectly straight and bright white, all the knobs, leds, buttons and everything else works as it should. The synth sounds enormous and plays like a dream. This is the very stable hard to find early production 2002 model which has worked flawlessly for me. Comes with original manual, power cord and a 2MB SRAM card. Selling to fund other studio projects. The synth is big and heavy so local pickup in Naperville or Brookfield IL area guarantees you’ll receive the synth working as pictured with no shipping problems. ” Link

MG-1, Moog @ 31 August 2015, “No Comments”

mg1p ” You are bidding on a Vintage Realistic / Concertmate MG – 1 Synthesizer by Moog Music, Model # 42 – 4000. I plugged it in and it powers up & lights up, the light responds to the slow / fast rate properly. All the knobs, sliders, and switches work properly. I tried the headphone jack and did not get any sound, so I am selling it in as-is condition, no returns. The overall condition is excellent, it is very clean as seen in the photos. The only thing I seen is a scratch by the sync switch down to the detune slider and a scratch on the word filter.” Link

Moog, Rogue @ 31 August 2015, “No Comments”

used rogfue ” For sale is an early 80′s Moog “The Rogue” analog synthesizer in minty condition.
Included are the original Moog box with foam blocks and bag, Owners & Technical manuals,
and the original power supply! Wow!!
This cool little synth was purchased new, used for a short time, then
stored away for 30 years. It’s been tested and functions as it should.

Collectors! You rarely see a complete package like this!
Players! This is a cool synth that works well in today’s music as well
as for retro sounds!” Link

liberation “I am selling my Moog Liberation Analog Synthesizer Keytar. It is in great working condition, and has been kept in a smoke-free environment since I acquired it. The previous owner claimed the same thing.

Cosmetically, it is generally in good shape. There is a crack in the wood behind the keytar, which the previous owner covered with heavy duty book tape. This has no impact on the playability of the synthesizer, at all. There are some scrapes/dings on the body of the keytar that are expected with a 35 year old synth. It has all of its knobs/sliders, the ribbon controller is in good shape, the shoulder strap is good, etc. ” Link

Minimoog, Moog @ 31 August 2015, “No Comments”

mmd “All original components and in working condition. Serial number is 9900. Case is in solid shape, has all keys, switches, wheels and knobs.

The wood case use a little sanding and oil and the contacts can get sticky. The 3 oscillators generally warm up after 10-15 minutes and get loose after 45-60 minutes sustained usage.

Otherwise this Mini MOOG has always been stored in either the studio or in an environmentally controlled storage area and is in remarkable condition.” Link

Moog, Source @ 31 August 2015, “No Comments”




mmpluis “Selling my MemoryMoog Plus Polyphonic Synth. Just serviced and calibrated by a reputable Vintage Synth Shop.

Everything works as it should, autotune brings up the 6 voice – 18 oscillators quickly as it should, has all factory sounds loaded.

Sounds and looks great! Includes original users guide.

Will pack it with heavy duty supplies.” Link

MG-1, Moog @ 31 August 2015, “No Comments”

mg-1“I purchased this Synth in 1990 at a Salvation Army type of store. I used it off and on, mostly off. It served faithfully until a few years ago when the Output suddenly had a Hum. I had someone clean the inside and fix the Output problem, although the Output is now at the Headphone Output, not the usual Output. I believe the Tape Out functions as an Output too, but I have not checked it. Actually it looks like he put 2 outputs in where there used to be only 1? Anyway, the Headphone Output works great!” Link

Moog, Satellite @ 31 August 2015, “No Comments”

m500 “Ich verkaufe hier einen gebrauchten Moog Satellite Synthesizer.

Er gehörte meinem verstorbenen Opa. Ich kann daher leider nicht sagen, wie alt das Gerät genau ist. Der Synth ist (soweit ich nach einem nochmaligen Test sagen kann) funktionsfähig, allerdings kenne ich mich nicht gut genug aus, um jedes Detail der Funktionalität testen zu können. Er weist dem Alter entsprechende Gebrauchsspuren auf.

Bei manchen Fader-Köpfen (siehe Bild) ist leicht der Kunststoff eingerissen. Oben an den seitlichen Holzbeschlägen hatte mein Opa einen Notenständer befestigt, wodurch leider jew. ein kleines Bohrloch zurückgeblieben ist (siehe Bilder).

Ich selbst habe den Synth bis auf ein mal 1-2 Stunden (und jetzt nochmal kurz zum Testen) nie gespielt. Auch habe ich kein Fußpedal zum Testen dieser Funktionalität.” Link

Moog, Opus 3 @ 31 August 2015, “No Comments”

opsu 3” I am selling my much loved and now very rare Moog Opus 3. Cosmetically it looks great and it sounds glorious. All of the knobs and sliders which are designed to alter the sound work, with a few minor exceptions, detailed below. The string, brass and organ sections can be heard clearly together and independently. All modulation sources, Organ bands, and envelopes work. All the keys work properly. I always thought I’d find the time to restore it to it’s original condition, but alas, it’s time for it to be enjoyed by a new owner, who I hope will enjoy it and restore it properly.

The issues:
1. The pitch-bend potentiometer has no effect on the pitch. I tried to rectify this by replacing the potentiometer, but this had no effect, so the fault still exists.
2. The master tune potentiometer also has no effect on the pitch.
3. The Organ Section on/off toggle switch has snapped off at the root of the stalk. The switch can still be operated by pushing the stub.

All keys can be played and if you play a tune using the full range of the keyboard it sounds great. When I switch it on the unit is perfectly in tune with my modern synthesizers. However, once it’s been switched on for a few minutes the pitch starts to drift ever-so-slightly and because the master-tune potentiometer has no effect, there is no way to adjust the tuning. I must stress, the amount of pitch drift is very small and it is uniform across the entire range of the keyboard, therefore all keys are still in tune with each other.

I think I would prefer local pick-up as I can then demonstrate these minor issues to potential buyers.
So, if anyone wants to try out the OPUS 3, you are welcome to come to my house in Norwich.” Link

Minimoog, Moog @ 31 August 2015, “No Comments”

d “This listing is for a vintage Moog Minimoog D analog synthesizer. Classic synth excelling in fat basses and leads, effects, etc. Fully serviced and excellent working order. Power cable has been replaced with standard IEC 3-prong type.” Link

Moog, Prodigy @ 31 August 2015, “No Comments”

Moog Prodigy“recently overhauled by a moog tech now working on the modular projects!!!!

He added cv i/o and filter cv control.
he rebuilt the power completely.
replaced power cord
cleaned and lubed the keyed with new bushings.
cleaned pots
tuned and calibrated.
serial number 4425 which has the circuit board with all the mod options.
scales very well. sync sounds are unreal on this! ” Link

Roland, TR-808 @ 30 August 2015, “No Comments”

“Roland TR-808 Analog Rhythm Composer!
~~Comes with All Manuals & Pattern Sheets!~~

Up for auction is a one and only Roland TR-808 Rhythm Composer ~ legendary classic analog drum machine!
Comes with the Manuals and Pattern Sheets (see pics) – NICE!

This 808 is in FLAWLESS cosmetic condition ~~ as close to being MINT as it gets! PERFECT working condition!

All knobs and buttons work as they should. No issues whatsoever. Battery compartment is CLEAN.

The 808 is the king of all drum machines. All of the emulators, samples and new groove boxes coming out are good in their own right, but absolutely nothing is the same as the real thing. There’s the 808 and then there’s everything else. Quit dreaming and get one! You’ll never look back!” Link

Roland, TB-303 @ 30 August 2015, “No Comments”

303“For sale, one of the most looked after synths ever made, the DEVILFISH Modded in Australia one, early collectors unit Serial 1x, Modded in 1993 ( The base used TB 303 is from 1982) MODEL 1.1

It lasted 15 years for me to find this, got it 8 years hardly without use.

Everything works, the only fail, very common on all the TB 303 is that some keys do enter twice the pressed note, this is easily reparable.

My other stock 303 has renewed all this switches.

Can include Australian exotic plug, ( non original BOSS) and photocopy manual of the ROLAND TB 303

Modded by Robin Whitle in Australia, the TB was made in Japan.

Feel free to ask me any question or any soundfile.

Smoker free and vintage synth collector, electronic music producer since 1993.

This is the ultimate acid machine as featured on Plastikman, Hardfloor, D-JAXX UP BEATS most of, EMANUEL TOP etc etc.” Link

Roland, SH-3a @ 30 August 2015, “No Comments”

sh3a“Here is a vintage analogue systhesiser with simple system as 1 VCO. but 5 sliders can be edit the oscilater like Organ’s draw bars. You can make short phrase and heavy thick bass sound by easy operating. All functions are working great. A paper to manual included. Its better to use solo play indeed. Every functions are working perfect. and the cosmetics are pretty fine too.” Link