Moog, Rogue @ 24 July 2017, “No Comments”

” Here’s another piece of analog synth history, the classic Moog Rogue (one of the last mono Moogs, and one of the last models to be made all in-house).

Overall working condition is great; the noise slider (in the mixer/overdrive section) is a little finicky and sometimes causes sound to cut out. It’s probably a connection that needs cleaning and/or soldering… definitely a small fix, as I seldom have run into issues, and only when I’m live tweaking that slider.

The pitch and mod wheels have some paint on them (pictured) but this doesn’t in any way affect performance. All other knobs/sliders function brilliantly.

The auction includes a custom-built hard case with foam inserts (pictured). ” Link

MG-1, Moog @ 24 July 2017, “No Comments”

“See pictures for condition
One key repaired
No slider knobs
1/4″ output jack added on back
All functions (sliders & knobs) tested and work
Original owner
Includes original manual” Link

Moog, Rogue @ 24 July 2017, “No Comments”

“Moog Rouge Synth keyboard

Nice condition for age, does have some marks and one chip on the key but overall good condition and sounds great.

Happy Bidding ”


Moog, Prodigy @ 24 July 2017, “No Comments”

“ere is our wonderful synth. Regretfully selling it.

We purchased it a few years ago. It had been serviced then according to the previous owner.

We have changed a few fuses but not much else. Used it in our studio. We dont profess to be very knowledgable about synthesisers but really enjoyed what sounds we could get out of this.

It has wear and tear as expected for its age. I’ll try to describe all I can. Any questions please do ask.

Missing a few knobs but you can replace these or use the white internal small knobs as we did. A few scratches, marks and dusty fluff on knobs.

There is some inconsistency with one of the oscillators. It can have a bit of noise on it off and on and I’m not sure what it needs.

The modulator wheel works but the pitch wheel doesn’t seem to do anything.

We leave it to warm up to tune but adjusted with a guitar pedal if needed. “ Link

MG-1, Moog @ 24 July 2017, “No Comments”

Condition is Poor to OK to Good.
Keys are in Good condition.
Slider caps and pot caps are in good condition.
I have cleaned most of the gunk out of the unit.
Mono synth functions work intermittently. When working, this synth is amazingly fat audibly.
Since I have had the Synth I never heard the Poly mode work.
Everything else on the synth worked or works intermittently.
There are some screws missing that go into the body of the unit.
The cord looks like it had been repaired.

I really love this synth, tried to clean it and get it working properly. I think it needs someone with more electrical ability than I currently am capable of.

I have used it on music recordings because it has external control inputs that I used to track from midi and CV.


AS-IS” Link

Moog, Rogue @ 24 July 2017, “No Comments”

“- Good Overall Condition
– Fully Functional
– Some minor signs of use and age
– power cord included
– See Photos” Link

“I am the original owner of the classic keyboard, the Roland Juno 60!

Purchased in 1983, it has spent the better part of the last 25 years in the case.

100% working order, 100% original. For those familiar with this keyboard, this means no MIDI mods and no battery mods. I tested the battery a few years ago, and there was still 3.25 volts on the original 3.6 volt battery. See more info below on the battery replacement, which saves the sound patches (both factory and your personal customized sounds) in memory.

Included in the listing:

Roland Juno 60 synthesizer
Roland foot switch. Can be used in the “pedal hold” jack or the “patch shift” jack. Pedal hold is a sustain pedal function; I never found it very useful for a synthesizer. Patch shift is much more useful. In a performance situation, you queue up sound patches that you need in consecutive locations. Patch shift then allows you to progress from one sound to the next hands-free.
Moden Case. This is a heavy case, and will well protect the keyboard.
Patch Program Datasheet. This datasheet has all the knob and slider settings for all the factory patches! So if your battery dies or you are unable to back up and restore the data, you can still get the starter sounds back.” Link

CR-68, Roland @ 23 July 2017, “No Comments”

“Listing is for a Roland CR-68 Drum Machine with MIDI input! MIDI input is for triggering individual sounds only and does not sync the unit’s internal patterns to an external clock (Who would want to?).

Samples can’t touch the real thing…organic vibe that integrates into the modern studio!” Link

“This auction is for a Roland Jupiter 4 Synthesizer. I’m not excited to sell this one but it’s not being used and we’ve got several more broken JP-4’s sitting in the back room.
This particular unit is serial # 770449 and has all of the original RevC voice boards (Roland BA662 filters). Most folks regard the BA662 version filter to sound better than the later IR3109 version… personally they are both awesome with some differences at higher resonance settings.. In any case this one has the often preferred BA662’a ($1800 worth of them no less!).” Link

“For sale is a used Roland JP-8000 Analog Modeling Synthesizer.
It’s in very good condition and functions flawlessly!

The internal battery has been replaced 2 weeks ago. It’s always been treated with love, and used in my smoke-free home studio. I’m sad to see it go, but I have to pay some bills. I am the second owner, and I bought it from a friend about 12 years ago.

There are a few very minor cosmetic scuffs, which you can examine in the high resolution pictures provided. The only one that is really obvious is a scratch by the effects bass knob.” Link

“This is a Roland CSQ-100 Digital Sequencer. It is in VERY GOOD condition complete with original packaging and manual. I am also including the optional power supply with the purchase. I am the ORIGINAL OWNER. As far as I know, everything works on it, but I haven’t tested it recently as I took it out of my musical set-up a few years ago. I take very good care of all my equipment. Being sold as is.”


“Juno 106
UK/EU voltage
Excellent condition as you can see from the pictures.
Just been serviced and had a new battery put in so has a clean bill of health loaded with the excellent factory presets.
Chips and voices are all great and stable!
This Juno has a mod on the HPF where 0 is fully on and 1 is neutral proceeding to graduate back in at 2 and 3, Funky.
Both cosmetically and soniclly this is a fantastic example of this iconic synth!” Link

“Roland JX-8P Analog Synthesizer with working aftertouch

Unit is fully functional and sounds great. All keys sound and feel good

Display is clear and easy to read

All of the buttons and parameters work except for aftertouch vibrato light which stays on all the time. You can turn this parameter on and off but the light will stay on

Keyboard was cleaned and aftertouch piezo strip was rebuilt. The key aftertouch is working well

Most of the unit is in great condition except for tone wheel area

Power cable included

An expensive SKB case is included with the keyboard” Link

“Fully tested and working, clean and in great shape overall! ” Link

JX-3P, Roland @ 23 July 2017, “No Comments”

“This keyboard is used but in very good working condition. As seen in the photos there are a few small dents in the metal of the keyboard but still works really good. Comes with the case shown.” Link

“.This item works well
It is operation confirmed.

Because it is used goods, there are a dirt or a wound associated with use,but I think that it is a item of moderation.” Link

“Roland Juno-1 ju-1

Powers up and produces signal but sounds more distorted at harder key impulses then I think it should (tested in headphones)

1 key has a broken piece.

Would be a great parts unit for your mint one, or for repair project. Comes with power cable” Link

“This unit does not have on board speakers! It has been professionally gone through.” Link

JX-8P, Roland @ 23 July 2017, “No Comments”

“Description: . comes as seen. Classic Vintage Synthesizer. see pictures. includes Hard lined soft case that will keep it safe for shipping. the 2 prong power cable is NOT included. no Cartridges are included. ” Link

JX-3P, Roland @ 23 July 2017, “No Comments”

“All keys play, all buttons work. Excellent working condition. PG 200 comes with case. 61 keys ” Link

Roland, SH-3a @ 23 July 2017, “No Comments”

“For sale is a 1973 example of the raw roland sh3-a monophonic analog synthesizer. Decent cosmetic condition. Sounds amazing! Has a few quirks. I suggest reading up on the split foot oscillator to better understand the way this thing works before bidding. The only issue this thing has is a few slightly scratchy sliders and the switches to change the wave shape of each individual feet of the oscillator are a bit finicky. With a gentle touch this is no impact on playability. Synth is built into it’s own case. I do in fact have the top cover but not the stand for sheet music.” Link

“This vintage Roland Juno 106 synthesizer is in great condition.

All sounds, buttons, and knobs work perfectly.

Comes with original owner’s manual and power chord.

Reason for selling is because I am moving and need extra space in my new apartment. ” Link

“Roland SH-101 with mod grip in excellent cosmetic and working condition.

One slider (resonance) has a little noise in the level 1 – 2 range.” Link

Korg, MS-10 @ 22 July 2017, “No Comments”

“Vintage Korg MS-10 Monophonic Analog Synthesizer USA 117 model recent service

Recent service including control panel cleaning and calibration. Expect some cosmetic blemishes from normal use and transport of a vintage music instrument.” Link

“KORG POLY-800 in good condition.

Includes manual, program tape, and Korg power adapter.

Instrument has been played and all features work. All the 64 factory sounds and controls work just fine. ” Link

“This keyboard has been well stored and is in great condition.The pictures in this listing are of the actual unit that you will receive.” Link

Korg, MS-2000 @ 22 July 2017, “No Comments”

” Turns on and is to be Sold in a used condition and with the power supply.” Link

Delta, Korg @ 22 July 2017, “No Comments”

“99% working order. All keys working on both string and synth section. Sounds great . Tested on headphones as I don’t have an amp and speaker to play it through.
As far as I can tell all knobs and switchs function as they should apart from
The vca eg mode switch in the synth section which is broken and needs replacing
The trigger mode switch has a fault in the string section. If you move the switch the sound dies but comes back on if you turn the keyboard off and on.
One slider cap is missing from the cut off frequency slider.
This synth has been dry stored in a bedroom for about 10 years so although it is working apart from the problems stated it would not hurt to service it.
Cosmetically it’s what you see. The plastic ends are good for their age. Three keys have little marks like tiny ciggerette burns and the rear of two keys as shown have what look like burn marks at the back of the keys. ”

Korg, MS-2000 @ 22 July 2017, “No Comments”

“Korg MS2000R Analog Modeling Synthesizer
A classic of noughties retroness this one made in 2000 and updated at Korg in 2004, I believe they replaced a PCB.
It is used having been in a school DJ training studio and there are signs of the rack mounting bolts see pics.
This is the R version and does not incorporate a keyboard – also see pics.
There is no direct USB port only the Midi IN, THRU, and OUT. So an interface may be required to your existing kit.” Link

Korg, MS-20 @ 22 July 2017, “No Comments”

“Up for sale is vintage KORG MS-20 Analog Semi-Modular Synthesizer. This is a classic patchable monophonic synth that made its debut in 1978.

The unit appears to be working fine to the best of my knowledge, all the keys and knobs and patches working fine as being tested accordingly to the manual.” Link

Korg, Poly 61 @ 22 July 2017, “No Comments”

“Korg Poly-61 for parts or repair. It powers on and it will make very minimal sound but in no way functions in a useable manner. The battery leaked a bit and we removed the battery and cleaned up the board. Sold as is for parts or repair. Free Shipping to Lower 48 States only.” Link

EX-8000, Korg @ 22 July 2017, “No Comments”

“This is a Korg EX-8000 programmable polyphonic synthe module. Same as the keyboard version DW-8000. Midi, rackmount version with original manual and new proprietary, power cable. Midi In,Out and Thru, 1/4 inch TRS stereo outputs. The module has been in storage for some time and does not power up. It is in good condition otherwise, complete and unmodified. See photos. It is sold as is, for repair. Thanks for looking.” Link

DW-8000, Korg @ 22 July 2017, “No Comments”

“Synthesthizer is used but in good condition. Synthesthizer works. Has some light surface wear and scratches. Has 2 Knicks on top corner, see pictures. Comes with brand new replacement power cord. Nothing else is included. Has no book, stand or case. ” Link

Korg, MS-2000 @ 22 July 2017, “No Comments”

“This KORG MS2000B is in excellent condition with manual and power supply sorry no mic I WILL ONLY SHIP IN UNITED STATES” Link