Korg, Polysix @ 24 June 2017, “No Comments”

Link Link

Korg, MS-01 @ 24 June 2017, “No Comments”

“Korg ms-01 foot controller in good condition.” Link

Korg, MS-04 @ 24 June 2017, “No Comments”

“Plastic film coating is on both side & the front panel. (Which can be removed: I did not)

Normal storage signs present but no major cosmetic damage present.(no dust no nicks or dents)” Link

“The Unit Seems To Be In Good Cosmetic Condition So Please Review All The Pictures To See Its Condition and Features That It Has.

This Keyboard Is Being Sold In As Is, Untested Parts Or Repair Condition.

I Do Not Have The Charger / Power Cord To Test It With. I Have Tried A Regular Power Cord, But Didn’t Have Any Luck Finding The Right One.” Link

Korg, MS-2000 @ 24 June 2017, “No Comments”

“No adapter.
Missing one rotary knob cap
Some scratches and scuffs.
Rack ears have minor bends.
Paint loss on the front edge.
Works great” Link

DW-6000, Korg @ 24 June 2017, “No Comments”

“Excellent used condition as shown in images. Works great, sounds great. Contains a mix of original sounds and user-programmed sounds in battery-backed memory. Has built-in MIDI. Original manual and power cord included. ” Link

Korg, SR-120 @ 24 June 2017, “No Comments”

“Up for sale, a 1976 Korg Univox SR-120 vintage drum machine in excellent condition and perfect working order.” Link

Korg, MS-2000 @ 24 June 2017, “No Comments”


DSS-1, Korg @ 24 June 2017, “No Comments”

“RARE, vintage unit is tested and it comes with a hybrid soft case, all keys work and look good, this is a GREAT unit! it has some weight to it, therefore the shipping charge. sold as is as seen, it is a used unit but looks and works good. dont miss out.” Link

“Up for sale is a Used Korg Wavestation A/D rackmount vector synthesizer Model WS-AD. Unit is in decent shape with normal wear from use and works but the display is not bright. Main unit only with power cord only. Picture above is of actual items buyer will receive.” Link

Korg, Polysix @ 24 June 2017, “No Comments”

“My lovley Korg Polysix is up for sale including a cary case, Included in sale will be a Service by a professional well known London tec.

Good working condition with CHK midi upgrade. A few light scratches and a few dings in the wood (particle board) See pics for overall condition. The midi upgrade has repurposed the to tape socket so the case didn’t have to be drilled. Special midi cable will be included.”

“Vintage Yamaha SHS-200 digital keyboard and midi controller. Fully tested and in excellent working order.

Great sounding synth.

Comes with a power adapter.” Link

CS-01, Yamaha @ 23 June 2017, “No Comments”

“Unit won’t power up. I think the power input just needs some TLC, maybe a quick Solder or something. Either way, its in great shape for parts or repair.”

DX-11, Yamaha @ 23 June 2017, “No Comments”

“Found the synthesizer in the storage unit, and obviously needs work, keys are missing/broken. But he did power on, said it needed a new RAM battery. Selling as is for parts or repair.” Link

DX100, Yamaha @ 23 June 2017, “No Comments”

“You are bidding on a Yamaha DX100 synthesizer keyboard original from 1985. Works great! Comes with custom guitar strap mounts so it can be played like a key-tar!” Link

DX-9, Yamaha @ 23 June 2017, “No Comments”

“Unit has been tested for overall functioning, including sound output, keyboard, sustain pedal, display screen, wheels and sliders, buttons, inputs and outputs and is in good working order. No signs of significant physical damage, dings or indentions. Keyboard in excellent cosmetic and functioning condition. Some scratches (only significant on bottom plate of unit from use of a keyboard stand – see Photobucket photos). Power cable is long (Kawasaki manufactured indicated on plug) and has a small (1/4″) area at input to unit that is missing the outer rubber insulation (see eBay photo #2). Have tested for any power cable problem and it works properly at all times even when wiggling it around vigorously. Forge Anvil Case is in very good condition but original foam padding had deteriorated becoming ‘gooey’ and has been removed and replaced by carpet.”

TX7, Yamaha @ 23 June 2017, “No Comments”

” For sale is a Yamaha TX7 desktop digital FM synthesizer. Everything works great and it’s in good cosmetic condition as well. I have installed a new green backlit LCD screen that makes it much easier to read than the original screen. ” Link

TX802, Yamaha @ 23 June 2017, “No Comments”

“Yamaha FM Tone Generator TX802 Rackmount Slightly used. Turns on but not fully tested. Sold as-is.” Link

DX100, Yamaha @ 23 June 2017, “No Comments”

“Hello, this auction is for a Yamaha DX100 synthesizer. It’s in great condition with a couple light scratches but nothing too major, and 3 rubber feet are missing from the bottom. Comes with non-original but fully functioning power supply. This synth works great and sounds great. A classic house and techno machine with a bunch of recognizable presets including the hallowed Solid Bass. It’s a synth I could never do without…I’m only selling it cause I have 2 🙂 ”

DX-7s, Yamaha @ 23 June 2017, “No Comments”

“Up For Sell Vintage Yamaha DX7S , Excellent Condition , With New Battery , Vintage Case , Working Good Condition , Rare ..Yamaha DX7s Vintage Classic Synthesizer” Link

CS-50, Yamaha @ 23 June 2017, “No Comments”

“I had this synth for many years. It’s been sitting for the past 15 years. It was working fine then but now for some reason, none of the “E” keys are working. I have no idea why. The sounds are working. The levers are working. There are no missing knobs or broken keys. I have the top cover and the music holder. I do not have the legs. I’m really going to miss this synth. It’s one of my many children. I just have too many bills to pay and I can’t keep everything.” Link

DX-21, Yamaha @ 23 June 2017, “No Comments”



“Wirklich rär in 9/10 zustand, alle räder und knopfe funktioniert perfekt ausser der nummer 4 musst bisschen schwerer gedrückt, aber trotzdem funktioniert jeden mal.
Mit strom adapter für deutschland etc. ” Link

” Really nice conditions, original and extra eproms included, 808 BD, SD, Rim, Claves, Maracas, Clap, CowBell, Conga, Ride and Hats, SCI Elec. BD, Linndrum BD, 0,4 Operating system…” Link





“I have a really clean, fully serviced Sequential Prelude in excellent condition. I have been collecting a lot of string synths lately, and the Prelude is one of the most versatile. It has a particularly good resonant filter, and can go from vintage string bliss to biting, funky clavs and synth/brass stabs, to jazzy organs with the flick of a switch and a push of the filter. AND you can layer everything for a huge sound that is like nothing else. The EQ and Modulation as well as the resonant filter give you a lot of variety and control. And the full polyphony allows for some huge sustained soundscapes. I am learning that string synths are the best source of that elusive vintage sound without spending thousands of dollars.

The Prelude reminds me a lot of the Korg Delta but with additional instruments and a sophisticated EQ and modulation section.” Link




This is an extremely rare and amazingly intuitive sequencer. It belongs with someone who will use it more than i do. It’s one of the finest Cv/Gate sequencers ever made due to it’s logical layout and improvisational capabilities. More on that later…

There were only around 500 made, and they were hand made by Dave Smith himself. He started his entire company Sequential Circuits based on this round of sequencer sales, which then provided his business foundation for developing the Prophet 5 and other major musical instrument milestones .

And what’s more is that of the 500, only the first 50 or so had the capability of working with both V/Octave standard AND Hz/V standard. This is one of them. It is serial number 0041, and presumably this capability was more expensive due to the pricier D/A conversion necessary for the higher resolution.

AND, what’s even more, is that this is one of a small handful that had a mod done to the unit (by Dave Smith) that allows for musical rests to be placed between notes. One can add as many single beat rests as any sequence can fit.” Link

ARP, Avatar, Axxe @ 21 June 2017, “No Comments”

“his is a combo Avatar + Axxe with CV/gate cable and Stand
Avatar and Axxe Modifications Included :
All tantal polarized capacitors are changed for new Electrolytic Capacitors.
All Sprague Orange capacitor are changed

Old transistor 2n606/2n5172 has been changed for new 2n3904/06
all defect IC has been changed by new (ca3080, CA3086, lm1358, lm3900 ..)
LM301 has been changed by new TL081 (Compensation cap removed)

New oversized power supply with modern component (lm317/337) and separate power supply for the LED
with modern component (lm317) with 1 toroidal transformer +/-15v + 1 toroidal transformer +5v for Avatar
and 1 R-CORE transformer +/- 15 and +5v for Axxe

With Queensland Walnut raw wood veneer panels

Specific Avatar Modifications Included :

Correction on the 4075 VCF which cut off frequencies above 12kHz

37 new sliders, Bourns PTL serie with led. Each color has an individually adjustable trimmer to adjust the brightness. The colors are according to the color code of the Odyssey.

The guitar part (Board E and D) are present and fonctionnel, but not used in this configuration.
The Guitar microphone is included. The connector are changed for a less expansive one (DIN 6, the same as input of the avatar)

Board D power supply connector are not connected (Reduce consumption).
– the Portamento, Guitar vol slides , and switchs string select has no effect

Two modifications are been made to allow the adjustment of both oscillators pitch to tune with another instrument :
– the Triger sensibility is used for a (reverse Log) pitch adjustment
– the 3 positions switch Env Follow is used to an approximatively +/- 2 octave pitch adjustment
Specific AXXE Modifications Included :

New VCF AM4023 Filter12dB Low Pass

Due to the configuration of the Axxe slider the resonance are inverted (low on the top) and to have a maximum resonance,
the settings of Q is very hight, that will take the filter in oscillation depending of the frequency and the reso.

23 new sliders, Bourns PTL serie with led. Each color has an individually adjustable trimmer to adjust the brightness. The colors are according to the color code of the Odyssey.

All IC excepted VCO, are on sockets for easy change. ” Link

ARP, Avatar @ 21 June 2017, “No Comments”

“I am selling my ARP Avatar guitar synthesizer after many years of use. I am the original owner; I bought the unit new. This Avatar was played for many years, but has been unused for the past few years.

Cosmetic: there are no slider caps on this Avatar (they have long since crumbled or been lost); there is a bit of tape residue marks on bottom center of back panel (see pic); slight wear on right wood end panel; the Sustain slider in the ADSR envelope generator section is broken off almost flush with the front panel (still moveable/functional).

Electronic: scratchy pots/sliders (gently working the sliders seems to help); VCO 2 not as loud as VCO 1; Some sliders don’t seem to affect the sound as they should ( i.e. sliders routing signals to the filter don’t seem to be working correctly); oscillators drift substantially (although became more stable the longer the unit was on and being played); oscillators act like portamento is on even when portamento slider is all the way down; i.e. synth response to guitar sounds “sluggish”; i.e. tracking seems to lag.

Good Things:
Cosmetic: This Avatar is in excellent cosmetic condition; virtually no scratches, dents or dings (other than the broken slider tip in the ADSR/EG). It has been well protected over the years. Wood veneer end panels in good shape with a few small blemishes (see pics);
Electronic: Synth powers on normally; main power switch and main output button both light normally; all sliders are completely moveable; no stuck ones; Hex pickup (both clean and fuzz) work normally and sound fine (or at least as originally intended). The hex fuzz sounds distinct and clear. The guitar pickup works normally and the string select lights all work normally; the Guitar Interconnect cable (connects the hex pickup to the synth) is completely functional. The tracking of the guitar seems to be working well (although the oscillator response is as mentioned above). Filter (both LP and HP) and resonance sliders work normally as do EG sliders, oscillator frequency sliders, pulse width mod sliders, etc.

Original manual, patchbook, instructional cassette tape; Hexaphonic guitar pickup w/ original box, guitar to synth cable, original filter foot pedal and sustain foot switch all included. More pictures available is needed.

I have recently tested the Avatar out on a small portable synth, not a stereo sound system. The basic functions of the synth seem to function; it comes on, it makes sound, most sliders work normally. As mentioned above, there are some issues with the synth. I did not test the Avatar comprehensively; e.g. I did not test any of the outputs other than the mono guitar and low level synth outputs; both seemed to function normally (although I have no reason to believe that any of the outputs aren’t functional); I didn’t check every slider (other than for ease of movement) for audio functionality.”

ARP, Odyssey @ 21 June 2017, “No Comments”

“Rarest of the vintage Odyssey versions with “4035” filter (Moog ladder topology). While it doesn’t sound like a Minimoog it does sound very close to the “4012” filter on the standard (black/grey) 2600, with a nice round, musical resonance and great bass response at zero resonance.

Has factory CV/gate interface for integration into the modern studio (apparently standard for the first time with MkII, the white/MkI units generally do not have this).

Condition as seen — note small piece missing out of the upper right corner, which is most visible in the fourth photo, but can be seen if you look carefully at the main photo.”

“Large Format Modcan Series B modular synth.

Includes 3 zero oscillators.

Module list as follows:

Dual quantizer 55b

Clock 53b

VC sequencer 54b

VCO 01b x 3

Dual VCO 46B

Mini wave 22b

VCDO 58b

Envelope follower 45b

Dual VCA 13b

Noise s/h ring mod 07b

VC dual lag adsr47b x 3

Dual lag18b

Mult 48b x 4

Dual LFO 05b x 2

Switch 56b

Boolean 24b

Dual mixer 27b x 3

X/Y controller x 3

Quad LFO 03b

4vca 31b

reverb 35b

Diode filter 23b

Multi mode 10b

904a VC low pass

4075 lowpass

4 pole 15b

Fixed filter bank 41b

Cem filter 29b

Dual multi mode 40b

Dual LFO 05b

Attenuator 49b

VCA dual asr 47b

VC dabsr d4b

VC recorder 57b

Frequency shifter 39b

Super delay 30b

VC flanger 38b

Phase shifter timber mod

VCA pan 21b

I am also including a rack of patch cables of various lengths.” Link

“OK. So, you can get a Micro Q fairly cheap these days. But good luck finding one like this that has the following features:

* New Open Box!
* Stenzel Signature Series 12 of 25
* 75 Voice Expansion Card installed (was also brand new upon installation)

That’s right. This unit is about as rare as these Micro Qs can come by these days. It was only opened to have the expansion installed. The unit has been in the box ever since. This one is signature 12 of 25 by Stefan Stenzel.

This could be the last brand new unit of its kind around.”

PPG, PPG Wave @ 20 June 2017, “No Comments”

“This was a Wave 2.2 that was upgraded to a 2.3 by the factory. The original unit did not have MIDI and wasn’t implemented during the upgrade. I installed a Kenton MIDI kit many years back that gives it basic MIDI functionality and served my needs well.

I’m an experienced PPG repair tech that has revived Rupert Greenall’s infamous Wave 2.2 that appeared on all those great Fixx tracks and has been dead since the 80’s. Before I ship the unit, I will go through this, do a thorough cleaning and maintenance that includes calibration, cleaning of all contacts and aligning the keyboards action so they evenly trigger across the full range of the keyboard. No dead notes!

This is a pretty rare beast. If you are looking for that classic PPG sound. This is one of the most reliable out there. ” Link

“Excellent condition, like new one. I’ve used it several months. The item is unique: exellent quality and style with a lot of functions and opportuninies for music making. Native in use.” Link