Moog, Opus 3 @ 27 July 2015, “No Comments”

ioys 3 ” Moog Opus-3 Synthesizer in very good+ condition. ” Link

minimoog model d “Moog minimoog #6198…Several years ago this minimoog was restored by the late Kevin Lightner. The following things were done to it… new knobs, new bushings, new key tops, new power cord. The electronics were restored to improve stability and reliability. Switchcraft jacks were used in the GATE IN/CV IN mod. done to this minimoog.

The photos are not perfect and do not due this cabinet justice. The cabinet was professionally restored and is darker than the pictures indicate. While not shown the Pitch & Mod. wheels are blue back lite, and the Power light is blue and matches the Pitch & Mod. wheels color. All keys trigger properly. This minimoog is very stable once the unit is warmed up and dialed in.” Link

taurus 22“This is an original USA Moog Taurus II.
It is in original USA vintage.
It worked the last time I tried it.
All the knobs and switches are original telling me it was probably not abused.
Unfortunately the cord and PS went missing when it came out of my storage.
I don’t foresee any problems-if you don’t have them, they’re available for cheap on eBay.
I am pricing it more than $500 less than the next least expensive one.” Link

mini_moog_model D “This model D is in excellent condition both inside and out. There are only slight discolorations around the top four screws as seen in the photo. It remains in tune and does not drift. I purchased the instrument in the early 70′s as indicated by the serial number #2459. I have not used the instrument in several years. It was recently serviced by the moog technician at “The Good Guys Pro Audio” in St. Paul, Minnesota, in order to sell in pristine condition. ” Link

used micromoog“Selling this for a friend who needs to pay medical bills. He just had it professionally cleaned and checked over at Speed of Sound in Eau Claire, WI. It’s been well cared for and has been kept clean and dry in a smoke-free environment. Everything works great! Comes with a nifty travel case.” Link

moog minimoog “I love this monster. It’s famous for a reason. I’m switching to modular and clearing space of some vintage gear.

It was recently tuned in June and sounds killer. A previous owner had the Synhouse midi kit installed, but I do not have it currently installed. I will include the midi kit if you are interested. It’s overall in beautiful shape with a nice classic dark wood cabinet. There is a scratch on the right side panel. Serial # is 7399

Comes with original manual.” Link

Moog, Prodigy @ 27 July 2015, “No Comments”

used prodigy “Technisch ok und guter optischer Zustand, nur ein Seitenteil hat leichte Kratzer. 220 Volt Ausführung.

Technical ok and all works fine. Additional Trigger-Input (Input-Jack on the Back in the “g” of the word Moog.

Optical: 1 Woodside has lttle scratches (see Picture). 220 V Unit

All Pictures are from the offered article.” Link

MG-1, Moog @ 27 July 2015, “No Comments”

used mg1” This synthesiser is in working order. Mostly in original condition I think the sliders knobs aren’t original and the mains cord looks to new to be original it also seems to have had an extra standard jack socket fitted in the back have know idea what it’s for.
The mains supply is 110 volt but seems to run fine on a 110 volt shaver adaptor ( supplied )
Must have been an American import
Have had some weird wonderful sounds out of it . It could probably do with a good service . none on the pots or sliders are scratchey .” Link

memorymoog plus “Original Vintage MOOG MEMORYMOOG + PLUS JUST GOT SERVICED!!! 4 MONTHS AGO (receipt available) Cosmetically in Beautiful condition! EVERYTHING WORKS PROPERLY! ALL Oscillators work perfectly “6 Tuned” ETC. For the last 8 years it has been parked in a smoke free studio and just used occasionally. It is in Excellent condition considering it’s vintage. It has never been gigged with. It’s got MIDI Installed! Complete with: · Manual, · Service Manual · Large Fold-out Schematics. The add here was “Local Pickup Only”because of the fragile nature of these instruments but I’m re-considering that because I do need to sell it.. If one wants the Memorymoog to be shipped to them, we can work something out including the INSURANCE COSTS. I am in the Southern California Area. For it to work (shipping the MemoryMoog), one would have to provide a keyboard case, OR, pay for one that I could pick up EASILY, or pay for a super pro packing and shipping place to do it correctly. The cost of shipping would be dependent upon: a. How it is packed. b. Where it is being shipped to. c. The method in which one wants it shipped. d. In how many days one expects the Memorymoog to be delivered. e. How much the FULL insurance will be. Also, if it is being shipped, I can not guarantee the keyboard to be in perfect working order once it arrives (due to the normal “goings On” to do with shipping), thussly the keyboard would NOT be under any warranty by me (other than the fact that it WAS in perfect working order when it was shipped). WE CAN however INSURE the package itself for the value thereof. ” Link

Moog, Source @ 27 July 2015, “No Comments”

used moog source “For your consideration I have a beautiful MOOG SOURCE analog synthesizer. This Moog sounds amazing, and is fully functional. It is 100% original, it has never been modified. This is the mark II Moog Source which has more connectivity on the rear. This synth is in nice cosmetic condition, even the bottom is in great shape. The keys are white, straight, and play great. The aluminum body does have some oxidation mostly on the back, but nothing is broken, cracked, or bent. It comes from a smoke free, pet free, clean environment. This synth is a must have for musicians and Moog collectors. You will receive the synthesizer, power cord, and printed manual. I will make sure it is packaged and shipped properly. ” Link

MG-1, Moog @ 27 July 2015, “No Comments”

used moog mg1 “Up for sale today is a very cool realistic concertmate mg-1 synthesizer made by moog. This synthesizer is pretty rare and isn’t up for sale very often. I really do not know much about synthesizers, but I plugged this is and it seems to power on but the red light just blinks in and off and doesn’t seem to stop. I don’t know how to properly test this unit so it wil, be sold as is, untested. Some of the tops of the switches are missing as shown in the pictures. I provided many pictures so you can see the physical condition of the unit, and I will answer any questions to the best of my ability. ” Link

jp4“Roland Jupiter-4 polyphonic synthesizer serviced and adjusted.

Looks 9.50 of 10
Better than average condition, some ebayers may say MINT but this is not a word I understand right.

Works 10 of 10
Everything works as specified, overhauled before shipping to have long life and to keep original sounds.
All electrolytic capacitors, some short life OpAmps/tramsistors/logis ICs are changed with new ones, microprocessors and RAMs are tested individually,
keys knobs, sliders, switches and jacks cleaning are done before shipping.” Link

juno60“This auction is for a Vintage Roland Juno-60 Programmable Polyphonic Synthesizer in used condition. Please see pics on condition. Everything appears to be in working order. Missing two knobs, see pic, and the cord needs replaced see pic. Synth comes with a case see pic. ” Link

D-50, Roland @ 26 July 2015, “No Comments”

used d50 “auction for Roland D-50 Synthesizer with DP-2 Pedal and Hard Carry Case padded. $50.00 s/h U.S.A. Insured. #

Cosmetics: good condition, looks good. May show Normal wear, scratches

Operational condition: tested all works great, easy to use. all keys play great” Link

JX-3P, Roland @ 26 July 2015, “No Comments”

Up for auction is this Vintage Roland JX-3P Music Synthesizer Keyboard Working AS IS for Parts. This item is being sold in AS IS condition for parts. The keyboard does power on and all keys work. However, here’s the catch. The keyboard has some significant damage to it. It appears to have had a hard fall on its left end at one time (see photo), which has upset some of the buttons inside it. I can only get sound buttons one and ten to light up. Some are stuck and don’t push down. This keyboard obviously is in need of some form of internal repair. So basically I’m going to be selling this unit AS IS for parts, at a very reasonable starting price. Please see all photos below.” Link

used juno 106Included in this Auction:

Roland Juno-106 Synthesizer – S/N 418478

Power Cord


Electronics – 100% fully functional.

Physical – Lots of small scuff and scratches. Nothing broken or missing” Link

D-110, Roland @ 26 July 2015, “No Comments”

d110” For auction is a late 1980′s Roland D-110 multi timbral sound module. Standard 19″ rack mountable. Used in a smoke-free studio. Includes the user’s manual. Midi in/out/thru. Mono and stereo outs. OS specs: version 1.07, manufactured June 14, 1988. Minor cosmetic wear. Manufactured in the late 1980′s. No original box. Fully functional. Very cool synth sounds!” Link

used  juno 106” Beautiful ROLAND JUNO-106. Works perfect. All keys and buttons are working 100% (1 small fader button missing) This is the FATTEST synth around- an absolute CLASSIC.” Link

jx3ppg200“1- Used JX-3P Keyboard Synth. This has been well played but is in good working condition! Some buttons stick sometimes, and there are dents, and a few screws missing from a previous repair I suppose. All keys work and all sounds work! Also included in this sale is a PG 200 Synth Programer, and cord! This item is sold in “as is” condition with no returns, so bid accordingly!” Link

roland alpha juno 2“ROLAND ALPA JUNO 2 synthesizer works great and looks great only very minor wear as pictured . Comes with original carrying case . The case has very minor wear also. Comes with original power cord , pedal and amp cord.and also a power amp cord.

This would make a great Addition to any collection.” Link

106This is a vintage Roland Juno 106 synthesizer, this keyboard works wonderfully! I’ve only played it a few times, but I just haven’t had the time to learn how to use it properly. I picked this up at a church I was at a couple years back and I assume it didn’t get used often. Power cord included, I don’t have an owners manual for the keyboard, but I believe it can be found on the website The synthesizer is missing one knob to the left of the keys (reference photos), which can easily be replaced. Other than that it’s in great shape!” Link

roland mc-202 “This like new Roland MC-202 Sequencer Synthesizer Microcomposer is in operating condition. Selling for a great price compared to the list price, and the other ones on this site. Rare item.” Link

roland juno 6 “Beautifully maintained Roland Juno 6. A few small imperfections as shown in the photos. All keys, knobs, buttons, and benders working great. Smoke-free environment since my father bought it new in the 80s.” Link

roland tb-303“Roland TB-303 Bass Line. It features a single analog oscillator with two waveforms (ramp or square) and has a simple but excellent VCF (filter) with resonance, cut-off, and envelope controls. There are also knobs to adjust tuning, envelope decay, tempo and accent amount.

This TB-303 is in excellent condition. Please see pictures for detail. This unit is 32 years old. There are some nicks and scratches, although none of these affect play or sound. The TB-303 has no battery leakage, all potentiometers sound great and all functions work perfectly.

The TB-303 has been well taken care of and was recently given a run through at Chicago Synthesizer Repair and Restoration and it was given a clean bill of health. I tested everything and it everything works great. DIN SYNC works excellent.” Link

used mks80“Roland MKS-80 Super Jupiter Analog Synthesizer With MPG-80 & M64C Vintage Synthesizer

This one was recently serviced by a Roland tech at LA Synth. The unit is in beautiful condition. The Mks has a little rack rash but nothing major. The Mpg is in almost pristine cosmetic condition. Both units have been tested and work fine.” Link

jd800 “WORKS BUT HAS ONE LIMP KEY. The key sound still works when pressed hard; however, it is quite tricky. All other keys work without a problem as well as the synth itself. ” Link

used roland rt-808 “This is the Cadillac of all Vintage Audio Mixers. The Roland TR-808 Rhythm Composer was acquired as part of the estate of a retired well known musician from the Dallas area.

These are extremely rare to find. Especially with this low of a serial # 000447. Powers up fine (see photos).

This would be a great addition to your vintage collection. ” Link

MRS-2, Roland @ 26 July 2015, “No Comments”

mrs-80“Circa 1979-82 Roland MRS-2 Promars Compuphonic Analog Synthesizer. Very nice gently used condition see accurate photos. Works very well had recent service and new internal memory battery done at Raymond Brothers Organ & Electronic Equipment Service DeLand, FL. One knob and 2 slider knobs replaced. You can buy complete orig. sets on ebay I see listed at $18. I am selling this for a friend the original owner. I will ship when paypal clears to my bank normally 5 business days. Selling “as is” condition with no implied warranty all components work fine with recent check out/service. There are great websites and blogs that list detailed information about this device. ” Link

sh-01 “I’ve had this SH-101 for about a year and am downsizing a bit, eliminating some redundancies.

The SH-101 is, obviously an incredible instrument. I just also have an MC-202 and don’t really need both.

It’s in good cosmetic shape for the age, not the worst or best I’ve had and it works great. The battery compartment is clean.

It’s been recently tuned and serviced, all the keys work, the CV/Gate input works, and the sequencer works. ” Link

JX-3P, Roland @ 26 July 2015, “No Comments”

jx3p” Up for sale is a vintage roland jx-3p synthesizer keyboard. Comes with the case . Case’s edges are worn. Keyboard has a small dent on the right. ” Link

used 106“Up for auction here is a Roland Juno 106 synthesizer / keyboard. It’s in great condition and comes as shown in the photos that are actual to the item you are bidding on. Includes the power cord and 1/4″ jack cable. Has been in storage for a while, but just hooked it up and it’s playing great with no known issues. Great overall cosmetic condition with only a few minor scuffs/scratches from normal use. This keyboard has not been abused and will be a great addition to any studio. ” Link

used 101 “Goodt conditions. All the knobs, keyboard and faders work fine. Test prior to listing. Has slight cosmetic wear, including minor scratches on some parts of the synth but not so visible. Comes with worldwide adapter and battery works perfectly too.” Link

roland rs292 “Vintage 1976 collectors item Roland RS 202 all analog string synth with case top in great playing shape. Wear from years in the normal spots, one small scratch/gouge on the metal casing left hand side. The ensemble/chorus switch is scratchy, but works and does not ad noise while playing, only while switching from off to one or two, other than that is works fine.” Link

used 808 ” Working TR-808 with custom Claro Walnut wood sides. I will have the drum machine professionally packed. I will also ship internationally. Non-smoker owned and used. ” Link