Korg, MS-2000 @ 27 August 2016, “No Comments”

ms2k “korg ms2000 in original box, in perfect working order. Selling due to moving house. I have owned this synthesiser for about 8 years and made lots of good noises on it. It has been well looked after, and only used in the studio.” Link

DW-8000, Korg @ 27 August 2016, “No Comments”

8000 “The unit works good except for one sticky key. It needs a little cleaning and the knob is chewed up but still works good” Link

Korg, Polysix @ 27 August 2016, “No Comments”

p6” Korg Polysix in EXCELLENT condition, mint or near mint. There is no battery leakage and the battery has been replaced with a replaceable CR2032 lithium. Everything works and it sounds great! ” Link

EX-8000, Korg @ 27 August 2016, “No Comments”

ex8000 ” For sale is a gently used Korg EX-8000 rack unit in excellent condition. Original manual and preset sounds cassette included. The unit has a few minor scratches but looks and sounds great. The synth is 100% fully functional.” Link

Korg, Poly 800 @ 27 August 2016, “No Comments”


Korg, Poly 61 @ 27 August 2016, “No Comments”

poly-61 “Left in the closet for years, it still plays and comes with a Flight Case from A&S caes. In excellent physical condition” Link

Korg, Poly 800 @ 27 August 2016, “No Comments”

used polyt800 “Powers on just fine and comes with power a/c cord. I did not test this with batteries, missing the battery compartment. This is untested, so I’m unsure if the programming works. Sold As Is.” Link

Korg, MS-2000 @ 27 August 2016, “No Comments”

ms2000 “Classic vintage 90s” Link

DW-8000, Korg @ 27 August 2016, “No Comments”

dw8l “This is a nice digital synth by Korg. It has velocity sensitivity and an arpeggiator. Hours of fun to be had with this unit. Hope you enjoy this unit as much as I did. The velocity sensetivity is pretty awesome for a synthesizer in this price range. Power cable not included (lost).” Link

Korg, Poly 800 @ 27 August 2016, “No Comments”

poly800 “This is a vintage polyphonic digitally-controlled analogue synthesizer with that authentic ’80s sound. It’s got 8 voices, patch memory, a basic sequencer, built-in digital chorus, and MIDI ins and outs. You can run it off D batteries and it even has pegs for wearing it with a guitar strap!

The instrument is in good cosmetic shape and decent working order, but has trouble staying in tune and the pitch-bend/modulation joystick works intermittently. All of the buttons work and you can select and edit patches. The sequencer works too. I’ve been told the tuning issues could easily be fixed with some quick soldering. As is it’s still very useful for recording but not really reliable for performing with (unless you make experimental music).

This unit has been modified in two ways: the previous owner added a pitch bend knob that overrides the joystick (see pics). I also painted the whole thing electric blue, making this a unique and stylish addition to any synth arsenal.” Link

CS-5, Yamaha @ 26 August 2016, “No Comments”

cs-5 “Yamaha CS5 vintage monophonic synth, introduced in 1979 as the entry-level CS model. It’s a great little analog machine, with 3 decent filters (HP,BP and LP) and 3 LFO shapes including sample & hold for those retro ‘computer’ sounds, as well as an external sound input. I’ve included a photocopied instruction manual.

Model is still in full working order – sounds perfect! And excellent cosmetic condition with a few little scuffs/scratches to the surface (see pics)” Link

DX-11, Yamaha @ 26 August 2016, “No Comments”

yamahadx11 “Yamaha DX 11 synthesiser

Needs new ram battery

Small bit of heat distortion to a couple of keys, left too close to a radiator but does not effect operation

Was working when last used but ram battery now flat

Collection only” Link

DX-21, Yamaha @ 26 August 2016, “No Comments”

dx21 “All works fine except the B2 button. This controls detune, pitch bend range and selects patch B2. The button presses in but nothing happens. Could be an easy fix” Link

TX7, Yamaha @ 26 August 2016, “No Comments”

tx7 “This is a Yamaha TX 7 FM Expander. Does not power on. Being sold ASIS for parts or repair.” Link

DX-27, Yamaha @ 26 August 2016, “No Comments”

dx-27 “Vintage YAMAHA DX27 Digital Programmable Synthesizer Keyboard

Includes: keyboard, manuals, foot pedal, power cord and black carpeted case (case shows some wear from travel)

61 keys

Good pre-owned condition – a little dusty from storage, some marks/scuffs/scratches as shown in photos – Tested, all keys work – I am not familiar with all the functions, so not all the functions have been tested, but all buttons and knobs seem to work” Link

DX-7, DX-7 II, Yamaha @ 26 August 2016, “No Comments”

dx7iifd “Up for sale I have a Yamaha DX7 ii FD Synthesizer With Hard Case. Keyboard works and sounds great. Cosmetically I would rate it a 7/10 with some minor flaws that I will show in photos. A great purchase for anyone who knows how to use this bad boy! The case in photo could use new lining as well.” Link

SY85, Yamaha @ 26 August 2016, “No Comments”

yamahasy85 “Used, in great condition for it’s age. Everything is in perfect working condition including the floppy drive.
Cosmetically great (see pictures) and comes with gig bag!” Link

SHS-10, Yamaha @ 26 August 2016, “No Comments”

yamahashs10 “Up for auction is this very nice vintage Yamaha model SHS-10R red MIDI keyboard. It is in excellent condition with NO major damage of any kind and works perfectly. It comes as shown with original strap but no power chord. It was tested using batteries. Thank you for looking.” Link

CS-01, Yamaha @ 26 August 2016, “No Comments”

cs-01 “For sale is an original Yamaha CS01. This comes with I think to be the original zippered and padded bag and looks like original power supply. The unit is in good working order and good physical condition for its age. It has a fair amount of scratches on it and it is missing the battery cover. Everything tested ok with this unit powered up via the power supply. I did not try batteries in this. Cool little keyboard !” Link

CS-50, Yamaha @ 26 August 2016, “No Comments”

cs50 “In great condition for its age

Fully serviced and tuned

Kenton MIDI Kit installed

Legs are sturdy and pack away securely in the case.

The only defect is the catch on the door behind which the power cable lives (pictured) won’t click shut but could probably be easily fixed by someone who knows how.” Link

600 “Powers on, and working but, has many dead keys, missing wooden side panels, broken cutoff knob, needs tuning, dead battery and the lower right segment of the first digit on the led display not illuminating (see pictures).” Link

p2k “Up for auction a very rare and unique sampler by SCI, designed by Dave Smith.

Auction Includes:

Prophet 2000 Sampler
Original User Manual
Link to digital disk images

It is an 8-voice, 12-bit sampler with real Analog Filters and VCA. Deep editing and sampling capabilities.

It has a built-in operating system, and some preset sounds (so one is not forced to use the floppy drive to use the sampler). The sampler also includes a very unique arpeggiator with very musically useful parameters.

It has an amazing UNISON mode, not often found on samplers- that is quite refreshing. I believe this sampler can produce and keep up with the same quality of sounds as the famous Emu Emulator II sampler. For most sounds and blind A/B tests I prefer the P2000 to the EII.

Cosmetically the sampler is in good condition for it’s age. The original floppy drive has been replaced but the cover faceplate for that drive has been removed. It still operates and will load/save disks. I’ll include a few homemade disks of analog synths that I’ve made. I will also send a larger collection of digital disk images for this sampler.

Used in a smoke free studio. The keyboard will be professionally packed and shipped via a local UPS store. ” Link

p5rev3p3 “Sequential Circuits Prophet 5. Every switch, cuircut board and connection just inspected and repaired. Here’s the work I had done: Rebuilt the power supply, REBUILT KEYBOARD & SPRINGS, Installed new front panel potentiometers, Installed new CEM 3340 {repaired LFO], reflowed all interconnects inside to insure reliability, cleaned and reseated all IC chips in their sockets, cleaned and refurbished all cable assemblies, headers and interconnects and loaded factory patch set #2. Tested all functions. All work was performed by Pro Audio in Tampa Florida. I spent over $1600 on this Prophet 5 to make it 100% correct and playable. It should last you a long, long time. I didn’t redo the wood case so there are some bumps and scratches. If you want a pristine wood case use sandpaper and oil. A word on Prophet 5 synths: Everyone seems to want the Rev 2.2. The oscillators on the Rev 2.2 didn’t stay in tune. The Rev 3 series fixed the slipping oscillator problem. ” Link

sci_six-trak “Near Perfect!

A well loved Six Trak. Has lived in my studio for the past few years. Sounds so fat!” Link

multi-trak “Greetings Fellow Musicians! Up for your consideration is a Vintage Sequential Circuits Multi Trak from the mid 1980′s! Based on the pot codes, 1985 to be exact. This keyboard is very clean, as it has spent a good deal of it’s life in a local recording studio doing jingle and commercials. When I received the keyboard the lithium battery was gone. I ordered and installed a new battery (see photos) and loaded in ALL the original sounds. YES, when you purchase this Multi-Trak it includes all the original manuals, quick start guide, cassette tape with the sounds on it, the original POWER SUPPLY is included as well as midi cables! Please ask any and all questions you may have…this board sounds AWESOME! Everything is in perfect working order.” Link

ARP, Quartet @ 24 August 2016, “No Comments”

arpquartet “Hello Up for auction is a vintage ARP Quartet synthesizer. It has been tested and does work. It has some marks/pitting but it’s old so it’s to be expected. This is a great synthesizer, and a great deal!” Link

ARP, Quartet @ 24 August 2016, “No Comments”

quartet “Amazing sounding instrument! It’s very full sounding when you get to layering. Overall the condition is good, some nicks and a random chip on the back, a little dust here and there. Keys feel phenomenal and buttery, all keys will fire. Wood sides a little nicked up, the bottom is little nicked and scratched as well. The high and low output was tested, works fine. The power switch is a little knocked up, but it will power on and work just fine. Will need to replace eventually. The angle stands on the bottom work great. Overall all the different instruments in the orchestra sound great and will be modified by their respective sound modifiers. Volume slider is a tad bit touchy, it can really jump on you. Not a lot of scratching in any sliders. Buttons trigger fine without needing to mash into it at all. Tuning works. ” Link

2600, 3620, ARP @ 24 August 2016, “No Comments”

2600 ” Classic vintage synth with slight wear and tear (a few missing knobs, controls still work–in pics)
Great opportunity for a tune-up and quick re-sell, or, to enjoy on your own!
Sold as is.” Link

ARP, Odyssey @ 24 August 2016, “No Comments”

used ody “ARP ODYSSEY MK ll MODEL No 2813 ..this is a mid 70′s Synth in amazing condition , it has very few marks and can only be described as excellent cosmetically , it’s been carefully stored and has had no use for the past 20 years , brought out recently, tested and played, it works great …all sliders ,switches ,keys and buttons do what they should , it sounds big fat and powerfull but unlike modern synths you have to know what you are doing with it to get it to perform properly ,,, bear in mind also that it’s 40 years old and totally original,,, a service would probably be a good idea….if you are looking at this I don’t need to tell you how rare it is here in the UK especially in such great condition ” Link

ARP, Avatar @ 24 August 2016, “No Comments”

arp avatar “ARP Avatar
I bought new in `77 and used for about 6 months.Originally designed for guitar but when midi is added can be used with midi capable keyboards. Same sound engine as Arp Odyssey. A great addition to your rig for those retro sounds. Also includes guitar pickup assembly. Missing some slider tips which were cheap and easily broken in two from normal use.
I used and had fun with it around the house and some studio work, but when I used it on a couple of gigs I found it impractical because of time consuming chore of changing sounds. It`s not like modern synths “push one button” for a new patch. Therefore it went in the closet and I removed PU from my guitar and it`s been there since.
When I decided to sell it I realized I had no way to test it personally without paying a tech, which I didn`t want the expense, or reinstalling the PU, which I also didn`t want to do.It worked fine the last time I used it and other than the missing slider tips I noticed the sliders were not smooth. I`ve seen a wide variety of prices online and it`s original cost was rather high. I wished I had waited for Roland to come through with my present guitar synth rig. I`m selling as-is and can`t give any further info that I know of about it.” Link

ARP, Odyssey @ 24 August 2016, “No Comments”


MODEL: 2800

S/N 287406




ARP, Omni @ 24 August 2016, “No Comments”

omni “You are bidding on a used Arp Omni model 2483 for parts or repair. Item does not power up and has some noticeable scratches on the top of the case. Item is sold AS IS – no returns.” Link

Synare @ 23 August 2016, “No Comments”

s3x “This rare vintage Synare S3X by Star Instruments is in good working condition. Includes a copy of the Synare S3X manual, 1/4 inch cable, Drum sticks, and universal power adapter. The type of power adapter that comes included with this drum usually comes with multiple tips to fit a variety of different devices. I have included its appropriate tip and have taped it to the cord to prevent loss. Although the power adapter is not the original Synare power adapter it is fully functional. Drum pad is aging and creates white dust. Please review pictures and see condition. Item is in great condition, works, and ready for use.” Link

Ensoniq, ESQ1 @ 23 August 2016, “No Comments”

esq-1 “Ensoniq ESQ-1 vintage hybrid digital analog synthesizer


Item was tested and worked. It turns on, LCD works, but about 8 of the keys did not work.

In fair cosmetic condition. Broken LCD glass but still works. Some blemishes and scratches. One cracked key. (see photos)

No power adapted included. ” Link

Ensoniq @ 23 August 2016, “No Comments”

sd-1 “You are bidding on a vintage Ensoniq SD-1 keyboard synthesizer, you are seeing as found from a estate sale, plug it up shows low battery, hook it up to amp and all keys work no sticking, sounds very good, not a player but went threw some of the sounds and everything seems to work ok, will need cleaned up each key has masking tape marking the key.” Link