p2002 “Zum Verkauf steht ein SCI Prophet 2002 Sampler.

Das Gerät wurde geprüft und ist grundsätzlich ok.

Das Floppy Laufwerk ist defekt und sollte ausgetauscht werden.

Das Gerät wird mit Original Handbuch ( Deutsch ) geliefert.” Link

6trak “Sequential Circuits Six Trak analog synthesizer, in excellent condition.

The chances are that if you’re looking at this you’ll know all about it and exactly what it can do but as a summary: it’s a multi-timbral, six oscillator six voice synth with built-in arpeggiator and six voice sequencer, plus MIDI. Of particular interest to those of you who weren’t born when this first came out but now love the analog richness that digital samplers can’t recreate truly, it can be played in poly or unison mode; the latter produces a monstrous, monophonic sound that generates beautiful phat bass and rich string sounds.

Overlooked at the time, it has become rather sought after in recent years, perhaps because its bigger brother the legendary Prophet 5 now costs as much as a small car.

I’ve owned this for a number of years and have just pootled about with it at home, along with a Roland JX3P, en hommage to the band I played in at school when we all dreamt of being Stephen Luscombe from Blancmange (oh dear, am I really that old?!).

This keyboard is in great condition: I’ve taken as many pics as the listing allows to show the various functions operating and as far as I can identify, it is in full working order apart from one C key (the one of the top full octave). This key has never worked although I gather is fairly easy to fix if you’re that way inclined or know a man who is. ” Link

dt “This listing is for a vintage Sequential Circuits Drumtraks model 400 drum machine. It comes in a padded wooden case with a metal handle. We turned on the machine, pushed all the buttons, and turned all the knobs. When we pushed the buttons, the lights and/or displays appeared to activate as they should, but we aren’t familiar with what characters should be displayed. We hooked up our headphones to the Audio Out jack and heard sounds from all the sound buttons when we pushed them. We also listened to the rhythms from #01 to #06 and adjusted the speed; there didn’t seem to be any rhythms after #06. We had to turn the volume knobs all the way up to hear the sounds well, and there was some static noise when we adjusted the main volume knob. The machine has scuffs and wear from use including a ding in the front of the wood on the right side and a chip in the wood on the upper left side. The covers over the Metronome Volume and Master Volume knobs have come loose so those will need to be glued back on the knobs. The case has scuffs and wear.” Link

model 700 “This is a VERY RARE Model 700 Programmer by Sequential Circuits. It was a product designed to allow you to save presets for your CV based analog synths. Just check it out online for all the details, features and specs.

This one will need some service, so it’s priced very cheap compared to what they typically sell for. It does power on, but the 2-digit LED display rarely shows any data, and controls/lights aren’t doing anything. I would assume that the internal battery does need to be replaced, but no clue beyond that what will be involved in getting it up and going. There also appears to be something missing on the back right above the Output – Input label (see pictures).

This was a piece we had the intentions of refurbishing and keeping here, but there has just been no time whatsoever, and it needs a new home.

Again, selling it strictly as-is at this price (no returns), MUCH CHEAPER than these sell for in the rare cases that they do show up. If you’re up for refurbishing it yourself, grab it now and save yourself a bundle!” Link

prophet vs “This is a listing for a Vintage Sequential Circuits Prophet VS Keyboard, With 3 Extra Sound bank Cards!!! and Midi!!! Very Clean Synth 9.5 out of 10. This is one of the few synths that computer model versions just cant get quite right. Beautiful unique sound and a Modulation joystick!!.. Local pick up welcome and suggested, but will ship. Welcome to play it and listen to it, She is clean and thick and beautiful sounding.!” Link

six-trak “The is a listing for the sequential circuits six trak. IT’s in great condition!! MIDI!!! And an amazing one of a kind case with velvet liner!!!!….. It is clean inside and out, sounds amazing and smoke free!.” Link

p1 “Very very clean with hardly a scratch, this Pro One is 100% functional & is equipped with MIDI interface made by KENTON electronics giving it the ability to be played & controlled by another keyboard or sequencer/program. (A Pro One with *velocity sensitivity* is a beautiful thing to behold!!) This MIDI controlls keyboard, pitch bend wheel and all (many, many) mod wheel destinations. Note pictures of back panel MIDI interface, and velocity sensitivity control knob on upper RH front panel. Brand new keyboard grommets installed, even a few spares. Included are Pro One schematics and Kenton-MIDI documentation. Keyboard is J-wire.” Link

sci_pro_one “This is a vintage Sequential Circuits Pro One analog monosynth in fully
functional condition. It has just been tuned/scaled, the keyboard
contact bus bar cleaned. and pots lubed. All keys, pots,
switches—everything is functioning as it should. As you can see from
the photos, it is missing one knob and the associated potentiometer (OSC
B in the mod section) stem is partially gone. The pot itself works fine
and the stem still has enough left to easily turn with your fingers.
The mod wheel had cracked at one point and was glued back together and is functional, a very common problem with Pro Ones. There are a few small blemishes here and there and the keys aren’t
perfectly straight, but overall it’s in good condition and plays well.” Link

prophet 10 “Up for sale is my unique sequential circuits prophet 10 synthesizer. First the bad – the previous owner professionally chopped off the second keyboard from the unit along with the old sequencer. Consider this unit two prophet 5s with the ability to stack voices and create some of the best sounding synth tracks you’ve ever heard.

The good – this unit was fully serviced a year ago by Three Wave Music in NJ and everything is fully working and it tunes up great. The only thing off is that the contact of the second highest B flat is not working after having not used it much over the past 6 months but this should be an extremely easy fix. I haven’t been able to figure out the midi on this unit but that might just be not knowing how to get the channels set up right. Besides that she is beautiful.” Link

ARP, Odyssey @ 10 February 2016, “No Comments”

used arp odyssey“This is the Original Arp Odyssey 2800 white face in amazing condition, nearly mint! Works and sounds great, serviced with new LED sliders installed as well as fresh key bushings plus all of the preventative maintenance needed to ensure trouble free use. Each key triggers perfectly, every function works and all switches operate nicely. The led sliders have the latest features where the lfo and envelope sliders illuminate in intensity according to their respective settings giving accurate visual feedback of those modulations. A dedicated power supply for the sliders is used so no additional strain will be caused and it powers on along with the Odysseys main power switch. Extra care was taken to preserve the original therefore this modification could be removed someday w/o any scars. Stays covered when not in use stored in a clean climate controlled studio. Clearing out some space and I have a few white faces.” Link

2600, ARP @ 10 February 2016, “No Comments”

2600 “Here’s the chance you’ve been waiting for. For sale is an incredibly rare Arp 2600 synthesizer with the Tonus logo. What makes this Arp special over most of the ones you see is it has the superior sought after 4017 oscillators, said to be more stable than the later versions and also with a fatter analog tone. It also has the rare 4012 Moog Latter-design Filter which Arp was later sued over and had to change the design. The later design is said to be weaker and thinner sounding. This Moog filter is super creamy and buttery, very incredible sound. The synth is 100% fully functional, recently tuned/calibrated and gone over, all sliders are clean and jacks are working and power supply board has been recapped. The keyboard keys all trigger properly, and has an upgraded connector jack that isn’t as flimsy as the original connectors. Also upgraded is the power cable, it takes standard 3 prong instead of the proprietary oval shape. The only issue is 3 slider shafts are broken off, the slider still work but the shafts are shorter without the knob caps (which could be glued back on or replace the sliders entirely if desired). Cosmetically, the synth face looks very nice, crisp graphics and not much wear. The outside of the synth does show quite a bit of wear, especially on the lid covers. The lids for both keyboard and main unit are included but show a bit of peeling, so be sure to check out the pictures and make sure you like it. The cosmetics could easily be touched up with a retolexing if desired or you can appreciate the vintage character to it. The sound is the important part which is just really incredible and noticeably better than the other G-clef or black/orange 2600s I’ve played that didn’t have the 4017 and Moog filters in them. I am open to offers but remember while your offer is pending someone else may snap this up. Don’t miss out on this gem!” Link

ARP, Axxe @ 10 February 2016, “No Comments”

axxe “ARP Axxe 2313 Analog Synthesizer-Vintage w/ Proportional Pitch Control

This machine is used with some minor scuffs, dings, etc. from use and storage.

This machine has been plugged in and the power light does come on. I do not know if the machine is fully operational.

Model – 2313

Volts – 100/130

Watts – 20

Hertz – 50/60

SN – 23131565″ Link

ARP, Axxe @ 10 February 2016, “No Comments”

axxe “Arp Axxe analog monophonic synthesizer in excellent condition and fully functioning. ” Link

ARP, Pro Soloist @ 10 February 2016, “No Comments”

pro_soloist ” Synthchaser Precision LED slider upgrade. All 4 of the old original sliders have been replaced with new, smooth, high precision LED illuminated sliders. The difference in the way these sliders feel and perform compared to the originals is a huge improvement.
Synthchaser Capacitor Kit installed – All polarized capacitors in the entire synthesizer (except those in the potted VCF submodule) have been replaced to ensure stable operation for years to come.
Action restoration – New key bushings installed, keys removed and washed, key contacts cleaned and adjusted
Aftertouch and all aftertouch effects working great: Volume, Wow, Growl, Brilliance, Volume, Vibrato
Oscilloscope Calibration – Fully calibrated to factory spec under measurement by oscilloscope” Link

Ensoniq, Mirage @ 09 February 2016, “No Comments”

dsk “Latest issue mirage with the stereo outs. Have a box of floppies and a case to ship it in. Works great, it’s a low hour keyboard. I bought last year from the original owner – home use only. ” Link

Ensoniq, VFX @ 09 February 2016, “No Comments”

vfx sd ” Original owner home studio use. Battery will need replacing. All internal sounds and Rom Card sounds have been tested and sound great ! Comes with 1 ROM Card and power cable only.” Link

EML @ 09 February 2016, “No Comments”

eml Original EML Electronic Music Lab SYNTHESIZER Lot…8 Original 1973 ERA Modules….ALL LOOK Excellent…Insides of all Modules are EXCELLENT…have not tested….RARE Vintage EML Synthesizer Module LOT for your collection…WILL NEVER SEE THESE again…VERY RARE…GOOD LUCK” Link

Akai, AX-60 @ 09 February 2016, “No Comments”

used ax60 ” unit is missing 4 keys on right side but they do sound when pushed. unit comes from an estate of a pro working musician. unit powers up and plays everything that I could think of doing but I am not a keyboard musician so sold as is. also missing 3 little lever knobs. comes with the pro case.” Link

Novation @ 09 February 2016, “No Comments”

novation drumstation“Clean working unit with power supply included.” Link

Akai, AX-60 @ 09 February 2016, “No Comments”

ax-60“Up for auction is the infamous Akai Ax-60. This thing can hang with my OB8! You get six separate voices of polyphony, splits, arpeggiator, chorus, much more and a lot of fun! Very nice condition, only the few slider caps on the far left that are the wrong color but are made for another Akai and fit the shafts perfectly operating nicely. A few tiny scratches on the bottom/front that I didn’t even know where there until I took the pics for this auction. Everything works perfectly, all buttons, knobs, sliders, wheels and keys and yes it sounds amazing.” Link

Elektron @ 09 February 2016, “No Comments”

elek tron sidstatoin“Elektron Sid Station. Perfect! Want to see it go to a good home.” Link

Matrix 6R, Oberheim @ 09 February 2016, “No Comments”

oberhem matrix 6r “Selling my Oberheim Matrix 6R in good used condition. Display is easy to read, chassis and rack ears in good condition. Item will be packed well and shipped quickly with insurance. ” Link

Casio, CZ-1 @ 09 February 2016, “No Comments”

casio cz-1 “Casio CZ-1 Synth Synthesizer. Everything works as it should. Has Stereo Chorus that CZ-101 and 1000 don’t have, and unlike any other CZ synth, there’s velocity and aftertouch for more expression, with velocity able to modulate PD depth for more expressive patches. Missing slider caps for chorus and volume but the sliders still work fine (a little scratchy when you move them, like on many synths of this age). Two keys have slight cracking but still work, a little glue could fix those up, see pics.” Link

Ensoniq, VFX @ 09 February 2016, “No Comments”

vfx “This is a VERY clean, 100% working VFX from a pet free/smoke free home. Included in this auction are: the VFX Synth, Original Owners Manual, Sustain pedal, Power cord, VPC-100 Data cartridge. Recently serviced and had NEW internal battery installed. It’s worth noting that this is one of the very few synths ever manufactured with POLYPHONIC aftertouch (as opposed to just channel based aftertouch like most other synths that support aftertouch) allowing you to add modulation to each single note when playing chords – a real expressive joy to play! The VFX stands out as a pretty advanced and versatile synth for it’s vintage and really holds its own with unique complex sounds.” Link

Ensoniq, ESQ1 @ 09 February 2016, “No Comments”

ensoniqesq1 “ESQ 1 with sound cartridge. Works as it should. Cosmetically very clean with only minor scuffs. No issues. ” Link

MTI @ 09 February 2016, “No Comments”

mti “Vintage 70′s MTI 16R Auto-Orchestra analog percussion synthesizer, Brain is a multifunctional unit with 16 different rhythms with variations for each, right foot pedal for start/stop, 7th chords, minor chords, and minor 7th, Volume Pedal, and left foot base chords C through C, the high C on base notes was removed when it quit working. Don’t need anyway but would be easy to get and replace. Serial #590. This is a very easy machine to learn to play, I played it for years for small parties and clubs leaves your hands free to play other instruments. Select your rhythm, set you speed, select intro and hit start in whatever key you wish, Organ, Piano, Base and various drum features along with all types of variations. Hooked it all up recently and it all still works, sounds really good with base played through base amp and the rest through a PA system. It has a few blemishes from hauling it around but nothing major as pictures indicate what you see is what you get. Cost over $2000 when purchase new, can’t find owners manual but will send it later if I do. Getting hard to find these One Man Bands.” Link

op-1” Selling my beloved OP-1, like new condition, no scratches, nothing, only the box is a little worn but you still get it, comes with USB cable too. The sequencers alone are enough of a reason to use it. I’m pretty sad to let it go and the only reason I’m forcing myself is that I don’t use it as much and I’m saving money for a Moog Sub 37. Hopefully it will find a good home.” Link

Akai, AX-80 @ 09 February 2016, “No Comments”

ax80 “Here’s an awesome Akai AX80, in fully functional condition and sounds amazing. All key contacts were cleaned as well as the battery replaced within the past year. It’s a pleasure to play with a great feeling keybed and offers many usable sounds. The worst part about it are the blemished end caps which look much worse in the pictures accented by the flash. These could be restored or covered by someone if they have the urge, I never really cared since it looks great in the studio and is sonically amazing!” Link

Oberheim, TVS-1 @ 09 February 2016, “No Comments”

2vc “For those who just don’t like the sound of “today’s” analog- this is a beauty. It’s an original Oberheim Two Voice, restored by the late great Kevin Lightner in 2011- 12. I have had this beauty since then and only one problem has surfaced. The key “b” above middle c does not trigger. It appears to work in the sequencer so I assume the problem is key. It worked fine initially but stopped working after about 6 months. I have always just worked around it and I have adjusted the price .Kevin sent me quite a few notes on the piece and they will be included in the sale. One thing is that this one contains a “clock out” , which could be useful today for modular fun but you have to turn the machine off while plugging in the patch cord or the clock out will short. It’s the 70s version of “known issue”. :)
Anyway this contains 2 vintage SEMs , a functioning sequencer and keyboard and all the other features of yesteryear. I can’t imagine that anyone looking for the vintage oberheim sound will be disappointed.
According to Kevin’s notes, all parts that had failed were replaced and as he said “most of the internal parts have been replaced. ” Those who know of his work know what that means!
I have included up close photos of the mod inputs and will include my correspondence with Kevin relevant to the mods. I have tested them all except clock out and it works. It synchs with midi with my Cirklon cv outs and has been an overall treat to play. It particularly seems to like analog flangers !
Physically, it is in great shape for its age but there may be a few minor flaws. I have tried to represent this fairly but my eyes are not what they used to be. Look closely YMMV. Tolex looks to be in fine shape, all things considered.
This will be very carefully packed and professionally shipped. These things are heavy and I will ship it double boxed and insured so I am charging a fixed rate that is undoubterly less that UPS will charge me. ” Link

Kurzweil @ 09 February 2016, “No Comments”

k2000 “Kurzweil K2000 Digital Synthesizer
This one is really beat up.

It was painted by someone and then someone tried removing the paint with acetone.

I was hired to take the guts from one K2000 and turn it into one nice working synth.

This is the leftovers.

There are parts missing and it’s not working.

It’s in rough shape.

Parts only No returns” Link

Buchla, Modular @ 09 February 2016, “No Comments”

buchla 200e” Modules included: 210e, 225e, 227e, 250e, 257e, 259e, 261e, 267e, 281e, 291e, 258v

The Buchla synthesizer is in excellent condition and comes with the case, lights, cables, PS, and 200e USB card. ” Link

Emu, SP-1200 @ 09 February 2016, “No Comments”

Emu SP-1200 “Hi, i’m selling my Emu SP-1200. It pains me to sell it but i need the money. In excellent condition.

Only used in my smoke free, air conditioned studio. Comes with power cable
and one sound floppy sound disk.” Link

atc-1 “I’m selling my SE ATC-1 Tone Chameleon with the MINI MOOG cartridge. Works and sounds great. Comes with power supply and filter cartridge. Item will be professionally packed and shipped to ensure safe delivery. ” Link

Casio, VZ-10M @ 09 February 2016, “No Comments”

casio VZ-10M “Up for sale is a casio VZ-10M rack mount synth! This is in very nice shape, a very few light scratches on it! This comes with the original card as well! Turns on and powers up just fine!” Link

Moog, Satellite @ 08 February 2016, “No Comments”

used moog satellite
Das Gerät funktioniert, wird aber aus Regressgründen als Eratzteilträger verkauft.

The MOOG is working, but no guarantee, so I sell it just as a parts carrier.

Der Registration Guide ist komplett.

The Regitration Guide is complete.

Am Power-Schalter ist die Kante abgebrochen.

The edge of the Power-Botten is broken.

Die Bilder beschreiben den guten, gebrauchten Zustand.

The photos shows you the good, used state.” Link