pt8“Sequential Circuits Prophet T8 in stunning condition (recently serviced) – RARE! With original manual (mint) – S/N 000774

Coming from a lovely, clean non-smoking home studio.” Link

six-trak“Regretfully I have to sell off some vintage synthesizers and this is a sequential circuits six trak. The centers in good condition a few marks here and there The usual wear and tear that goes with a 30-year-old synthesizers. comes with original operation manual and a copy of the service manual which has extra hidden features and good stuff to reference. ” Link

p600-“Prophet 600 was one of the first synths to have MIDI! This vintage synth is polyphonic; 6 note, with 3 oscillators per voice! Some units have only 2 oscillators per voice.

It is in excellent condition! Comes with a custom made case by Kroth in Canada!” Link

sci prelude “This synth was very well taken care of. It has a few minor cosmetic bumps or scratches, but does not effect the awesome vintage sound this synth has. I have played it for years. It is very easy and entertaining to change your modulation and sound settings while playing simultaneously. All dials and levers are original. This vintage Analog synthesizer is great for recording live feelings. It is one of a kind! ” Link

pro“Here is a great sequential circuits pro-one synthesizer I purchased from the original owner. It was already great but had it serviced just to be sure it was tip top. It has been serviced within the last four months by Switched On in Austin Texas. They J wired it and replaced bushings which wasn’t needed. My lose is your gain! I’m a great synth packer; )” Link

prophet5 Sequential Circuits Prophet 5 Synthesizer
Model: 1000
Serial Number: 40XX
Tested, in Very Good Working Condition
40-120 Patches
Synthesizer Carrying Case Included
Case has cosmetic wear, scratches, scuffs and some rust build up
Synthesizer is in Good Condition
Has some minor scratches and nicks on the body
Free Domestic Shipping!” Link

six-trak“Listed is an immaculate Sequential Circuits ~ Six Trak!!!

This beautiful polyphonic synth boasts 6 VCO oscillators with two internal sequencers, a multi-mode arpeggiator, + MIDI! This particular unit has been recently upgraded by Wine Country Sequential to the latest Trak-11 ROM which adds tons of new functionality to the unit and upgrades it to modern MIDI standards. This means you can easily and seamlessly use this unit within your modern studio environment alongside your other gear. All your settings will remain once you power the unit off. When you turn the unit back on, you wont have to go back and reset all your preferences. Big difference!

In addition the unit has been serviced inside and out. The board has been cleaned from dust and particles. The buttons all work excellently, as does the knob and pitch/mod wheels. One really nice thing about this synth is that it calibrates itself when you turn it on over a period of a few minutes while you’re not playing it. Compare this with a modern Moog Phatty MONO SYNTH that takes 45 minutes to tune itself!

One of the greatest things about this synthesizer is it’s UNISON mode. This alone takes the synth to a whole new level of juicy fatness! The sounds you can create with this synth are uniquely warm, fat, and powerful. It has been praised over the Juno 60/106 and many other Polyphonic and monophonic synthesizers. The only reason you don’t hear about this synth is because it doesn’t have all the knobs of some of the other synthesizers of it’s day. However, programming this synth cannot be easier! It also holds 100 user patches, which is incredible! I absolutely love this synth!” Link

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p5 rev3” picture coming soon… Up for auction to the highest bidder is an amazing Sequential Circuits Prophet 5 REV 3 – the most prized and recorded synth in the world!
Comes with Manual (print out).

SERIAL# 1000 2752

This synth is in FANTASTIC cosmetic condition very CLEAN!
Just SERVICED so everything is working as it should. No dead or sticky keys. No scratchy pots. ” Link

p600 “The classic now with updated cpu, lightning fast envelopes and knob twiddling with no noticable stepping! Besides the usual cosmetic issues of a 30 year old machine, everything about this p600 works flawlessly. Keys all trigger as they should, membrane buttons are 100% and a joy to use, and since ive had it the knobs and switches all great from a few treatments of deoxit faderlube. If you are not familiar with the gligli OS update, search a few videos on youtube to see-truly makes it a new machine, sounds very close to a prophet 5!” Link

prelude” You don’t see these every day and not in this condition. There are few signs of wear and everything functions 100%. Barely noticeable the last four sliders lack caps but are fully operational.
This instrument is a pleasure to hear and play. Due to the organ paradigm of the instrument there are unlimited voices.
There is a lot more to it than first appears, with discrete instrument segments. That goes back to the days when all instruments had these labels, even the CS80, but they are so tweakable you have a powerful full-fledged synth. While the instrument emulations are there, the parameters produce a wide range of sounds, far beyond the instrument. The “Brass” in particular makes some powerful, wide-ranging pure synthesizer sounds. Your imagination is your only limit and you can come up with things that don’t sound like everything else. ” Link

Sequential Cicuits Drumtraks Drummachine

SIe ist sehr gut erhalten und besitzt hinten spezielle Kippschalter um zwischen verschiedenen
Eproms zu switchen.. Sie hat ungefähr doppelt viele Sounds drin wie in der Normalversion.

Sie hat ein Firmware Update von Winecountry drin, die erweiterte Synchronisations Möglichkeiten bieten
Midi/Omni,Sync,Slave Master etc..

Operating System ROM DRUM 0.4 offers OMNI and POLY modes over 16 MIDI
channels, MIDI Pads-Out commands, & velocity sensitivity via MIDI. This is the best
version for using Drumtraks as a sound module with a MIDI sequencer.” Link


Es wird der legendäre Synthesizer SEQUENTIAL CIRCUITS PRO-ONE verkauft.

Wenn Sie dieser Auktion folgen, dann wissen Sie was das für ein Gerät ist, denn die Kenner bedürfen keiner genauen Beschreibung.

Ungeachtet des Alters des Geräts – ist der Synth im hervorragenden Zustand.

Ich habe diesen Synth aus einem Studio bekommen, das schließen musste.

Da ich kein Spezialist bin, kann ich nicht 100% garantieren, dass alles wie im Originalzustand funktioniert, aber soweit ich das beurteilen kann anhand meiner Tests und Versuche, funktioniert das Gerät einwandfrei.

Eines möchte ich anmerken, dass drei Regler etwas rauschen, wenn man an ihnen schraubt.” Link

sciproone “Classic monosynth with a great, fat sound, this synth has been gigged in the past, used a bass synth but has been unused for a number of years.

Generally in good order, this Pro One has one operational issue – some keys in the 2nd octave on the keyboard do not sound, namely C2-G2 inclusive – it could be the keyboard needs to be disassembled and these kets cleaned or it could be these keys need to be replaced (Replacement keys are available on eBay from other sellers, rough cost of replacement parts around £40).” Link

ARP, Odyssey @ 17 December 2014, “No Comments”

used oddy“ARP ODYSSEY in gutem Zustand (siehe Bilder).
Die Regler (Fader) sind in Ordnung.
CV/GATE EIn- und Ausgänge
Ext. Audio Eingang

Der Arp Odyssey ist ein grossartiger (Kult-)Synthesizer der in mehreren Revisionen auf den Markt gebracht wurde,
als Antwort auf den damals überaus erfolgreichen Kleinsynthesizerboom, ausgelöst durch den Moog Minimoog.

Hat wesentlich mehr Möglichkeiten als der Moog Minimoog, wie zB Ringmodulation, Hochpassfilter, Modulationsmöglichkeiten,…

Viel Spass beim Bieten!” Link

ARP, Odyssey @ 17 December 2014, “No Comments”

oddy“Ich würde gerne einen legendären Synthesizer von ARP, Model Odyssey Mk II 2813 mit einem PPC-Kontroller verkaufen.

Wie gesagt, dieser Instrument ist eine Legende – er würde unter anderem von Herbie Hancock, Chick Corea, Kraftwerk und vielen mehr benutzt.

Die Kenner und die von Euch, die es gerne kaufen wollen haben über ihm bestimmt umfangreiches Wissen.” Link

ARP, Axxe @ 17 December 2014, “No Comments”

axxe “For sale today we have an ARP AXXE monophonic synthesizer; fully serviced and ready for years of hassle free use. This particular version is the MK1 version featuring the earliest ARP filter and sounds absolutely fantastic for leads and basslines alike. Plenty of tonal options when using square and saw wave forms for cruncy deep basslines (especially for a single oscillator synth; really puts the moog single oscillator varieties to shame!)

This synth has recently had all of it’s keys leveled and rebushed for extremely smooth action (time consuming and expensive!). Most of these units, refurbed and original, have clacking and unstable keys. The action on this particular Axxe feels like a brand new synthesizer. Full recap, spec calibration and sliders cleaned and de-oxidized for easy patchwork. The CV/Gate trigger functions excellent with drum machines for gated rhythmic work. Very Good cosmetic condition as pictured; some wear due to age (chip in wood on side as pictured) as well as a bit of age pitting on chassis.

These synths are very fun and user-friendly; excellent reviews all over the web and for good reason. This one is as good as you are going to find in terms of stability and functionality. Don’t miss out!” Link

ARP, Omni @ 17 December 2014, “No Comments”

arp_omni“This synthesizer was one of the iconic sounds of the 1970′s and early 80′s and this one is FULLY OPERATIONL 100%!!!! Every key, slider, and selector switch works! It produces one of the most full and haunting string sounds along with the awesome synthesizer capabilities! The great thing about this first model of OMNI is that the VCF can control the Synthesizer’s signal which means you can achieve some really phat bass lines. If you’re looking at this you’re probably very familiar with it’s functions and abilities so I won’t go into great detail. This one is in extreamly great condition for being 38 years old. The wood end cheeks are almost flawless along with the casing itself. Although there are a few scratches and there are 7 keys with some light scratching on them but, certainly nothing unsightly. On the back there is some tape residue but I’m sure it would clean off with a bit of Naptha or something similar. Overall this is a tremendous synth that would sound and look great in anyones studio!

I need mention too that this synthesizer has been totally overhauled! Has all new electrolytic and tantalum capacitors, all new logic gates, new operational amplifier chips, along with being completely calibrated. I can’t say enough how awesome sounding this machine is!

****NOTE: I noticed today that the keys are not perfectly level. However, it’s only very few keys and dosen’t affect the playability or even much of the cosmetics. Due to this I have lowered the auction price and even made it free shipping!” Link

1613, 2600, ARP @ 17 December 2014, “No Comments”

26003604“This synthesizer and sequencer are both in great condition. They have been fully serviced, calibrated and tuned. All electronics are functioning properly and the pots have been cleaned. There is some normal wear and tear since it is an old machine that has seen some use. Included in the auctions is: Arp 2600, Model 3604-p keyboard (new bushings put on last year), Model 1613 Sequencer, Manuals and patchbook for the 2600 and sequencer, new patch cables, power cord, and keyboard to synth connector. ” Link

2600, 3620, ARP @ 17 December 2014, “No Comments”

2600” You can’t find ARP 2600 in better condition given the age of this synthesizer” Link

ARP, Odyssey @ 17 December 2014, “No Comments”

arpoddy “Vintage ARP ODYSSEY 2810 MKII

This synthesizer has been fully restored! This was done professionally and is guaranteed up to 30 days.

Here is a list of everything that has been done…

Disassembled the entire keyboard and cleaned every inch of each circuit board

Replaced 1 slider that was broken, other than that each slider has been fully cleaned and lubricated

All Electrolytic Capacitors that needed to be replaced have been carefully removed and replaced with a correct part

The entire key bed had been cleaned and disassembled, only if a key has to be realigned
(the triggering system works flawlessly and requires to wires to trigger a key, every key works perfectly)

The keyboard buss bars have been fully cleaned to insure a flawless triggering system

The high level jack was replaced with a fully functioning 1/4″ switchcraft jack

All jacks have been cleaned through out to insure connectivity when inserting a plug

This Arp Odyssey is flawless and works as it should! It has been professionally calibrated and will be guaranteed for 30 days after receiving.” Link

ARP, Omni @ 17 December 2014, “No Comments”

arpomni“Many new caps and IC’s replaced, power supply was working fine then other components failed, phaser board working, synth board not, main board not working right, keyboard assembly fine, strings board working, most switches work, a few led’s and knobs missing. Case in fair shape, good project or parts keyboard” Link

MIDINES @ 16 December 2014, “No Comments”

miidnes “Up for sale is a MIDINES. I used it a handful of times, but ultimately decided that it’s not for me. There are a few cosmetic scuffs and scratches on the cart, but it performs flawlessly. ” Link

MacBeth @ 16 December 2014, “No Comments”


Biete legendären Macbeth M5N in einwandfreiem Zustand.

Vielleicht die letzte Chance einen dieser einzigartigen Modularsynthesizer zu ergattern.(vom M5N gibt es ca nur 50 Stück )

Der Sound ist, was ich ” volle analoge Klanggewalt ” nenne!
Nicht zu vergleichen mit Doepfer und anderen modernen Modularsystemen.Sogar ein ARP 2600 kommt klanglich und funktional nicht an den M5N ran!

Wollte Ihn eigentlich gegen einen Jupiter 8 oder andere Analoge tauschen, nun ist er hier gelandet…

Versand ist möglich, dank der Grösse empfehle ich jedoch Abholung.Eine Besichtigung ist auch möglich!

Bei Fragen könnt ihr euch gerne melden.” Link

Matrix 6R, Oberheim @ 16 December 2014, “No Comments”

matrix 6r“Oberheim Matrix 6R – guter Zustand.

Wunderschöner sahnig breiter Oberheim-Analog-Sound, einer der meist unterschätzen Synthesizern. Die Matrix erlaubt ziemlich abgefahrene Modulationen und mit etwas FX zaubert der 6R herrlich breite Pads, Leads, Bässe, Atmos und FX Sounds.

Musiker wissen wie das Gerat funktioniert : )

Der Synth funktioniert wunderbar, alle Taster und der Slider so wie alle 6 Stimmen sind in Ordnung, das Display leuchtet hell und klar” Link

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Analogue System's RS Interger “Offering a complete Analogue System’s RS Interger and a custom RS8000, both in absolute pristine working and cosmetic condition.
I purchased both units and modules brand spanking new around 2004/5 and has been the only owner, They have hardly been used over the years so it is like you are getting it from the factory floor, so absolutely no maintenance required, buttons,knobs, switches, lights, sockets the whole nines are tops.
*rub eyes*Yes!!! What you see in the photos is what you will get.
Both housed in beautifully crafted walnut cabinets filled with all kinds of modules, filters, polyphonic harmonic generator, EMS synth, frequency shifter, sampler, sequencer, VCO etc… all made and matched by Analogue Systems, some no longer available,
Actual modules contained in this set up are:
An extra X-Y joystick and plenty patch cords(not in pic) thrown in.

A Demon keyboard, with Fatar keys so quality there, is included, so you can plug in, cord up and away you can create until your imagination’s content.
Note: some of mounting screws for Demon(Fatar)keyboard has been removed because at the time I wasn’t happy how it was sitting/aligned in it’s wooden frame, however it’s sturdy and sit’s fine and doesn’t affect it’s performance.

Ideal for a professional studio or a serious synth head, I very doubt you’ll see such offering of this kind on here this side of 2014, so grab it while you can for these items become rare over time, never to be found again!!” Link

OB-8, Oberheim @ 16 December 2014, “No Comments”



op1“Hardly used and sold due to new studio set up” Link

Future Retro @ 16 December 2014, “No Comments”

futre retro mobius “If you are looking at this listing, you know exactly what this sequencer is and what it is capable of. Amazing machine and getting rarer to find these days.

The unit works great and is in excellent cosmetic shape (aside from a missing button and minor scratch [see photos]).

Comes complete with original power source and manual(s).

Photos are of actual item. ”

Emu, SP-1200 @ 16 December 2014, “No Comments”

emu sp1200” Emu Sp1200 Vintage Sampling Drum Machine
One owner, all original parts, Mint condition…
True survivor of a vintage age….
This was and is one of the most Iconic samplers of the Hip Hop
era. Comes with power cord, Road Case, and operator owners manual.
Item will ship packed in its own road case. Full insurance will be applied.
Thanks for Looking…..” Link

Modular, Serge @ 16 December 2014, “No Comments”

serge panel” Serge Analog Modular Synthesizer Vintage

Synth has been used lightly in my smoke free studio. It includes the following modules:

Precision VCO
Variable Q VCF x 2
Variable Bandwidth Filter
Extended ADSR x 2
Voltage Controlled Stereo Mixer

This panel will be packed properly to ensure safe transit.” Link

Casio, SK-1 @ 16 December 2014, “No Comments”

sk1” Here is a Vintage SK-1 in fully working condition with no power source ” Link





Synton, Syrinx @ 16 December 2014, “No Comments”

Syrinx “For sale is a vintage Synton Syrinx tabletop version. One of the final Syrinx ever made, Serial number 1 out of 6 total in existence. Incredibly rare! Built into case with midi installed, makes it especially useful to use in modern studio. This is an amazing monophonic analog synth with legendary Syrinx sound. It’s fully functional & in excellent cosmetic shape. Operates at 220v but I can include a transform to use in 110v countries if needed.” Link

1000“Oberheim Matrix 1000 . Good shape with minor rack rash and a small amount of rust.” Link

Make Noise, Modular @ 16 December 2014, “No Comments”

Up for sale is the Make Noise Maths eurorack module. It is in great condition except for a little rack rash. It functions perfectly and is in great shape.” Link