prophet2000 ” 1986 SCI Prophet 2000 sampler fully loaded expanded 512k version. In good condition for age a few dents and scratches here and there but fully functional and sounding great. It’s not the original floppy drive but it is fully working and comes with 35 sound disks to get you up and running. These are extremely underrated bits of kit, being a Sequential product it has that important Sequential trademark sound and features a very cool programmable arpegiator. I’ve also used it with a HxC floppy emulator which is great if your using it live (which I have been) as it saves lugging loads of floppies about, The HxC floppy emulator is for sale in my other auction but is attached to an Ensoniq Mirage. These things will only continue going up in price and will be a solid investment. I will post but I’d prefer local pick up as this is a heavy board.” Link

prophett8“Beautiful Condition, photos show as is ( marks to top never bothered me and this is a removable panel so can be refinished, plus usually a synth sits there, it’s useful for that).

Keyboard has had all new action pieces throughout and all poly pressure and action is A1, and sounds very expressive.

The T8 is basically an 8 voice poly Prophet 5 Rev 3.2, with MIDI and twin processors for fast envelopes, and yet sounds warmer and far, far more expressive. The only downside with the Prophet 5 family was the 5 voices and no velocity, pressure, or even Midi on some.

This was Sequential Circuits Flagship synth while the Prophet 5 was out and as it was more expensive it is also much rarer, only aprox 367 worldwide.

This one is as nice as it gets and I challenge any comparison to the rest of the prophet family.

The keyboard alone being 76 note Wooden hammer action is ideal as a master keyboard.” Link

6-trak“Sequential Circuits Six-Trak

6 Voice Vintage Analog Synth

Recent service and new battery. 1 issue outstanding.

Cosmetically the synth is 7/10. There are a few marks here and there mainly consisting of blemishes to the paintwork due to age. The end cheeks would benefit from some sanding down and varnishing. The low C has been repaired and is not a problem.

Functionally the synth is basically in full working order apart from Stack Mode. All keys, buttons and knobs work perfectly. A full set of sounds are stored and new sounds can be saved. Arp and sequencer all good too.

When powered up the synth counts from 1-6 indicating an issue. However the only issue is stack mode not working. This came to light when being serviced but I decided not to spend further time on this.

The synth was cleaned internally, a new battery fitted and OS11 installed.

All in all a great vintage item which sounds fantastic. 95% working order!

I’m only selling as I recently bought a multi-trak. ” Link

prelude“You are bidding on one Groovy Vintage Sequential Circuits Prelude Synthesizer Keyboard in good working and cosmetic condition made in Italy by Siel Spa in the 70′s /80′s I’ve seen these go for over $500 in non working condition (191112158072) comes to you complete as shown, again this one works great and sounds awesome it powers up, works and sounds like it should, it does have kind of a funky fuse holder thats cracked and could probably stand being changed, the holder does function and hold a fuse as it should, but the collar is cracked, also a couple of the fader control knobs seem to be missing their white dot and the pitch bend slider knob appears to have been replaced, but those are just cosmetic issues. it may have a slightly noisy pot/slider or two but nothing major, its just slight noise from it sitting around, it shows a few signs of use but is pretty good considering its age, other than those few minor issues its good.” Link

used sci xsix-trakl“Works 100%

Fully tested, all midi channels respond to midi receive (including multi-timbal mode with independent midi channel settings per voice), midi send, arpeggiator, sequence modes, all knobs, modulation wheels, pads, and LEDs function as intended, all keys sound as well.

Wood ends are in good condition with no cracks.

Case is in good condition, inside padding has no deterioration and fits the Six-Trak snug. Latches and handle are secure.

Comes with printed user manual and MIDI cable (not pictured).” Link


This one was recently serviced by Wine Country sequential. It works and looks great.
It comes with a flight case and the original owner’s manual.” Link

6trak“This unit is in good condition, It has minor chips on the edge as you can see, and also some scratches on the back. Nothing wrong with the front. To me its in good condition. Also, I tested it today and it worked perfect, nothing wrong. Please take a look at the pictures before bidding.” Link

drumtraks” There are usual signs of wear and slight scuffs on wood sides you would expect for a unit of this age but this classic of the 80′s unit has been in storage for 8+ years and was stored in dry dust free environment and is clean and appears to be in good working order. It lights right up, plays rhythms and all appears to operate. This thing is really fun to play with and was a serious technological marvel in it’s heyday! Classic Sequential Circuits! Own a piece of history! ” Link

prophet 600“For your consideration is the Sequential Circuits Prophet 600 analog synthesizer with GliGli OS upgrade!
The synth has been used in my smoke free studio, and shows some minor cosmetic wear(see pics).
The Prophet 600 has been recently serviced by a professional technician, has had the new GliGli OS successfully installed, and is completely tested and functional.” Link

split-eight“For your consideration is the very rare Sequential Circuits Split-8 analog synthesizer.
The synth has been used in my smoke free studio, and shows some minor cosmetic wear(see pics).
The Split-8 has been recently serviced by a professional technician and is completely tested and functional.
The servicing included general upkeep and repair including a new battery and a new voice chip.
Included in the listing is the Sequential Circuits Split-8 as pictured.” Link

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ARP Model 1300 Aux Speaker “ARP Model 1300 Aux Speaker 2600, Axxe, Odyssey etc – Nice! RARE! Another rare bird for you synth collectors. Looks like 15th one made from serial number. Not many out there very little info on web. ” Link

ARP, Odyssey @ 22 October 2014, “No Comments”

arp odyssey Original owner. Works perfectly. Ships in wood suitcase 40 lbs. Ship in the USA only.” Link

ARP, Quartet @ 22 October 2014, “No Comments”

arp quartet“Arp Quartet Siel Orchestra in really great condition for its age. Not perfect but pretty awesome none the less. Cosmetically really great the only issue is with the Brass section. The output level seems to low. Technically it works but the gain stage is really low. Also, the “LOW” output doesn’t seem to be putting out sound. Not sure if that matters. Everything else is perfect, alll knobs, keys etc. I used this on several recordings and it rocks. Analog gold. I have to many keyboards and I need money for other gear. Otherwise I would keep it. Sold asis.” Link

ARP, Odyssey @ 22 October 2014, “No Comments”

“This one is in beautiful cosmetic condition and working 100%. It has just come back from being serviced and with some restoration. This is one of the later model 2800s with the black & gold graphics, but with the same insides as the early white face models. Two modifications were made on this one to allow CV
& Trigger Inputs. I used the “Low Audio” output as a Trigger Input and the “Portamento Footswitch” as a CV Input.
These modifications are completely reversible if you want to return it to stock. I did not want to ad any irreversible holes to this classic synth. Especially this particular, rare 2800 as there weren’t too many of these made. It is ready to be played and needs nothing! ” Link

ARP, Odyssey @ 22 October 2014, “No Comments”

Arp Odyssey Model 2800 Synthesizer s/n 283064. Original owner, only used in studio. Very clean condition. It works. Includes custom modification with controlled voltage (CV), gate, trigger in and out.

Includes expression pedal. Keys slightly discolored, missing one red cap on slider.” Link

ARP, Odyssey @ 22 October 2014, “No Comments”

usedarp odyssey “ARP ODYSSEY MK III GUTE ZUSTAND alles original ,,,keine garantie und ruckgabe” Link

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used arp solus“It’s in good shape. Two of the slider caps broke off and took a bit of them stems. More on one then then other. VCO 1 doesn’t goes in and out of tune sometimes. Sell this As-Is” Link

piston honda“Original box, great condition with nothing much in the way of rack rash. (See pics).” Link

Linn 9000 @ 21 October 2014, “No Comments”

linn9000 “Powers on, functions and all pads sound. Exterior has scratches, scrapes and dings (as pictured). The “Yes”, “Stop” and “Play” buttons are missing (pictured). Both “Tom 3″ faders are missing and not functional (pictured). The “Hi Hat Decay” fader is missing and not functional (pictured). A bunch of the slider caps are missing (pictured). Screws to hold in the top cover are missing. Comes with power cable” Link

DX, Oberheim @ 21 October 2014, “No Comments”

dx” Oberheim DX drum machine (non-midi) all functions work, no issues or problems, classic sounds, very rare to find in this good of condition! ” Link

OB-Xa, Oberheim @ 21 October 2014, “No Comments”

ob-xa“An absolute beast of a machine. I purchased this synth 2.5 years ago from Chick Corea’s current road manager in Clearwater, Florida. I am the second owner.

I then had it serviced and cleaned up at EPR Electronics. I can provide the invoice for what this machine needed then. The tech told me this has been professionally maintained and cared for. It works flawlessly and will be missed. It does have a few nicks and blemish scrapes. I left Chick’s taped notes on the machine, but they can easily be removed. I will provide more images this evening.” Link

bionic lester ” This is an amazing multimode filter you can get a ton of really chaotic and antialiased sounds from this unit. Its got far too much power for me, and I very rarely used it. Bought from Postmodular this year its been used maybe twice. I do not have the original box but it is complete with ribbon cable, manual.” Link


Waldorf Microwave XT in excellent used condition with some small minor scratches and rack rash.

Fully working studio used. Check my PRO feedback! The unit ships with original power supply.” Link


OB-8, Oberheim @ 21 October 2014, “No Comments”

obie 8“I’ve been selling my studio equipment to make room for the latest addition to my family.

I bought this OB8 from Paul Schreiber of in the early ’00s in the same condition it’s in today

Here a link to a video demonstrating its functionality:

as you can see some of the keys are working intermittently or not at all, fortunately the ones that don’t work are all in the same area, so most of the keyboard is usable and the sound and functionality of the keys that work is amazing. ” Link

Fairlight @ 21 October 2014, “No Comments”

Fairlight VT-5 Voicetracker“The Fairlight VT-5 Voicetracker is an excellent way to convert any monophonic performance into various control voltage or MIDI output signals. Control voltage outputs for Pitch, Gate, Level, Bright and Purity make this a great source for controlling modular synthesizers.

This Voicetracker has been tested and is fully functional, although some of the keys sometimes require a second or heavy press. A User Manual and screen grabs of all function screens is included.

Also included is a small NTSC monitor to see the various displays and for programming. This small monitor is convenient and good in a pinch, but I recommend using a larger monitor for obvious reasons.” Link

Modular, PAIA @ 21 October 2014, “No Comments”

9700s“Here is a fully built Paia 9700 modular synth. Includes several extra modules, cables and more. Very well built, would cost this much in parts and then you’d still have to build it


P9700 rack with midi to cv, VCO, VCF, and VCA mixer modules

Sample and hold module

CV Source & Mixer/Attn


Linear to Exp. Convertor

Patch cables kit

10 patch cables

All manuals” Link

Casio, CZ-101 @ 21 October 2014, “No Comments”

cz101“Has scratches from normal usage. Works great! Top line of the screen is sort of hard to read- bottom line is nice and clear. Does not come with power cable.” Link

Akai, AX-80 @ 21 October 2014, “No Comments”

akai ax80” Over all in good shape so some wear and a lot of scratches on the bottom.
Comes with carry case. It doesn’t have factory sounds on it.” Link

4ms, Modular @ 21 October 2014, “No Comments”

4ms rcd“Works the same as it did the day I got it.” Link

Elektron @ 21 October 2014, “No Comments”

monomachine sfc60mk2“Up for auction is an Elektron Monomachine SFX 60 MK2 in mint condition.The item is in absolutely perfect working order.It functions and works 100% absolutely perfectly without any kinds of problems.It is in mint condition cosmetically as well.The unit is 220V.I will send you a 220V power adapter along with the item.Manual included and it will be shipped out in original box double boxed outside for safe shipping.A manual included.Thanks.” Link

ASR-10, Ensoniq @ 21 October 2014, “No Comments”

asr10” Great keyboard! O.S disk included :) plus 5 disk with multiple sounds

Jomox, Sunsyn @ 21 October 2014, “No Comments”

sunsyn “Offered for sale is this Jomox Sunsyn OS 2.0 in perfect working order and great physical condition. The Device, original manual and power cord are included. The item will be double boxed and floated.

This unit has been pampered in a private purpose build studio space which is smoke and pet free, and climate controlled.” Link

Modular, PAIA @ 21 October 2014, “No Comments”

PAiA Stringz N Thingz ” PAiA Stringz ’n’ Thingz SYNTHESIZER WITH KEYBOARD


Harvestman Polivoks VCF “No defects, works and sounds great. Includes original packaging and power.” Link